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Hey! I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonight and i thought it would be fun to pop in on Tig's blog again!
For anyone wondering: These days Tig is living with his family outside the forest, he's still the carefree kid you all remember, but it's been helpful for me while i make some major strides in my personal life! For anyone wondering i'm working on my college degree these days so i can land a job in the Entertainment Industry. Though i don't play Tig as much these days i he's still my little muse and keeping me going. I do want to thank every single person on this forum though. Looking back at all this stuff i did i realized all the time i spent with you guys really helped me keep a creative edge. I'm so happy to have had all of you in my life, even those i've lost. I'd love to catch up and even if im busy im ALWAYS open for interaction! You can find me on my Instagram (@sennamatic) or discord (check the disclaimer for that. In the future when my life calms down ill make a proper return to the forest! And Tig will certainly follow!
Also! Tig has a Spotify playlist, even if its small

An Excerpt on the Day
Mar. 13 2020
Convinced Dorian to drop me off at the forest for a bit! I firstly went to tend to my bushes and see them growing well. Very big berries now! I ran around the forest a bunch to see if i could find anyone familiar but i nearly ran into someone! He didn't seem mad at all so i introduced myself, his name is Ephire! And then i think a friend of his showed up! I ran around with Altjid because it was so nice to run around again! We all plopped down for a moment, which was really nice!
Then Thais came! I missed her SOOOO SO MUCH! She groomed me and i told her EVERYTHING ive been up to! I told her about the cats at home, about Dorian teaching me to dance, about the books im reading (i can read novels now!Exclaim) It made me really happy to share with her. Ross showed up too! I missed him SOOOOO much i just snuggled against him all happy, i miss seeing my family.
Eventually Altjid and Ross ran off to go something so i sat back down with Thais and Ephire.

Dec. 20 2017
Jumped around the river and met up with Jude and his friend! Lu jumped around too before we all settled down and talked. I felt really happy to be making friends again.

Nov. .. 2017
Wandering around a little from time to time. Running into old friends. I Even found Jude again, i missed him so much! We sit together so much now im so happy to sit with him again. I miss my other friends too. I went to my bushes to snack on berries. It was hard to enjoy them, i kept thinking about all my friends that i haven't seen in so long. I Curled up in my bushes and cried a little. My tears and the wind made my face cold so i pulled out my blanket and sang gently. I hummed a song that Ross taught me and it made me smile. I Fell asleep then, I want to find Ross again when i wake up and ask him about more songs.

Nov. 6 2016
Woke up and wandered around before finding Thais and a group wit SylvanRah and Lydia. Played around with everyone for awhile until Thais went to sit at a tree to rest. I saw Ludwig nearby as well and Invited him over to join us. We all sat down with Lydia for awhile.
Lydia and SylvanRah got up to play with others but Thais came over to join Ludwig and I. Deku also came over, I happily fell asleep.
Woke up later to Beñat sitting on me. I laughed and gave him many nuzzles and he licked my cheek. SylvanRah and Deku cane to snuggle too while I put flowers in Beñat fur. I also gave one to Deku, he seemed happy to receive it. My cheek felt funny so I kept itching it. I heard someone familiar and turned to see Bijoux come over and join us. Beñat told me he needed to leave so I gave him many nuzzles before he left. Bijoux came and snugged with us. She had a large warm cape that she put over us. I happily curled up against her and my friends. I put some flowers in her fur too, and her friend's when they joined us. I fell asleep very happy to be kept warm by Bijoux.

Oct.11 2016
Joined Sadiki on a trip to his home. I was very excited and he lead me though a glowing area and we were somewhere new and strange. The ground was soft and dry, and large strange trees grew around. Sadiki and i had both become human. I had strange fabrics around me again, it was warm and i liked it. Sadiki helped me up and introduced me to his friend nearby. Her name was Shida. She looked like someone i would meet in the forest but Sadiki said she could not understand me. She was still very nice and kind. Sadiki set me on her back and she carried us. When we left the trees, it was strange. The ground went on and on, it looked endless like the forest but there were no trees. It was incredibly warm. Sadiki lay a blanket over me while we rode and told me i needed to not be burned. I pulled out my bottle of snow and put it under the fabric, it helped me, it was very warm. Sadiki offered me some water he had from the idol, i was very grateful for it.
I held to him while we moved. In the distance i saw lights. Sadiki pointed them out and Shida moved to them. As we got closer we came to a large tall doors. There were other men there that spoke to Sadiki, but i couldn't understand. I hung to Shida and the men let us in the doors. There were many buildings inside and i was so amazed by all the people. Sadiki explained it was his home. I loved it. I even waved to another kid that looked like me, she seemed very kind. Sadiki led Shida while she carried me between the buildings. Sadiki brought us to a building that he said was his home. Shida went with another man while Sadiki took me inside. It was colorful and filled with candles. Sadiki brought foods for us to eat, they were very tasty. He asked me to bring my tea and join him upstairs. He brought me out to a balcony with places to sit and we sat down to look at the city. There was a very large building ahead of us. It was very elaborate and i stared at it for a long time. Sadiki explained that he felt tranquil there. After awhile he lead me back inside and showed me the room i was to sleep in. I wished him to sleep well in Elliot’s language like i was taught and curled up in a chair against the window.
The next morning Sadiki’s friends in the house put out food. We ate and left to adventure. In the buildings there were people with huge collections of things. Sadiki and I went and looked at everything. He asked me what i liked and spoke to the men that owned the collections. Sadiki exchanged small discs for whatever it was i liked in the collections. I ended up with a pretty necklace and some soft fabric. I felt very happy.
Then he lead me to a large area filled with trees and plants like the forest. It was full of new and interesting plants. He brought me to a specific area and sat down to show me a pair of bugs there. They were large and colorful and bumped against each other. Eventually, Sadiki went to sit alone while i looked around. I met another kid and had fun running around with them. I picked some of the flowers and sat down next to him and made flower crowns. He asked me who i was going to give it to but i didn't know. Sadiki said i could give it to his friend.
He brought me to his friend’s home and i met his friend, Yusif. Sadiki said he was a healer too and the man spoke to me for awhile about medicine. He reminded me of Bijoux, i missed her while i was here. Yusif showed me many medicines and let me keep a bottle of some. He told me how to use it. Someone else came to speak to Yusif so we needed to leave. I quickly handed him the crown and bid him goodbye.
Sadiki and i returned to his home where we took a brief nap together. It was dark when we woke up and Sadiki brought food back out to the balcony and we looked at the stars. We talked for a bit. Sadiki told me how he took care of Shida. He said her mom left her because she was sick. I felt bad for her because she was so nice it didn't seem fair that her mom left her. Eventually we both were tired and went to sleep

Oct. 9 2016
Woke up beside the idol where i fell asleep. Alikia was still there so i sat myself beside her to rest some more. Eventually she left so i got up to look around.
Found Hannelore standing alone and joined her. Ran around with her for fun and eventually settled down beside her. Joined by someone else (Adolf) and sat happily in their company.
Eventually noticed Penn sitting at a tree nearby and went to him. We played around for awhile before he tackled me to the ground. I snuggled up to him happily and gave him some kisses and we snuggled together for awhile.
Thais came and joined us soon and we all sat together for awhile, it made me really happy.

Oct. 2 2016
Woke up to find myself covered in a layer of snow! Woke up giddy and ran around and around in it. Had fun watching the tracks appear.
All the running led me to Nix near the stream and he joined me in bouncing around in the snow.

Sep. 28 2016
Woke up to find Mikeal and his friend gone. Stretched and went to find someone or something. Fell upon a stranger near the pond and said hello to her. [Husnuye] She greeted me back and i sat with her for awhile. Greeted Rooh briefly before settling down to nap.
Later woke to find Husnuye had left and wandered around a bit. Eventually went to the oak and was joined by Rooh for snuggling.

Sep. 26 2016
Wandered around alot before settling down at the nest to curl up with Segin and Lesath. Soon visited by Bijoux and cuddled up to her for a warm happy nap.

Sep. 25 2016
Woke up and took a walk to shake the grogginess of sleep. Settled down at Dravens home for a bit. Fell asleep there.
Woke up later and heard Sadiki down near the pond and ran to him. I was very happy to see him and jumped around him in the pond for awhile before going somewhere dry. Sadiki showed me some things and i learned how to bump head with him. He taught me how to not fall over and i thought it was very fun. He said that what we did was going to happen alot soon, That they’ll be fine and i dont need to worry. He said it was an ‘opportunity’ to show off what they can do and that i might do it too when i grow up. I thought it was a funny idea because i do not have antlers. He told me i might have them when i grow up which sounded really nice!
After, i decided to teach Sadiki how to make flower crowns. We settled down in a flower patch and i showed him how to tie the flowers together. He worked slowly and we eventually both made two purple crowns. I put mine on Sadiki’s head and Sadiki asked if he could keep his for a friend. I reassured him that flowercrowns were made to be given to friends and we walked to the oak so he could leave it there for Sabel. I knew she would like it.
We both went to find Draven at the playground and curled up with him. I played with Sadiki’s tail, which was very ticklish, and eventually nodded off with them
Woke up later and noticed Sadiki had left and Draven was still asleep. Gave Draven a kiss and walked off.
Found Gunnarr at a tree and sat down beside him and gave him some berries. He looked a bit injured but when i asked he was very quiet and didn't say he was hurt. I curled around him and groomed him a bit. Placed a tiny flower behind his ear as well before falling asleep. Woke up to find Thais had joined us and i settled down happily with them and fell asleep.

Sep. 11 2016
Woke up to find myself alone and decided to walk around. I sat down at my bushes and snacked a bit. Went and sat in the oak for a bit because it had been awhile since i listened to the nice humming.
Rose came and sat with me and i was happy to see her. I asked her how she was and she told me about how she had problems. I felt bad because she was really nice and i didn't want her to have any problems.
Later Rooh came and i was very happy. I fell asleep with all their comfort.

Sep. 10 2016
Napped for awhile. Woken by Thais grooming me and snuggled up to her to sleep more.
Woke up to find myself alone aside from Tomo. Remembered her from all the visits she joined Rose. Sat with her for awhile and enjoyed her company.
Heard the unmistakable sound of Lesath and Segin pattering closer and smiled to see them coming back. Lesath yelled when he was nearby so i stood up and stood with them. The two of them came and sat on my legs. I stood there with them, Tomo came over to investigate too and we all sat down, i had to keep my legs still to not disturb Lesath and Segin. Joined by Thais eventually and was happy to see her.
Discovered Jovan next to me and greeted him. Groomed him for awhile until he fell asleep and started snoring again. Segin tried to imitate the noise but Lesath lay down. The two of them lay down so i could move my leg and rest for a bit more.

Sep. 4 2016
Woke up and took a drink at the idol and sat down at Draven’s old home to relax. Noticed SylvanRah nearby and went to join him. We ran around for a bit and were joined by some fawns, and two large familiar individuals. (Saosin and The Red) We continued to play and were joined by Kerosene and Cassiopea as well. It was lots of fun running around with them. I danced with some fawns and tried to invite another person over but they did not seem interested. Saosin climbed a large dandelion to sit, Red tried to push him off. Cassiopea and SylvanRah and I had fun running circles around with some fawns that came by. Eventually it wore us all out and we sat around a dandelion. Except for Red, he stayed by the tree. So we went to join Red at the tree but then SylvanRah was alone at the dandelion. So i placed myself near SylvanRah so he wasn't alone.
A small doe ive seen with Ross (Talla) came and joined us. She said hello to us all and sat herself in the group for a bit and i was happy to see her. I was so tired i lay down to rest for awhile and fell asleep
I woke up to see Talla gone but Vala running around nearby. She cast a spell on SylvanRah while he slept and i giggled with her at the new mask. She ran off to the pond while i sat back down laughing at SylvanRah’s new look.
Eventually SylvanRah woke up so we moved closer to the group. I curled up next to Cassiopeia, gave her a flower and took a nap out of exhaustion.

Aug. 21 2016
Woke up and went to get a drink. Found Benat sleeping alone and retrieved some berries for him. Kept moving and found Llyr at the ruins with a bird and a squirrel. Sat myself down with them to give her the crown. The creatures both smelled familiar. I noted the squirrel smelled like Rose and wondered if it was her.
Joined by Thais eventually and sat enjoying everyone’s company.

Aug. 20 2016
Woke up with the nice lady from last night curled around me all warm. It made me smile and i left a daisy where i lay before getting a drink. There was someone at the pond but they seemed distracted when i said hello. I decided to leave them at find someone to sit with. Found Rose at her tree alone and went to curl up with her. Had a nice time with for for a bit.
Noticed a figure in the distance and pressed myself against Rose. I desperately hoped he would not come to us. But he got closer and closer, i tried to not move in hopes he wouldn't see me. But he sat down next to Rose and i felt my chest get tight. I ran from Comen hoping he wouldn't hurt me.
By the time i got to the nest, i was crying. Ross was there and i huddled under him best i could while being mindful of Irene, Segin, and Lesath. It was hard to breathe and my head hurt. I must have woken Ross because he saw me and cuddled me and hummed. It helped me, i stopped breathing so fast and i felt safe there with them.
After a bit, interacted with Irene now that i felt better. She was making noise whenever i did. We kept making noises but she started making strange airy sounds like she was coughing. Ross noticed and managed to settle her down. I reminded myself to be careful and not get her too excited. I hummed to her and she imitated it. Ross also joined in. Eventually Irene got tired and curled up under my chin to nap. I made sure not to move so i wouldn't disturb her.
Fell asleep after Nix and Thais showed up, as well as a large bird.
Woken up later with some faint bickering between Lesath and Segin. The two of them were donning new necklaces. Thais gave me one as well. While the kids played with their new jewelry, i thanked Thais for the necklace and fell asleep for awhile.
Woke up later to see Kerosene join and curled up with them. Hummed little songs for Kerosene’s stomach and fell asleep again. Then Draven showed up and i greeted him and cuddled with him for awhile.
I heard someone familiar nearby and went to look around. Found my friend from last night and said hello to her. Ross also followed me curiously but left after realizing i was alright. I ran around with my friend for awhile until i got tired and wanted to return to the group. I tried to invite her over but she was scared of the group. After a bit she took a seat nearby, so i sat down with my group facing her. She crept closer until i fell asleep.

Aug. 19 2016
Woke up and went to get a drink and play in the water for awhile. Rose found me and we sat together on the bank. I asked her if she was alright, remembering the last time we spoke when she said she was sad. Now she said she was alright and i was glad to know she felt better. We talked for a bit, she asked me how i was.

Aug. 15 2016
Woke up and sleepily tied the treasure from last night up next to my gift from velocity. Heard Ben in the distance and ran off to see them.
Ended up spending a large portion of the day sitting with Ben. Slept curled up beside them for awhile as well. Eventually heard the family awake back at the nest and bid Ben goodbye.
Ran to the nest to find Thais, Draven, the twins, Nix, Sabel, Kerosene, and the nice red doe i met a few days ago with another large stag i had not met. Snuck in and gave everyone nuzzles.
Ended up talking to Sabel about events, giggled happily at recalling our fun on Easter.
Checked on Kerosene, set an ear on their stomach to listen. Heard some faint noises and immediately told Kerosene that i heard them. Kerosene replied, saying that they could hear me too. It made me very excited to know they could hear me so i greeted them excitedly. Eventually, Sabel came and the two of us were curled up around Kerosene. I groomed Kero’s tum, and heard Segin and Lesath start making noise from next to Thais.
At some point, there were two strangers (Hammel and Serena) circling around us. Next thing i knew, Nix and Draven were fighting them. Kerosene jumped in too and i ran to Thais to hide with her and watch Lesath and Segin. Sable and the red doe came to stand with us while Draven and Nix fought. More individuals came and i reconized Dardan and Mjolner’s son out in the fight. I hid my face behind the tree becuase it all was so frightening.
After a bit, everything calmed down and the group returned. I went to investigate everyone, Nix was hurt, Sabel looked hurt, and so did Kerosene and Draven. I sat myself down near Kerosene and Sabel to look out for them a bit and let some tears fall.
Ross came after a bit and let me cling to him. He asked what happened and reassured me i was alright. Kerosene’s friend Cassieopea came by too. Kerosene ran to her and they left to go someplace else, i hoped they would be alright.
The red doe i met a few days ago also came over to me

Aug. 14 2016
Woke up and crossed paths with Isetore. Played around with him for a little bit until he found his other friend (Dardan) helping someone else. Sat with them for awhile, happy for company.
Eventually left while player had weird connection shit sorry guys, thanks for trying to help tho and sat down at Thais’ nest to nap.
Woke up later and heard Sadiki nearby. Ran to find him with Isetore and immediately started running and jumping about. Eventually, we were joined by Cu and Hiirni. We all ran around and danced for awhile. Eventually we moved to a flower patch and threw flowers at each other. We all ended up sitting together in the flowers. I was really tired so i curled up with Sadiki and put flowers in his fur. Fell asleep snuggled up with them.
Woke later to find myself with Sadiki and Bijoux. Happily curled up between them and gave them both joyful kisses.
Eventually they left and i wandered around a bit. Met someone named Ludwig. Sat with them for awhile and gifted them a flower. They returned a gift of a small white object, similar to the one on my back (birdskull) I thanked them for the lovely gift and sat in quiet company for awhile longer before nodding off. Gave them more thank you’s and goodbyes before running off with the newest part of my collection. Plopped down at the nest and fell asleep.

