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« Silence must be heard, noise should be observed »

A B O U T  T H I S  P A G E

A B O U T  R O L E P L A Y

[October 11]

IS healthy
FEELS contemplative yet playful
SOCIABILITY •••••••••• high


"Missed you."

Back in the Forest, enjoying fall's weather with Ti'.

Reminder for RP : with rain his scent is indistinguishable. For most, he is invisible.

Blackcross, Skywalker

Byname: Evens

Gender: stag

Age: unknown DoB *about 9 years

Species: hybrid *sambar x père david

Size: body approx 6' (185cm), 8.2' (250cm) with antlers

Eyes: light grey-blue

Fur: white and black

Scent: petrichor

Call: feral

Talk: #A8C3EC

Alignment: true neutral


Pelt: secretary

Mask: real deer or secretary

Antlers: default (with candles)

Solivagantwandering alone

Taciturnused to be reserved


Calmnot easily irritated, slow to anger

Argus-eyedvigilantly observant

Patientmanifesting forbearance

Heedfulcautionsly attentive

Unobtrusivenot seeking attention

Silentrarely using any kind of vocalizations

Distrustfulunwilling to trust

Independantstrong desire for freedom

Passivehaving at times unresponsive and indifferent reactions

Not Dominantbut hates being dominated

Proudmarked by dignity

Tolerantdisposed to accept without criticizing

Clementinclined to show mercy

Playfulwilling to tease

Wittyamusingly clever and judicious, smart sense of humor

Obstinatetenaciously unwilling to yield

Firmacting resolutly

Jealoussolicitous in guarding and protecting

Loyalnever goes back on his word

Devotedstrong attachment to loved ones

Instinctivepartly driven by unthinking ways of acting

Dauntlessdisposed to take risks

Vindictivedisposed to revenge

Kheiron . adoptive little brother [heart]

        Ehretia . first and only child, treasure [heart]
Estme . mate, deep infatuation, full-fledged relationship [heart]

                             Titilayo . bff, strong platonic love, important [heart]
            Cutlass . friend, equal, respected
                Riptail . one of his closest friend [special]

                          SS . teenagehood playmate [past]

           The Red . friend, feral company, respected [deceased]
     Saosin . respected company [deceased]

                    Illrose . acquaintance [special]

                           Lem / Uitfawn . friend / playmate

        Starling . close old friend and playmate
    Rebellem . past crush, close friend and playmate

               III . friend [past]
                     Naoki . young acquaintance

      Beezee . close friend [special]
                           Darling . friend [past]


Forest origin: formerly an outsider
Current home: the Ename Ruin
He spent most of his life in the Forest since his younger years, but he is not restricted to it and often travel outside, most of time alone.

His temper may be as contradictory as his fur color and really difficult to predict; he switches between cheerfulness and playfulness to inactivity, where he is able to remain silent for hours, appears irritable for no reason or just disappears. Due to this lack of communication and a strong affinity for isolated and high perched places, the stag appears to be inaccessible and unsociable.

But that does not make him less pleasant, actually he is friendly and agreeable to others. Also, he greatly cares for his friends and family and constantly watches over his daughter.

He is very observant and natural changes fascinate him, in a way, these changes rule his mind. He considers time to be only a matter of hours -to days- not minutes. Meaning if you know how to be patient, he will eventually pay attention to you.

References : [Body] [Antlers]

Eyes: light grey-blue as a cloudy, rainy day. Turquoise touches.

Fur: pure monochrome, soft, long and dense with unusual black markings: as a long cross-shaped figure on his back. Natural markings have unnaturally expended with age, these are the result of a long time living in The Forest. The hairy neck is the thickest, tail the longest. Growing goatee.

Antlers: mix of elk and pere david antlers, strong black crown, 8 main tines, still growing (slowly) and seems to divaricate as time passes. The brow tines are dangerously pointing forward and during a fight can inflict a very serious, if not fatal, injury when he raises the head. Symmetrical, the equal weight of the crown balances the body while climbing.

