EXTERMINATE! -Dalek deer-

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You Will Submit!

The Dalek

"No matter what, they always survive somehow..."

The Time War ended in flames...

The Dalek.
Ruthless. Merciless. Remorseless.
They are killing machines, genetically engineered to not feel a single emotion.
They feel no joy, no pride, no love...
Only hate.

-And now one of them has landed in the forest...

And so did their empire.

And now... He is alone.

System Status

Identification: Dalek Soldier. Temporary

Weapons: Offline.
Life-support: Online.
Basic Locomotion: Online.
Advanced Locomotion: Offline.
Basic Defence: Online.
Advanced Defence: Offline.
Self-Destruct: Terminal Error.

Repair status:

l l l l
l l l l l l
Anthrax got revenge on him via her brother, Cyanide. He ripped two of Dalek's limbs off and burned him badly. Damage done to both exoskeleton and real body.

Memory Log

Resting by the Twin Gods' statue. Has figured out that the sun has a healing power on him now.

Exhausted, weak.

Fought Anthrax and lost. The vengeful dragon decided to let her brother teach him a lesson. Her brother (Cyanide) went too far and nearly killed him. Is currently hanging on by a thread, struggling to even breathe while Anthrax gets help, feeling guilty for bringing him into such a state.
She found a Geth somehow who healed him as best as it could. He's still weak, but not in mortal danger any more.

Weak, in pain.
Doc... tor... Doc... tooor...

Met Ood again and threatened/intimidated him into submission.


The first prisoner has been taken today! The invasion begins!

Fought Anthrax for the second time, which ended in a double-K.O. Sustained heavy damage.

Exhausted; in pain.

"This place... has weakened me!..."

Beneath the Metal

Lies the true Dalek.
They are not robots, that is only their armour.
Beneath it all, they are a species of fragile, mollusc-like creatures fashioned from human DNA a long, long time ago.
Through generations of "perfection", they feel nothing but hate now, even as their true bodies are quite fragile and vulnerable.
They are not without means of defence, though; one should never get too close to a Dalek in any case, exposed or not.

This one has been transformed... It wasn't just the outer shell that took on a deer-like appearance when it came to the forest.

The Armour of Killers

The Dalek armour, made of Dalekanium, is among the toughest in the universe.
Aside from a shield that absorbs bullets and other primitive fire power, it holds a basic defence-mechanism that will burn anyone on contact. A fully-charged Dalek can incinerate a person in seconds. This is also the way it regenerates...
The Dalek inside and the armour are somehow connected; it can feel what happens to the armour and absorb molecules through it.
This is how this one survived... But at a cost.

Information Gathered

River: Possible threat. May be used to aid in escape.
Ood: A servant.
Anthrax: A threat... A truce has commenced.
The 11th Doctor/"Zyzzy": One of two Doctors. Extreme caution must be exhibited.



RP is more than welcome either here or in his introduction-blog.
Note: Don't be afraid, I will NOT hurt your deer with him; his weapons are offline and he's harmless if you don't touch him.
Thank you, Mr. Sanguine, without whom this bio could never have happened ♥

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-quickly tracks then hides in

-quickly tracks then hides in fear for life-

Very interesting twist from Dalek into deer. Me like C:
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Heh, thank you very much! XD

Heh, thank you very much! XD Took me three whole days of trying before I came up with a design I actually liked for him TwT Damn me and my not being good at drawing robotic creatures... XD;;
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My pleasure. Well, looks

My pleasure. Well, looks great to me! -gives it two thumbs-
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Aww, thank you so much! >w<

Aww, thank you so much! >w< I'm just so used to organic shapes, though, drawing something robotic feels kind of weird XD
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You're welcome. And I know

You're welcome. And I know right? But where's the challenge in doing something already done? See? You've got to step out of the lines every now and then, switch it up a bit. Makes it more interesting than the normal. But really, nice job on this. C:
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You couldn't be more right

You couldn't be more right and I always strive to try out as many different techniques as possible >w< I try to see if I can spread my abilities as broadly as possible, just to, y'know, being able to do those things >w<

-rubs self all over- I still

-rubs self all over-
I still need to do the Ood deer's bio.
And that image at the top. *u* Me like, heh~
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Heh, thank you so much, it's

Heh, thank you so much, it's the first time he came out looking like I wanted him to XD

And DO EET! >:C *pushes*
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Ahahaa! I love this

Ahahaa! I love this concept!

I remember the original Dalek which were red and blue and all sorts. x) They never stopped being creepy.

