The Hidden Ornament [Xmas Art 2014] COME FIND THE PICKLES (requests still open for now, see "Round 2")

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I've been doing this sort of thing for the past few years now, and this year I almost didn't know what concept I should do...

Toss some characters at me! There is no limit.
Just make sure to give a reference or description that clearly gives what colors and markings they have.

There's a tradition in the United States of America, where the last ornament you hang on the Christmas tree is a pickle
It would be hung somewhere hard to find, hidden away, and whoever found it would receive a reward of some kind...

Here are the "ornaments" I've kept hidden. Laughing out loud

1. Emilia

2. Kemosiri

3. Velia

4. Toukan (yes my own deer got requested |D )

5. Oura

6. Ryuu

7. Kaoori

8. Hati

9. Isaita

10. Thomas

11. Rutilus

12. Draak

13. Kostya

14. Hex

15. Indica

Extra: Midnight and Aura Christmas stuff

Merry Christmas!

"Round 2" (open until New Year's)
1. Radioactive
2. Misha
3. Noreen
4. Z'ev
5. Keith
6. Christian
7. Cirrus and Kinsha ninja pickles (I'LLFIGUREOUTSOMETHING)
8. Lucas
9. Vala
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Emilia ? please

Emilia ? please Smiling
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I think Isaita would love one

I think Isaita would love one this year Eye
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Keep 'em coming.

Keep 'em coming. Laughing out loud
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O: Helel's Thomas? And/or


Helel's Thomas? And/or Rut?

Aura and Midnight should be tiny baubles or something >_> <_< >_>


RAZS DRAAK OR KOSTYA. PLS oh god im on mobile so I can't get links loVE ME

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@Raz: It's not actually

@Raz: It's not actually baubles I'm doing. >> /tries not to spoil
I might draw them doing something else if I feel motivated. =B

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8O Asdfadfas 8]

Asdfadfas 8]
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I haven't forgotten about

I haven't forgotten about this. In fact, I wanna add more to that list.

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@Quad: I've picked one, but

@Quad: I've picked one, but you'll find out who later. >u>

@Jiaruqa: Was that a request for a spot? Laughing out loud
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Sure! Thanks dude~ C:

Sure! Thanks dude~ C:
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ryuu's the best pickle

ryuu's the best pickle
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Oh god , PickleDeer loool .

Oh god , PickleDeer loool . Awesome idea !
I see "Buttfluffff" on KaoPickle loool
Pega , do you have an overhelming desire wanting Pickles !!!???
Hmmmm .....What does this mean Sticking out tongue
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@Ooky: Ryuu is fabulous

@Ooky: Ryuu is fabulous pickle. B)

@Flyleaf: I have no idea what you mean... >>
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Oh yes

Oh yes Evil
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Ahahahaha! This is soooo

Ahahahaha! This is soooo awesome and creative XD
Honestly, I'd never heard of the tradition, but I might start doing that now XD
Pickles... XD haha
I welcome you with open arms to stay away from me
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I luff u *kitty eyes* xD I

I luff u *kitty eyes*

xD I love it. Thanks Pega!! <3
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Pega..this is funny !!

Pega..this is funny !! ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Hmhm looks so cute. I don't

Hmhm looks so cute.

I don't know if still can. But maybe my Radioactive or Misha for oqu?
gif by Hautakumpu
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@Sannosuke: I hadn't heard of

@Sannosuke: I hadn't heard of it either til I found some random special on tv that mentioned it in passing, so I had to look it up. It was the perfect theme to use. XD

@Jiaruqa: You're welcome. 83

@Vala: Thanks: ='D

@kikinkacze: Since I didn't get as many as I expected to, I guess I can do a "round 2" until New Year's. =]
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Hey, hey! It's a funny idea,

Hey, hey! It's a funny idea, I want it too! Noreen possible ?? XD

ammg these are fantastic I'd

ammg these are fantastic
I'd love to see Z'ev B))
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Kaoori even comes complete with buttfuzz LOL

>_> <_< can we request more even if we were in round 1?
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Buttfuzz is a requirement.

Buttfuzz is a requirement. B|
And these aren't hard to work on, so sure. Laughing out loud
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8] In that case


In that case B]

TinyKeith and Christian?

>_> <_< Cirrus and Kinsha Ninja pickles? I don't have an updated bio for Cirrus but she's still the same, Skull mask, Orca Pelt and Peacock antlers |D
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Ninja pickles. 8'D I'll have

Ninja pickles. 8'D I'll have to get creative on those.
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hahaha Thank you !!

hahaha Thank you !!<33 very interesting idea she me raises mood 100%

Might I leave my three for

Might I leave my three for your consideration?
They are the ones down at the end of the post, links to their bios and such.
You only have to do one of them.

Thank you for the opportunity
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@EmiliaYO: Glad to hear it.

@EmiliaYO: Glad to hear it. Laughing out loud You're welcome.

@Beaumont13: I've added my choice to the list. =]
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Maybe a pickle-Vala...

Maybe a pickle-Vala...Smiling
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Can do. =]

Can do. =]

Aaa... thank you!

Aaa... thank you!
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/Pokes head in, will another

/Pokes head in, will another batch come out? (After the 2nd one)
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These are so fun omg

These are so fun omg
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Fffffff, I keep meaning to

Fffffff, I keep meaning to finish these off. |D; Sorry to everyone for the wait.
I'm not sure I'll take anymore of these after I get them done. My bursts of motivation these days are fewer and farther between than they used to be. I might get the urge to do something else though. We'll see. Laughing out loud
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Thanks for replying, I really

Thanks for replying, I really love your design so I'm anticipating for you to do something different Smiling