Christian - The Vampire

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Made a quick visit to check up on Ross for the first time in forever, has been unable to get into the forest because I haven't had the muse for him ghgh for a while. Found a sleeping Ross with Talla.
Vampire stealth'd over and left Ross a note mentioning he had been there and was glad to see he was doing well also please try to stay out of trouble.

Fixes all the broken images and stuff

Caught up with Ross, wanting to check up on him to see if he was okay after the encounter with Mjolnir.

Talked with him for a bit and finally knows who Mjolnir is. Is quietly not a happy Christian.

INWHICH Ross storytelling leads to ross plz and a confrontation with Mjolnir. Though it was relatively minor due to Morgen being there. And Christian still doesn't know that was Mjolnir so he was all who is this rude stranger :\

Ended up leading Ross away to the playground.

Currently being a couch and vent-ear for Ross
Inwhich Christian is a hypocrite and should listen to his own advice he's giving Ross about when it comes to talking about his problems

All the kinds of awkward when he found Ross with a handful of deer and smols (Thais, Draven, Collector, Ross jrIrene). Wasn't sure what was going on but everyone was staring at him even though Ross was bouncing around.
However Ross's bouncing didn't seem to clear the awkward and told Christian it was probably better off if they met up at another time. Christian agreed, feeling like he was becoming an eyesore and had already overstayed his welcome, even though he was a bit of a distance away. Said goodbye to Ross and went and sat in the vampfort at the ruins.

this is a serious update

Discovered that Ross had been hurt again.

Is gradually becoming quietly super concerned that Ross seems to be on the recieving end of such bad beatings.

Sat with Ross until Ery appeared and he awkwarded out of there. Gave them a quick "hello goodbye" and quickly skittered back to the ruins to avoid any possible negativity.

Discovered one alive Ross.

shared jokes about deathno LOL

Ross spoke to him and gave him a rundown of what happened to him, least to say Christian doesn't approve of this Mjolnir he spoke of. Was not the least bit pleased at finding out that they forced Ross to try reviving someone which resulted in Ross's death, even though Ross was the one that killed them. However he's keeping a lot of this displeasure and high disapproval to himself (won't act upon it either).

He also doesn't know who Mjolnir is. He's run into them a few times but they've never spoken.

And suddenly Ross has dead again. Is pretty much just "?Question???"

Took a moment to realise Ery was there (I was looking away from TEF asdf), she wasn't too pleased with Christian sitting close to Ross and he promptly got to his feet and rapidly apologised before moving away. Couldn't blame her for telling him to shoo, as she barely knew him.

Christian is a giant baby, sorry Cole LOL. Cole tried to get Christian to come over to him and Ross, however Christian gave a nope because there was a giant lion thing sitting behind them. He knows he shouldnt judge the more beastcritter type deer based on Keith's words (tl;dr: he told him to give them a chance), but he still gets filled with uncertainty.

Talked with Ross about what's gone on, Ross explaining to him what happened with Ery. Was taken aback by the news; not expecing it to be that serious. Ended up trying to offer Ross some support and comforting words, even though when it came to verbal comfort it wasn't his strong point.

The adventures of Christian being the biggest awkward penguin having yesterday accidentally stumbled upon Ross's kissyfest.

Found him again talking to someone but kept his distance out of not wanting to interrupt and awkwardness. Eventually they left and Ross went to sit with his new gf. Cue 20 minutes of me trying to figure out what Christian would do so he just stood around for a while, he wouldn't have done that icly I was just a giant "uhhhh". Hesitantly approached them in hopes of a conversation but neither of them seemed up for talking, was concerned but ended up leaving them alone.

ross plz

a million years later when TEF finally decides to connect during my afternoon
Found Ross and Cole loafing, ended up sitting closeby.

I THINK Cole tried to roughhouse with Christian, but Christian wasn't interested or overly enthusiastic about it and ended up being a giant baby and tried to hide behind Ross.

(Moved old updates to archive)

Older updates here.

Name: Christian Hawthorne Weller
Pictoname: Refraction
Age: 300+ but is physically 24 years of age.
Birthday: Oct 2
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Mate: Not Interested
Parents: Sebastian and Grace Weller (deceased, not played inforest)
Sibling(s): 2 Sisters, deceased.
Height: 13
Inforest Set: Fan pelt/reddybrown pelt with gold bands, Owl antlers, no mask.
Ref Sheet: [x]
Voice: [x]
Spot: "The Vampfort"

Respecful, Formal, Enthusiastic, Distant, Passive, Humble.

Formal English vampire is actually a giant dork in disguise.

