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No idea what to call this

[=blue]Scape: I awoke in the Forest with a surprise under hoof. But I won't say what yet. =P
I called out, listening for a response. I soon got one.
Ammy! It had been a few days since we'd hung out, so I went off to find her.

She was by the mushroom circle where Magnet and Persephassa had been casting spells on each other last night. And speak of the devil, that's exactly who was sleeping in the circle!
And then they turned me mini. 8O I felt this was a good time to unleash my secret weapon...
My spell hit Ammy. And she became a dove.

"Please don't be mad, please don't be mad..."

I guess she wasn't though, because she stayed like that. I went to sit in the circle when Persephassa sat again, but Ammy disappeared while I was waiting to get a spell. =(
Just as I fell asleep, for a split-second, I swear I saw the Abyss of Dreams. 8O That's never happened before! It was pretty cool! =D
Anyway, I got my spell, but no one I knew to cast it on. I listened again, calling out. I got a response. Taiko and Timber were at the lake, so I headed there.
I turned Timber into a bat. X]
And pretty soon, Ammy came back and arrived at the lake. =D

I wonder what the hype is about the bank...

I was seeing if I could eat the grass. I'm not sure what Taiko was doing... >.>

Ada showed up a few times, but each time she was never around for long; she seemed sad. =( And whenever she left, Ammy would sit to wait for her.

Where's Skyler when you need him? I'm pretty sure she was searching for him...
Speaking of mates... Please go by faster, time, so that I may see Tempo again.

Barwick joined us at the shallows.

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Clone Wars

[=orange]Magnet: Some insanity tonight. And it was Seed's fault! (Not that that's a bad thing...)

That was only the beginning. Then Pepokeen came, followed by GoldenWinged and Laruna.
I think Seed said it best in his journal: "We are the gold deer. You shall assimilate."

I stopped at the Sunbeam to pay my respects, and while sitting in the Ruins, I got turned into a squirrel by another deer (Persephassa I believe)! O.o They wanted to be cast on, too, so they led me to a circle, where we waited to get spells.
I got cast on 9 times! D= While for some reason I was unable to fall asleep for awhile at first, and kept standing up. >_< Pega figured out why, and soon I was able to cast on the other deer. They turned mini on my 3rd cast. Exactly what they wanted, I found, because they stayed that way later. Then Vipin came and we cast more. Vipin got turned mini! XD

We went over to the Crying Idol in the forms of mini and bat (Vipin and me respectfully.), to find Trinket and Draak. I freaked them out each time I sneezed off a spell.
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Last Night's Screenshots

Magnet: Just posting screenshots (with some commentary) from last night this time. My original purpose for going into the Forest was to capture some nice images (which I did =]), as Pega wasn't feeling too great, so I didn't feel like hanging around too many deer for awhile. She felt better later, though, so my mood improved as well, and I got a few screenshots of some fun(ny) moments. ^^ Unfortunately I didn't get any of the 3 sleep-sliders (Taiko, Pepokeen, and Stelmaria). >_<

Seed and I running around as a squirrel and frog, respectfully.

I was a dove before Pepokeen cast that on me. (The dove was his fault, too.)

I turned the Old Oak into a "demon tree". >=]

Then we took a load off on the roots.

No you don't see us. I don't know what you're talking about.

Pepokeen finds us, but then Seed leaves. =(

I go "demon tree" again.

"I am the almighty Old Oak. You shall fear my powers."

And that's all for now.

Until next time.
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Send. In. The Clones!

[=blue]Scape: After seeing that Sluggs and Seed were both on, I ventured into the Forest to hang out with them.
I found that they were fawns. 8O

When did this tree start growing here? O.o


Seed left then. =( Seeya.

Sluggs and I "decorate" the bridge.


Then Pepokeen came. Sluggs and I ended up with the same pelt (orca) in a pelt-casting party. O.o And Pepokeen looked like how Her did when I met her. O.o

Taiko's picto appeared on the radar, and I could see him sitting in the shallows alone. I remembered that he usually expects others to approach him instead of him approaching them, so I went over there, hoping Sluggs and Pepokeen would follow. They did. =]


I had to sit and wait while my human went off to do something for a few minutes, except, before she left...

I saw that!

And a little after Pega came back Taiko sat down, and...


Might be the reason for this:

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Scape Returns

Magnet: I finally managed to drag Scape back into the Forest last night. We were both hanging out together since there didn't seem to be anyone else around that was awake, and the few around we either didn't know, or hardly knew.

But pretty soon Pepokeen appeared and spotted us as we walking along.

Messing around.

8O Twin Gods! It's a Pepokeen clone!

And what better time to finally see Ammy again! =D She hit me with a couple of pelt spells. I got the peacock twice and the butterfly once. XD I kind of like the butterfly pelt, but I'm too attached to my golden one right now...

Scape: Can't forget that Laruna found us too.

Laughing out loud He was switching back and forth between fawn and stag. And you can see Ammy collecting another spell to use on Magnet. =P

We stopped at the dragonflies to pose together.

Magnet: I'm bigger than you. =P
Scape: It's an illusion caused by the pelt and antlers. XP
Magnet: Still looks like I'm bigger. =P
Scape: >.>; Moving on...
Magnet: XD

Scape: No I don't know what we're doing. XD

Ammy started acting strange, looking like she was mad at some trees...? O.o? Then she disappeared, reappeared close to the lake, and fell asleep.