Aug. 6 2016
Ended up joining Elliot on a trip to his home. While there tried lots of new foods that were like the forest’s. We didn’t drink water, we drank something else that was like berries but bitter. I had fabric around my body again, it was colored like my fur but i was still pale and bare. Everyone there spoke like Elliot, but they made sure i understood when they spoke to me. Elliot taught me how to say some things like him, like how to tell someone to sleep well. It sounded like “Loro vae” and i liked it. I collected some of the new strange plants around and put them in my crown and my bag. He taught me some songs like Ross did, but his were different. He also danced around too. I tried to keep up but it was hard to balance so i watched him.
One night we went out and Elliot brought blankets and pillows like he usually did. We sat and looked up at the stars. I asked him about them and he told me stories. We curled up and i told him to sleep well and we fell asleep.

Aug. 5 2016
Found Bijoux and Rooh down at the pond and sat with them for awhile. Bijoux gave us snacks that were really tasty and i enjoyed them alot.
Rooh and i were really excited to see each other and we snuggled together with Bijoux for awhile.
Thais and Draven came to the pond and i was really happy to see them. They joined us for awhile. I Asked Thais
While sitting there i thought a bit. I Recalled how Elliot spoke of his age and asked Bijoux how old she was out of curiosity. She said...

Aug. 2 2016
Woke up and found Ross asleep. Snuggled with him and napped for awhile.
When i woke i heard someone familiar and ran to go see him. Ran up to Sadiki and gave him lots of nuzzles. I was really happy to see him again. I asked him if he was alright and spent awhile just being happy in his company. Eventually fell asleep beside him.
Woke up later with Kerosene. Happily snuggled with them and plucked flowers before falling asleep again. Woke up to see a figure wandering nearby. Recognized the figure as Sabel and ran to her to greet her. Played with her some while Sadiki and his friend (Isetore) came. Greeted Isetore while Sadiki and Sabel talked and ended up sitting with them all. It made me really happy to see them again all together. It reminded me of when i first met them and how happy they make me. Spent some time weaving flowers in Sabel’s mane, which looked long now. Finished tying together a flowercrown for Sadiki and gave it to him with a smile. Kerosene came and joined us so i also gave them lots of flowers in their fur. Sat there snuggling Sabel and everyone to some degree. I felt really happy.
Ross came later and we talked for a bit, Ross said he was trying to get better so i gave him a flower. He also took a flower but he made it into a big flower! Snuggled up with him and fell asleep, happy for all the company.

Aug. 1 2016
Woke up with Thais and Segin but wanted to run for a bit. Ran off and jumped around the ruins, met a nice deer that gave me a new pelt spell, and ran into a bird. The bird turned me into a frog for a bit and it was fun. I snacked on some berries and ran around more before finding Rooh and snuggling up with her.
While sitting with her, i noticed Comen coming near and clung to her desperately. He came and stared at us and i hid my face in Rooh’s side to hide tears. He left eventually and i groomed Rooh to calm down and make sure she was alright. Eventually fell asleep with her.
Woke up later after she left and saw Flyleaf nearby. Ran to him just as he woke up and ran around with him. We doused ourselves in the red pelt and sat under the idol for awhile. Eventually Flyleaf needed to leave to i bid him goodbye.
Spent some time wandering around and found Zorn at the ruins. Went to join him and snuggled up with him on the rocks. Later a pair of his friends came (Damien and Symphyon) Greeted them and happily sat with them all being literally dwarfed by the whole group
Later approached by Rooh. Helped her onto the rock and made sat with them all happily.
The pair that came left eventually, i hoped to see them again. Sat with them some more and busied myself with placing flowers in Zorn’s fur. Rooh left after some snuggles and i spent more time with Zorn. Tried to groom him a little bit. Saw Comen come by again and got a bit scared but felt safe with Zorn curled around me. Sat with him happily. Eventually he left so i wandered for a bit until i came back to Thais’ tree. Sat down with Kerosene and Segin and Lesath. Curled up around the kids and hummed to Kerosene’s stomach where the other kids were. Eventually fell asleep with everyone.

Jul. 31 2016
Woke up and ran around for a bit. Found Vala asleep under a willow and ran to sit with her. She slept for awhile. Rooh came as well and i was happy to see her. Vala left soon while i was with Rooh.
Eventually Elliot came and we talked for a bit. He gave me a crown from the willow branches. He told me Kuwaka was going to be a father again. I wondered if Cillian would be excited to be a big brother. Elliot said Kuwaka’s friend Hilf would be the mother of the children. I didn't know her but Elliot said she was already caring for other children. I knew they would be good parents. If they both were already caring for children. I was going to try to help if i could too.
Later Ross bounced over and i snuggled up with him and Rooh. Bijoux joined us too and she brought more interesting foods! He gave me a soft sweet thing that took awhile to eat, but i still enjoyed it. Napped with them all before watching them leave eventually.

Jul. 20 2016
Slept for a majority of the day and woke to see Lesath and Segin interacting. They both ended up crying and i felt bad there was nothing i could do to help. I gave them both kisses to help. Ended up falling asleep again

Jul. 21 2016

Jul. 10 2016
Woke up while everyone was still asleep and decided to walk a bit.
Instantly found Rooh at a nearby tree and snuggled up with her happily. Tied together some flowers into a crown for her and placed it on her head. She curled up around me and i fell asleep soon.

Jul. 9 2016
Woke up and joined Thais at her tree. Snuggled up with her and the family. Joined later by Ross and Irene and cuddles them both as well.
Joined by Kerosene and Aries. Jumped up and gave them both nuzzles and hellos before settling back down with them.
Watched Lesath while Segin slept. Gave Lesath a little kiss and he poofed up. Giggled and gave him another tiny kiss before he hid under me. Snuggled him happily and giggled when he crawled over me later. Segin woke up soon and played with his brother for a bit. Was careful to make sure they didn't hurt themselves. After what looked like a disagreement between them, Segin fell asleep and Lesath sat on him. Thais gave me a kiss before she slept.

Jun. 29 2016
Woke up and found Nix and Ross by Thais’ tree. Thais was near her tree but she looked strange. I asked her if she was alright but she seemed as if she needed space. Alot of others came around and i realized that today she was going to have her kids. I was very excited but i did not wish to interfere so i sat with Ross and Irene nearby. I entertained Irene for a bit until i brought all my focus to watch Thais and Draven.
Soon i saw my little brother and i stood up to watch him and it made me so happy to see him. He was so tiny and colored like Thais and i loved him. Then i noticed Thais still looked in pain and that there would be another child. Soon there were two little brothers huddled up against Thais and it made me so happy to see them. I started to cry a little bit against the tree because i found how happy i felt. Now i had two little siblings and i was a big brother. I finally had a family.
After some time there, Ross noticed me standing there and told me to go greet them

Jun. 28 2016

Jun. 27 2016
Returned to the forest with Kuwaka and thanked him happily before running off to make sure everything was alright.
Found Rooh asleep in some bushes and curled around her to nap for awhile. Woke up later and decided to let her sleep in peace for awhile and ran to the idol to plant the new berries from Kuwaka’s garden. Spent some considerable time planting the three new plants but happily watered them with the excitement of sharing new foods with friends.
Saw Husky near and gave her a hello. Rooh ran over, having woke from her nap. Happily ran around the pair briefly before following Rooh back to where she wanted to sleep. Heard Thais in the distance and led Rooh to her. Found Thais with Lem and gave them both a hello before reassuring Rooh that everyone was nice. Settled down with them happily.
Asked Thais if she was alright, recalling how she mentions she is in pain sometimes. Gave her the blankets i brought here from Kuwaka and told her they were for the one in her tummy.
Joined by Draven soon, Lem took his leave. Sat with them for while before Rooh left too.
Joined later by Kerosene and Ross. Ross didn’t look well so i shared some food with him and rested beside him. Joined by Draven, talked to him a bit and later checked up on Kerosene before falling asleep

Jun. 17-26 2016
Took a brief trip to Kuwaka’s home. Landed in the grass surprised to see i was in the form like Ross’ party. Elliot was there as well, it was nice to see him too. Spent the week in their company and adjusting to the new things around. Eventually learned how to balance on two legs, finding the action very strange, i preferred to sit around, it felt more natural.
I Discovered fairly quick that wearing what i arrived with for the whole length of time was not allowed by Kuwaka. He ended up having me wear something different than my collection and i found it very disgruntling and took back my collection to at least stow it in my bag if i could’nt wear it. Also discovered the strange places they prefer to clean themselves, as the pond was not an option.
Made friends with the others in the house as well, curious why the canines were not humans like myself but had fun playing with them. Also spent some time with the cat. Disappointed all three of them didn't speak but Kuwaka said it was normal.
Noticed how Kuwaka would leave during the day and come back tired. Usually joined Elliot during the day and checked up on Kuwaka in the evening.
Ended up spending time outside where it felt more like the forest, particularly in the garden with the flowers. Made lots of flower crowns. Made one for Ku when he mentioned a celebration that day about fathers. Made one for Elliot another day and another for Cillian. Also tried to make some fro the cat and dogs but they didn't seem too fond of them.
Tasted lots of new food! Shared a meal with Elliot one particular night after watching him ‘cooking’ like Kuwaka always did. Later in the week treated to a cake like the one i tried at Ross’ birthday with “Tig, The Collector” written on it. Excited that i could recognize my name and that the cake tasted wonderful. Shown how to cook a bit by Kuwaka and made eggs! Was really proud of myself.
Spent most of the week in the library. Where, as Elliot had said, there was a huge collection of books. Spent lots of time trying to read them and getting lots of help from Kuwaka. Some were unrecognizable unfortunately. Tried to find words about healing or anything that would benefit my return to the forest.
Spent the first couple of nights beside Kuwaka, it felt more comfortable to sleep beside someone like the forest. Eventually got moved to another room but Kuwaka always came before i slept to read to me. The places i rested were incredibly soft and comfortable.
Eventually grew to miss the forest and fell asleep the last night deciding to return. Packed up the things i got, including 2 blankets, a slice of cake, some bags of jerky, some cookies, various berries from the garden, and a new book. Felt a bit bad i wasn’t around to look after everyone but hoped my gifts would suffice upon my return. Asked Kuwaka that morning to go back to the forest.

Jun. 16 2016
Woke up and found Thais inspecting Ross. Sat with her while we kept sleeping Ross company. Asked Thais how she was. She mentioned that her belly was a bit painful. She suggested perhaps there were more than one. It made me giggle, thinking about caring for two. Happily lay my head against her belly and realized I could feel them. Got excited at being able to feel them, just knowing they were there made me happy.
Later Ross woke and I curled up with him, still concerned about his sobbing yesterday.
Carefully asked him if he was alright. He explained that his legs were “shattered” and he couldn't walk. It seemed like such a frightening thought, to not be able to walk. I didn't want him to feel any worse so I held back any tears and covered his legs in flowers in an effort to cheer him up.
After some time, Thais left to go see Draven. Bid her goodbye and snuggled up against Ross for some time.
Later went to get a drink at the pond and found Alitar playing with another small fawn (Dia). Happily joined in the fun for a moment before ending up in a lil pile with them. Later join by another (Torbjørn) and was glad to meet everyone. Settled down to sleep a bit with them. Woke later to see Ross made his way to the pile and buried myself in his fur. Dia ran off after a moment and Torbjørn and Alitar played a bit before settling down. Wished Torbjørn would come closer but they seemed content with staying where they were. Joined later by Bijoux, who offered lots of much-needed affection. Woke later to fine Torbjørn gone and an individual speaking with Ross. They seemed upset and gave Ross some gifts before running off. Thought it would be nice to meet them, they seemed very nice. Eryth came as well, I was happy to see her and hoped she would make Ross feel better. Briefly saw Vodka but he ran of rather quickly. Ended up asleep in everyone's comfortable company.

Jun. 15 2016
Woke up still with Jovan. Happily curled up with him until I noticed Comen nearby. Got incredibly frightened and pressed myself against Jovan while Comen drove strangers away. Desperately wished to leave. Managed to get Jovan to move and we sat ourselves near the ruins. Had some fun balancing on logs with Jovan.
Joined later by Kuwaka, who resembled an different version of himself I'd seen. Gladly welcomed him and reassured Jovan and Kuwaka that the other was nice. Kuwaka told me he brought “breakfast” and asked me to show him my teeth. As odd as a request, it sounded like everything was well and he unveiled a tasty-smelling food. I tasted the food while he poured a liquid into a container. The food tasted different from anything else and it was really wonderful. The liquid also tasted new. It resembled the taste of the other fruits iv'e tried but very different. Kuwaka also gave Jovan a snack. Also talked to Kuwaka about berries and was surprised to hear how many existed
Later joined by Draven, who sat himself beside Jovan. Also joined by Flyleaf, who arrived as a frog. Incredibly glad for everyone's company and napped for a bit while Kuwaka groomed me.
Woke up later and heard Gunnarr alone at the pond. Breifly bid everyone goodbye and grabbed the last of the food Kuwaka brought me before running off to him.
Plopped myself beside Gunnarr and offered him the rest of the food. Happily curled up with him and napped for awhile.
Woke up later while Gunnarr was still asleep and noticed Comen at the pond. Instantly was concerned he would come to us so I gently nudged Gunnarr awake and asked if he would like to join me to go to Thais' tree. Felt bad for waking him but figured it was best we left. While leading him off, was met breifly by Dazenth. Gave him a rather shaky bow, still put on edge from Comen. Was very happy to reach the tree and curl up with Gunnarr for more napping.
Breifly saw 'lam playing with a fawn and gave them a happy greeting before nodding back off
Joined later by Thais, very happy to see her and snuggled with the two of them happily. Later woke and heard Ross yell from down at the pond. Bid Thais and Gunnarr goodbye, knowing Thais could keep him warm while I was gone.
Approached Ross to check on him. He only buried his face in my chest. I tried to ask him if he was alright but he started crying. I did'nt want to press any but still wanted him to be alright. Lay my head on his and hummed him one of the many songs he always sang to me. After awhile I sat down and curled around him. Joined by Eryth and was happy to see her. Ended up falling asleep there.

Jun. 14 2016
Woke and brought some berries over to Thais and sat with her. Joined by Draven and Jovan. Played with them a bi. Sat around with them mostly.
Played for a bit with Draven and Jovan before plopping down at a tree with Jovan. Heard some commotion in the distance and was really concerned. Jovan acknowledged it but didn't seem concerned Later the fight got closer until they were really close. The angry firey horse came really close and Jovan and I bolted. It was so frightening I just cried into Jovan's shoulder. He lead me off to the playground where we were far away from anyone that would come to hurt us. Curled up with Jovan, feeling much safer. Eventually fell asleep.

Jun. 13 2016

Jun. 12 2016

Jun. 11 2016

Jun. 10 2016

Jun. 9 2016

Jun. 8 2016

Jun. 7 2016
Woke and ran to Draven’s home to join the company of Kio, Thais, and Kerosene. Happily snuggled up against the warm Kerosene. Briefly climbed over them to say hello to Thais before cuddling up to nap for awhile.
Later woke when Kerosene stirred, so I scooted over and pressed myself against Thais. Noticed Kerosene was glancing at Comen in the distance and instantly became worried. Clung to Thais while he stared us down. Groomed her some, concerned that perhaps she was a scared as I was. She returned a nuzzle and revealed some figs she had with her. I was glad for them and munched on some while offering Thais some as well. Draven appeared and sat himself close, I felt safer with his company. Eventually Indra arrived and started fighting with Comen. I was all very frightening and I hid myself against Thais’ side while they threw up dust. Eventually Comen kept staying around and Indra brought Kerosene into the mix while Mjølner got up and watched as well. It was a bit blurry but Kerosene made him leave and Indra disappeared as well. I kept eating but tears flowed over the scary encounter. I didn't dare make a noise, I didn't wish to concern Thais at all. I eventually finished the snack and fell asleep pressed between her and Kerosene.