I willllll! /hngg I just need

I willllll! /hngg
I just need to make it as epic as this. XD
psst- the River Song on here isn't an equine.
She's a deer. at least i think she is XD
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@Verdalas: Pfft, so glad you

@Verdalas: Pfft, so glad you do! XD Gotta admit, I've only seen the remake so far, but I plan on checking out the old ones too >w<
Also, hi! : D Been wanting to contact you for a while... Never grew the balls XD;;


@Raindrops: Oh, come now, no need to compare it to mine, they ARE separate deer, after all XD
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Gah, I've been watching too

Gah, I've been watching too much MLP XDD;;;;

XDDD; A River Song pony would

A River Song pony would be awesome though.
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It SO would, man, it SO would

It SO would, man, it SO would TwT


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I saw! OwO It looks awesome <

I saw! OwO It looks awesome < w <
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(No subject)

<3 <3 <3 <3
Love it!!!

River's eyes narrowed slightly at the threatening body language the alien before her gained as it lowered its head, scraping the ground with its hoof which caused her to take a few steps back. A small distance away, she moved into a defensive pose, ready to fight if need be. She had no antlers like some of the other does and the stags of this forest, but she could still pack a punch. Not to mention she had some heat on her - thank to the Vortex Manipulator - which she hoped worked, unlike the Dalek's laser.

"Seems you and me are not the only ones from our world who have found our way here. I've already run into a few incarnations of the one you call 'The Oncoming Storm.' And don't worry... I'm just as shocked as you are that this place has not blown up yet with the paradox this is causing." She answered the first question, watching as it tried once again to power up its laser to shoot. Legs locked, ready to spring forward with all her might before the creature screeched and took a few steps back, the sound and sight of the forest's magic stopping it.

Raising her head and letting out a breath, the golden doe let her ears drop back against her head slightly as the smaller creature came right up in front of her, its eyestalk staring straight into her eyes, blue reflected in green.

"From being here for a while. I've learnt that this place has its own magic. Energy runs through the trees, water, ground and animals that live here. The deer are able to cast spells on one another to help one another in ways a Dalek couldn't think of. I'd learn your place, native of Skaro. This is not like the world you know where such single minded thoughts such as yours will be tolerated. The Twin Gods will not allow it."

"Blink" is the first episode you see them in. Next time will be a two part with River Song when Matt is the Doctor. You'll love it!
Yeah... they scared me somewhat. But I agree with the Doctor with how they were using the bodies as vessels in our world. It's better then letting them go to waste. XD

Also yes, River is a deer - Mule Deer to be exact. XD
And a River Song pony you ask?
Weeeelllll..... I might have created one on the pony creator by Generalzoi on dA.
But she doesn't have a cutie mark so far since I have no clue what it would be.
Half where I got the idea for Deer-River's curls.

The Ood narrowed his eyes,

The Ood narrowed his eyes, staring at the metal-encased creature from a distance. A trembling, bone-coloured hoof pressed into the dirt as he crouched behind a bush, trying not to be seen. "A ... Dalek?" he hissed, bending further, the collar around his throat tightening.


I need to catch up with DW. It's been a while since I last watched it. /goes to do research
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"There are no such things as

"There are no such things as Gods! There is no such thing as magic!!" The Dalek screeched into River's face, the light in its eye stalk flickering slightly as little sparks desperately tried to ignite its laser and failed yet again with the sound of that special magic of the forest.
It scraped its hoof again in frustration and annoyance as a tremble ran through its metallic body, the attempts of murder apparently draining its power drastically.
But the Dalek wasn't stupid. Noticing this, it seemed to calm down, standing still yet again, even tilting its newly-acquired head slightly.
"It is a source of power, nothing else. And power can be tapped into and controlled. You will show me the source of this power!" It demanded, sounding almost smug as it stood there, putting up a bold front.

It didn't even notice the lone Ood hiding in the bushes behind it...

Omg, MORE of them? That's fine, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway TwT
And I just dig the Gelth for making zombies XDD

Ooohhh, that is awesome! XDD She should have The Doctor as a cutiemark. -shot- XD

@Raindrops: Go, gooo, my little minion, The Doctor awaits!
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Her ears lowered more,

Her ears lowered more, pressing against her head as the Dalek screeched in her face. Which she had noticed was not particularly good when your senses had been heightened from a physical change you had gone through. Tail flicking slightly in a annoyed motion, she once again shifted into defense as the creature tried to power up its laser, River letting a snort out of her nose as a warning.

"Well... it seems whatever brought us here has picked the wrong place to drop you if you believe as such." She said, muscles twitching as she watched the metal-cased mollusc calm down once again as it exhausted itself with its attempts to do what it did best...
Exterminate all life forms that were not Dalek.

The revelation to the alien made her frown and she shook her head, curls that feel from her head and neck, like a mane, bouncing with the movement. The smugness in its voice put her more on edge. What if it had found a way to restore itself even more?

"The power here can not be tapped into like how you perceive Dalek. It's not like that of a machine. But if you would like to know where the surges of energy are coming from then follow."