Feet: slighty concave with a large base and elastic inner pads, the cloven hooves can be spread apart as needed. With two sharp dewclaws to keep him from slipping, they are perfectly well-suited for climbing steep as soundless movements.

As an hybrid specimen, the stag combines some traits :
◊ a head shape and hairy as a Sambar (Rusa unicolor)
◊ a body with large hooves and long tail as a Père David (Elaphurus davidianus)

◊ Crepuscular activity.
◊ Vegetarian diet (with salt licks).
◊ Observe the others and never intervene with strangers.
◊ Remain immobile, stay in the rain and walk slowly in the pond.
◊ Enjoy to spar (rarely engage) and bow out of respect whatever the outcome.
◊ Actively run and jump during play times, can tease a lot. Water-splashing lover.
◊ Low daily need for sleep. Usually a light sleeper and never seems to be deeply asleep.
◊ Avoid pelt and antler spells, but doesn't mind masks; likes the kabuki and secretary ones.
◊ Climb high places very quickly, go up and down almost vertical slopes, can stay easily on small ledges.
◊ Spend most of his "outside" time in high mountain places. His body is well adapted to high altitude and has a very good tolerance to negative temperatures, a long-term acclimatization.

No real territory: Neutral traveler. Haunts the high places of the Ename Ruin. Mostly resides around the "cold places" of the Forest (shadows/stones/water).

His nighttime vision is excellent; daytime as color vision is pretty average, though.
As any deers, has an exceptional sense of smell but more than any other stimulus, he learned to focus on sounds. Hearing remains his best sense, even with short and slim ears, he is able to notice some low sound levels and identifies the most insignificant noise. He is continuously focused on sounds even while talking or playing.

Eventide is an archaic and Old English name meaning « the time of the evening ».

◊ He is claustrophobic.
◊ His skin is actually black.
◊ Unlike ungulates, his pupils are round.
◊ He is a good swimmer but a bad runner.
◊ Also, an excellent dancer but usually avoids to show it.
◊ His birthplace is unknown and he never speaks about his past.
◊ At times, he appears as a very good teacher. Unsuspected storyteller.
◊ Despite an annual moult, his fur remains abnormally dense in summer. This must affect his mood during hot weather.
◊ He has deep scars on the neck, from a bad climbing experience, all hidden by the thick fur. Only a few have seen them.
◊ It is almost impossible to notice him under the rain because of his scent; indistinguishable by the unfamiliar faces.
◊ His antlers never fall off, so a broken tine will be forever lost and will affect his climbing skills.
◊ He lacks some natural hormones, appears asexual and heteroromantic.
◊ He seems to be unaffected by the rut.

Dove form.
The most powerful magic spell of the Forest turns him into a Cocoi Heron (Ardea cocoi). Without magic, he can't keep this form out of The Forest.


FIIINALLYYY! I couldn't wait! Laughing out loud
Sorry for disappearing so fast today... I think I'll visit The Forest today (now maybe xD) again, but not sure how long I'll stay.

Anyway, his bio is so cool ^^ also Estme's picto is here. The one in the bio belongs to TseTse (he still needs some time to grow up XD).
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Ok, I've edited the

Ok, I've edited the picto!

No prob for your fast disappearance ^^
I don't connect now, I'm tired sorry (9 PM here and I have class tomorrow xD).

See you soon!

Yeah, I know it was 9PM,

Yeah, I know it was 9PM, we're in the same time zone ^^
I used to go asleep even at midnight when it was holiday... But now when school's started I'm feeling sleepy at 8PM xD

