Have faith [Bartleby] for like Troy, you'll be Eternal

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(3/12; Updated Relationships. Changed music)

Dedicated + Intelligent + Hard-working + Stubborn + Diplomatic + Blunt + Selfish + Independent + Awkward + Proper + Logical + Overly-sensitive + Clever + Ill-bred + Melancholic + Reclusive + Spoiled + Sympathetic + Sickly + Protective + Noble + Pretentious + Intrinsic + Naive + Paranoid + Observant + Apologetic + Mathematical + Heartless + Tired + Manipulative + Pessimistic + Tasteful + Snobbish + Studious + Nurturing + Sullen + Pompous + Rational + Pensive + Gentle + Wealthy + Dainty + Reserved + Cruel + Stiff + Confused + Inquisitive + Vain + Dominating + Chivalrous + Organized + Withdrawn + High-strung + Sacrificing + Prompt + Jealous + Efficient + Humorless + Practical + Considerate + Childish + Philosophical + Spacey + Unstable + Prideful + Industrious + Shrewd + Gullible + Vengeful + Selective + Discreet + Demanding + Faithful + Dreamer + Perfectionist + Tense + Fluid + Honest + Cowardly

+Preliminary Info+

-Full Name-
Faith Troy Bartleby XVII

-Date of Birth-
April 17, 1957/???




Speaks in a light Flemish accent

Roe Deer
(loosely based)


Candles + Orca + Frosted

Baby powder

The Yawning Noble

-Fighter's Chart-

Strength Speed
|||||||||| ||||||||

Defense Willpower
|||||||||| ||||||||||

Tolerance Stamina
|||||||||| |||||||||||

*Presents a small target
*Depending on the enemy, may rely on wits alone
*Has a number of allies at his side
*Strong determination
*Used to pain - has a high tolerance for it
*Able to utilize and manipulate the flames on his candles

*Very low stamina, tires almost instantly
*Doesn't really know when he's in over his head
*A hemophiliac - the slightest mark could prove fatal or extremely painful
*Cannot fight himself
*Physically weak

It might seem absurd, you say, to even think of someone as frail and as weak as Bartleby out on the battlefront.

Well, if you do think that, then you obviously don't know him.

Bartleby is notorious for being outlandishly pig-headed at times. Most of time, he'll simply call upon allies to fight for him. However, it is possible to set him off. He sees no harm in killing or causing bloodshed as long as there's a logical reason for it. And if someone he loves or if someone plays with his emotions, then he'll fight with teeth and hoof. After all, he'll simply be reborn in the forest if he dies.

Death is only a minor inconvenience to him.


*Has a habit of following people/deer that interest him... doesn't mean any harm or wrongdoing.
*Very conservative in his actions
*Morbid in his views
*Despite his delicate and reserved reactions; he is not shy - just socially awkward
*Shut off from society at a very young age - lived most of his life alone
*If he's with someone that he likes, he has a habit of getting carried away in rambling at them
*Does not like crowds, would rather watch from a distance than participate
*Hates being touched (though there are exceptions)
*Loathes being pitied
*Doesn't understand most jokes or humor, only if they're explained to him
*Carries a superiority complex despite his gentle disposition
*Merciless in dealing with the masses, earning him a terrible public reputation
*Thinks very highly of himself, if you do not know of him, then he'll likely become offended
*A slave to routine, a lack of which makes him uncomfortable
*Adores animals; often acts unusually playful and child-like around them (save for cats)
*Pretty oblivious at times (when deep in thought)
*Hard to talk to when he gets lost in thought - almost appears disoriented
*He can keep his mind busy for hours on end, often without knowing where the time had gone.
*Not as cultured as you might think. He rarely reads.
*As sensitive as he may seem, he rarely cries.
*Very even-tempered (usually)
*Intelligent and insightful, but also very naive of certain matters
*Can be childish in certain social situations, simply because he doesn't know any better
*An easy target for emotional manipulation
*Acts in a completely different manner when alone
*He can control the flames on his candles - though they often reflect his emotions if left unchecked
*Hates making eye-contact
*Will not give out his first name unless he has a strong emotional attachment to the person in question (though there have been exceptions)
*A pessimist at heart
*Has bouts of depression where he occasionally isolates himself
*Used to the supernatural, hardly surprised by demons or dragons or other 'impossible' myths
*Stiffly polite around strangers, takes a long time to warm up to them
*Easily flustered
*Gifted in the arts of economics and commerce
*Protective of his friends... even to the point where he may go out of his way to punish those who harm them
*Has no qualms in causing pain or grief - as long as it has a purpose
*^Likewise would kill if he had to (though he'd prefer not to do such messy things himself)
*Acts especially awkward around women/does; uncomfortably chivalrous