Magnet: I wonder why... She barely got to spell-bomb, too.
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Pretty Good Day

Magnet here again. I don't know why Scape's being MIA lately...but it's most likely due to Tempo's absence from the Forest... I'll see if I can snap him out of it.

Other than that, today was a pretty good day. It seems no one's allowing me to wander off on my own. ^^; I was slowly approaching this big group of deer, taking my time since I didn't know some of them, but then 21 and Vipin (I think. Darn memory...) pretty much ambush me and drag me over! 8O I was coming over already, y'know! I was just...observing first.

Ok, so I hung out with that big group. Only other deer aside from 21 and Vipin that I know there were Kinoshi (and not that well; I've only met him once), and I think Pepokeen might've been there, as well as a picto-less Taiko (I could tell it was him by the rofl-glitching).
I wonder where Ammy's been, though. She was going to spell-bomb me for reaching Staghood.

Well, moving on...

Seed joined us, but then a deer came over casting the devout pelt, causing Seed to flee. He still got hit, though. So I tried my hand at being a shield. I don't mind being hit with the white pelt. It worked for a little while, but with so many deer casting, he still got hit anyway. >_< Well...I tried. At least it stopped after a little while.

Her joined the group then. Was she surprised by my size? I thought she saw me on my Stag Day... >.>?

During some casting, Vipin suddenly disappeared! But his picto was still there, and I could get the glow!

I could even still smell him!


Dancing (Vipin had reappeared):
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Akai Mori (Red Forest)

Magnet: The rumors I'd heard were true. The Forest was indeed a warm tone. Gave it a sort of sleepy feel, in my opinion. There weren't that many deer around either, especially a little while ago.

I don't much feel like going into detailed descriptions of my day this time, so I'm mostly posting pictures. I took a whopping 64 this time! O.o Dang.


Great timing.

Felt like we were on a flower-covered, firefly-lit stage. I've never seen fireflies before. They're quite interesting. =]

Some merged dancing. =] ...O.O! Pepokeen, don't move. You've got something on your face!

I met Kinoshi during a dance.

Apparently he hadn't been in the Forest for awhile.

O_O Scary rock...

Maybe we can dig it up.
No? Well, what if I use my mask?

I think we made it mad...
Bet I'm scarier.


That triggered some silliness.
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An Exciting yet Calm Day

Magnet: I seem to be taking over the journal lately...
But I have good reason this time.
Scape: Gasp! You're no longer a midget! O.O
Magnet: ...indeed. And thanks for spoiling the journal. XP
Scape: Hey, what're brothers for? X]
Magnet: do realize my antlers are bigger than yours. =P
Scape: ... >.> Point taken. Proceed.
Magnet: Thaaaanks. XP

Anyway, before someone interrupted me... (Scape: *pretends to be studying a flower*)

I awoke in the shallows of the lake like usual, only I noticed something different right away. There was extra weight to my head, and my reflection confirmed why.

O_O Antlers. And not just from the lake teasing me again!
In celebration, I took a lap around the Forest at top speed to test my Stag legs. I was a lot faster than before, and didn't grow tired for once!
I couldn't wait to find other deer to see their reactions, but, in an uncharacteristic streak of mischief, I decided to follow through with a little trick I'd thought up some time ago, just for this day. I switched to fawn, and found a group of deer at the Crying Idol. I made sure they saw me enter the Idol, and when I reappeared, I emerged a full-grown Stag. (Of course I grabbed a few pictures while I was in there.

Seems a love of taking photography is something Scape and I share.)

I may have given Pepokeen a heart attack. XD
But apparently he found it funny and wasn't mad, because he helped me get my set. =D

Thanks again!
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Magnet Speaking

I awoke unsure of what I should do today. I could sense that my Stag-Day was soon-approaching, and the eagerness for it to arrive was stronger than ever.

With no real plans in mind, I wandered. First to the Old Oak to listen to its eery yet calming song... Then to the Ruins, where I came upon a heart-crushing sight. In the patch of sunlight, where Run's Memorial of Star, Dandelion, and Candle Circle once stood, I saw Walter, bowing his head and sorrowfully calling out. It seems that not everyone has moved on yet...

I wasn't sure what to do then. Part of me wanted to go over and comfort him, while another part of me felt apprehensive, sensing the great power and wisdom that stag held, despite his handicaps. I had a flashback to my first week of life in this Forest, when I had first encountered The Demon Gazelle. It had been at the Playground, and all seemed calm, until something angered him, and a sparring match broke out between he and Seed. I had watched, fascinated, as the two fought. This anger wasn't directed at Seed, I later learned. It had been triggered by a rude deer constantly running through Walter. How disrespectful! But I'm getting off-topic.

I found that my presence wasn't necessary when another deer, a Doe called Stelmaria I believe, approached him.

They slowly walked off into the Forest, pausing now and then. Still feeling concerned, I followed, staying some distance away in case my presence wasn't wanted.
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Who is this?

Hey, Magnet here.
Yep. Just me talking this time. =]

Not too much to say, cuz not much happened.
But I ran into Her and Halogen. ...or more like, I was slowly approaching when Her noticed me and came over. ^^; Anyway, it looked like she kept changing her mind about her set, cuz she was getting deer to cast masks on her. That's when Halogen showed up and helped.

Later, after Her left (I'm pretty sure she was with Esll.), I was able to get a semi-closeup of Halogen and another deer while I was sitting in the river.

And I met a strange fawn. They seemed nice, but they kinda confused me. O.o

I wonder who they are...
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