Jun. 6 2016
Woke up and had a snack at my bush before hearing Kuwaka nearby. Found him with another stranger (Kushal) and snuggled up against Kuwaka. Saw a familiar rabbit (Saro) between the two of them and gave her a smile. Ended up getting snuggled and groomed by Kuwaka for a bit. Gave the rabbit a little flower, though a bit worried this one would also burn. It didn’t though, and i was glad. Asked Kuwaka how he was and he presented me with a shiny gift. A necklace with a decoration that resembled his face in a way. I stared in wonder at the object while he explained that it would let me “contact him”. I put it on happily and snuggled into him to nap a bit.
Woke up later and heard Thais and Draven in the distance. Gave Kuwaka a kiss on the cheek before scampering off. Found them both asleep and crawled up beside them to rest, incredibly content with everyone’s company.
They woke later and i played around with Draven for a bit before settling back back down. Joined by Lem later, he was wearing a new mask. Ended up nodding off with the group, feeling very glad for their company.
Woke later and heard a bunch of familiar faces down at the pond. Went down and found a group with Ross, Bijoux, Jacinth, Eryth, and Jo. Plopped down beside Jacinth to find out what was happening. Bijoux exchanged places for Jacinth to assess Ross’ injuries. I noticed Comen nearby and worriedly pressed against Bijoux’s side. She pulled me close and I peeked out from her fur to watch Ross fall asleep and Jacinth examine him more...

June. 5 2016
Woke up to find Rooh at the tree. Happily curled around her for awhile and napped. Woke later to hear Thais around. Wanted to go say hello but also was under instruction to watch over Rooh. Decided to wrap Rooh up with my blanket so she wouldn't be cold and ran off to gather some things. Gathered a pile of berries and a vial of water before running over to Thais.
Happily set the items down and gave her nuzzles for a moment before running back to Rooh.
Joined by Bijoux later, snuggled up to her and napped for a considerable amount of time.
Woke up later and made my way to Thais’ home like usual.Snuggled up against a tree and let the scent of my flowers lull me to sleep.
Woken later to find Penn beside me and got very excited. Played around with him, jumping on each other and giggling. Snuggled up for some time before getting up and running around more. Offered some berries to Penn briefly. Ended up playing in a flower patch before settling down in it. Wove some of the purple blooms into his hair and watched a nearby stranger before flopping over him to sleep.

Jun. 4 2016

Jun. 3 2016

Jun. 2 2016

Jun. 1 2016

May. 31 2016

May. 30 2016

May. 29 2016
Woke up where I fell asleep, Ross was gone though. Happily curled up by sleeping Irene to rest for awhile.
Later went to get a drink and stopped by Draven's home. Plucked bundles of the bluebells and returned to Irene. She was still asleep so I took the smallest blooms and set them down in front of her for when she woke. Heard some familiar faces in the distance and gave Irene a gentle touch on the nose before going to join them.
Found Rose, Tomo, and Cereja with a large white stranger and a tiny red child. Happily said my hellos to everyone and plopped down to see Rose. Placed some bluebells in her fur and talked a bit. She said she was better and that her family was alright, which I was happy to hear. Gave Cereja a little bundle of bluebells and ask how he was as well. He assured me he was fine and took the blooms happily. We curled up while he kneaded at me and purred. It was pleasant and I fell asleep quickly.
Woke up later and pricked up my ears to hear familiar footfalls. Jumped on by Penn and rolled around with him in a giggling fit until we lay together asleep.

May. 28 2016

May. 27 2016

May. 26 2016

May. 25 2016

May. 24 2016

May. 23 2016

May. 22 2016

May. 21 2016

May. 20 2016

May. 19 2016
Woke up to see Skirre nearby. Said hello and played with them for a while, it felt good to run and jump around. They led me off to a group, I recognized Flyleaf and Lupen along with two others. Sat down with the group for a bit.
Eventually Skirre left, as did one of the other two. I watched Flyleaf and Lupen play with spells before curling against the sleeping stranger next to me.
Woke later to find Flyleaf left. Watched Maggot in the distance carefully before the white stranger returned and eventually Kuwaka came as well. Ended up pressed Against Kuwaka while he groomed me and seemed taken up by something in his mind. He offered something on a string to me and told me to listen to it. I heard strange and intriguing noises coming from it and Kuwaka said it was music. It was unlike the music I heard from Ross and Sabel and I was so interested in it all. It was a bit loud but Kuwaka made it quieter somehow. Spent a long while listening to the various sounds and cuddling with Kuwaka. Eventually nodded off during some favorably quiet music.
Woke later to find Lupen and the two other strangers gone and replaced with another individual Kuwaka seemed to know (Kushal) sat with them for a bit, enjoying the low music.
Soon approached by Bijoux and happily cuddled with her. Her friend Jacinth came by as well and I smiled to see them both. Jacinth complimented my new cape and I told her Bijoux gave it to me. Jacinth said she was aware, as she was present when Bijoux found it. It made me smile to know Jacinth also helped find the lovely item.
At some point while resting, Kuwaka pulled out a container and unveiled another meal. He called it “Ratatouille” and said he was making it to encourage Cillian to “eat more vegetables” I figured Cillian enjoyed the meal as much as I did, as it was incredibly tasty.
After a bit, Kushal took his leave and I found myself getting smothered in cuddles from Kuwaka and Bijoux. It made me extremely happy to have them here. Eventually Kuwaka pulled me in super close but I was a little disheartened I could no longer reach Bijoux. I wiggled into Kuwaka's mane and stuck out a leg. I stretched it over so I could rest it on Bijoux. I was content with this and soon fell asleep with all of their comfort.

May. 12 2016
Woke up and found myself at the pond. Saw Gunnarr and Nyami sitting on the bank and went to join them. I was incredibly happy to see them both and enjoyed their company.
Also noticed an interesting stranger across the river and couldn't help steal a few looks at them.
Nyami saw them too and went to examine them. After a moment, the stranger git interested and fell in. Nyami looked surprised and swam to the bridge while the stranger pulled themselves out and sat back down. I carefully asked the stranger if they were alright. They seemed well so I curled up around Gunnarr, keeping an eye on Nyami before falling asleep.

May. 10 2016
Woke up and heard Nix in the distance. Ran to him and snuggles up against him while he slept. Joined soon by Bayleen, who took her place beside the two of us. Even later joined by Bijoux and and one of her friends. Introduced myself to her and watched the two of them sit together. Nix also woke soon and seemed surprised by the group I brought over. Everyone got acquainted and sat together.
Eventually Nix left, Bayleen too. I found myself between Bijoux and her friend. Bijoux introduced me to her friend Jacinth. They seemed like good friends.
Jacinth left for a moment while I leaned on Bijoux and returned with another in tow. Greeted the tiny stranger and admired their size and sparkle. Eventually fell asleep in the comfort of the group.
Woke later alone with Bijoux. Felt quite thirsty and went down to the pond for a bit to get a drink. While down there, I recalled how Nyami lived at the end in the river. Told Bijoux I would return and ran off to gather some berries. Threw a mound of them into the pond for Nyami while Bijoux watched. Bijoux jumped in and took a few surprisingly. Lead Bijoux to the comfort of Draven's home and curled up with her before sleeping again.

May. 9 2016

May. 8 2016
Woke up to find Rose curled around me. Smiled and curled up with her, happy for her warmth and company.
Took note of some new blooms I saw near the twin gods, took them and sat admiring them. Decided to tie the white carnations to Rose’s antlers. Smiled when Hydra came by and napped some more.
Lazed around with the pair for awhile, saying hello to Lupen briefly. As well as many other various deer coming by to congregate at the gods. Visited briefly by Kerosene, I was very excited to see them and curled up with them to nap. They left soon.
Eventually Hydra took her leave and I found myself watching Gunnarr in the distance. Led Rose to Gunnarr and snuggled up with the little one. Rose seemed interested in seeing Aurik, who sat nearby. Comen came by to see Rose and I curled up closer around Gunnarr to protect him. Comen left eventually and Rose went and sat beside Aurik so I relaxed a little. Groomed Gunnarr so I could stay awake but it proved ineffective as I napped immediately after. Retrieved berries for us and eventually fell asleep in Gunnarr’s company.

May. 7 2016

May. 6 2016
Woke up with a group nearby, still felt a bit tired so trudged up the idol hill and sat down by my bush. Nodded off for a bit.
Woke up later covered in spells, felt a bit dizzy after sneezing them all off and sat down for a moment before going to the pond for a drink. Found Bijoux and Gyve there as well at a figure (Eros) standing in the water. Watched the figure for a bit, it followed me to the river. I was surprised to see it leave the water and come closer. I tried to greet it but it moved closer and reached out and touched my face. I was a bit surprised by it and stared for a bit until we both split.
Heard Bayleen nearby and went to see her. Played with her and some fawns before sitting down. She looked tired so I asked if she was alright. She went on to say something about how she was a “sad tired”. Tried to find some way to help but she said that my company was enough. We curled together for while. I tried humming her a song to help her feel better, it must've worked because she soon fell asleep.
Went off to find something else to do, didn't wish to bother anyone else so settled myself down at the twin gods. Found a bit of comfort seeing Lem nearby, it reminded me of Thais and how I wished to see her soon.
Heard Ross alone in the distance and meandered over to sit with him while he slept. Bijoux came by too. When Ross woke he seemed rather surprised and we played around for a bit before all slumping together. Bijoux gave us treats like before, these ones tasted different. They were still quite pleasant and I fell asleep snuggled against them both

May. 5 2016

May. 4 2016

May. 3 2016

May. 2 2016
Woke up briefly to see Pup next to me asleep and a large stranger near (Dardan). Still felt incredibly tired and slumped down next to the tree to sleep some more.
Woke up later and passed by Rose and stopped for a bit. Stood with her for a bit while she groomed me. I was really glad to see her, she looked happy today. After a bit I bid her goodbye to wander around.
Played in the stream and around Draven's home for some time. Decided to run to Thais' favorite spot while I was up and about. Cleaned up some fallen twigs from beside the tree and sat there for a bit. Remembered how much I wished to see her and make sure she was alright. I told myself I would surly visit her soon when I had the chance.
Heard Elliot in the distance but didn't want to disturb his company.

May. 1 2016

Apr. 30 2016

Apr. 29 2016
Woke up to find Ross still quite cold. Made sure the fur was still covering him and told myself to get more bandages from Bijoux when I see her. Sat down next to him.
Approached by Gunnarr. I was very ecstatic to see him and cuddled him close and relaxed some more. Heard some tiny footfalls and noticed Juri coming right to us. Happily welcomed him into the group.
After some sitting, Juri seemed to get curious of Ross. He gave sleeping Ross a sniff and instantly started to get agitated. Tried to check and verify if Juri was alright before the fawn ran off a distance. Followed carefully to check on him. He went back and brought Gunnarr with before leading us both a distance away. We sat down in a flower patch but I made sure I could still see Ross.

Apr. 28 2016

Apr. 27 2016

Apr. 26 2016
Woke up to find Jo still there, grateful for her company. Also noticed that Ross' friend was sleeping nearby. Worried that perhaps she didn't come closer because I was present. Scooted around to Ross' other side, in case she wanted to come closer. Fell asleep again.
Woke up later by Ross. Jo and his friend nowhere near. Snuggled up close against Ross, eyeing the bandages. Noticed a familiar individual nearby and shot up to see Nevermore on the hill. Ran over and exchanged greetings happily. Thinking it had been far too long since i've seen him. Played around with some forest magic before falling asleep around the little bird.
Woke up to find Kerosene next to me. Bid Nevermore goodbye and settled down with Kerosene beside Ross. Planted my face in Kerosene's side and nodded off a bit. Woke up when they ran off to the flowers and gave me some. I giggled wildly at them, very fond of the flowers. Sat back down with them for a bit, sticking some of the blooms in their fur.
Noted the berries were running low again. Asked Kerosene if they could watch Ross while I retrieved more. Picked up Ross' water jar and ran down to the pond to get a drink. While down there, was found by another child. She was quiet and only gave me a few sniffs before running off. Continued drinking, unsure about the child.
Went down to the idol to fill up the jar with fresh water. I realized how close I was to Draven's home. I went over to the empty trees and admired their familiarity. Set down the jar and shuffled around the ferns and bluebells. Found joy in rubbing myself against the trees and jumping over the bushes. Couldn't help some laughing while I jumped around the brush. Settled back down and let the bushes tickle my legs while I thought about the spot. Found some appreciation in the personal time (except it wasn't bc Mjol saw the whole thing lmao sigh) I had to enjoy the scenery. Realized I still needed to get berries and took up the jar to go to the bush.
On the way to the bush, I saw little Gunnarr standing nearby. Went to check that he was alright, stood with him for a bit. Approached again by the tiny child. Greeted her again before she ran off to her friend. Approached by the pair, the child's friend looked to be in pain and the child looked very frightened. Felt a bit torn about what would be a good way to help them and silently exchanged greetings before leading Gunnarr to the bush. Gathered the berries and offered to Gunnarr that he take whatever he likes. Reassured him he could take some whenever as well. Lead him to the child and her friend and set down a little pile of berries for the two. Moved Gunnarr back to Ross and settled down with Kerosene nearby. Thanked them for watching over Ross and sat with the group for a bit. Fell asleep soon.
Woke up alone with Ross. Scooted closer and lay my head on his side before closing my eyes again. Shaken by the presence of the child again. Smiled at the kid, trying to stay awake in her company. She bleated at me and it took me by surprise. Finding a sliver of familiarity in the sound, I copied it. Decided to certainly keep an eye out for her, nodded off again.

Apr. 25 2016
Woke up after a tiny nap and found Ross' bandages opened and the silver pendant placed on the chest wound. Blood was everywhere and getting him sticky. Not too sure what to do as the pendant seemed to clean up the wound like before, but he was bleeding heavily. Eventually decided the pendant has done enough and I needed to stem the blood loss before it was as bad as I had found him. I quickly wrapped the bandages back up, taking the pendant and putting it back on the wound on Ross' leg. Took some of the water from the jar Bijoux gave me and tried to clean off Ross a bit. Settled for him seemingly less sticky and curled up close to watch him.
Lots of fining to stay awake, felt tired and antsy at the same time but couldn't quite bring myself to either sleep or move. Ended up falling asleep again, though I tried not to.
Woke up with a jolt, quite disappointing in myself for falling asleep while I aught to be watching Ross. Stretched a bit to shake off the grogginess and settled back down beside Ross.
Noted some curious passerby like usual but kept myself firmly planted by Ross. Soon approached by SylvanRah and Hiirni. Played with them a bit as an excuse to stretch my legs.