She didn't know if this was the right thing to do. But until she knew fully what this creature was up to, she couldn't just kill it stone dead. The Doctor, she was sure, would like to have a word with this Dalek.
Ears perked to the soft sound of a noise and she glanced back, noticing the faint glow of a communication sphere and the unmistakable presence of the Ood.

Oh yes... there are more. But the episodes coming up with the angels and Eleven are different to Blink. Hehe...
I don't really like zombies. They are one of the only scary/mythical creatures to actually creep me out.

That could work but would look rather... ood.... I mean.... odd.... XD

I better head to bed, been up all night... again.
But it is holidays. *shrugs*

I love how I found this right

I love how I found this right after I watched every single Terminator movie.
The 3rd one, in my opinion, kind of stunk though...

His design reminds me of a golden robot...C-3PO! c: ♥
I shall stalk this bio, because it deserves more than a track >8l
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@Bambookirin: loool, I hadn't

@Bambookirin: loool, I hadn't even thought of that! XDD Omg, you're right XDD And aww, shush, you >//w//< I'm gonna warn you, it's still got some stuff to be changed in it, so it'll be subject to MANY updates XD;;

@Spoilers: No, I haven't forgotten about the RP, I'm just waiting for Raindrops to answer TwT
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I guessed that. XD And I'm

I guessed that. XD
And I'm playing around with CSS at the moment.
But I can't get Mr.Sanguine's codes for the boxes with the borders to work. ;A;

Stalkinnnnng. I meant to do

I meant to do this earlier.
Oh, I love that image at the top so much.

Signature by Terabetha
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@Spoilers: I got it to work,

@Spoilers: I got it to work, should I send my revised CSS-collection to ya? >w<

@Ammy: Omg, thank you! XD I gotta admit, I'm really happy about that picture too TwT First time he turned out the way I wanted him to XD
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No, it's fine and sorted now.

No, it's fine and sorted now. ^^
I asked why they didn't seem to be working on the original blog and it was because I had the wrong format thing ticked. XD

And the new pictures/info is AWESOME! <3
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Ahh, I see XD Had that

Ahh, I see XD Had that problem a few times too XD It's just so annoying that it ain't automatically BBCode anymore <___<

And thanks! XD
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And I spoke too soon... XD I

And I spoke too soon... XD
I want it to be the same way her bio is at the moment, except the text in boxes.
I have the top in the right place but I can't get the other boxes in the right place.
Like how you have your rectangle ones next to each other. >.<

You're welcome. ^^
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To do that, you need to place

To do that, you need to place them inside a double-celled table; that's in the document I sent you too, you just replace the "like" and "dislikes" and other text with the code for the tables you wanna have next to each other >w<
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Oh... I thought it might have

Oh... I thought it might have had something to do with that.
I was reading the CSS you sent me and saw that and wasn't sure what exactly to do at the time.

Thank you. <3
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You're welcome! >w<

You're welcome! >w<

Feeling himself being

Feeling himself being watched, the squid-faced cervine scrambled backwards, head bowed and eyes wide. He landed on the grass behind him, in full view, his translator sphere flashing as he apologised frantically; "Please!" He rose to his feet, staggering slightly. "I ..." Yellow eyes focused on the doe. "I'd like to know more about ... The others." His eyes flicked from the metal-encased creature and back, making him step back a little, head still bowed. Using a hoof, he pulled up the mask covering his face and mouth.
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One could almost see the smug

One could almost see the smug grin on the Dalek's "face" as it straightened itself up even more, puffing up its chest, glimmering, as it were, in the sunlight through the canopy.
"Excellent! You will take m-" It was cut off as it heard the scrambling sounds behind it and swiftly turned around, eye stalk flaring bright blue and laser poised to attack.
"An Ood?!..." It exclaimed in something that almost sounded like surprise as it examined the hivemind from afar.
It hesitated for a moment.
"Others? What others?!" It demanded, turning back to River with a jerk that almost shook its body.
It seemed it was just as used to its new body as the Ood was... Inelegant, unbalanced, even a little clumsy... But then again, Daleks had never been known for their great mobility.
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sorry to interup but i

sorry to interup but i haven't found this sooner o i gotta track this
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The sight of the Ood didn't

The sight of the Ood didn't surprise her, she had run into the helper not long before she had found the Dalek and she turned, ignoring the metal in-cased mollusc before it took notice of the other alien standing a little way away. Well this was getting more and more interesting.

River now stood between the two, one ear pointed towards the Ood and the other the Dalek, listening to their requests and questions before she turned her head back towards the racist dustbin.

"I've told you already about the others. So far it's me, you, the Ood here and 3 different Doctors. Yes, that's right Dalek. Your worst enemy is in the forest and not just in one form but three. So I suggest behaving yourself. Now..." She turned her head back to the other cervine. At least with this one there was some reason in its brain.

