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mostly ooc. probably. i haven't done this sort of thing in excess so like We'll See i guess lol
layout inspired by this nice little post but not taken from it

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12.11.16 / lord almighty i sure do love jumping headfirst into a bio just because i love making bios and characters


about flute

flute is a cheery and curious owldeer with only a little bit of sense; she often oversteps her boundaries because she doesn't know how to read other deer's warning signs. overenthusiastic and positive to a fault.

not much scares her except for physical violence (of some sort, since she lives in this weird forest with no strife) and the unknown. has a mild fear of the darkness.


brief history

flute is, simply put, an owldeer. though she isn't quite sure where she came from, or why she was put in a forest with such bizarre creatures, she's willing to give it a shot until she remembers what she's here for.

generally speaking, flute has amnesia, though she isn't sure what caused it. the only memories she had were of herself and her name, but no real clues towards her origin or her goal here in this enchanted grove.

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Have you seen now few times,

Have you seen now few times, enjoying your company!
Hope to see you more and have fun (:

Oh My its a fat floofy owl!

Oh My its a fat floofy owl! >3< *cuddles* I love owls 8D

such an adorable character!!

such an adorable character!!
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thanks folks!! @bananach

thanks folks!!

@bananach it's always been nice hanging out with you in the forest, thanks for keepin' me company!
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Aaaah, so cute! I have a

Aaaah, so cute! I have a weakness for owls, especially of the chunky kind. Tracking <3
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bout to stalk this >u>

bout to stalk this >u>



I'm sure I've seen her once

I'm sure I've seen her once or twice. I can't remember which of my deer I was playing as. But she sounds like she would get along great with Amary!

Also I love that design.

oooo what a neat design omg

oooo what a neat design omg
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Tracking for this bootiful

Tracking for this bootiful lady &hearts~ Would love for my doe Bayleen to meet her sometime.