-Other Notable (and trivial) Features-

*Plagued with hemophilia and heart trouble; Quite sickly
*First language is Dutch, as his family hails from northern Belgium.
*Can play the harp, though is rather embarrassed by this talent due to its implied femininity.
*^Likewise can play a little piano, but he's admittedly terrible at it
*Oddly enough, he prefers to be dominant in a relationship
*Knows how to use a gun - always has one as a human, though prefers not to advertise the fact that he does.
*The weight of his golden hooves fluctuates quite a bit, seemingly at random
*A vegetarian by practice, mainly for health reasons
*A big fan of chess and sports
*Sensitive of his short height (Napoleon Complex)
*Hates talking of certain subjects - mainly romance.
*Unable to produce children
*Has a strange aversion to eating, unintentionally starves himself as a result
*An avid dog-lover... and allergic to cats
*Loathes his first name, often to the point where if he's in a surly mood, he may request that his friends refer to him by his middle name rather than his first.
*An atheist by choice - though he doesn't seem to have a firm grip on his beliefs
*Terrified of death (in his past life)
*Trained to be a male soprano, one of his close kept secrets
*Constantly wants to make a difference... often in the wrong way
*Has strange reactions to transformation spells over long periods of time, they're much like a drug to him, a means to forget about his own self and 'meld' into a temporary body.

An old soul, reborn time after time into form after form. He lived as a dying noble, a member of a dying aristocracy and a corrupt bloodline.
The forest has acted as his prison, a keep for him to stagnate and lose all grips of reality.
Decade after decade he trudged along in the forest, a lost soul that possessed the willpower to live on. To keep his mind intact.

Friends from his old world have come. And they have died.

He is cursed with the mentality of a mortal, a cluster of illnesses that hinder him.

Kill him all you like, as punishment or out of spite.


Bartleby is a small deer, frail and thin. He carries two small ebony colored antlers, dulled and curled at the tips. They're coated in candles molded with a clean golden colored wax. Of course, these candles are always lit, and there's usually a thick coat of dried wax running down the buck's neck and back from stray droplets. His pelt is uncomfortably thin and wiry to the touch, hardly any protection against the cold weather. Despite the state of his pelt, his tail is quite puffy in comparison, and long furred. The pelt itself is a very light ashen grey color, nearly white. His ears are large, pointed and floppy, often pulled at the back of his scalp. His hooves are made of solid gold, constantly polished and clean of grime. Upon the right side of his neck is long, raw scar... as if something had been ripped away from it recently. Face is that of a real deer, and not a human. His muzzle is somewhat rounded at the tip, complimented by a darkish pink nose. His eyes are a dull olive, usually glazed over from exhaustion with black circles running underneath. Due to his thin stature, one could likely see how taut his skin wraps about the rows of his ribs and legs. This gives him a bit more of a 'lanky' mien, though admittedly more unhealthy as well.

Despite his short height, Bartleby always seems to carry an air of authority. His body is quite small, his skin intensely paled from a lack of sunlight. Dark circles run underneath his olive eyes from a lack of sleep. His face is a mix, neither round nor sharp, but child-like all the same. Clothing is always formal, and usually in light colors to compliment his fine blonde hair (just above shoulder length). He is always well-groomed, even down to his neatly polished nails. He rarely wears any sort of informal attire, and is often seen in a plain light grey waistcoat with a long sleeved undershirt and matching slacks. He is very, dangerously thin, though he counteracts his image with some slightly baggier clothing (though not loose enough as to look dumpy or improper).


Closest friend and current infatuation. Bartleby acts as his servant, though really only because he wants to. Heika is one of the select few people that he would die for. Multiple times. While he may wish for their relationship to be a bit more underground, he doesn't seem to mind as much now. Heika is his only equal; his only companion in a sea of fools. There is no other that Bartleby would so blindly follow and cling to. He accepts being referred to as his 'Queen', and secretly embraces the role itself.

The only woman that he would ever willingly allow to keep close to, as well as the only female that he would ever confide to. Their relationship is an odd one, borne from aggravation and teasing insults. They've traveled together, sailed together and adventured together in the harshest of terrains. Bartleby trusts the Fennec girl with his life, and can only hope that she feels the same trust for him.