Doesnt really appear as such due to still adjusting to deerstuff. That aside, Christian's first impressions are always formal, having been born into an English aristocratic family in the late 1600's. He had formal burnt into his brain and was always told/expected to leave a good impression. In present day he has loosened up a fair bit, but he still retains his formalities. And then there's the old "once you've gotten to know him he loosens up a bit more".

Will rarely talk about personal things, tends to keep things about himself to..himself. However he will talk your ear off about his interests if you let him.

Outside of his TEF awkwardness he's a welcoming being, he doesn't like driving others away unless he's super uncomfortable. This is mainly due to past events, but he's unaware that it has affected him this way.

Is kind of solitary but curious. He's used to being by himself and doesn't really mind since it's natural for some vampires to spend huge amounts of time alone. Isn't a sadsack about it either.
He likes sitting alone but won't object to company.
Won't really seek others out unless he knows them. Sometimes he'll nosey around groups of deer from a distance.

Also won't really sit with groups of others unless invited, even if he knows one of them. Doesn't want to intrude.

Is very easily intimidated by anything bigger than him and is super wary regardless of if they're feral or not. Keith has told him to give everyone a chance, but being outside of his usual form/world has given him a bit of a fear of the unknown inforest.

Keith: (Helel's) bffs. Christian knows Keith outside of forest and well before Christian was brought into TEF. They're oddly close and are "indirect" confidants for one another. Not to mention the two of them are both giant dorks and music buffs.
Rossamund: Is now aware that he's a Myling. Ross also is aware that he's a Vampire. Undead teeth monster buddies. Quietly cares for Ross in a parental sort of way, he knows dealing with your supernatural stuff isn't easy and wants to help the best he can.
Carlisle: (Helel's) Friends, also friends outside of forest.
Kettu: Familiar-but-not with. Also takes residence in the vampfort. Guess they're kind of like neighbours.Tag team Ross babysitters
Rhea: Rossfriend, just met, thought she was going to eat him.
Cephas: (Helel's) Future vampbro B)
Cole: Keeps running into with Ross, thinks they're okay even if they like to smell him a lot (I assume LOL)
Bucky: Met outside of forest. Have a bit of an understanding with one another and likes to converse with.
Mjolnir:Quietly angry at their decision to force Ross into ressurecting Darcia. However doesn't actually know who she is, and(Now knows who they are after an encounter + Ross telling him) has never properly met them. Has seen them a few times, but has never spoken to them. (Puts here to keep track)
Ery Ross's girlfriend. "Please don't hurt me 8("

If with Keith by the Twin Gods, and is getting a devout spell this is OOC. If any "nude" mini deer are nearby I'll help and cast the spell on them.
Invisible Scrollbox

Christian was ungracefully tossed inforest by Keith's doing, and is very much unaccustomed to the ways of the forest. He was literally taken from the human world and put into the world of TEF. The forest is incredibly alien to him. He wasn't born inforest so he lacks knowledge of how to deer. If he doesn't bow or respond he's not being rude, he's just incredibly socially awkward for the time being because he's not used to being surrounded by TEF deer and even being one himself. Keith however, is slowly teaching him the ways of the forest and trying to de-paranoid him.

He's a vampire. Yeah. However he will not be preying on deer (or anything for that matter). Infact he will probably try his best to hide the fact he is one.

Spilled blood won't trigger a raging vampiric beast mode, nor will open wounds.

Christian was originally based off of the Anne Rice vampires, he has their double set of fangs, if seen. He also exhibits some of their powers such as flight and teleportation. He also lacks a shapeshifting ability (which means no tinybat transformations, but by all means cast transformation spells on him).
He does not have a weakness to sunlight due to his sire-ess being of vampiric royalty. (although surprisingly this ability is not restricted to vampiric royalty/not all vampires bbq in the sun)

He will not speak of his transformation nor does he like stating he has royal vampire blood/powers. He's quietly incredibly self conscious about the fact that he's able to go in the sun, however he also utilises it to help him appear "human".

Won't openly talk about his vampirism to mortals unless he highly trusts them. This is mostly due to him being worried about either scaring the other. (He'll talk about vampires, but he won't talk about himself being one.) If someone suspects him of being one, he'll attempt to brush it off.
He'll openly talk about it with other vampires though. Not sure about other supernatural beings.

Is not afraid to kill, but tends to avoid innocents. (Although this is irrelevant inforest/he won't be hunting.)

Has accepted the fact that he's a monster, he doesn't "woe is me" about it anymore, and hasn't for hundreds of years.

His bow + fear action isn't cos he's intimidated mostly it's just an awkward bow.

