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For anyone interested in interacting with me - not sure if anyone left here still remembers me or my boy but figured I'd give it a go Smiling

New people are always welcomed as well - I love making friends.

I have an RP Repository page - if anyone else has one and would like to share, feel free to do so Smiling

Main character: Yurei - the silly ghost boy. He's changed much over the years and right now he's working as a guide of sorts for lost spirits. He's more reserved and less energetic than before. In a way he's a reflection of myself - just like me he prefers working from the shadows.

I have a variety of other characters as well but they're not as developed as I would like ^^;;


Update for myself:

I finally have my own house, we purchased it a year and a half ago and have now fully settled in and it feels fantastic.

I struggled a lot with my mental health most of my life, but for a period of 5-6 years it was at its worst and I'm happy to say that I'm confident in my ability to cope with it now. If you're struggling yourself, please know that it does get better and you are stronger than this - even when it feels hopeless. I'm not going to offer advice because I don't feel like it's my place - however if you need someone to listen I can certainly be that person.

My snake just laid her first clutch of eggs and I'm extremely excited for that - I have been waiting a long time to finally experience this so it's a good day haha.\



I unfortunately don't have as much time to come on here and for some reason the game isn't working for me (if anyone has a fix for this please let me know). However I am available on other social media, so if you'd like to interact with me just let me know.

I'm pretty active on RPR, most of my RPs happen there these days - it's just easier for me to keep track of things if it's all in one place. It's an excellent website and I recommend it.



I still draw, not as often as I used to but if you're interested in seeing my work I can find a place to post it - I have a twitter account exclusively for posting art so if you're interested I can share that with you.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I really hope to find some of my old friends from here. The time I spent in the forest during my teenage years are still some of my fondest memories and it helped me get through some really difficult times. I'm very excited to see the new game when it's ready.

I look forward to seeing you all in the forest,


Haha hey whaddup hotdog Glad

Haha hey whaddup hotdog

Glad to hear that you're still kickin it! Home ownership really is something, huh? I got my first place in October and its been great, but man if it isn't a lot of work and shit can get expensive.
You should slap your RPR username or whatever it might be here so that I can snoop admire your characters.
Also is the game giving you any kind of error when you try to make it work? What's happening with it exactly?

I'll probably bug you more later when I'm not on my way into work!

I remember (: Im popping

I remember (:
Im popping back in very recently to enjoy the peace and nostalgia, so its lovely to find old faces.
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I remember you

I remember you Smiling
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I’m now on the discord ! Hit

I’m now on the discord ! Hit me up in there, I’m TheCatLady lol.
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Hello! Good to know you're

Hello! Good to know you're doing alright. ♥

Formerly ocean.