-Miss Talla-
Bartleby's thoughts on 'Miss Talla' are a tad hard to figure out. By all means, he treats her as a gentleman should treat a lady. He thoroughly enjoys her company and finds her to be far more intelligent than she takes credit for. In a way, he sees the little blue doe as an individual that he can protect, and he takes pride from that. He's still rather nervous about making physical contact with her, but his uneasy nature has definitely made some improvement after the time they've spent together.

-Miss Migisi-
A little jackdaw that happened to pass him by on chance one day. Being a lover of animals (and particular birds), she immediately took his fancy. He treated her much like a doting pet owner until her form had inexplicably changed into that of a young doe. It was from then on that the little buck thought of her not as his 'pet', but as a simple minded student to teach. He is incredibly protective of her.

-Mister Cypher-
If there is one thing that Bartleby covets; it's people that he can relate to. Mister Cypher is one of the few pleasant souls in the forest that the buck finds he can gain a sane conversation from. Over the time he has spent with him and Miss Migisi, he has warmed up a bit to him, showing more and more of his true personality outside of a polite exterior.

-Mister Mishka-
While Bartleby does enjoy his quiet demeanor and easygoing (though awkward) attitudes, he remains slightly aloof from him. Even so, he enjoys the buck's company when he's often alone, and finds him pleasant to be around.

One of the few males that Bartleby has never referred to as 'Mister'. He considers dear Nathan as a lesser person, though no less enjoyable than any other friend. He sees himself as a superior individual, and may occasionally look for him in-forest for some light chatting.

His charge and student. It was Heika that suggested that Bartleby take on the role of tutoring the boy, if only to make himself feel useful. While he no longer is in need of 'lessons', he remains a teacher figure to the boy.

-His Past Servants; Turkey, Debit, Credit and Malware-
While technically still under his service, the forest creatures that have been rounded up by the buck are no longer called upon. Malware isn't even as called upon as much as he used to be. Even so, Bartleby had fostered relatively good relationships with all of them, and may occasionally meet with them.

His sister, Nippers. While he did love and want to protect her, he did often have a habit of sweeping her under the rug. As much as he has never admitted it, he misses her dearly.

-All Past Bartlebys-
He knows them. He's studied them. He respects them immensely. Take care not to insult them.

His mother, who was completely unknown to him as she died from childbirth. He has no ill feelings towards her, no feelings at all really.

He carried mixed feelings for his father. The man committed suicide when Bartleby had just turned two, so memories are fuzzy. He resents him for his actions though, and often had made it a point that he wouldn't do the same.

Complicated. Jergens is a past figure of importance, though no longer a part of the buck's life. He takes great care to avoid him.

-'Smiling' Jack-
A nuisance and waste of space. Nothing more and nothing less.

Mr. Sanguine. One of the few individuals that has earned Bartleby's contempt nearly instantly. He has been murdered by him as a source of punishment, and mocked even more often on a daily basis. He takes care to avoid the butler, though some meetings cannot be avoided.

Killed by her. He makes a large effort to avoid the unstable doe.

Credits and whatwho;
Always a work in progress
Artwork by Scythe and Mr. Sanguine (in that order)
Interaction welcomed
Received Arts not displayed at present;
Declan - x
Kaoori - x

"It is not seldom the case that, when a man is browbeaten in some unprecedented and violently unreasonable way, he begins to stagger in his own plainest faith..."
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Deleted his old bio for a

Deleted his old bio for a fresh start and revamped this one with snazzy new art and info and updates. Bartleby is pretty much my main now... he probably will be for a while since he's my favorite of all my characters (and Jergens is great and all but... God... there's only so much of him that I can take). I never get tired of the guy, so I want to give him a bit more love. Sorry for deleting the old one :'D Just felt like it
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Retrack! 8D

Retrack! 8D

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SangGangRangFang; Hiiii

SangGangRangFang; Hiiii<3 8D

Six; Thank ya dear~ Sorry about that =w=
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No big deal. &hearts;

No big deal. ♥

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Should come here more often

Should come here more often to interract with him, he's so interesting c:
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Yesplz :'D Thank ye so much

Yesplz :'D Thank ye so much<3

I remember reading all the

I remember reading all the stories you made about Bartleby and Turkey... ♥
Glad to see this fellow again c:
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Ohgod those were terrible :'D

Ohgod those were terrible :'D fffthankyou~<3
I feel really terrible for neglecting him...
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(We have been sitting there

(We have been sitting there for quite a while...)