"If you would like then you can come with us. We might run into at least one of the Doctors along the way. Other then that... I don't know if or when anymore from our world are coming." She said with a small smile, turning back in the direction she had been heading...

...towards the Twin God statues.
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That's okay, and thanks >w<

That's okay, and thanks >w<

The Ood nodded, dipping its

The Ood nodded, dipping its head once more. "Three?" He craned his neck upwards. "How is that possible?" Dismissing himself, he shook his head. "It'd be my pleasure to accompany you." A nod of the head, and a faint glimmer behind his eyes that seemed to be ... a smile in return? With no further words, the tentacle-faced deer trotted forward to follow the female.


Also, idk if the person playing Dr Whooves is playing him anymore. T_T I haven't seen him in the forest -- come to think of it, all the ponies have died out, heh. :c
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The Dalek froze as those

The Dalek froze as those words reached its processors.
"Three?..." It droned with more than just a little fear in its voice. It seemed to shrink a little, taking a small step back, laser dropping defeatedly.
"But... That is a paradox!... That is impossible!..." It said, inside its shell trembling with every word. If there were three Doctors in these woods simultaneously... Then the correct, professional term for the Dalek's state would simply be... "fucked".
It took a deep breath, cold-sweat stinging its skin.
"How can there be three Doctooors on this planet?..." It almost begged, for the first time in its existence fearing for its life.
Its feelings were getting more and more prominent every minute it spent in these woods...
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She smiled and turned back

She smiled and turned back towards the Dalek, stopping after a few steps as she listened to the creatures speak. Hearing both of the aliens mention that three Doctors in one place at one time was impossible made the golden doe let out a breath and she closed her eyes for a moment. It was true. Having two or more of one person, past, present or future could rip a hole in space and time if they were not careful.

"I'm just as confused as you are about this. All of us have been brought here by something and probably for a reason beyond our thoughts at the present time. To have three Doctor's in one place at the same time and be in that place is not the safest for any of the creatures here. Myself and two of the Time Lords - so far - are searching for the energy surges my Vortex Manipulator picked up when I first got here." She said, glancing between the two before looking down to the device around her front

Oh well that's sad to hear. ;A;
I really like Doctor Whooves.

"Not as tough as you're

"Not as tough as you're cracked up to be, are ya, metalhead?"

Track. <3
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"You are one to talk with

"You are one to talk with your inferior attacks!"

Like an old, married couple, I tell ya XD

A quick nod of the head, eyes

A quick nod of the head, eyes still focused on the cervine female. "And will any of you be able to send us back?" he inquired, raising onto his back hooves for a moment before dropping onto all fours again. "I think it's safe to say none of us belong on this planet, in this forest." The creature's humanoid ears flicked back. Is this even a planet? Quickly surveying the area around him, his head tilted. It must be a very small planet; one can easily run around it in a little under a minute, the Ood concluded. Running in a straight line only brought you back to where you came from before.


edit- I'm curious: what is its set? I haven't met it in the forest as of yet. I'm eager to do so, but I'd like it to be on my Oodeer. XD (And that name just sounds like a very posh person saying 'oh dear' XD)
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The Dalek looked at the Ood

The Dalek looked at the Ood as it spoke, weapon aiming as it briefly reared, only to sink again as the tentacled deer did the same.
It then turned back to River again, looking almost frantic.
"You will answer this question! Do you have any means of transportation?!..." It screeched.
If this deer had a way to get off this planet, the Dalek was NOT letting that chance slip away!
It could almost feel its heart pound... It had wanted to demand that information before, but figured River was stuck on this tiny planet as well... If it WERE a planet and not a small piece of land trapped in a time-space-distortion... Would explain the multiple doctors...

His set is in my deer-directory and I'm gonna send him in under a different picto today >w< Would be awesome if you could help me get his set TwT

Mm, alright. c: I'll be as

Mm, alright. c: I'll be as Locke. Just shout when you need me to help. XD
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Oh, awesome! >w<

Oh, awesome! >w<

What picto will he be using?

What picto will he be using? Just so I know. c|
And I'm too impatient. I want to start using my Oodeer noowww~ But I don't want to stop using any of my current deer for the moment. And it's only four more days until I can, haha~
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I know exactly how you feel,

I know exactly how you feel, I wanna start playing with mah Dalek now too! TwT
And I'll be suing the picto of one of my un-used deer, Birth, to be precise >w<
Until my Auxiliary picto grows up, they're my temp-ones XD

Alright. c| Well, I'll be

Alright. c| Well, I'll be ready to help with its set whenever. c:
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awesome! >w< Probably won't

awesome! >w< Probably won't be long, now ^w^