Long after a deer disappears pieces of their existence remain. Other deer remember the spot of meeting in some grassy glade or near the waters. Others leave scattered pictures behind displayed throughout the community. Behaviors once done by them continue on in others who joined in the fun and decided to show it to someone else. As one passes the many trees images willow wisp about in the bark of earlier days reminding a deer of a fond excursion or dance.

The stones though cold display such faded images of rutting games, feeding on mushrooms and rolling about. Eventually it becomes detached from that deer's symbol. It lays and waits for another to discover it and join a flourish or two. It becomes renamed and moves forward in time with the next generation of fawns.

An ebb and flow meant to stir up a behavior that benefits all. Some other deer with no pre-knowledge of the other's prior existence and claim renews the strand. Fresh but familiar so deer may discover it all once again.
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Hey, I love this one. Very

Hey, I love this one. Very bittersweet. Laughing out loud

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