Curiously of who is watching him, Silun stood up and walked few steps towards that observer.
"I greet you young sir." he bowed,
"May I be some help of you?"
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(Ol' Bartleboy found him

(Ol' Bartleboy found him interesting, it seems c: And I'm really glad that I got to meet Silun, since I see Foxbrow hanging around all over the place most of the time cx )

"Yes... Hello." the small buck flinched, finally caught it seemed. That was a habit of Bartleby's, watching those that had caught his interest. He meant no real harm by it, it was just easier than outright greeting the deer in question.
He almost smiled at being called 'young', but kept his expression stoic, respectful. "Oh no Sir... Um... I just..." he fidgeted, eyes darting to and fro, anywhere but the stag's face. "I do apologize if I'm bothering you." he finally blurted out, though the words sounded obscenely awkward. Stiff and polite, as always.
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(that's her task, to be all

(that's her task, to be all over the place. Well, and Silun is than her opposite...)

The buck seemed a little nervous, so the old one decided to continue as little formal as he only could. "My name is Silun." he introduced himself with a little nod. "And do not worry. How can a company be bothering?"
The way the young buck moved with his head kept confusing him, since he preferred to talk with others from face to face. He leaned his head down and cast his eyes onto the deer before him, waiting whether he would calm himself. "Is there any problem?"
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(She does a superb job at it

(She does a superb job at it too~)

"Mm..." he looked down at his pretty golden hooves, letting the light from his candles gleam against them. "I'm Bartleby." he murmured, sticking to a pure last name basis.
The buck wasn't a 'timid' deer, not at all. Sure, he was paranoid and socially awkward without any real redemption other than his stiff manners, but he wasn't shy. "Oh yes... Company is always nice. I've noticed that many of the deer here tend to congregate in their own little groups." and most of the time he would merely watch them.
He felt himself being watched, and he forced himself to look up, eyes locked to the stag's chin. "Oh, there's no problem Sir." he muttered simply, flushing in embarrassment. A glob of molten wax dribbled from the candles upon his antlers onto the back of his neck, and he winced. "I just happened to be on the same pathway as yourself." at least that part was 'somewhat' true.
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"Well then, Mister Bartleby."

"Well then, Mister Bartleby." he made the same nod like when he has introduced himself before, lifting head a little up. "It seems to be purely natural to gather together with the same of your kind.". Stretching one of his hind legs, which always tired much faster than the other one, especially in such cold days like today, his sight moved around, like if he was looking for any of those groups, to ensure himself with what he has just said.
"However, when we both had settled on that, that company is welcomed and that we happen to have the same direction of our ways..." he paused to lick his lips, used to remain in silent for most of the time, "...will you not mind to continue together?"
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Another small smile was held

Another small smile was held back, though the buck couldn't help but lightly quirk up his lips at the comment. 'His own kind'... pah! As if he would ever associate himself with such barbarous creatures... Thank goodness he had found a few handfuls that were at least civil though. "I wasn't demeaning it any, Sir." he clarified, his high accented falsetto nearly lost amongst the darkened fog. "These nights are often rather lonely..." he added in, his voice a small murmur.
He looked about, blinking slowly towards the Gods statues. He'd have to go back sometime... but for now, perhaps the company of a relative stranger would so him some good. "I'd... I'd be delighted to..." he nodded, causing for more stray wax to fall upon his back.
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Another curious look was cast

Another curious look was cast on the buck. But Silun didn't ask anything. He rarely did, mostly one only had to listen carefully and others spoke themselves. "I am glad to hear that.". Few more steps forwards and then he pondered, somewhere there, far away in the birches was his uncertain goal. But when he has company now, he'd like to share it somewhere else. With someone else...
His walk turned to the left when he looked high up, like if he was checking the weather. "Shall we go then?" He was calm as usual, but somewhere deep inside he felt they should hurry - the day was already darkening and his old body won't allow him to travel too far without breaks. "I am heading just over there."
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The buck nodded and elegantly

The buck nodded and elegantly raised himself to his hooves, his head bowed slightly. "Oh... okay..." he nodded. Actually, it was the tree that they were at that he had been meaning to spend most of his time at... Fickle, yes, but it had its own meaning to him. Still, it would have been outright rude to deny the stag, so he would go with him. It wasn't like he had a limited amount of time or anything.
"May I ask where we're going...?" he asked, not without a touch of paranoia. Not that it really mattered. He would simply be reborn if the stag killed him, which took no real effort anyway... sickly thing that he was.
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(Just let's go there for