Apr. 24 2016

Apr. 23 2016

Apr. 22 2016

Apr. 21 2016

Apr. 20 2016

Apr. 19 2016

Apr. 18 2016
Sat with Ross and gunn something haopppened badda bing i am so tired i promise these will look nice soon

Apr. 17 2016
Spent so much time jerking awake to check on Ross, couldn't discern exactly where the day began. Talla was still pressed up against Ross. She left when i scooted closer to look over Ross. Fell asleep soon after.
Woke again, quite upset with myself that i was only sleeping, not helping and took some of the cleaner scraps left over to fix up what had went brown and red. It didn't look nearly as good as what Bijoux applied. Exhaustion of the lack of sleep was getting to me and i snuggled against Ross again and fell asleep.
Woke a bit later to see Thais and happily gave her nuzzles and hugs.

player has tried on 3 different times to finish this damn entry but each time it gets deleated he sat with thais then she left to the outter forest then Bijoux came by and fixed Ross' bandages and Tig conked out bc hella tired the end i need a coffee
---player will finish this...eventually...probably...maybe...-------

Apr. 16 2016
Startled awake by a commotion. Saw Ichtaca nearby and tried to say hello through the grogginess. The exhaustion played on me and I had some trouble discerning what was happening with all the deer at the pond. Ended up meeting Bijoux, played with her and SylvanRah. Draven ran by too and joined in.
Took a nap and woke to find Draven gone and Bijoux with a pair of other deer. Ran over and joined her and the pair. Many deer came around and disrupted the group, making Bijoux leave. I considered following her but suspected she wanted to be alone. I sat close to a nice looking doe (Cree) for a bit. Eventually decided it was time for me to leave the pond, gave Cree an orchid to thank her for her company and left.
Lots of meandering around, had a snack at the twin gods and heard Thais in the distance. Ran to her and hugged her while making sure she was alright. We settled down and overlooked the pond. I gifted her the snow for the time being, as it seemed to be helping her. Ichtaca came by and nodded at us before leaving again. Snuggled back up with Thais
After a bit, Thais fell asleep. I devised a way i could help her and quietly wiggled away from her. Went to the idol and retrieved my Basket from the tree and filled it up with berries. Tiptoed back to Thais and set the basket down gently before running off again. Went to a nearby flower patch and plucked some violets for her. Set them down carefully and put out an ear to find the Blue Bowl. Ran off and used the landmark to find the Fig tree Thais uses. Jumped around before tearing down a branch. Took some bluebells from there too. While running past, I saw my Friend's tree. Noticed the pelt filled with berries was still there. I bit saddened that the gift never seemed to be accepted. Didn't see my friend nearby and decided it was just best if i take the pelt back. Shook the berries from it and lugged the whole lot back to sleeping Thais. Set down the figs and bluebells and took the Pelt down to the pond to wash up. Laid it out to dry on a sunspot and went to the idol to get some water for Thais. Set all the food in the basket when i returned and took a quick trip to the birch and pulled up the softest grass i could find. Returned to Thais and finally settled down with her again. Propped her up with the grass so her legs would hurt less. Started tying flowers in her hair as well.
She woke up soon and seemed ecstatic to see the spread. She thanked me profusely and I couldn't help but smile at how happy she was. We shared the food for a bit, I felt very happy to see her well.
Saw Benat running about nearby with what seemed to be a friend. Watched them play around a bit, happy to see that Benat was alright as well.
After some resting, we went and got a proper drink at the pond. We heard Gunnarr alone and decided to pay him a visit. We found him resting in some grass and settled down on either side of him. I gave him a little kiss on the head before returning to the previous spot to retrieve the food. Offered some to the child while we sat. Fell asleep with the two.
Woke up later and heard Thais in the distance. Found her in Lem's company and sat down with my basket to munch on one of the last figs. After some relaxing, Thais took her leave. I felt myself nodding off and woke to find Lem gone too.
Ran off and found a nice flower patch and ran about it for a bit. Joined by Bijoux and gave her some flowers from the patch before settling down with her by a tree. Soon joined by Penn. Ran around the flowers some more with him. Reassured him that Bijoux was nice and gave him so flowers too. Asked him to join me at the tree, to which he slid over on his stomach to join. I laughed at the funny image and pulled him close to cuddle. He held me with his wings and I fell asleep with them and Bijoux.
Woke up and found myself in a group of fawns and strangers. Not sure why by tried to be open to everyone there. Bijoux led them away eventually and i took my things and put them away.
Ran around a bit and noticed a familiar figure in the distance. Approached Ross to find him covered in many new injuries and panicked immediately. He only made a gurgling noise and i tried to look about for help. Heard no one and remembered what Ross told me to do. Skittered off to the ruins and tore down as much Moss as i could before dousing it all in the pond. While keeping it on him, Bijoux came by and immediately manifested some objects and directing me what to do.
While we worked, a familiar doe came by, looking around at Ross. Recognized her as one of Ross' friends and kept my attention down at my work while she approached. When Bijoux and i had finished, i groomed Ross to get all the dirt out of his fur. Threw the fur over him and talked with Bijoux a lil. She gave me a sweet food, like the ones i had on Easter. She told me he needed to be watched, so i decided i would need to do that.
Settled down by Ross and watched him very carefully. Making sure nothing got worse or maybe in case he woke up. Talla scooted closer and pressed herself against Ross and Bijoux took her leave.
Spent lots of time watching. Tried to fight sleep but kept jerking awake all night. Felt exhausted but wouldn't let myself sleep for fear something bad would happen to Ross.

Apr. 15 2016

Apr. 14 2016

Apr. 13 2016

Apr. 12 2016

Apr. 11 2016

Apr. 10 2016
Woke up and heard Flyleaf nearby. Immediately went to him and found Rose and Cereja in his company. Happily sat down with them.
Joined later by SylvanRah, who jumped around with us. Ended up dancing with the whole group and a stranger (DShakaL) Tried dancing how they did, by jumping up on my hind legs. It was strange and a bit difficult, i did not really like how hard it was, and settle on some fancy hoofwork (player verifies that's the worst joke she's ever made) instead.
Settled down with them while the stranger danced, shaking their tail at us. Cereja and Rose left eventually, i ended up cuddling SylvanRah and Flyleaf for a bit. Their company lulled me to sleep.
Jolted awake when SylvanRah left, huddled close to Flyleaf. SylvanRah returned with someone vaguely familiar but i was still blinking away sleep. Cuddled Flyleaf for a bit before seeing SylvanRah run off again. Didn't think anything of it until i heard Thais down at the pond. Bid goodbye to Flyleaf and went to go see Thais. She wished to leave so i gave my goodbyes to SylvanRah and followed her to a tree in the birch.
When we arrived i noticed we were near Ross and lead her to join him. Halfway there i noticed she was having difficulty getting up the hill and immediately felt awful for having her climb the hill. She said it was alright, and we settled down next to Ross. I asked her again how she was feeling. I seems the Pond helped her relax a bit so i decided we would return when it was less crowded. Talked a bit about flowers before leaving a moment to get some things for her.
Went down to the pond for water for Thais and found Tenn and Alitar playing. Greeted them both happily, noting how Alitar looked a bit bigger. Had them join me while i got water and my basket and filled it with berries. Led them back to Thais and Ross. Gave Thais the food and drink and pulled Alitar close and cuddled him. Asked Thais if it was alright that everyone came, knowing she wanted to leave the crowd at the pond. Alitar seemed to enjoy jabbing his new horns into my side, it hurt a bit but i was glad the kid was happy. After some time, Thais, Alitar, and Tenn left. So i crawled over to Ross and snuggled with him. Draven came by too, i was glad to see him. Slept a lot with their company.
Woken later by Ross wiggling away, he told me he was off to see his sisters. Talked a lil about Thais' pain and Ross offered to find something for it. I was glad to hear he would be able to help and sat back down with Draven to keep him company.
Didn't realize i fell asleep until i was jerked awake by something. By the time i gathered i senses i saw Kerosene sitting nearby. Asked the what was wrong, as they seemed upset with something. They told me not to worry and i decided to not press any further. Fell asleep while they left.
Woke again later and found myself thirsty. Went down to the idol and got a drink. Played a bit, splashing in the creek. Kerosene came by and i went and cuddled with them, drying off. Eventually fell asleep in their comforting company.

Apr. 9 2016
Woke up and noticed Sadiki nearby. Excitedly ran over and clung to him, it's been awhile sense i've seen him. He told me he liked the candy and it made me really happy to know he enjoyed it. Made a crown of Larkspur for him. While cuddling, we saw Draven run by. Followed him to a patch in the birch and sat down happily. Rested against Draven while playing with Sadiki's tail. Saw a pair of familiar strangers in the distance but felt too tired and comfortable to go to them. Fell asleep, warm against Draven while cuddling Sadiki's soft tail.
Woke up later and found Draven sitting alone by the pond. Ran over and snuggled him. My recent interest in making crowns struck and i decided to make one for Draven. Quiet time was interrupted briefly by Maggot coming by, so i hid behind Draven. Tenn came by as well, placing themselves between us and Maggot. Eventually Maggot left and we settled back down. Tenn showed me the lavender again, it made me really happy to see that they enjoyed it.
Finished the crown eventually, made of reeds, orchids, and daisies. My head felt a little breezy, with all the flowers i used to make it. I told myself i'll restock soon. Struck up some light conversation with Draven and learned that Thais was hurt. Immediately panicked a bit but kept under control to ask details. A bit surprised that Draven asked for my help, definitely excited at the idea that my interests were being recognized as talents. Felt a little calmer with Draven's concern. Knowing that he was worried too. Sat curled up with him and Tenn while thinking over what was wrong, and considering what i could do to help.
Joined later by little Cereja and Vodka. Pulled Cereja close to cuddle, while Tenn left. After a tiny nap, Draven and i said goodbye to the pair and went to find Thais.
Found Thais with Ross and Gunnarr. Talked with Thais for a bit to find out what was ailing her. Specified the location of the pain and sat very close with her so I could guarantee she would be alright. I heard a familiar fawn in the distance but felt like i couldn't abandon Thais so i stayed put, feeling a little ashamed. Draven spent much of his time running around the group, keeping watch.
After a bit, Ross got up and left, Returning after a bit with the familiar fawn. Gratefully thanked him and asked if he was alright. He said he was alright but he sported a few new bruises. Assume that he was alright though, and cuddled up with He and the two fawns. Eventually fell asleep

Apr. 8 2016
Woke and wandered a bit. Gathered a tiny pile of berries before finding Gunnarr and Juri sitting in a patch of tall grass. Happily sat with them, glad to see them both well. Sat in thier company for a bit.
After a bit, Juri left so i scooted closer to Gunnarr. Pushed him the berries i gathered and gave him a kiss on the head before curling around him to keep him warm.
Felt sleep coming but tried to shake it off by crafting a gift for Gunnarr. Soon presented him with a flower crown to fit his tiny head. He seemed to like it, i was glad. Eventually fell asleep beside him.

Apr. 7 2016
Woke up and went to get a drink. Took the basket from the tree and filled it with berries before going out to find someone to share with. Found Ross, plopped the basked down in front of him. When i asked him if he was alright, his voice seemed odd. Simply sat down and groomed him for a bit. He curled around me, i was happy that he seemed happy.
While we cuddled for a bit, he started singing a song. I was intrigued by the strange sounds he made and enjoyed it quite a bit. Curled up to Ross and fell asleep soon.

Apr. 2 2016
Meandered back to the forest with Ross and Jo. While with sleepy Ross, met someone named “Tenn”. Joined in playing a bit. Found them interesting, they acting interestingly. After some play they lead me to the oak and we sat together for a bit. All the play had worn me down and I leaned against them and fell asleep.
Woke up later to find them cuddling me. Happily stayed a bit before getting the sense I needed to find someone. I was worried that maybe something happened while I was gone and needed to make sure my friends were alright----

Apr. 1 2016
Today i confessed my love to, made out with, and promptly got Penn killed by Jov. Love hurts
yeah u thought, april fools yo

Mar. 31 2016
Slept all day, only woke a moment to verify Ross was there. Gave his arm a little pat and a smile and passed out again. Incredibly happy to have his company, i wonder if he misses the forest too.

Mar. 30 2016
Spent most of the day scouting around the outer forests for new flowers and relaxing. (New blooms include, but not limited to violets, Stargrass, Larkspur, and various curly-fern things) Came back with my crown brimming with the new and interesting blooms. Saw Ross with his friend Ery. They kiss alot, they must be very good friends. Looked through my things fondly before taking a well deserved nap. Feeling a bit sad about being away from the forest.

Mar. 29 2016
Everything in the basket has been eaten. Except the ribbons, they were not edible. Tried to think of something to do with them. Tied it to my ear but found it a bit uncomfortable.
While Ross was sleeping i tied it around his tail. He woke up and saw it, asking if i did it. When i told him he smiled and gave me a little kiss. Snuggled up with him and fell asleep.

Mar. 28 2016
Woke and finished the rest of the things in the basket. Found myself with a bit more energy and ran around with Ross and his friend. I eventually settled down and thought i should make Ross' friend a flower crown too. Gave her the crown and learned her name was Ery. She gave me a kiss and accepted the gift. Ran around happily some more. Eventually settled down to look over the book and note some more. Finally fell asleep.

Mar. 27 2016
Left the outer forests while Ross and Jo slept. Fell asleep against the idol upon getting there
Woke up and found a basket filled with brightly colored objects and another smaller object made of paper. Found out the items in the basket were edible! They were really sweet and i tried as many as i could. Decided it would be selfish to keep them all to myself and took the basket up in my mouth to find some friends.
Found Sadiki but he was asleep. Wished i could spend some time with him but didn't want to wake him. Left him an egg made of a sweet flavor.
Ran off again to find Father Albert sitting in front of a tree. Gave him some oddly sweet bird-shaped items. Talked a bit and found up that Velocity has a son named Jesus and today is a celebration for him. Joined Father Albert in praying, though for some reason he stayed by the tree and didn't go to the idols. Then we broke off to find food to celebrate. Returned and finished ate a nice meal of berries and mushrooms before looking over the book again. Father Albert offered to read to me and the nice story lulled me to sleep.
Later found Sabel and gave her some of the sweet Berry-like things to munch on. Played around with her for a bit and showed her the 'book'. She showed me how to use the trees to store things. Enthralled with this and jumped around with her a bit to celebrate. I eventually fell asleep laying on her back.
Woke and returned to Ross in the outer forests. Showed him the items i brought and asked him about the book. He showed me how to pronounce the title and i got very excited. Fell asleep soon, happy to have Ross' company.

Mar. 26 2016
Spent lots of time asleep. Other waking moments were spent with thinking and examining the note. Took lots of time to try and figure what I could with the note. Recognized the letters from Jack's teachings and had to sound out many of the words. Found myself recognizing many of the words but kept getting hung up on a few. Eventually stored it away, deciding to ask someone later about their meanings.
Checked up on Ross a lot and ended up asleep again

Mar. 25 2016
Woke up with Ross still asleep. Didn't want to leave his warmth quite yet so I pulled a couple of blooms from my crown and crafted a crown of violets and bluebells for Ross. When the crown was done I noticed Jo nearby and realized she really did so much to help Ross. She deserved my gratitude for sure. Pulled some daises from my crown as well as one of the dark blooms from Halloween. Fashioned a nice crown and carefully wiggled from Ross to give her the gift. Set it before her. She looked at me and asked what it was. I was worried I had bothered her and lowered my voice and told her it was a flower crown for her. She seemed happy for it and I excitedly tapped my hooves a bit and thanked her as well before returning to Ross. Huddled under the blanket for a bit.
Later decided I aught to go gather some more food, as I had eaten a considerable amount of the berries.
Returned to the forest and gathered some berried before seeing the little one from before in the poppies. Said hello and asked if his paw was feeling better. He said it was better and we talked for a bit about names and my items. I was touched to see that he had kept the sprig of mint I gave him before. I pulled him in to cuddle and enjoyed some light chatter. Felt a bit tired, tried to shake the grogginess by grooming the little one. Felt a bit flustered when he said I smelled nice, was caught completely off guard by the compliment. He asked that I don't leave him and I felt a little pang in my chest. Knowing what it was like to lose someone, I never wanted that to happen to him. I reassured him I would be around while trying to keep myself from falling apart in front of him. Kept it under control enough but he still noticed. Managed to tell him I would never leave and we made a promise to stay with each other. We played for a bit before falling asleep.
Later wiggled away from the kid to get a drink and saw Sabel in the distance. Greeted her and asked how she was. It sounded that she was unwell and I grew concerned. She said she was alright but told me I was looking odd again. I panicked and when she asked what troubled me, I fell into sobs. She rocked me gently while I tried desperately to hide in her fur. I felt guilty for worrying her with myself and wanted to hide away everything that made me sad so she wouldn't be sad. I felt bad enough that not only was I slipping, but she clearly had not been well lately. I asked her if I was here and she said I was. She told me it was like I would get lost in thought and I choked back a sob. She took me down to the pond and asked me why I kept hiding. I told her I just wanted her to not be worried. She sat me down on the bank and groomed me while telling me that it was alright. She said being sad was helpful, that it wasn't a bad thing. I was confused. If it wasn't so bad then why did it hurt so? I asked her to verify her statement. Her words stemmed the throbbing in my mind while she explained how it helped tell when something is wrong. I lost myself in a myriad of questions of if something was wrong. I knew Cole was gone but he was better now, right? I couldn't pinpoint if that was good or bad and just ended up blubbering to Sabel. She told me things would be alright. I felt myself slowing down with her words. Her words while explaining seemed strange. I asked if she was alright again and tried to reassure her I would be there for her while tears still streamed from my eyes. I cleaned my face and asked her to stay, like I did with the little fawn earlier. She told me she would be there, and asked me to stay safe if she wasn't. Sabel started to hum a little tune and I felt my eyes get heavy. I murmured to her to do the same and fell asleep with her, feeling far less clouded than before.
Woke up some time later with Sabel gone but a string of beads and a note beside me instead. Sniffed the paper and recognized Kerosene and Indra's scent. Happily strung up the beads on my right arm. Tried to look at the note but was so extremely tired, any attempts to decipher the writing would be unsuccessful. Rolled up the note and placed it in a bottle to examine later.
Returned to the idol, gathered up the berries and returned to the outer forest. Only had the energy to drop the berries down and crawl under the blanket beside Ross. Lay down and closed my eyes. Ross curled around me and started a little tune that lulled me into sleep.