Hey, Keepiru, can you help

Hey, Keepiru, can you help me?
TseTse woke up grown up this morning and I've already chosen a set for him. I want to make an animated avatar with both TseTse and Est, but I'm having some problems with TseTse's picto. I added Est's picto on my avatar using Photoshop and the "stroke" option. Not sure how you did it with Evens' picto, but the effect is pretty the same, isn't it?
The problem is that I'm now in my dad's house and we don't have Photoshop here and I can only use Gimp (which I do dislike). I was trying to do the same stroke-effect, but failed. It's much more complicated than in Photoshop.
May I ask you to make TseTse's picto look like the one on my (and your) avatar? I'd also like it to have an invisible background so it'll be easier to paste it on TseTse's avatar.
Hope my explanations aren't too confusing xD
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I used Paint Shop Pro for my

I used Paint Shop Pro for my picto, I can do the same for TseTse but the easiest for me it's that you send me the avatar and I'll paste it on. I don't know how to use Photoshop. ^^'

Ok ^^

Ok ^^
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I don't know if enough black

I don't know if enough black =/

oh that's good enough!

oh that's good enough! Thanks so much ^^
Here, have a cookie! *gives a cookie*

I wonder if you've heard of

I wonder if you've heard of the rut? TseTse is still too young for it I guess XD but I'm not sure if I want Estme to participate. The biggest problem would be with the fawn, cause as you can see there are only few people on the list who have volunteered to play fawns (my name should be on the list actually). And I personally don't know anyone who would play as a fawn ;P
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No I didn't know this

No I didn't know this project! Evens is a little too young and generally prefers to stay away... But I'll observe all that! xD promises to be interesting... xD

It was sad to see Evens

It was sad to see Evens depressed today ;(
Sorry for Est's weird behaviour, but I was playing on my boyfriend's computer (that explains her non-set appearance). Just showing him the game and checking how fast it runs there (note: extremely fast actually). So yeah, she was a bit... I mean, VERY OOC (out of character). I hardly ever play like this.
Oh, btw... I'm leaving for 5 days for an art camp with my class. I'll be back at the weekend. See you ^^
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Yes I recognized Estme.

Yes I recognized Estme. Sorry for the ignorant behavior of Evens but I'm not at my best, everything gets on my nerves quickly...
Enjoy your stay =).

~<3 {Click to view Nine's


{Click to view Nine's bio}

{Click to view Nine's bio} find Eventide here ^^
I didn't know you have a cousin. Hm, maybe I have my family somewhere here?
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Mini Evens! 8D

Mini Evens! 8D

My F has already grown up,

My F has already grown up, but I still need some time to think about his character, appearance and all the other things Sticking out tongue
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Yes I think I saw him

Yes I think I saw him recently, wait to meet him =)

If you see this picto

If you see this picto spell-spamming you, please spell spam him as well xD I'm not sure about his set yet. Plus I think the picto is quite similar to the other I saw. Anyways, F will - most probably - be wearing the skull mask, but I'm not sure about the rest Laughing out loud

Sorry for F being a bit

Sorry for F being a bit annoying today... The pelt I wanted to get was beluga pelt. He got it earlier, but accidentally (I've never thought I could do it ACCIDENTALLY) fall into the pond!

Found you! *tracks to keep

Found you! *tracks to keep her memory*
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I like this bio.. I've seen

I like this bio..

I've seen him many times, and I think he walked with Saosin once. I can be wrong..
Well.. I think they would get along well.
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Saosin: thank you

Saosin: thank you <3
Indeed they already met several times. I also think that they can get along well, their characters are rather similar =)

sorry for another BRB xD I'm

sorry for another BRB xD I'm downloading the newer version
Hope it will work on this computer... cause it didn't on the other one and none of my computers liked the version 3.21 Sad
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No prob ^^ I think it will

No prob ^^
I think it will work, no reason it doesn't... I don't know if you co again tonight, but I'm tired and I stop for today, bed time! xD

See you soon ~ it's good to see again Est <3
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I'll let Rippy sleep a little

I'll let Rippy sleep a little now, because I'm having dinner and I'm gonna be a little inactive after it because my brother came for a visit.
So feel free to go play Evens around, sleepy Rip won't mind. 8D
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Tracking. <3

Virgil sees Even as a friend. Smiling

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Narina : No problem for

Narina : No problem for sleep, I let Evens fall asleep too 'cauz I have to revise my classes xD

