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Hello everyone. I don't know how many of you may know me, but I'm Moku. I was wondering if anyone would mind coding a CSS layout for my deer's bio, since I have spent the last two hours trying to code a simply background and, well, I don't have the skill nor patience for it. So if any one of you coding wizards would be kind enough, I would be more than grateful. Smiling
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Have you got a layout design

Have you got a layout design in mind?

Edit: by the way, display names don't work. You won't be able to reply to any posts until you remove it or set it back to "Gibby"

Thank you! Yes ma'am I have

Thank you!

Yes ma'am I have one in mind. Well... Kinda sorta maybe. I at least know color schemes and what not. I found I liked the 'glowing' font.

Basically I was trying to code for a complete black background, like, entire screen black, and having the necessary site links to the left, while having stationary shortcut links to the right, a stationary picture in the bottom right corner and a stationary text box in the center.

Really all I'm looking for right now is someone who would be willing to code just the layout look of it, and I'll mess with is and add the stationary clicky stuff. Like, you know how you can't see something, but click the button and it's there? Or does that stuff work on the site?

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You can make transparent

You can make transparent buttons, yes, if that's what you mean. You can also do some neat stuff with hovering.
If you can sketch a mock-up (something like this), I can probably make it happen (this is what that mock-up turned into).

Thank you very much! Due to

Thank you very much! Due to the fact that it is indeed midnight here, I'll have to work on it at a more appropriate hour. Smiling

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Oki-doke Sticking out tongue



I hope that link works out for you. I'm not very knowledgeable on all this forum coding. ^^

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Okay, so, ignoring the brown

Okay, so, ignoring the brown colors and the non-functional tabs, something like this?
Not sure what the 3 links to the right are supposed to be to, or if you wanted tabs at all, but the tabs were in the basic code I already had so I left them in. I'll fix them if you want to keep them.

Also, when you say "stationary," do you mean it stays in the same spot when you scroll, like the links at the left do on this bio? I think can do that, I just have to dig for the code a little xP

Ooo I like! The links were

Ooo I like! The links were going to be what you called tabs, but I like how you put them. As for the stationary, I was planning on drawing a picture and putting it in the corner, but I'll mess with that once I can actually draw a decent picture.

However, this looks great! Thanks for doing this. Smiling

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Okay o3o I think I've got it

Okay o3o I think I've got it at a decent starting place. link again
You said you liked glowy text, so I put it on all the links and header text... lol.
The little green smiley face is a stand-in for the image in the corner, unless you want it fixed to the corner of the text box or something and I misunderstood? (that's really easy to do too so no worries)

This is perfect, really! I

This is perfect, really! I like it Smiling And the image placement is great. Thanks again for this. ^^

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Sure thing! Have you got an

Sure thing! Have you got an Email you'd like me to send it to? I'd just snap some code tags on the ends of it, but it messes up the HTML around the links.

Also, that big header is an image, but you can just as easily replace it with text and tweak the surrounding div's positions to make it fit.

Yeah, it's

Yeah, it's

Thanks again. I love it. ^^

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Sent! Let me know if you have

Sent! Let me know if you have any trouble with it, and don't forget to change the format to BBCode and put all the CSS under a cut! :3

Alright, I received it. How

Alright, I received it. Smiling

How do you change the format? Is there a check box or something?

Nvm I found it. Thanks again!

Nvm I found it. Thanks again!