Mar. 24 2016
Spent most of the day sleeping. Woke up briefly to wiggle under the blanket with Ross. He curled around me and we snuggled. Felt my mood improving greatly before teetering back into sleep.

Mar. 23 2016
Woke by the tree and instantly went to look around. Thought I heard Gunnarr's tiny footsteps in the distance but by the time I gathered berries for him, I lost the lead. Wandered a bit aimlessly before being found by pup. Happily followed him to Thais and a stranger named “Vodka”
Chatted with pup for a bit while Vodka left. The conversation took a turn for the worst when pup asked were everyone was. I felt my heart drop to my stomach and slowly my voice got quieter and quieter while pup asked what was wrong. When I told him Cole was gone, we both fell apart. Pup ran off before I could reach for him and I cried into Thais' side.
Pup returned and I carefully set a hoof on him to know he was here. He didn't look alright but I thought it was best to leave him before he ran away again. My sobbing quieted soon and pup left again. I kept it together and simply curled around Thais' belly to reassure myself she and her child were there.
Later I desired a snack but the berries I gathered seemed uninteresting. Sitting with Thais I recalled the figs she always brought me. Fig sounded delightful but Thais was asleep. I nudged her gently and asked her where she found them. She responded groggily and I gave her and her belly a peck before going to search for the figs.
Sniffed around and eventually found the tree. The branches were laden with fruit but, a bit out of my reach. Lots of jumping and attempts to grab the fruits and I accidentally tore down a small branch. Shook the fall and walked atop the branch to gather as many figs I could before hearing Thais calling for me. I returned and she looked worried. She asked me if I was hurt and I reassured her I was alright. We sat down and she groomed me while I munched on a fig. We sat together and I felt quite content, more so than I've been in awhile.
Eventually Thais fell asleep again and I gathered the food I had and gave her one more kiss before deciding it was time to return to Ross.
Ran around and gathered a couple tasty pine cones before dragging the food back to the outer forest. Threw down the pile in front of Ross and apologized for being away so long. He said it was alright so I plopped down beside him and ate a berry or two before falling fast asleep.

Mar. 22 2016
Meandered back to the forest behind Ross and Jo. Returned and spent some time with Ross while Jo talked to little Gunnarr. Retried some berries for Ross and clung to him a bit.
Heard my friend in the distance and went to go find him. Bothered by the fact I hardly checked on him sense he got ill, tried to make it up by seating myself beside him, to which he got up and moved over a bit. A little downhearted. Saw Kuwaka nearby and was curious why he wasn't here, knowing he was also close with my friend. Tried a couple times to scoot closer to my friend so I could feel his presence and be reassured he was alright. Each time he simply moved over. Got a bit frightened that I was bothering him and tried moving to the other side of the tree. Felt a bit anxious that I couldn't see and and worried he would leave if out of sight. Slowly crept around the tree to make sure I could see him. He again moved and I decided perhaps there was a good reason why. Felt a pang of guilt for perusing him and tried to make it up with a hearty gift of berries in the pelt. Left them in front of him before sitting on the other side of the tree and keeping an eye on him. Anxiety over not being able to physically verify he was there but tried to settle down with the notion that I could see him. Fell asleep eventually
Woken when joined by Father Albert. Groggily snuggled up to him before getting into some light chat. Noticed the berries and pelt were in front of me and rather concerned about it. Took the edge of the fur back up in my mouth and set it nearby my friend Talked to Father Albert about my newest addition to my collection. He explained that they were a bloom called “peonies” when I had thought they were a strange rose. ---to be continued---

Mar. 21 2016
Woke in the outer forests with Ross and the lady he calls Jo.
Talked to Ross about the 'toy' he has that looks like a bunny. Appropriately named "bunny". Found out Cole gave it to him, a bit saddened by his leave but glad Ross liked the toy. Snuggled up to him and slept for most of the day.

Mar. 20 2016
Woke up with Benat at the tree. Cried a bit but hid it from the little one. Spent some time cuddling him, just happy to know he was there. Soon joined by Thais, who handed me a bundle of flowers and said they were from Nix. I took them and thanked her. Stuck them out of the back of my crown and sat with everyone. Soon joined by Kerosene, Indra, and Father Albert. Benat took his leave after some time. Thais fell asleep as well.
Saw Lord Ray in the distance. He came by and sat down nearby. I glanced at him but fell back into thoughts. Looked up again to see Indra near him and he was getting upset. He ran off and I jumped up. Perused him a bit to see if he was alright. He seemed upset by Indra. I tried to reassure him that she just didn't know who he was. Each time Indra got close, Lord Ray would run off. Eventually it agitated him so much he left and I tried to not cry.
Saw Ross in the distance. He hobbled over and I grew worried for him. He said something about a horse and tried to say he was fine. He didn't look fine at all. After a bit I managed to convince him to come to the tree. Sat him down carefully and put up an ear to find Lord Ray and make sure is alright. Asked Ross to stay put and found Lord Ray huddled against a tree. Talked to him a bit and tried to explain what happened. He settled down enough for me to return him to the tree with the others. He still kept a distance but I was still glad to have him there.
Ended up getting pulled down into cuddled with Kuwaka while telling Sabel she should probably not try to play with Lord Ray. Zorn came later as well. Got worried when I realized I was not near Ross, who needed far more attention than me. Managed to pull on Kuwaka's arm to bring him over to Ross. and sat down by him. Joined by Kuwaka, Sabel and Zorn as well anyway while Kerosene and Indra left. Leaned on Ross while being blanketed by Zorn's tail and leaned on by Sabel and Kuwaka. Very content with being able to verify everyone was there.
After a bit, Ross told me he needed to go visit someone. I worried he would not be able to get around and asked to help. Quickly gathered my things and helped Ross to his aunt.
He talked with two ladies when he arrived and I kept quiet, making sure Ross didn't fall. Caught bits of their conversation and realized they were telling Ross he needed to rest. I figured they knew how to help him and told myself I would have Ross rest when the chance came. Tried to distract myself with a bloom but listened to everything carefully to see if there was anything I could do to help.
The lady brought some items in bottles while they tried to think of somewhere safe to have Ross rest. I took careful note of the strange gels and their distinct scents. Watched as she applied them and wrapped up Ross. When she finished, Ross was asleep. The lady went and sat with the other but I didn't want to leave Ross. Spent some time leaning against him while he slept. When he woke, the lady retrieved some items for him and opened a portal in the idol. Ross asked if I could visit and the lady agreed. The three of us made our way through.
Ended up in a forest, similar to the one at home but quieter and more like the outer forest I visited with Thais. Some time after settling down, Ross thanked me for coming with. We talked a bit. I felt a little sad at the idea of leaving him behind, thus being why I came. Asked him to stay, I wanted him to not leave. He told me he would stay and I tried to hide some tears by hugging him. He hummed a little tune but his voice was raspy. I tried to pick up the tune for him. Eventually fell asleep with them.

Mar. 19 2016
Woke in the oak and got a drink before wandering around a bit aimlessly. Sat myself down near Draven's spot to distract myself with the blooms. The strange red doe from before came and sat herself nearby. I didn't realize I was leaning on her until a bit later, thankfully she didn't seem to mind.
Later Kuwaka joined us and cuddled me while I sat. Thais dropped by too while Kuwaka groomed me, We exchanged greetings and she asked me how I was. I didn't know what I could say and buried my face in her crest. She said it was alright to not speak. Thankful for this, I nestled myself with her and didn't try to speak.
Kuwaka seemed to enjoy my company a lot, I was glad to have him there and gave him a tiny nuzzle while Sabel and Indra arrived. Stuck out a hoof and laid it on Sabel's side, not being able to move from under the lion. She reassured me she was here and I smiled a bit from Thais' crest. Eventually sleep found me.
Woke up later when everyone left and took a walk. Found myself clouded with thoughts about Cole. The orange flowers were tickling my chin while I kept returning to the awful thought that I had not returned as much as Cole had given me. The gifts and time and love he gave me, I felt like I fell short. The awful feeling that I needed to return it to him. While running absentmindedly, I found myself grazing a few strangers while I thought of how I could return it to Cole. Ended up at the plaats, staring at the magic while thinking. Decided I would make him something. Something akin to a memorial. While staring I noticed movement beside me and recognized Benat. Said hello and gave him a nuzzle. Offered to have him join me. He followed behind while I searched for the start of the item, a birch tree. Took a bit of searching but found one out of the way and safe feeling.
Sat Benat down while I fumbled around my things. A bit unaccustomed to removing them but took off the orange blooms. My neck felt a bit cold but I took the flowers in my mouth and hung them from a loose piece of bark. Looked at the thing for a moment before taking the gold necklace from around my neck. Kissed it gently before hanging it as well. Quickly took the copper necklace and hung it too. Looked back at it so far while Benat said it looked nice. I held back any tears and thanked him dearly. Stood up to look for what else I could use to add. Found some flowers that nearly matched the hue of Cole's hair and picked as many as I could carry. Threw them around the base of the tree. Tried to think about what else I could add. Recalled when Thais was celebrating her mother so long ago, she set items down too. I knew what I was doing must be right. Pulled forward the lantern from Sadiki and pulled out a candle. Let it burn beside the tree. Finally set my forehead against the tree, imitating the many times I saw Cole do the same.
I felt a bit overwhelmed with my thoughts and many tears found their way out. Couldn't help feel horrible knowing I would never see him again. Benat reached out and told me it was alright and I thanked him, trying to hide my tears. Eventually the dread fell away, the dread that I hadn't returned anything for him. I realized he would probably appreciate the memorial, he might even smile at it. I smiled faintly. Feeling better, I decided to try and avert my attention to the fawn I dragged along with me. Pulled Benat close and tried to groom him while thinking about the memorial. Eventually fell asleep with him, feeling a bit more at peace with the situation.

Mar. 18 2016
Wandered aimlessly for a bit, still lost in thought. Saw Gunnarr in the distance but found him with someone else. Felt it best to leave him be and shoved myself against the inside wall of the oak. Did what I could to fall asleep as quickly as possible to stem my sobs.
Woke and found Gunnarr beside me. Quickly dried my eyes and put on a brave face for the little one. Checked on him and was surprised by a response asking if I was alright. Tried to hide my negative response with a smile and kiss but he pressed. Didn't want to tell him what happened but didn't want him to find out any other way. Tried to ask if he remembered Cole from the day I first met him. Cracked while telling the child he was gone. He gave me a couple helpful words, saying it wouldn't hurt as bad later. Apologized to him for falling apart and clung to him for a bit. Tried to distract myself with plucking flowers but ultimately found more comfort in being with Gunnarr, knowing he was there. Managed to calm down enough to fall asleep.

Mar. 17 2016
Woke up where I had fallen asleep. Immediately noticed Nix nearby. As I shook away the sleep, I remembered everything from before. It broke me and I fell into sobs. He kindly provided me with company while I felt the dread of the news seep deeper into my chest. Had the sense that I was exposed somehow and tried to curl in on myself to cover it. The sensation didn't really fall away but I eventually managed to fall asleep.
Woke up to find myself still feeling like there was a gap in my front. I decided it was probably thirst and gave sleepy Nix a nuzzle before tottering off.
While getting a drink I spotted little Gunnarr under a willow. Sat myself beside him and tried to hide any evidence that I was upset. Cuddled up, feeling better knowing he was physically there and accounted for. The sensation in my chest stemmed a bit
Felt a bit buried under my thoughts and tried to distract myself with grooming Gunnar. Didn't notice Dazenth until he was before me. Rather numbly tried to greet him but just wanted to sit back down with Gunnarr. Saw Thais run in and stand between us. I sighed and dropped back down to care for Gunnarr. Thais sat with us as well, I was glad to see her and snuggled against her while I held Gunnarr. Kept myself thinking of happy memories to try and keep myself together for them.
Woke a bit later to see a scuffle but couldn't bring myself to do much of anything. Thais nudged us away. We sat down by a tree and I slumped against it to hopefully fall asleep as quickly as I could.

Mar. 16 2016
Not a good sleep. Kept waking up and reliving the horror of the news over, and over, and over....
Woke each time with my face buried in the flowers Cole gave me. Grew to hope I simply fell asleep each time. Absolutely taken by the wonderful sensation of being asleep and unaware.
Woke up and despite my desperate efforts, couldn't go back to sleep. Thought over the loss again, playing out my sadness yet again and falling into sobs.
Saw Ross approach, My mind felt a bit foggy so I hardly realized he was there until he was in-front of me. Fell into his front, letting the tears flow. Everything from yesterday was so overwhelming I just needed to cry, even if Ross could see I was distressed. He hugged me close and cried as well, I assumed he knew what happened too. Spent some time sitting together crying into his chest.
After a bit I finally wiped my eyes and looked up at Ross, with my little flower tried to his horn. It reminded me of the little Dark fawn I saw recently that seemed to know Ross and smell like him. After a moment I realized that the correlations were so close I had to ask.
"Can you change how you look?"
"Were...Were you a fawn?"
"I was. I-I didn't.. mean to, though. ...Was on accident."
He sounded distressed about it and I huddled closer to comfort him
"An accident?"
"" alright Ross?"
"Ja. 'M ok now..."
I looked up to him, happy to know he was alright
"I'm glad you're alright"
Spent some time enjoying his company. Found it incredibly nice to know he was here. Simply clung to him in near desperation. Didn't want to consider him leaving like Cole. Tried to groom him to settle not only him, but myself down. It worked enough to make me fall asleep. I welcomed unconsciousness happily.

Mar. 15 2015
Woke and decided to look around for anyone familiar. Found Sabel in the blue bowl with a couple strangers around her. Sat myself beside her to care for her. Noticed a vague familiarity and a fawn. Appeared to spook the fawn, felt really bad for it. Sighed and sat myself with Sabel between us with a twinge of guilt.
Asked Sabel if she was alright and became a bit worried with the negative answer. I had no idea how to assist her rather than get her drink. Kept her company and retrieved food in case she needed it. Groomed her until she fell asleep.
Noticed Thais on the hill nearby and happily bounded up to her when she called. Immediately noted a strange difference in her appearance and inquired if she was alright. She gave me a hug and looked at me and said she had something sad about Cole. She started to cry and told me he ”died”. I didn't understand what she meant but the fact the word brought her to tears frightened me a bit. The word seemed heavy and dark, my mind went rampant with what it could possibly mean. I felt my own face get the sting of tears. I tried to ask what she meant but my voice was simply a whimper. She explained that he wouldn't move again, that he won't wake up, that he's gone. It took a moment when she hugged me that I refused to believe it. I tried to think over what she meant but all I could revert to was that he was gone. That he wouldn't be back. Only when she released me did I realize I was staring off into the distance. I jerked free of my stare and looked back up at Thais. I saw my vision get misty and my heart felt like it dropped. My legs shook and I fell into Thais' front. I felt the need to make sure what I heard was right
“Cole's gon'?”