Devout doesn't hurt him, even if it appears to be "holy" magic. This is mainly due to the lack of actual gods presence in the forest, dwindling the "holy" aspect of the spell and rendering it to simply a pelt change + bright light. If the gods are around this'd recharge the "holy" and then it will hurt.
Sadly he'd probably be fascinated by Abios, but it'd be dangerous for him to go to one.
Devout does however stun him, and will leave him wandering around blind and disorientated for a few moments.

Was gifted some books by Ross (idk where to put this so its going here)


Invisible Scrollbox






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Disclaimer: All actions are IC and do not reflect the player/myself.

My Bela and him should meet!

My Bela and him should meet! Laughing out loud

slides in here

slides in here
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@NikaGika Ooh, that'd be

Ooh, that'd be interesting. Mostly because Christian is unaware that there are others like him inforest. If you see him feel free to say hi XD Christian might be a bit intimidated due to Bela's size lol



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"Hello there mr Keith

"Hello there mr Keith Richards"


alri' mr christian fancypants

alri' mr christian fancypants Imeanhawthorne weller

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traaack Shocked
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track uvu

track uvu

"--gonna 'ave t'start callin'

"--gonna 'ave t'start callin' y' pansy-vamp." B) -LEANS ON. PROBABLY STILL MUDDY-

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SNICKER "8I....But I'm not


"8I....But I'm not Carlisle...that was mean, I'm sorry Carlisle."

Trackytrack. c: It's nice to

Trackytrack. c:

It's nice to meet Christian.

Although Chirstian and his friend were stalkers. x.x



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B) Ah sorry if it looked


Ah sorry if it looked like they were stalking, they were both just stuck between the two groups lol and just kind of hovered between them. Christian wasn't sure what he should be doing so he just kind of sat/stood there XD
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Hallo ~ tracking

Hallo ~ tracking

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Trackin' ♥

Trackin' ♥
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Hi B)

Hi B)

i.e. "U have funny face I

i.e. "U have funny face
I liek u

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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LOL Christian was just how


Christian was just how do I fawn

also TEF not letting the sniff button work and ending up accidentally sniffing Ross instead

Aw cutie. :c Poor boy,

Aw cutie. :c
Poor boy, suddenly assaulted with fawn in his face.

that's alright I got what he was getting at

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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I look away for a minute and

I look away for a minute and suddenly fawn pile. Fawns are able to summon eachother I swear lol

It's the power of their

It's the power of their supoermoos.
It enables them to summon a defence card of fawn pile.

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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By their maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs

By their maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs combined they are captain planetfawn?

That is, they form a force to

That is, they form a force to be reckoned with, especially with their odd uniform bug-eyes.

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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(- ) ____ ( -)

(- ) ____ ( -)

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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(o ) n ( o) MREEEEEEEHHH

(o ) n ( o)

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!



Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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TEF Fainted!



Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Bwahaha, sorry about

Bwahaha, sorry about Rhaegal's creepyness, his doglike curiosity got the better of him and he desperately tried to sniff the vamp :'D

I jsut wanna be buddies I won't eat you I swears
Avatar by me& signature courtesy by velveteensoldier <3
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It's ok XD poor Rhaegal had

It's ok XD poor Rhaegal had some bad timing with what happened a few days ago.

...That could go both ways LOL
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*real deer mask moos*

*real deer mask moos*
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*sneak track* The mini was

*sneak track*

The mini was Kiosydan c:
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Hi B) O: oooh thanks

Hi B)

O: oooh thanks Laughing out loud
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"Grete Grete'd away" is a

"Grete Grete'd away" is a very appropriate term B)
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B) I WumboGrete, you Grete,

Laughing out loud B)

I WumboGrete, you Grete, he she me...Grete. < /Spongebob>
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Ross happened Ross: "yES HI

Ross happened

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LOL Christian was just

Christian was just "*pleased awkward deer jumping*" he'll learn the art of jumping one day.

Sorry I had to leave early, TEF was randomly lag spiking like crazy 8(

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I'm pleased to see that

I'm pleased to see that you're active on here again, Draak! Smiling
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(No subject)

Laughing out loud
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Sorry about Eth. :/ Can be a

Sorry about Eth. :/ Can be a bit of a silly spaz.
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Aw it's ok, Christian's just

Aw it's ok, Christian's just "how do i young animal" LOL
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Ah, silly Rhea. Really isn't

Ah, silly Rhea. Really isn't good at these chases. Either gets distracted or promptly passes out from the exhaustion of hauling her fatass across the forest |D
Sorry for any frustration caused :c

"C'mere, I don't bite."

also a track ^^
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LOL Christian tends to wuss

LOL Christian tends to wuss out when it comes to predator deer noseying around...even if he is one too < /worst vampire>

*nope-ing into the distance*
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Rofl. Rhea can be a

Rofl. Rhea can be a persistent bugger when something's running from her ^^'