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solve et coagula ||

"Witches' Sabbath" by Francisco Goya. Quote from Natalie Clifford Barney.
Adopt from Honeybean ♥ !!!

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poison draught of you

bc no one asked for you to mAKE ANOTHER CHARACTER, BAYLEEN AHH

character is in heavy development/experimental phase so stuff here is likely to change!
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"The Path" mask

Hey everyone!
With all of the forest magicians creating and searching for inspirations for set parts, I wondered if anyone considered the mask that appears in Tale of Tales' other game The Path?
I thought it looked very cool, and I was thinking the possibility of it being something to wear in-game would be a nice nod to ToT's other successful game. I just thought I would make a separate post about it (I wasn't sure on who's Forest Magician blog to post it on ^^; ) and perhaps someone would consider creating a forest-version, or use it as their muse to create their own version of the mask and submit it to M&A.

edit; I'm not sure if one submitted it as a set part, it would be considered art theft because it was originally created by M&A themselves? But perhaps if you contacted them and explained that it would be in memory of The Path then they would allow it? I'm not sure if that is over-stepping, hmm..

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the bzou ||

warning; mature content (descriptive gore, language, sexual themes, etc)

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Free Adopts [2]


free adopts!

yES, you heard that right. completely free.

designs here range from traditional/digital/weird + funny doodles, etc.
the art here will likely be posted to my deviantART account, but
I will not be giving away the adopts there, only here.

There are some simple rules;
1. If you want to adopt, all you need to do is re-draw the design.
2. You can do whatever you want with the character, change things add things etc.
3. You can certainly re-gift a design if it's collecting dust, but just let me know so I don't get confused later lol.


"ancient stone"

[sorry for the weird coloring, camera sucked]
fur is incredibly fine, thin, and short. "russian blue" kind of color.
Dark crimson cracks in skin look and shine like the texture of obsidian.
tail is long with thin and short black hairs extending horizontally.
failed attempt at full-face, dont pay attention to that sigh

"Kiss from a Rose"

click for larger file
plz kill me, this took days.
had this idea for ever and finally got around to doing it.
hugely inspired by one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt.
I may or may not have gone too ham on this one,,,,,
Whoever gets it is free to adjust those colors and designs tbh halfway through I just thought fuck it.


"crooked" adopted by whiskeybeast ♥!
"the holy one" taken by Ebony3! ♥

more on the way!

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[ trust the dirt ]

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forest sprite ||

cleaning, updating

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. WARNING: some mild nsfw
last updated: Nov 12 2018
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css testing

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