She fell to the ground with me and explained to me with shaky words how everything would die eventually. My imagination went wild with the concept. Loosing those I hold so dear, like Draven or Thais. The thought that they would one day be gone to made my heart go wild and my breathing get heavy. She tried to tell me that Cole loved us and wouldn't like us to be sad but everything was just crashing down on me. I realized one day, I would be alone. That thought broke me into uncontrollable sobbing. By the time she explained I was in hysteria over the matter. My crying got so bad i was loosing the ability to breathe properly. Hiccups infested any attempts to speak while I lamented over the loss.
"I...I hic I don't want hic don't want hic "
The fact I couldn't speak properly was frustrating, I strained to speak and breathe
"T-too hic lose him"
I looked up to her is desperation. She pulled me close and cried as well, trying to console me. My head ached from the crying. I tried to listen to her speak. She made a comment about how Cole was somewhere better, resting. She suggested he was happy now. Her comments helped me relax and my hiccups faded off slowly. In a shaky breath I questioned Thais to verify that Cole was alright now. She talked a bit, about how its better with Cole happy and that we should think more about our happy memories with him. I was somewhat stuck with the idea that he was gone. I tried to tell Thais how I would miss having him around. I could feel the flowers tickle my chin when I told her I loved his gifts. I felt a little bit safer when I recalled all the times he referred to me as 'scoot'. But it was all so empty feeling. The air still nipped at my flank, to prove he wasn't there. I felt myself on the verge of falling apart again. She gave me a kiss on the forehead while telling me it was alright to be sad. Her comfort was significantly helpful. We spent some time together, I tried to relax into only a few raspy breaths. I tried to think about Cole. Every memory I turned over brought forth a new wave of despair. I clung to Thais in horror over the thought of losing her too.
While sitting with Thais I saw a familiar figure approach. I couldn't bring myself to stand and nodded to him in acknowledgment. He approached and I noticed he got visibly worried when he saw me. He set down a gift in front of me after a couple questions. I looked down at the necklace and gave Father Albert a faint thank you. He reassured me that everything will be alright and it helped me calm down a bit. I sniffled and gathered up the necklace with my mouth before making a weak attempt to wobble over to him and fall into his neck sobbing. Struggled but finally managed another thank you. I tried to comment on the gift's beauty but my energy was simply gone.
Father Albert asked me why I felt so bad. Any attempt on my part to explain what happened was shrouded in tears. I couldn't bring myself to say it and fell apart to Albert. I held tight to his arm, preferring how he was in my company and accounted for. He pat my head and told me everything would be alright. His company helped me calm down again. I re-positioned myself so I was back with Thais. I knew she needed support as well as I.
Sunk my head into the flowers that have been around my neck for so long. Took a deep breath and could faintly smell Cole. Teared up and sat there in the flowers trying to silence any of my sobs. Turned my head away from everyone.
Father Albert left eventually, leaving me with Thais. I was curled into her hair when a question came to me. I asked curiously about the first time Thais met Cole. After some conversing we both came to realize we met him on the same day. It lifted my spirits a bit. Fell asleep clinging tightly to Thais. Disturbed by the thought of losing her too.
Later joined by Jovan. Wanted to say hello but my head ached a lot, not to mention I had the worst sense of wanting to be alone. Clung to Jovan for a bit, happy to know he was alright. Fell asleep yet again.

Mar. 14 2016
Woke to find Thais beside me, keeping me warm. Gave her a little peck on the cheek as a thanks. Placed my ear to her belly again to listen for the child. Chatted with her for a bit, glad for her company. Gave her stomach a little kiss where the child was. Thais then recalled something and gave me a gift of a tiny round object (marble). She told me it was human, but didn't seem to know it's function. While trying to put it somewhere I accidentally launched it at a tree. Retrieved it and put it a bottle with the purple stone for safekeeping.
After a bit she fell sleep so I put up an ear. Found Draven happily walked over. Ran around with him a bit before settling down, a bit dizzy. Buried my face in his fur playfully before simply falling asleep.

Mar. 13 2016
Woke up with the Dark fawn and decided to retrieve some berries for him before he woke. Saw Lord Ray nearby and went to check up on him. He said he was high, though I suspected the twin gods statues had a higher elevation. He tried to elaborate but I simply couldn't figure out what he meant. He seemed unnerved by the Dark fawn so I sat myself between him and the fawn. We curled up for a bit, I hoped I managed to help. Lord Ray fell asleep so I put out a ear and heard Thais in the distance. Left the sleeping Lord Ray and found Thais sitting alone. Happily plopped down beside her. Later went to get a drink and ended up sitting in the pond for a bit. I had stashed a few of my items in the roots of a willow and enjoyed the sensation of being fully submerged. Splashed around with the water for some time with Thais while admiring the koi. Checked up on her and she did the same for me. I couldn't help but express my concern as of late. Concern for Sabel, my friend, Lord Ray too. She consoled me that they would be alright and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It helped me relax a bit.
We got up and I picked up my things in my mouth before trotting of with Thais to find a sun spot. Discovered a pleasantly warm patch of sunlight and stretched out under it. Wiggled my things back on and nearly fell asleep in the warmth of the sun. When I was dry, I scooted over to Thais and curled up. It was all so calming and comfortable. Visited by Nix for some time and happily welcomed him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Very happy for his company and felt a little sad when he left.
Later received periodic visits from a fawn. Eventually they came and stayed. While we rested I put my ear to Thais' stomach again. She smiled at me and I gave a little giggle. I had the feeling the kid would be as kind as she was, I simply couldn't wait to meet them.
Thais came around to cuddle the tiny fawn and leaned on me. I placed a little kiss on her head and set my head down to rest again.
Woke up to find the little fawn gone. Didn't mind their absence, simply glad I could accompany them.
Realized how I hadn't checked in on the tiny dark fawn at the plaats in awhile. Stood and gave Thais a nuzzle and a goodbye before trotting off to find him.
Found a large familiar presence at the Plaats. Recognized him as the one I talk about spells with the other day and investigated him. Figured he was asleep so I sat down beside him to keep warm. After a bit I couldn't help but feel a bit bored so I gathered some daisies and began to tie them into his fur. I made a decently sized patch of blooms over his shoulder before I decided to set my chin on him and relax.
He suddenly rolled over and I jumped up, worried I angered him. I apologized for the blooms and he simply asked my name. I gave him my title and he reassured me the flowers didn't bother him. I happily asked him what his name was. He called himself “Brother Albert” and I got a bit confused. For a moment I tried to consider the fact that perhaps I had a blood-relative. But Brother Albert was, well, nothing like me. I inquired just to be sure. He said he was “a brother to all” as he put it. Something about that seemed reassuring, like a brother that would be around if you need them. He asked if I was born in the forest and it brought up the thought of my past. It was a bit painful to think about and I simply told him I didn't know. He reassured me that it was ok that I did'nt know. Told me some things about knowing things and not knowing things. He asked me about my items and I was happy to tell him about them. Inquired about the flowers I put all over him, hoping they didn't bother him.
The dark fawn came by and I settle down with them. Kept light conversation with Brother Albert concerning the fawn before falling fast asleep.
Woke later to cuddle the fawn to keep him warm. The kid made some incomprehensible babble that made me giggle. I placed a kiss on his head. They made a noise like “Tig” but it sounded more like “ig” I smiled and told him that was my name. Their little flower on their head distracted me for a moment, I mentioned how I gave a similar one to Ross and they tried to say his name. I looked down to the little one and repeated Ross' name for him. While my head was reclined I could smell that familiar scent again. More images flashed in my mind, Dark thick fur, grooming, and now a low humming. An incredibly familiar low humming. Identified the humming, as well as the scent, as Ross'. Took a moment to sort it out before looking down to the fawn and asking if they knew Ross. Tried telling them about Ross but they seemed more interested in seeing him. Happily led him over to were Sabel lay, as it was the last place I saw him.
Approached the group and after checking on my Friend and Sabel, went to Ross. Found instead a pile of leaves covered in flowers. Simply thought for a moment that Sabel had gotten a bit overzealous with decorating him while he was asleep. Tried to look through the pile but found nothing. Sighed and sat down while the Dark fawn tried to repeat Ross' name. I pulled the fawn in to keep him warm while he continued to babble. Tried to help him with pronunciation and giggled at how similar he sounded to Ross. While looking over the pile, I thought about the day Ross consoled after I was hurt. He hummed a tune that I dug from the recesses of my mind to hum shakily. While humming, the Dark fawn beside me began to imitate the tune flawlessly. A bit surprised by how well he could hum but smiled anyway.
The kid snuggled closer and I groomed him before falling asleep.

Mar. 12 2016
Found myself in a bush of bluebells, not sure how I got there. Was approached by a large familiar lion creature. He came forward and I gave him a sleepy smile and a greeting. He mentioned something about my 'dream' but I didn't understand what he meant. He asked me how I was then asked how things were going. I reassured him everything was alright but when he pressed on, I started getting worried. I told him what happened, reliving it all filled me with sadness but I tried to stay upbeat. The Lion sounded concerned and asked for details. On the verge of tears, I apologized profusely for not being able to recall anything. He mentioned something about wearing out his body but I was so ashamed I hadn't been able to help my friend. The Lion pulled me close and said he was having his friend go out to care for him. He reassured me my friend would be alright and I thanked him. He nuzzled me and introduced himself as “Kuwaka”. I introduced myself and curled myself into his mane. He told me he would be there if I needed him, just that I would need to call. I thanked him and set my head on his paws, I felt myself getting tired. I barely heard a 'good day' before sleep took me.
Woke to find myself where I fell asleep the day before. A bit confused about my current predicament. Spent a tired moment trying to figure out what happened. Raised myself from the bushes and looked around. I decided to go get a drink and happened upon Zorn on the bridge. Gladly went to him. We sat about and Zorn groomed me. Caught rather deep in thought about everything lately. With my friend and Sabel and finding yet another lonely fawn.
After some thinking, I recalled how Zorn knew my sickly friend. I felt as though I should tell him about what happened. Couldn't bring myself to find a way to explain it to him, as I hardly understood it myself. When I thought I mustered up an appropriate way to put it, he had fallen asleep. Stayed around a bit to enjoy his warmth. Heard Sadiki, Jovan, and Sabel speaking in the distance. I got exited at the prospect of seeing Sadiki again and gave Zorn a nuzzle before leaving.
Happily came upon the group and plopped myself down beside Sadiki. Tiredly pressed my face against his side and payed little attention to the conversation. Spent most of the time sleeping, lulled by Sadiki's scent.
Woke up and saw Draven around. Sprang up and gave him a hug while Sabel scooted over to were I was sitting. When I sat back down she pulled me in to cuddle. I accepted it happily. Sabel appeared to be a bit tired so I wiggled free and told her I would get food for her. Ran off and gathered berries, enough for everyone there. Brought them back for the group and gave them out respectively. Sat down with Sabel again and groomed her a bit to help her. When she seemed to fall asleep, I moved over to Draven to stay warm.
After some time I got thirsty and decided to get a drink. Realizing the Plaats were closer, headed there. When I got there I noticed a tiny fawn sitting by a tree. Said hello to it, then realized I seemed to be frightening him. Tried asking if I was scaring him and he gave me a little head shake. Glad I didn't seem to be terrorizing the little one, I tried to think of some way to prove I was there to help. Pulled out a simple daisy from my crown and set it down before him. The kid simply examined it before returning it. I gingerly took it back, a bit downhearted that my gift seemed to fall through. He stared for a moment before reaching back out for the bloom. I happily gave it to him while catching a faint whiff of him. His scent was incredibly familiar but I couldn't place it. The kid placed the flower beside a few others on his head. I smiled, he was like me in a way. The bright carnation on his head stuck out a bit. I myself would carry a couple of those. The little one smiled and took a few tiny steps to me and I grinned, happy to know the fawn seemed to appreciate me. Looked down to them and got another breath of their scent. Hit with an intense feeling of familiarity, and a mental image of soft black fur. Sat down with him for some time to keep yet another forest orphan warm
Later saw Lord Ray pass by. Tried to wave him over but he only sat at a nearby tree. A bit sad that he didn't come over but decided it would be alright.
Penn came by as well, I said hello. He took an interest to Lord Ray and spent some time running around and headbutting him. I couldn't help but giggle at the whole thing. Penn seemed to find interest in staring down Lord Ray. Eventually Lord Ray stood up and sat down, covering Penn with his blanket. I watched Penn throw the red around and watch it fall back on him and smiled.
After some play, an unknown fawn came by playing with spells. One hit Lord Ray and hit head hit the ground and made a noise of discomfort. I jumped up from the sleeping orphan beside me and asked Lord Ray if he was alright. He said he wasn't and I got worried and asked what happened. He explained that the forest's magic burns him. Asked if I could help, but he said he didn't need any before licking my cheek. Asked again if he would like to join me and the dark fawn but simply said he had his own to deal with and stared at Penn. Properly introduced Lord Ray to Penn and told him they like frogs. He repeated the information and I went back to the dark fawn to watch things unfold.
Penn took to jumping around and Lord Ray eventually fell asleep. Watched Penn flip around in wonder, congratulating his work. He fell pretty hard once but said he was alright. After a bit he got tired out and I invited him to relax with me and the dark fawn. He came over and I pulled him in to stay warm.
When everyone was fast asleep I got up and went to get a drink. Noticed a frog jumping around the plaats and saw them (Albert) return to their normal state upon leaving the mushrooms. Gave him a hello. He returned it and we spoke a bit about the spells before I returned to the pile to stay warm. Curled in close to the group and fell asleep

Mar. 11 2016
Woke feeling a bit tired, wandered around aimlessly before getting run into by another. Teetered off balance for a moment and was able to reassess what occurred. Saw a kid watching a frog hop away, the kid being who threw me off balance. He sighed about the frog escaping and asked me who I was. I introduced myself. The stranger misheard me and called me a 'twig'. The last time someone called me that it sounded mean. I hung my head low and quietly denied that I was a twig. The stranger walked up to me and set a feather in my collection. They apologized and I looked at them happily. He introduced himself and suggested we go hunt for frogs. Decided to accompany him despite my lack of knowledge on the subject.
Ended up at the plaats, huddled behind the fountain while Penn stalked a frog. He managed to catch it and I excitedly asked him what to do with it. He couldn't find a use for it so he let it go. He said he was tired. I suggested food and his ears instantly pricked up. Led him to the twin gods for berries
---ongoing rp---
Ended up along the creek for a drink. Saw Bayleen sitting nearby and deiced to pay her a visit. Spent some time with her before hearing a familiar in the distance. Bid Bayleen goodbye.
Found the pup from before. Sat with the little one for a bit. Kept her warm while looking around at the passerby's. Spent some time watching Lem play around with a stranger. Eventually the little one left so I stretched and wandered around a bit. Wandered about the pond area a bit, eating berries as I walked near the idol.
Plopped down on the bridge. Was surprised by Lem's acquaintance walking by. Gave them both a bow before they ran off.
Sabel came by later and said hello. She led me into the birch near Ross before stopping suddenly in m way and telling me to stay calm. I didn't understand her reason for doing so and inquire if she was alright. Her response didn't make her seem alright. I was concerned for her and ended up stuffing my face in her front and asking if she would be alright. She gave me a nuzzle.
I pulled a lily from my crown. The only one I had, and placed it in her hair. We sat for a bit and I giggled at Ross, all asleep and covered in flowers. I mentioned he looked incredibly colorful and Sabel agreed. I decided to try and add to the color by taking a nice flower from my crown. I carefully split the stem and walked over to Ross. I tied the stem around his horn and gave the sleeping buck a kiss. I looked back proudly at Sabel, who rushed around to add more flowers. When she sat back down with him I gave her a nuzzle and best wishes. Walked off and told her to tell Ross about the flower when he wakes up.
Made my way to the pond and found a little Gunnarr there. Happily curled up with him under a willow. Groomed the little one and eventually fell asleep with him.
Woke later to hear my Acquiescence in the distance. Retrieved some berries and went to visit him. Sat beside him and placed the berries nearby. He started to sob and I was a bit taken aback. I had no idea what could make him so sad so I simply tried to groom him, perhaps to ease him a bit.
After a couple minutes he simply covered my mouth with his hand. I tried to apologize but he ended up just pulling me close. I didn't mind and relaxed a bit.
The calm moment ended when he made an odd sound and I felt something flow down my neck. He went limp so I carefully set him down before realizing the flow was blood pouring from his mouth. I got really dizzy and my stomach clenched to see him like this. He didn't move so I desperately looked around to see if there was anyone nearby to help. No one was nearby so I ran. Tears clouded my vision and I just whimpered while looking around for help.
Scouted out Sabel and scrambled over to her in tears asking for help. She tried to calm me down and asked me what happened. Everything I said was garbled but I managed to lead her back to my friend. She instantly took it upon herself to help. It was blurry through tears but some how Sabel grew a horn and set it to my friend. I stemmed the whimpering on my end and looked on, hoping that he would be alright. Sabel was yelling frustratingly and eventually Kerosene herd and came over. He sprinkled some powder on my friend. I continued to look on at Sabel's work.
Soon approached by a tiny familiar fawn. Had not seen the little one in a bit and tried to wipe away tears to not scare the little one. Turned my face away from my friend for a moment to stay with the fawn. After the noises of healing stopped I turned to hear my friend give out a shrill shriek before falling back down. I looked back to see him looking healthy again. He was still asleep but the blood was gone.
Sabel let out a sigh and the horn that manifested onto her forehead shattered and dissipated. She sat down to look over my friend. My heart lifted to have him healed. I nudged the little fawn over to the crowd and placed them on a stone so they were in view. I looked over my friend, convinced that whatever Sabel had done would help him immensely. I looked up to her and squeaked out a “Thank you” I was incredibly grateful for her help. She looked tired and asked Kerosene to help her move my friend somewhere else.
I bid them goodbye and saw Jovan nearby. He seemed worried, asked me what happened. I told him how everything is alright now and he seemed to accept it. He left soon and I called after him to say goodbye.
With everything taken care of,I shifted my attention to the little fawn with me. They snuggled close and I curiously asked if they had a name. They simply blinked at me. I set down my head to watch them and they simply cuddled closer. They smelled familiar, as if their scent was somewhere else. I muttered to myself, trying to place the scent. Eventually exclaimed that they smelled like Jasmine. The little one nodded so I decided that title would fit them, at least until they could speak. I nuzzled them and told how I would call them 'Jasmine'. Jasmine smiled really wide and made a funny noise, as if an attempt to speak. I laughed at how sweet they were. Tried to imitate a similar noise for them but simply ended up giggling. Snuggled up to Jasmine, feeling relaxed and exhausted with the day's events. Promptly fell asleep.