(Just let's go there for now)

(So, here:)

Surprised with the energy the buck had, Silun slightly sighted. To hide his worries that he might bee too slow for such young blood, he answered Bartleby's question: "I am on my way to visit one... Old friend." Not that he intends to hide his goal, it's just the way he is used to express - indefinitely. "I hope you would not mind to meet him." And he set out.
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(Ah, and I'm in limbo in my

(Ah, and I'm in limbo in my forest. Pardon while I restart c': )

That... really didn't help any. To Bartleby, the stag was hiding something from him. As hypocritical as it might have seemed, he really wasn't one to be sheltered. Still, he kept his mien polite, making sure that his stride matched Silun's. "I hope I haven't... ahm... delayed your task then..." he mumbled awkwardly, occasionally dipping down his head to rub at his ailing chest. Sure, he was in excellent health considering his... ahem... 'usual' well-being, but walking in itself could still prove difficult at time. Not always, though.
"Not at all Sir..." he did mind though. Bartleby wasn't one to be forced into things by strangers. Even so, he felt even more uneasy when the stag finally sat down. The area seemed... random almost, practically desolate. He could see a few deer that he met before scampering around in the distance, just out of his reach. "There... isn't anyone here, Sir." he finally mumbled. The stag was delusional then? It didn't seem like it... then again, he did look rather old...
...Then again, Bartleby was probably his age if not older than he was. Age was not a valid excuse in this world.
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The reactions of the younger

The reactions of the younger deer made Silun feel sorry for him. The way he apologized for everything was something... different than just politeness. "Do not worry, we have plenty of time. He can wait."
"And will wait..." he added much silently with saddened voice.

The route he chose was a little longer than straight line, but this way he avoided all the hills up and down, which surly would tire him much more. Eventually they arrived to a small glade with short trees around.
"Oh, I apologize for myself, Mister Bartleby. We are not there yet. I just need to rest for a while. My legs are not what they one used to be anymore."
With these words he sat down, crouched and cuddled his big body to protect from the colder winds. "If you are not in a hurry, please, sit down and make yourself comfortable."
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It was a good thing that the

It was a good thing that the stag did not voice his pity, Bartleby would have hotly resented it, prideful little thing that he was. "...May I ask who 'he' is, Sir?" he asked, thinking that to be a perfectly valid question. After all, he had a right to know if he was to be dragged all around the general area.
He was grateful for the path that he chose, but didn't bother to verbalize on it. His own health was a rather... sensitive subject. "Of course... No need to apologize." If anything, he greatly sympathized. How many times had he said something along the same line to his own handful of friends? "And... I'm not in a hurry..." he lamely reassured him, curling his own legs daintily underneath him. "I hope you... don't find the question rude but... have you lived long here?" he asked, honestly curious of the stag's age. If there was one thing that he had learned; endless forest deer lived a long time.

Edit; (Ack, I'm so sorry... my forest keeps disconnecting and I can't get it to reconnect >> I'll keep trying though, but if I can't get back in would you like to continue? c: ))
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(I'm really curious how long

(I'm really curious how long they would still reassure each other they are really not in a hurry)

Pondering about the question he stated: "He is the oldest one I know around here. But if you are asking me for a name, I am really not sure whether he even has any.". Silun rested a little bit more, listening only for a half of another wave of Bartleby's 'politeness'. However, the other question pulled him out of his calmness. He turned his head at the buck and could not resist a smile. Silun had always a reputation of ever serious stag and only rarely he could be seen 'having fun', but now he began to laugh.
And he laughed loudly, it was a true laughter coming straight from his heart: "I have lived here whole my life." Which was the most truly and precise answer he could give.

(Well, it's quite late here already... Surly I wish to continue but perhaps another day. Thank you.)
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Funny, he wondered if he was

Funny, he wondered if he was older. "Well... some of the deer here have no spoken name... they only go by the identification they were given" dog tags were what they were, and Bartleby couldn't help but flick his eyes upwards to catch a glimpse of his own, or at least the bottom ringlet of its golden aura. Whoever this deer even was, he sounded... enigmatic, and not in a good way.
The sudden laughter wasn't taken well, and the small buck drew back in surprise, floppy ears firmly pressed against the back of his skull. His eyes were wide, confused more than they were afraid. Even so, it was a subtle movement. "I see..." he should have expected an answer like that. "I... suppose that it's hard then... to keep track of time in a place where it seems null and void." and that would always irritate him to no end.

