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Hai! I actually first installed and briefly played The Endless Forest a year or two ago, but I had things going on irl and forgot about it until now ^-^;

I really enjoy this game and don't think it's boring at all! I play more action-packed video games, and they're fun but it's really easy to get burnt out quickly with them. But this I think I could play for ages; guiding lost souls in the form of a dove, flitting around the forest and collecting spells..I've also seen the stags called creepy and weird, but I think the human faces make them look really mystical and otherworldly without sacrificing the elegant shape of a deer. And there's something so pure and innocent about a little child-faced fawn with his golden halo and a flower crown. They look like little nature spirits.
The unique pictograms are a nice touch, and my rune with its entwined swirl design has really grown on me. Magic is fun to use, and my favorite spells are of the shapeshifting variety; I love fairy circles and the ability to take on another form. The map also has such a mysterious charm to it, from the somber ruin to the enchanted spring. I've played similar games like Meadow, but this still has a unique feel of its own.

There's just something really special about this game, and I appreciate its existence.

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This is super sweet. ♥

This is super sweet. ♥ Welcome to the game!

Ayyye, welcome to The Forest

Ayyye, welcome to The Forest and it's Community! ♥ So glad to hear you enjoy the game and have such a heart felt sentimentality to it. See you in game!

Yeah, the game is

Yeah, the game is charming.
Welcome to the forest.
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Such beautiful screenshots!

Such beautiful screenshots! Give a fresh perspective.

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