Mar. 7 2016
Woke feeling incredibly drowsy. Only managed to gather some huckleberries for a lonely Gunnarr before falling asleep in front of the twin gods

Mar. 6 2016
Woke up and realized I was thirty,decided to get a drink at the pond. Saw Rose and her family. Walked up and said hello. Asked Rose how she was and offered to get her food. Retrieved a pile of berries for her and gave the family privacy by leaving.
Walked though some play between Flyleaf and fawns. Ended up having a fawn follow me. Heard Draven nearby and happily walked over to see him. The fawn didn't stay for long and left fter a moment. I snuggled close to Draven, glad to see him again. Talked to him a bit. He told me how he was worried about Thais and I tried to reassure him she would be a good mother. He told me I would be a great big brother and I giggled, saying I hoped they wouldn't be difficult to manage. Tried grooming again, Draven's fur was quite thick and I found myself spatting out parts of it eventually. Shrugged and sat with him for a bit longer.
He fell asleep soon so I took a walk. Saw the young kid from yesterday sitting alone. Remembered how flighty she was and considered leaving her alone. Went to the pond and got a drink and while eating at my bush I felt I really aught to be there to help her. Especially sense I made a promise to help the other kids like myself. Returned to her and sat down, She immediately scooted closer and I couldn't help but smile.
Later Alitar came by, then Thais. Talked to Thais for a bit about her kid. Draven's worry had rubbed off on me and I had feared maybe something would go wrong. She reassured me she was fine and I felt much happier knowing she would be alright.
Zorn came by later and curled up around me. I was ecstatic to have his company and buried myself in his fur happily.
Draven and Hannelore came by later as well. I was glad to see everyone together.
Cole walked by at one point and stared from a distance. I tried to coax him to join but he didnt seem interested in joining. After a bit, he simply walked away, so I nestled myself back down with Zorn.
After a bit I decided to get a drink. Now I knew I could leave the little kid and Alitar behind with others that could protect them.
Went to the pond and heard something under the bridge. Tried to look over the ledge to see but ultimately slipped and fell in. Lord Ray didn't seem to notice while he was mostly submerged. I tried to get his attention, as I was quite worried for him. After a could nudges he responded and said he wasn't alright. Shared some chatter and found out he was part fish. Asked him if he had eaten. The negative response made me lead him out of the water to get food. Pulled him to my bush and offered berries. He didn't seem interested in them and we decided to try the pond for fish. He jumped in rather quickly while I sat half submerged watching him. He eventually caught one and we moved into the trees to eat. He ate it up quickly and I was glad to see he looked a bit better.
We were joined by a group of fawns and some smaller deer, one who seemed to know my name. After they played around, Lord Ray and I sat back down to relax. The wind picked up a bit and with my fur given to my Acquaintance, I decided to roll up in the fabric Lord Ray hung from his back. He didn't seem to mind so I stayed there. Decided to try grooming him too. He fidgeted for a bit and I wondered if he was alright. He said he was fine so I continued while he hummed.
After a bit I could hear my friends congregating nearby and I bid Lord Ray goodbye. Found them there, Thais, Draven, Joven, and Sabel. Talked for a bit with Joven, glad to see him. Chatted about the human world, he told me what he looked like and explained parts the human body. I ended up really confused and he said it would be easier to show, suggesting a trip to the human world. Told him I would love to visit. He gave me kiss on the cheek so I did the same and curled up for a bit.
Later Sabel tried putting a pinecone on my head and I giggled and asked her how she was. She said she was alright but mentioned something about making bad decisions. I felt bad for her because she seemed sad about it. I didn't know what to say so I curled up to her until she fell asleep.
While everyone slept I watched a group nearby. Eventually a stranger named “Naomh” came by. I tried to introduce myself to her and strike up some play. She introduced herself to the sleeping group and I offered for her to sit with us. She sat down but left soon after. I worry I scared her off. Simply fell asleep from exhaustion of the day.

Mar. 5 2016
Went to the pond for a drink and saw Rose nearby with others around her. Approached and asked her if she was alright. She responded and i quickly realized she was going to be a mother today. I ran off and grabbed a pile of huckleberries for her and she happily ate them. Stayed around for a bit longer before getting antsy and deciding to get flowers. Perhaps the kids would like to see blooms when they arrive. Threw the blooms around the tree adn set a pile down to work on crowns for them.
Sense showing up had been investigated by multiple individuals, some i knew, most i didn't. A pair i met before, a kind looking red doe, little Tomo, Hydra, and even Vala joined for a moment. Sat myself nearby to keep watch and help if i could.
Later Comen came and i jumped up in fear and hid behind Rose's den. He congregated with the others there and i refused to move from behind the tree. Eventually he left and i came back to the crowd. A particular stranger came by that i took an interest to. Comen returned and i instantly darted behind the large stranger. Decided to seat myself so i could see Rose while partly behind the stranger. Decided i was not going to be scared away from something so important to my friend. Pulled the pile of blooms forward and started making crowns, slipping the large stranger a few spare blooms. Couldn't figure how many i would need to make. Decided to make 4, just so i would have extras. After some fiddling i had 4 purple crowns and i noticed Rose seemed a bit more tense. Took the few blooms i had left and placed a few in my crown as mementos. Gave the rest to the stranger who ate them up. He gave me a nudge and i thought it best if i knew his name. After a bit i figured out he went by "Pudge". Told Pudge my own name and he happily pulled me close. I was glad to have his company, it relaxed me in Comen's company.
Eventually Rose got a bit more anxious and then i think she felt pain? I couldn't tell but it seemed strange. Eventually a tiny fawn was produced and i stared in wonder. He was very small and resembled Rose in a way. She groomed him and i couldn't help but watch. Nudged a flower crown her way, for the little one.
Later another came. Rose did the same with this one and cleaned her up. I pushed another crown forward.
The final one took a bit longer than the others. I saw Rose visibly looked worried and started to worry myself. But the little one came out eventually.Pushed the third crown to her and curled up to Pudge, it seemed that would be the entire group.
Fast fell asleep while there, missing many individuals that came and went. Woke to find Rose with her children. She didn't look busy but rather incredibly tired. I asked her the names of the children and she listed off.
"Etros, Cvijeta and Malo"
I congratulated her and said they were lovely names. She thanked me, looking extraordinarily tired. I offered to retrieve more food but she had fallen asleep. I set the last crown on her head. I smiled at the family, though they likely didn't notice and walked off to give them their privacy. Found myself sitting on the bridge.
While on the bridge i started thinking, about Rose's family, Thais's kid, my own family. I recall;ed how i had no memory of my mother. I don't remember seeing blooms when i arrived or being groomed by her. I couldn't even remember her face. This kept bringing me back to if i even have a mother. It filled me with sadness to think how i had not arrived with others already there to support me. How i was alone. I managed to keep the tears at bay but the feeling was so overwhelming. I wish i knew my mother. I wish i had a family. looking out over the pond, i and saw Rose with her happy family. Those kids had a mother. And a family. And all the support they would need early in their lives. I wish i could imagine what that was like. While thinking i thought about the other kids in the forest. Juri, Benat, Alitar, Thaigo, even Gunnarr and Nyami. I've never seen them with their parents. Do they feel the same way i do? Surely they must desire a family as well. It made me relax a bit, thinking that i couldn't be alone. Not only do the other fawns lack a family, but we all had friends. Mine were the closest thing i could imagine to a family. The other kid's probably wanted something like this too. I set my head on the ledge and and watched the water. I decided i would accept the other fawns and support them. I wanted to give them the 'family' i only recently acquired.
Later a distressed looking Sabel came by asking for something to help Cole. She said he was having trouble breathing and my mind went instantly to something with a strong odor. I pulled out a sprig of Rosemary and gave it to her. I also found a bundle of Spearmint, one of the more pungent of my collection. I asked her if she was going to help him. She said she was and quickly thanked me before running off. After a moment i squeaked out a "Thank you" for her but she was already gone. Fell asleep on the bridge.
Woke up a bit later and decided to wander a bit. Went to the oak to find Mjoliner's family there. Didn't want to disturb them so i left and decided to go to the cave in the playground. Found a large stranger there and was making my way to the bridge before being stopped by Ross. He ushered me over to Alitar and a strange child. Thais came by and while she was greeting me, Ross left. I stood for a bit, unsure if he was going to return. He did not come back so Thais and I seated ourselves with the kids.
After a bit, Thais wished to leave but felt unsure about leaving the kids here. She asked me to take them so Draven. I agreed and was joined by Sabel to try and gather them to leave. While we were getting ready, a family came down to the pond with three fawns (Nikhil, Shardul, and fawns). Sabel got excited and jumped around with them. I introduced myself as best i could and joined in, though keeping close to the kids. Ross appeared as well and ran about. I was so distracted by the play i had'nt noticed the fawn and Sabel had left. I stood close to Alitar, not wanting to loose him too. Cole arrived later with the fawn and Alitar ran to him.
He led the three of us off to the blue bowl. I sat down a distance away and looked over him, a bit worried. He curled up with the fawn and Alitar sat with me. The exhaustion of the day was getting to me and i kept finding myself slipping back into disrepair from my thinking earlier. Alitar moved away and i curled up on myself a little bit more. Things were echoing in my mind with Cole's injuries and my loneliness. Saw Cole asleep with the two kids. I scooted closer and buried myself in his fur. It felt more reassuring to know he was here. I quickly fell asleep with them.

Mar. 4 2016
Woke up where i stood watching the fight before. Immediately saw Comen nearby and ran off in fear. In the blue bowl the things that happened yesterday caught up with me. When i felt tears i immediately ran off to my bush to hide.
Was joined later by Sadiki and smashed my face in his side. I didn't want to worry him.
Spent a lot of time thinking stuff over with Sadiki. Decided to push it all to the back of my mind and asses things as it comes. Made promises to myself to check on them later. Snuck away from sleeping Sadiki, gave him a nuzzle before leaving though.
Walked and found Thais and Rose. Slumped against Thais and tried to think about their kids. Considered what they would be like and eventually fell asleep against Thais.
Woke beside Hannalore and gave her a hug before wandering off to find friends. Got a big group hug from Thais and Draven. Sat with them more, and saw Kerosene briefly. Sat for a bit. The group eventually tapered off a bit and i went to go get a drink.
Found Sabel by the pond and plopped down by her. She struck up a conversation and i ended up talking about the other day. About how i worried for Cole's health and Ross' emotional state. She commented that she also worried for them. She reassured me it would be ok. She made some comforting sounds and i tried to join in. She kept changing the sounds and eventually told me i was humming. Sabel tried to have me do it myself and i excitedly made my own versions of the tune. After learning, we sat around a bit. I felt much better.
---whoo more when i get home---

Mar. 3 2016
Eventually woke beside Draven and Hannalore. Sat with them for a bit. Felt better than yesterday but worry still hid in the back of my mind. Hannalore trying running about for a bit but i wasn't feeling particularly up for it. Ross came by and i spoke a bit with him. He seemed quiet today. He left after a bit and i decided to wander around. Ross ran up to me again and eventually led me to Thais, Gunnarr, Kerosene, and a stranger. He ran off after that and i sat down with Thais.
Ross came back after a bit. He groomed me and spent a considerable amount of time with his face pressed against me. Not sure why he was doing it but enjoyed his company. Stuck a sprig of lavender in his fur while he wasn't looking. Spent awhile sitting with him and the group.
Everyone dispersed slowly and i ended up finding myself alone by the tree. Got up and tried to walk around a bit and eventually found myself pulled to the playground by Cole and Ross. Cole's face looked really bad up close and Ross was making odd noises. Saw Kuwaka with Alitar in the rocks and a vaguely familiar face nearby as well.
Ross started talking with the familiar face and Cole was ushering Alitar around. I couldn't think of anything to do so i simply watched on. Cole's sister showed up as well and instantly got into a conversation with him. Cole asked for me to try and play with Alitar for a bit so i ran circles with him. Ross' voice was getting louder and louder and i eventually just watched the group, holding Alitar close. A Large bird came by as well and it wasn't until he started talking i realized it was Jack. They started talking to Cole and Belail was between them. Eventually Ross was screaming and Jack too. I held on to Alitar, as if he would leave and get into the fray as well.
-> long story short, the whole ordeal brought up memories of the Mandel and Thais fight and scared him the end i suck at writing
---then player fell asleep ugh sorry---

Mar. 2 2016
Woke up on the bank and stretched a bit before getting some water. Saw Nyami sitting near the surface and happily skipped over. Nearly slipped into the pond while sitting down. She inched a bit closer and i couldn't help but smile.
Later joined by Gunnarr, glad to see him around more often. Felt quite content here with them, fell asleep rather promptly.
Woke to find a stranger pressed against my side. A fawn who ive come to realize is named "Juri". Didn't mind their company and curled around them to play with some flowers.
Saw Lord Ray across the pond and wiggled away from the fawn for a moment to go to him. Happily bounded over and plopped the flower crown i crafted onto his head. Trotted off to return to the new kid.
Sat with them some more and saw Thais and Draven come running down to drink. They played around and i was glad to see them happy. Set my head down and watched them run off again.
Found the fawn to leave soon. Gave the kid a nuzzle, Gunnarr looked over them as well but they were already gone. Sat down with Gunnar and Nyami.
Eventually Nyami darted back to what i now assume is her home.
Joined by Thais. Sat with her and Gunnarr for a bit.
She pricked up so i listened for a bit as well. She ran off to the playground and yelled and i quickly scurried after. Found a white stranger lowering antlers at Cole. Cole's face, though far away, looked strange. Eventually a fight broke out and Thais yelled more. I tried to hide behind her in fear and watched as Zorn, Ross, and a few others showed up. Lord Ray was there too but simply watching. Kerosene came by during the fight, right as the white stranger charged at Thais. Kerosene pushed themselves between Thais and the white stranger. Thais called me back, says we should go to Gunnarr. I felt bad to leave but realized Gunnarr would probably like company. We found him nearby and i sat down and curled up to him, trying to control the fear i had for the group. Clung on to Gunnarr, using his presence to calm down and eventually fall asleep.
Didn't sleep well, felt like i was being woken every once in a while. ((Lmao player apologized for forgetting him in the forest overnight))

Mar. 1 2016
Woke up under tree to immediately find Maggot a few feet away. Such was enough to make me jump up and relocate. Heard Thais in the distance and went to her. Found her with Draven, Hannalore, and Kerosene. Sat beside Thais for a bit. Kerosene took their leave after a bit and Draven ran around shooting playful glances at a fawn nearby.
Decided i should get food for the group and took a trek to the twin gods for food. Returned and set the pile before Thais. Considered running some over to Zorn and Alitair but decided against it as they were asleep. Found myself asleep beside Thais and Draven. Hannalore was also snoozing a length away.
Woke up and saw my cold acquaintance by his tree. Tentatively walked up to check on him. He gave me a nod and sat down. I sat down next to him and pulled the sleeping Alitar close, deciding i needed to keep them both warm. Took a glance over and saw Cole and Ross. Watched them a bit, Cole looking like his usual self almost.
After some sitting a familiar individual (Kuwaka) came by. Recognized him as the one i find witting with my acquaintance often. Despite his temperature, he bolted up and gave Kuwaka a hug. I nodded to the stranger as he sat down with us.
Kuwaka saw Zorn and stood up to see him. He indicated for me to stay with my acquaintance and i nodded and scooted closer. Watched the two talk and run about for a bit. Zorn took a moment to run over and look at me and groom me. Eventually, they both sat beside us.
Alitair woke and went to poke at Zorn. Zorn saw a familiar face and ran off with him. Scooted closer to my acquaintance.
After i bit i heard commotion and Thais' footfalls. Worriedly stood and asked Kuwaka to keep my acquaintance warm. Met up with Draven as well while finding Thais. I Asked her if she was alright and she said she was fine. Draven made sure she was alright as well before running off. After a moment i saw Gunnarr by the bank of them pond and suggested to Thais that we go join him. Checked on him her and spent some time alongside him. Found myself curled around him, and soon fell asleep.

