Holly on the Old Oak - What's This?

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 3

What's This?

On a cold winter’s night, a doe walked alone
Past naked trees and where the moonlight shone
She was lost without direction, looking for the throne
Of the Forest Gods, the place she called home

The doe was tattered, unkempt and unclean
But she lived with purpose, her new life to bring
A lesson learned, a dream to achieve
A story that many would remember and sing

As Taya stopped and sniffed the fresh air
She caught vision of light, a glowing glare
It was faint and distant, but the doe did dare
To investigate and discover what was there

The village was all aglow and ready this night
Waiting patiently for Santa’s great flight
Bright glowing trees, and bows tied tight
The doe confused at seeing this sight

“What’s this?”, she asked with a tilt of her head
Though speaking to herself, misty words said
She descended to the town for her eyes to be fed
Not with fear but wonder instead

She stopped by a tree that was lit all aglow
She paced around it, leaving tracks in the snow
Poking the light with a cloven toe
Taya left still a confused doe

She then saw a window, and peeking to see
Another of those, another glowing tree
But inside the house, giving the house glee
A tree warm and regal and snow free

Taya turned and smelled the air, catching a whiff
A delicious scent filled each sniff
She ran to the source, a bakery on a cliff
That left gingerbread outside that was too stiff

The doe had a bite or two or three
And with each satisfied crunch she said to thee
“What is this? It’s delicious to me!
I only hope that it was here for free…”

She turned and saw a small tinsel town
In a park for the children, but now no one to be found
Covered with the snow that had fallen down
“What’s this?”, Taya asked all aloud

She turned and saw something in the sky
A sleigh and reindeer, passing right by
The doe tilted her head, did she see them fly?
“What was that?”, she asked the moon high

She left at that moment, still terribly confused
What a strange place she had just perused
As she stopped by the trees, she then felt amused
Laughing and smiling and prancing ensued

There was a spark in her heart, something profound
That the doe made so much laughter and sound
She finally understood the purpose of the town
That caused her to smile and laugh and bound

The lights on the trees reminded her of home
And with a wonderful turn, her pictogram shone
Body now warm and ignoring cold wind blown
The doe vanished and returned to the Endless Forest Throne

She bowed to the Twin Gods and ran with a dart
With nuzzles and warmth all to impart
A newfound peace and joy in her heart
This life would be better, this was the start

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This story is up,

This story is up, enjoy!

Also just making a note that the next story ("The Magic Sleigh Bell") will be delayed because I haven't finished it, but also I will be on the road tomorrow. If I get around to finishing it today, I will post it tonight.
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I love reading these. They're

I love reading these. They're the best parts of the christmas season. ;-; <3
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Dffff Zerg you're gonna make

Dffff Zerg you're gonna make my cry saying that! But these are a lot of fun and I love coming up with different ways to write them too. I wasn't planning on this one being a poem but it was a thought that grew and the next thing I know I'm writing rhymes XD
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This one was a real pleasure

This one was a real pleasure to read.

Even twice.

And aloud.