Hello World!

Entry Date: 5/6/22
I used to be on here forever ago, but I couldn't remember my name and I've been through quite the journey since then, so i've started over from scratch. I was super excited to see that they've kept updating and working on this lovely screensaver game after almost ten years of hiatus, so of course I had to come back now that I have a decent laptop.
So, Endless forest, meet baby Valko!
-<3 V

ED: 5/7/22

Wow, a lot of deer are active today! I'm enjoying the vibes. It's weird being a fawn again, I miss my customization, but I'm excited to go on the month journey of being small until I earn my antlers.
- <3 V

Hey there, and welcome. Ten

Hey there, and welcome. Ten years, huh, a lot has changed since.
Here's a general info hub in case you'll need it.
My fawn will keep an eye out for your picto, but don't be shy to approach if you see mine on the map.
Though he seems idle lately, he's always down for some fun.

Thank you kindly! I will be

Thank you kindly! I will be sure to say hello whenever I see you ^^
<3 V