(Hard to tell, really >w> Alright then, thank you as well. c': )
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Only his cheerful mood

Only his cheerful mood protected him from remembering his most burning distress about deer and names. Otherwise he would risk to fall in deep depressions again. It also helped him to regain his strength faster. "Time flows away and no one can hasten it, nor slow it down. It would be preposterous to..." and he said quite disgusted "...count the days."
This talk told him one thing about Bartleby. It was very common, that those, who were not from this world complained about the time here. But Silun realized also one more thing. He finally understood that the buck got a wrong image of who are they going to visit. "I am sorry for I might have not mentioned it, but my friend is no deer.

(I think once Bartleby would discover where are they going, he would definitely think that Silun is just an old fool)
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It would only make sense that

It would only make sense that the residents here would disregard something like time. Bartleby knew all too well how his views would be so disagreed with by many... but he didn't seem to mind. "Some don't have a similar mindset though..." he quietly retaliated, stubborn, but ever polite. "I know a few that find the absence of time unsettling... that the cycle of day and night is so erratic that they're unable to identify their own ages. Petty to some, but a taxing to others..." he mumbled, noting how the topic itself seemed a sore subject for the stag. Even so, Bartleby could at least take comfort in the fact that he really didn't have anything to lose from antagonizing him.
He blinked slowly, not at all surprised. "There are many species of animals that thrive here... wolves, dragons, demons..." as much as he chose not to believe in the latter two.

(Hard to say. He's quite finicky about certain things like that >w>)
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Of course, there would always

Of course, there would always be someone, who would differ in the view of the world. And one can only hope it is for the good of things. He moved a small piece of branch on the ground with his hoof leisurely as he replied: "But the time is not absent." There were no proper words, which could explain the way how the original inhabitants sense the course of time. However, he felt it is needed to fill the demand for any time cycles. "There are seasons in here." he simply remarked.
And 'animals', another word the outsiders drew into this world. In fact, there was nothing wrong with it, it just seemed to Silun like degrading the dwellers of the Forest. But he already got used to it and there were no visible signs of how it upset him except one extra blink of his eyes. "That is true, Mister Bartleby. I believe here live all of the kinds." In his life he saw a lot of unusual creatures already and even the most bizarre of them are not surprising him any more.

(oh, this one is crap... I shouldn't post when I can't fully concentrate)

Oooh, pretty. He's quite

Oooh, pretty.

He's quite intriguing, and I love 'im. 83

Signature by Terabetha
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PLK; (fffff I know that

PLK; (fffff I know that feeling all too well)

"Not absent, but near impossible to calculate." the small buck merely replied. Oh sure, he had tried it during his low period, counting second by second until he reached a twenty four hour time. The thought of it nearly made him wince. "And when the seasons change, it's only then that we realize how much time has passed..." and for someone that was used to a normal cycle of day and night, the sensation was almost unbearable. He didn't annoyed or particularly angry. If anything, Bartleby almost seemed lost in thought, rambling away without paying any real mind to the stag next to him. "Mm... There's peculiarities everywhere you go these days." he mused, looking off in the distance to nowhere in particular.


Ammy; :'D Thank youuuu~
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"Hmm, hmm." Silun only

"Hmm, hmm." Silun only murmured approvingly, not listening the buck very carefully. He was looking at the same thing as Bartleby - uncertain anything somewhere far far away in the distance. His thoughts were circling around in his head and his mind was absent much more, then the time in the Forest.
He spoke silently, "Too much time has passed..." hard to say whether he just repeated the words he heard, or if he meant to say something with these. Slowly his meditation overcame him and his slow and regular breathing could tell the more watchful ones, that he just fell asleep...

(by the way, if you want to play this in Forest too, Silun is there, sleeping)
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Time? What did someone like

Time? What did someone like Bartleby know of time? As far he knew, he had no real age that he could calculate. He didn't become elderly, and he couldn't keep track of the forest's time at every second. And more time will pass in turn..." he merely replied. His largish, spoon-shaped ears ticked in thought, and he looked over at the stag with a disinterested sort of air. "...Sir?" Ah, so he had fallen into slumber. That was alright. In reality, Bartleby didn't mind. He could spend hours on end just entertaining himself.

