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A little help please?

So, my icon/picture never shows up on my reply posts anymore (works on blogs), and I get this error message and have to go back a page or two to see my post.

I believe this was an old issue and people found a way to fix it? Can you tell me what this is please? Thanks thanks (:
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Quick Visit

So I dropped into the forest today.

And I think I saw somebody I know...

But I also saw a lot of deer I've never met.

And it was a pretty short visit. So that's all. Lemme know if you're in a picture. (:

Lol, I also drew this xD
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Was fun!

A quick random trip though the forest and I ran into Eprha, what a delightful surprise! Took a couple screenies, it was a mood-improving experience- I'm kinda tired and grouchy after having too much to do with finals and graduation this week. Anyhoo, now it's picture time. :3

Deer got the old antlers changed around a bit. It's good to keep things different!
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Hello Deer

[ - Deer: ]
    is curious is wearing fan/gold stripe pelt and real deer mask and short antlers
    likes the numbers 8, 3 and 5
    likes brown, leaf-green and every shade of blue
    dislikes extreme weather
    is not currently in the forest

    ∞ click for pictogram.
{Updated on Sept 10th}

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March 21st & The Path Party {Many many screenshots!}

So that all done with now :3 I think I learned some things about organizing events.

There's a massive amount of screenshots here! And BTW- the shots all have comments under them, not above, sorry if it's confusing.

Here are all the photos I took, starting with the ones from midnight:


{I don't know anyone in this shot, but they were fun to play with!}

{I only recognize Asuba in this one. Oh wait, that's one of Pride's other deer, is it? I'm bad with these things!}
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The Party for The Path

{edit} Are you ready?
The second part of the second party is coming up so don't worry- if you missed the activities at 12am PST (3am EST/7am GMT) there are more at 12pm PST (3pm EST/7pm GMT)! {/edit}
{World Clock is here!}
{Edit again: Thanks all for coming to the 2nd event, it was fun! There are screenshots here!}

I was really happy to see many people turn out for the event! Of course it wasn't an ABIOGENESIS, although we did get some spooky fog. Eye
I think I was secretly hoping for a surprise appearance by the Twin Gods and so I did not plan any activities, and now I see this was quite a mistake.

    Next weekend's party for the path will be much different I hope, here are my ideas- + Meeting at the Twin Gods statue and trying to turn all the deer devout.
    + A run though the forest to each landmark after all the deer are turned white.
    + "Simon says" in the Ruins.

For people who do not remember the old games of Simon says, basically one deer stands in front of the group and leads different actions until another player is picked as Simon. It's also a great way to learn to air-sit and rofl-flip!

If you missed today's little party there is always next weekend on the 21st! I promise to log in and start some activities at 12 midnight (Friday night PST) and 12 noon (Saturday noon PST) that day. I will keep mentioning these "new" times everywhere!

In the mean time, enjoy some screenshots of this first party!
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Party for The Path - UPDATED with times!

All are invited to this player-run party!

Here we are, the times have been set!

You can still vote/rsvp HERE on the main thread!

I hope everyone likes the spooky fog!

Check your time zone!
March 15th times here.
March 21st times here.

"Will you choose the Path of Needles or the Path of Pins?"

A HUGE THANK YOU to M&A for turning on the fog for these weekends! Smiling

Please enjoy it! Twisted
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Interesting observation about the Forum!

Ok, so go look at the forum's Memberlist and organize the search results like this:

with "Total Posts" and "Descending" order.

Surprise! If you're also a forum user, where are you?
I was like "Wtf, I'm in the top 10!?"

It's kinda cool, you can see who's been playing for the longest, or to put it more more accurately at the very least, who is most active on the forums.

Kinda cool in my opinion. Smiling

(I also posted about this on the Forum.)
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The Endless Encyclopedia is Complete!

Thanks to Raku's screenshot I think that the E.E. can be called "finished"!

Now how about some links?

The Endless Encyclopedia thread:

The Rare/Missing/Special Pelts thread:

A Direct Link to the E.E. photo bucket:

Jen's Mardi Gras addition thread:

Tale of Tales Mardi Gras page:

Some E.E. Stats just for Kicks:

Total edits as of Nov 08, 08: 62

Total images in first post: 32

Pages of the forum as of Nov 08, 08: 11

Start date: Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:21 am

End date: Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:52 pm

Months from start to finish: 15 (Wow.)

Thanks again to all for adding images and fixing typos, and hopefully everyone finds it useful.

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