Verycrazygirl : haha precisely, I wanted to add him ^^

Thanks to you two! <3

Sorry for behaving so

Sorry for behaving so weird... My Friend had a very weird idea of "repairing" TEF...
He brought me a computer! X_X
So I was testing the game there. From time to time it may disconnect me for some reason, but all in all it works perfectly. So I can play TEF and be online on the community site as well XD

Btw, I shall connect soon (my Friend went to his house for another cable...) as F. I forgot to e-mail myself his set so I thought... would you mind sending me any of your sets with a skull mask? xD Of course only if you use Slugg's Spell Saver. My e-mail is
It's only about the skull mask, antlers and pelt aren't important :3
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No prob, I'll send you this

No prob, I'll send you this now ^^

Thanks so much! I think I'll

Thanks so much!
I think I'll try launching the game on two computers XD

nah, it doesn;t

nah, it doesn;t work...
computer hangs after a while of playing TEF ):
guess I still have to play 3.20 with lags
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;_; The 3.20 has many lags?

The 3.20 has many lags?

well... not that many but

well... not that many
but running is sometimes slower than walking xD
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really amazing bio ^^

really amazing bio ^^
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Thank you Dajhi =) Estme :

Thank you Dajhi =)

Estme : maybe it's your internet connexion?

nah, it's graphics card for

nah, it's graphics card for sure - everything worked perfectly on a computer my Friend brought
until of course it hanged (well... it's just after a small repair so maybe that's why it hangs - I'll try to launch TEF there again)

Heeey, Keepiru.. how do you

Heeey, Keepiru..

how do you run and lay down at the same time? I wonder how deer do this XD

(I had no idea how to tell you what I mean in a different way so I edited a picture XD)

(in PHOTOSHOP! I'm a professional!)
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xDDD cauz' Evens is a


cauz' Evens is a super-lazy-deer so he developed a super-run-technic... Cool

but hoooow? xD

but hoooow? xD
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Rippy gives his thankies for

Rippy gives his thankies for Evens for keeping him warm yesterday. He was all worn out that time and I was away from my comp but saw you sitting with him.
He's now getting better, hopefully Rip is gonna be playing around with Evens soon again. (8
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Estme: sorry, professionel

Estme: sorry, professionel secrecy Cool

Narina: you're welcome <33
(but I do not know how to reacted Cut when he has arrived... when I returned Evens was asleep but obviously he had suffered a spell-spamming! xD)
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The spammer wasn't Cut, there

The spammer wasn't Cut, there was some real deer invasion going on around the flower patch and they had some fun with spells. (8
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Oh I see... They are the

Oh I see... They are the culprits Frown ... Lol nevertheless, finally I decided to leave him alone with Rip XP ^^

I shall solve this secret one

I shall solve this secret one day! D:

...yeah, one day xD
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And now you have to solve

And now you have to solve this another secret! xDD

*and don't look elsewhere please xD*

Haha, seems like we took

Haha, seems like we took screenshots in almost the same moments xD

the more Eventide, the more fun!
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the clone started drinking water after a while.
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Yeah he is independent ! lol

Yeah he is independent ! lol Cool
And he didn't like when you left xD just when Estme disappeared, he was lying and was volatilized...
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"Ah, it seems I am now not

"Ah, it seems I am now not the only deer who takes shelter under the heavily fern-ed of six trees by the Ruins. T'is a fine tree that has served me well, and I am happy to know another keeps it company in my absence."
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"E-Evens... I-I'm very sorry

"E-Evens... I-I'm very sorry f-for all this, I d-didn't mean to d-drag you in my p-problems, I-... I h-hope you're not hurt.
I'm so s-sorry."

I'm sorry too, for my horrible connection that keeps freezing. =.=
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Iaurdagnire: Wow I didn't

Iaurdagnire: Wow I didn't know this story... "Well, this place relaxes me, it's a really beautiful tree with all these little ferns... It help me to sleep."