(Ha... I was going to, but he's kind of 'out of commission' at this point :'D )
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(Try to moo, it helps. I

(Try to moo, it helps. I wasn't sure if the sudden company there would be welcomed or not... So I kept sleeping)
GingerNut's picture

(Ah well, nothing really to

(Ah well, nothing really to worry about now I guess. :'D He just had a small freak-out)
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Some would call it a dream,

Some would call it a dream, but it was really something more of a projections of what his senses noticed. First he saw a field. An endless field with tall weeds growing on it, slowly swaying for the wind. Then it began to rain. But it was a rain with no raindrops. No, instead of them the land was splashed with strong streams falling from the skies, like thousands of waterfalls coming from the clouds. And somewhere behind this noise he could hear quiet constant humming... which grew stronger. And then the field was endless no more, a wall of trees with crowns far above the clouds and roots deep beneath the ground appeared on the horizon. Marching towards him, he was surrounded by them and the place got smaller and darker, for the light couldn't get down through the branches, till they were so close that the darkness was impassable and the humming ear-splitting.

Sudden bright light - he opened his eyes.

He felt, no, he knew they should be going. Silun stood up and asked politely: "Are you rested, Sir?" and without any mark of haste he added: "We should move on already."
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He flicked up an ear at the

He flicked up an ear at the voice, rotating it upwards much like a rabbit's ear. "Of course, sir." he replied, ever polite. He didn't really seem particularly thrilled though, but he at least attempted to feign interest. After all, he was slightly curious as to 'what' the stag was referring to. Besides, he quite enjoyed walking with him, for the sole reason that their paces seemed to meld together perfectly.
...Of course it would be the Oak. What else was as old as the forest itself? Personally, Bartleby wasn't all that fond of the place. The echoing sounds that emanated from it hurt his ears, sensitive as they were. As they entered it's cavity, his ears firmly pressed against the back of his skull. "So the oak is the friend you were referring to...?" he tried not to sound disappointed. Really, he shouldn't have expected anything less. Poor man...
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(And with the first step, he

(And with the first step, he disappeared in the cloud of blue steam... 4 times the connection fell down... bah)

"Do you know it here?" Silun asked him. Not for Bartleby's reaction but for he was only curious about it. This was the firs time after a long time someone came here with him. As they walked in, only thing that changed on Silun was, that his look was once again a little vacant.
In answer to the question he simply said: "We share the same soreness, that makes us friends.". Instead of the middle, which was his usual spot, this time he sat down back, to give more room to Bartleby.
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(I noticed that... and I

(I noticed that... and I greatly sympathize :'c )

"I'll admit that I don't spend as much time here as I probably should, sir." he lied politely, his lips pressed in a tight line of subtle distaste. Had Silun been around his 'age', he would have already brushed him off... but Silun was, technically, his elder. That, and the buck had honestly felt a bit of pity for the older stag.
Though pity or not, he couldn't help but clear his throat a bit at the 'friends' comment. "Soreness in that we're both crippled, Sir?" he muttered, eyes locked to the stag's chin.
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"And should you spend your

"And should you spend your time here, Mister Bartleby?". The note that the buck should be visiting this place more often caught Silun's interest. He hoped that he would tell him more about this.
But when the younger coughed and gave his question, Silun was confused, blinking with his eyes and sitting restlessly, till he realized he was once again misunderstood. "He and I suffer this distress. If you too, Sir, wear this burden, then I am very sorry for you.". Perhaps this young buck, who seems to seek solitude, really has the same problem as he and the Oak. Might this be the reason why he said he should spend time here? Casting his eyes on Bartleby, Silun anxiously waited for any answer.
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The buck blinked slowly,

The buck blinked slowly, gathering up his words. Perhaps he should have picked a different word or two. "Ah... well... Perhaps... I mean... I hardly ever come here..." he fumbled over his words, not really knowing what to say without sounding blatantly rude. It was probably best to just be vague then. Vagueness worked as a lovely veil.
'He' must have referred to the oak then. The old stag was clearly delusional, and the realization made Bartleby visibly uncomfortable. "Pardon Mister Silun, but I don't require your pity." he politely dismissed, raising a golden hoof to wave, almost in a distinct human-like manner. "...Define 'distress'... Sir." he requested, his soft voice nearly drowned out from the oak's ever deafening echo.
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Better-late-than-never-track! : D
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fffffffthankyeeeee~ :'D

fffffffthankyeeeee~ :'D
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"Oh, I see..." he replied

"Oh, I see..." he replied with insight, yet there was a sight of disappointment in his voice. He turned his head to look out of the hollow, like if he expected someone to come in. After a while, when no one appeared, Silun slightly sighted and bend his head down, frowning.
"Once he told me about it, some time ago already..." Silun started almost like telling some story, still staring down at the ground. "He said he knows how do I feel, for he feels the same for ages - emptiness. That strange hollow inside, which needs to be filled." his ears twitched. Bartleby would be probably surprised if he knew, that what sounded like deafening noise to him, was merely hearable gentle sound for Silun. "And he was true in this."
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Ya welcome, man XD

Ya welcome, man XD
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Tracking c:

Tracking c:
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PLK; (Ajkdd sorry for the

PLK; (Ajkdd sorry for the lateness on this ;;)

Bartleby would have to choose his words carefully, resisting the blatant urge to debunk everything that the stag said. He thought otherwise of course, in the back of his mind... and he decided to pull away a bit of his own history. "Does he then gain comfort from having others rest within him?" he clarified, his head curiously tilted to the side.
"...I suppose I can understand, ah, his pain then..." he mumbled. He couldn't even hear his own voice now. His ears had been so numbed and deafened. "I was a flower once... perhaps all plants are lonely in the end." a bit of a foolish thing to say. But if Silun had a right to spout off nonsense, then so did Bartleby.

Faustt; Thank you! c':
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(it's ok) Leaning his head

(it's ok)

Leaning his head back as far as possible, for he was stretching his neck, Silun spoke and the first words sounded kinda chocked: "As I remember, we both stated already that having company is nice. And I believe that this case concerns him too."
But the note about being a flower drove him out of peaceful meditation this place provided him. Curiously he cast a suspicious look on his companion. He has heard many of the most fanciful stories, but being a flower? That was something unexpected.
However, his mind was open to such kind of things and he didn't mean to accuse Bartleby of being a liar. "They do? But why should they feel so?" In fact, there were several of his acquaintances, who were a little bit 'floral', but the Oak is the only one he considers a loner.
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He almost flicked an ear in

He almost flicked an ear in annoyance, almost misinterpreting the stag's tone to that for a slow child. "Very well then." he flatly replied, noting the look he was given with an almost self-righteous, yet enigmatic smile. "I'm not one to lie sir..." he simply said, honestly and truthfully. Nothing more on the matter needed to be said.
Breathing a sigh, the buck thought for a moment. "In a way, quite everything here is enchanted in one form or another... and if you claim that the oak has a mind of it-... his own... then I suppose they would feel ostracized... cut off from company other than of their own kin." perhaps it was a childish statement underneath the flowery language, but he supposed that he wouldn't be judged for such words.
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Silun started to have a bad

Silun started to have a bad feeling about this conversation. Like if Bartleby isn't fully sincere to him. But still, there were so many interesting things in his words and hidden wisdom in his sentences that he mostly had no other choice than to agree with this buck... In a specific way.
"And how does this differ from us? Do we associate with others than of our kind?"
In the silence after this rhetorical question, the only thing to be heard was his movement - to stand up and walk out of the hollow, where he sensed the Forest. Looking at all the creatures, plants, spirits and places, thinking of them like separate groups, who just happen to share the same space here.
"So many things that can be done..." he sorrowfully annotated his view.
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Oh, Bartleby wanted to be

Oh, Bartleby wanted to be sincere, he really did. But of course, his blunt comments would have been taken as rude. In the end, he chose to be merely polite. "I do believe you don't need me to answer that, sir." he buck merely replied. Obvious enough, really.
"Can be done, yes, but you know well as I that this place will never change." he murmured simply, gratefully following Silun out of the oak. "The Gods detest change. Why is it always daytime? Why do the seasons come and go in such an erratic pattern? And why are we branded with a unique symbol despite having spoken names?" he voiced simply, almost forgetting that the stag was there. "They are nothing more than children attempting to rule a society, imprisoning its citizens and branding them as an attempt to corral them all together..."
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Yes, obvious... Still

Yes, obvious...
Still looking at the whole surroundings his memories came from the depths of his mind. "Places does not change. We do." He replied so simply as if he was just reading something written right before him.
"And I do not think they dislike changes. No, they make that changes become real Changes." He put an accent to the last word, trying to express the difference. "Erratic ambient causes, that changes are something more than just mere diversions from cyclic routine."
There was nothing more Silun wished to say about this. Not that he was offended, but he disagreed the way Bartleby spoke about the Gods. Who were they to judge the Twins.
But still, there was something that hit his mind, it only took him a while to realize that. Maybe there is something new he can learn about those from the Outside. "You feel imprisoned here, Mister Bartleby?"
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And there

And there <3