Feb. 28 2016
Woke up and took a walk. Passed by a sleeping Sadiki and gave him a nuzzle before walking off to the ruins to play around. Eventually it got rather crowded and i moved off. Wandered around some more before deciding to take a seat with the sleeping Sadiki. He woke eventually and we stood around together for a bit.
Heard Draven and Nix by the pond and went down to them with Sadiki. When we arrived a pair of strangers joined us. Tried running around with them. saw a deer in a tree. It was all quite confusing. was led to a spot near the creek and sat with Dreven, Nix, and Sadiki.
Later joined by Kerosene. Happily greeted him and invited him over.
Rose walked over slowly and i went to greet her as well. Ushered her to the group and sat in everyone's company. Quite glad to have it.
--whop so much happened i gotta wrITE--

Feb. 27 2016
---yo tig chillin on jack's ship but i dunno how he is when he gets back so its kinda ambiguous of his mood--
Wandered a bit, realized how long it's been sense i visited my acquaintance. Saw him being kept warm by a stranger and was glad he wasn't being left alone. But i realized how much i've forgotten to check up on him and felt a bit bad. Ran to the twin gods to get as much as i could from my bush. Returned to where my acquaintance lay and dropped the berries in a heap, hoping that he would eat when he woke. Got a sniff from the stranger keeping him warm. Gave the stranger a nod before scampering off to avoid bothering him.
Felt a bit tired and saw Zorn sleeping alongside the river. Crept up and plopped down next to him and curled up to stay warm. Fell asleep quite quickly
Woke to find Zorn still asleep. Grateful for his company, i rose as to not disturb him and gave him a tiny kiss on the forehead before running off to get a drink.
While returning from the pond i met Kerosene again. Gladly gave him a hello and a tiny hug before seeking out Thais. Kerosene continued to follow me so i gave them another tiny hug and sought out Thais.
Found her with a stranger who ive come to realize goes by "Lem". Gave Thais a hug and greeted Lem. He threw a pelt spell on me and surprised me. I assumed it was some form of greeting with well intentions and waited until i was hidden behind Thais to sneeze it off. Sat with them for a bit until Kerosene came by. Greeted them and watched them sit down a distance away. Everyone's company was quite relaxing and pleasant. I fell asleep quite quickly.
Woke to find the group gone. Yawned a bit and sought out something to do. Passed by some vaguely familiar forest regulars while wandering. jumped around the playground a bit and ran around inside the oak.
Went to the pond and was greeted by Jovan and Sabel. Noticed Jovan looked different and he excitedly told me why. I felt happy to know he was excited and jumped around with them for a bit. Ended up sitting together under a willow. Sabel placed some reeds on my back. Decided to make a gift for her with them and fashioned a rather rushed crown. She gladly took it and put some lovely blue flowers on it. We all managed to get tired and i fell asleep resting my head on Jovan.

Feb. 25 2016
Woke and found Thais and Draven. Sat with them for a decent amount of time. Joined later by Cole and a lion stranger ive seen with my cold acquaintance. Stood and said hello to Cole while Thais slept. He darted over and gave us both a nuzzle before returning to his friend.
Later approached by an odd individual (Ichtaca). She ran around us and laughed, i was quite confused with her actions. She left as quickly as she appeared. Spent more time sitting with them, simply lazing about.
While sitting a certain sense of curiosity over took me. The amulet Jack gave me recently had never been tested. While thinking it over a bit, i found myself really desiring to see his 'ship'. Thought about this desire and instantly found myself there.
Fell on the floor the moment i reached the ship and hurt my nose.
----whooo im too lazy to write this now but its gonna be lit ---

Feb. 24 2016
Woke to find myself where i fell asleep beside the pond. Stretched a bit and got a drink.
Walked about and decided to check on my acquaintance again. Found Cole with him. I asked Cole if he was still cold and Cole said he found him like that. Sat down beside them and pulled the fur i gave him over him as best i could.
Later a tiny fawn came by and sat themselves in the tree beside us (( i think their picto was glitched so i couldn't get a name ;-; ))
My acquaintance seemed to rise from sleep for a bit and i was quite grateful to see them awake. Curled up just a smidgen closer. When they nodded off again i stood up to listen around. When i did so, the fawn in the tree bolted and gave me a few scared bows before running off. I felt really bad for spooking them so i simply sat back down.
Lots of sitting around to keep my acquaintance warm whY ARE U SO COLd.
At some point, Cole ran off to the pond. I huddled a bit closer to the cold acquaintance. Cole returned, Thais and Draven came by too, but sat a distance away.
Cole ushered me back to Thais at one point. I was worried for my acquaintance but Cole would stay with him so i sat down with Thais and Draven. I lowered my head to Thais' belly as if to see if i could hear the kids. I couldn't hear anything but i knew they were there and that made me so happy.
Cole got a bit antsy when a white stranger walked by. Stood between us and them while running back and forth. Zorn came by for a moment and stood with the cold one. After Cole went around rubbing on things, Zorn left and Thais walked me to a different area. I could still see the stranger and Cole. It seemed to calm down a bit so i watched Cole sit with the cold one.
After some sitting i stood up and ran to the blue bowl to grab some blooms. I returned and sat down and put some blooms in Thais' hair. She looked lovely.
After i set all the flowers in her hair i decided to go get a drink. While i was there i took a little walk. Went to the oak and saw the familiar face inside. Something about her asleep in the oak seemed incredibly familiar. Then i realized, Ive seen her like this. I remember seeing her asleep in the oak while i sat beside Sadiki. I froze in place while she slowly woke. She looked at me and i nearly fell over with excitement. I ran and jumped around her. It was so great to see her awake.
We danced for a bit, my items jingled while i moved and she giggled a bit. After a bit she sat me down and we talked for a bit. She told me about how she wasn't supposed to wake up. i didn't really understand completely but i told her i was simply glad to have her with me. She told me that i grew a bunch. I looked down at myself, i guess my legs were a bit longer but i saw no difference. She said she was tiny also and i smiled. She asked me to sit with her and i gladly plopped down and listened to her talk about her trip with Sadiki. She told of how she also became human and i told her how i experienced the same thing. She asked about Cole and we both agreed we were a bit worried for him. Eventually she simply lay down beside me and hummed a little tune.
Later a dark stranger came by and played with Sabel's tail. He looked at me and asked to trade, introducing himself as "Black Knife". I didn't understand but he took some items from a pouch and showed me. The first shone beautifully and the second seemed to glitter so nicely. He asked what i could offer and i looked through my things. I pulled up my bundle of mushrooms for him. He didn't seem too interested in it and gestured to the scale, inquiring about it. I told him it was quite strong. He kept looking and saw a bundle of old sage in my crown and asked about it. I offered it to him, as it wasn't all that important to me anymore. He said he would trade these three items for his crystal. I thought it over. The sage was old and dried, it didn't have any use for me. The mushrooms, well, the weather would change eventually, im sure i could get more then. The was from Dazenth. I felt bad to part with it but i decided it was in my best interest. I removed the things from myself and gave them to Black Knife. He handed me the crystal and told me of it's abilities.
--rp to be continued--

Feb. 22 2016
Woke up and went to go sit with my bush. Cole came by and dragged me over to the blue bowl to sit with Draven. Plopped down with them for a bit, Cole rested on my back. I watched to see what was around. My acquaintance was being accompanied by someone and i was grateful for that. I saw Mjolner in the distance, she looked to be watching my acquaintance as well. fell asleep
Woke when Cole shifted and moved off. He returned with the familiar face from before. She sat down with us and i tried to not stare. Im still quite puzzled of her identity. Fell asleep between the group.

Feb. 21 2016
Woke beside my acquaintance and made sure the fur covered him before getting up and walking.
Found Draven and Rose and a stranger (Akan). Played with Draven for a bit before going to check up on my bush. Had a snack before gathering up some berries and taking them to Draven and Rose. They gladly took them.
Went to go sit with my cold acquaintance for a bit. Saw Nix in the distance and went to say hello. It's been awhile sense i last saw him and his company was warm. He showed me his new home and i told him how i liked the flowers around it. I sat there for a bit and fell asleep before he left.
Woke with Thais and Rose nearby. Felt bad having guests while Nix was gone so i led them to the oak. We sat together for a bit, eventually joined by Draven for warmth. fell asleep
Woke and the group was gone save for Draven. Wandered a bit and noticed my acquaintance had a large creature to keep them warm. Glad for them, i would not need to pile in for the night.
Found Thais with Gunnarr and said hello. Quickly ran off to retrive some berries and returned with the food. Sat with them for a bit, chatting with Thais.
Asked Thais were she found figs and talked a bit about them. Eventually asked if she was alright, just to make sure
"Are you alright?"
"So far, yes." ... "I mean.. there are some changes going on right now..."
I cocked my head a bit, curious.
"Well Tig.. at certain age we all decide whether or not we should start a family of our own. It seems that time has arrived for me."
my eyes got wide
"A Family?"
she smiled
"Yes. I, hmm... I have a baby growing inside my belly right now."
i sat in stunned silence for a moment until a huge grin broke across my face
"A mom! You're gonna be a mom!"
she smiled really big and nuzzled me gently
"And... you have been taking care of us... so.. thank you.
Thank you."

i thanked her and jumped up in excitement.
"I can't believe!"
i ran around excitedly, jumping and bucking around. I did'nt care that my items clank together, i was so happy for Thais. I yelled while i ran
She giggled at me. I eventually calmed down and walked up to her and placed a kiss on her forehead before sitting back down, curling close to her.
"You're gonna be a great mom"
i knew it, she had been so kind to all the other kids, including myself. She knew what she was doing and would know perfectly how to care for her own.
she looked down at me
"Oh my.. Im glad you think so"
She leaned down and gave me a kiss on my cheek. after a moment she continued
"And you are going to be a great older brother."
i smiled really big. I loved that she thought of me as one of her own. I was going to do my best to be a good older brother.
"I'm gonna...I'm gonna be a great older brother"

After a bit i curled up to tiny Gunnarr and fell asleep

Feb. 20 2016
Woke beside my acquaintance. Decided to leave the fur with him for the day in hopes of having his temperature rise.
Went off and checked up on my bush again, snacked on a few berries. Went down to the pond and took a sip before wandering to the idol. Found Sadiki and gladly hopped around him before settling down beside him.
After a bit he left so i returned to the pond for another drink. Found a tiny creature under the surface, but not Nyami. This creature (Doitsu) ran around me, even leaving the pond for a bit. Took and interest to running circles around him for a bit. Eventually settled down beside him to rest.
Woke up later and went to check on my bush again. While there, Rose and a group including the familiar face from before and Matthew came by. Rose and the familiar face said hello and gave me a hug before walking off.
Wandered some more and found Draven and Hannalore sitting. Trotted around them a bit, before falling down beside them out of exhaustion. Hannalore went to go investigate a stranger (Wanda) so i joined. Gave my greetings to them before returning to Draven and falling asleep.
Woke later with a jolt when i recalled my acquaintance was likely still alone. Ran over and found him where i left him with the fur. Plopped down beside him and fell asleep, trying to keep him warm.

Feb. 19 2016
Woke up beside my bush, though picked yesterday, it still held a fruitful amount of berries. Was stretching and looking about before getting ran into by a smaller individual (ticcitoby). Took a moment to regain my senses. Gladly didn't hit my bad side but rather, hit my midsection. It ached a bit and i was surely confused. They didn't seem to intend it and continued to run around me.
After a bit of running another individual showed up (Sabel). She looked...familiar. I couldn't place a name or how i knew her but i certainly saw her before.
She ran with the tiny stranger and i just watched. They ran in circles and tried to get me to play but i was worried. Worried i remembered her face for a bad reason. Timidly followed them and their play, trying to not get hit again. Eventually the small one sat down so i approached them to look them over. Was about to leave when the familiar face insisted that i sit down with her. Felt bad that she would be lonely so sat down in front of the pair, not feeling exceptionally happy about being there, particularly because my side ached.
The tiny one left and i was there with the familiar face, tried to think of how i knew her but still couldn't come up with anything. She tried to make me play but my side was not the best. She started to dance so i timidly joined, as it wasn't unbearable. After some dancing, i felt the need to sit down again. Still thinking of how i knew her, sleep took me.
Woke to see her asleep and a group down at the pond (Nikhil, Shardul, and a kid). Stood and watched them for a bit. Saw how happy they looked, giving hugs to each other. Watched them walk off while getting a little sad. Gosh, that must be nice. The familiar face woke and gave me a hug and tried to get me to play. I was so downhearted i couldn't bring myself to do anything. She soon left.
Went to get a drink from the pond and saw movement. Ran to it and saw Nyami. Was eager to get her attention but saw movement behind me. Turned and saw a tiny fawn looking at me from across the pond. Tried to walk to her but slid in the mud. She came to me and looked me over. Then threw mud at me. I lowered my head and walked off, back to my bush for a bit. When tears came, i decided to go somewhere with more cover. Sought out a willow by the pond and hid within the leaves, trying to calm down
Thais came later but i didn't want to distress her. Decided to hide my face in her feathers so she couldn't see my tears.
Benat visited later as well. Dried my eyes and tried to greet him as if nothing happened. Asked him to sit with me and he kept company.
Spent lots of time wandering while Benat slept, though never going too far. Once returned to find Benat was gone and decided he must've went off somewhere else.
Took a sip of water from the pond and Benat came back. Checked up on him before inviting him to join me on a walk. Eventually made it to a mushroom ring and sat down
***ooc note: at this time, a fawn spawned in the ring, fell asleep, them hit Tig with a mini spell before leaving as quickly as they showed up. so any point past here, Tig donned a mini***
Benat walked off to another individual so i stood up and took a walk. Found Mjolner standing over the individual i met in the oak. Slowly approached them, trying to see if he was ok. Mjolner walked up to me and looked me over while i asked if my acquaintance was alright. She said she "found him like this" so i went and checked on him. He was very cold so i put my thick fur over him and sat down to try and keep him warm. Mjolner stayed around for a bit before leaving with a stranger.
Fell asleep beside him, partly wrapped up in the fur as well.

Feb. 18 2016
woke in the flower patch from a couple days ago. The festivities had surely worn me out, I slept for so long. Listened around for a bit and decided to go check up on my bush
The walk to the twin gods proved to be fruitful as I found my bush had sprung up with berries while I slept. Happily pranced around a bit before settling down to investigate it and give some berries a taste
While I munched happily on a couple of berries I heard a noise. I turned and saw a fawn looking at me. He croaked out a question about my crown and I happily answered and asked his name. Benat seemed to stare at me for a bit so I figured perhaps he wanted a flower. I picked out a selection and let him choose a bloom. He took to the sprig of lavender, I giggled and gave it to him. I then offered to let him sit with me for a bit and take a few berries.
He soon fell asleep, my eyes hadn't grown heavy yet to I gazed over him a bit before scooting closer to keep him warm. Tried to cover him with the fur to keep him warm. Unfortunately managed to set only a tiny corner of the pelt, worried I would wake him.
Later Thais came by and I excitedly aid hello. However Benat bolted at the sight of her. I stood up and ushered the kid close and tried to explain to him that Thais was kind. Thais simply sat at a nearby tree while Benat huddled close to me. He looked her over a bit before sitting back down with me.
Thais left soon, I hope to see her later to properly introduce her to Benat. I curled close to Benat, surprised he did not shrug me off. After some rest, I felt my eyelids get heavy as perfumed scents filled my nose. Decided it was time to get proper sleep. I stood up by sleeping Benat for a moment, it was odd seeing him without any family. I leaned down and gave a reassuring whisper to his ears, stating that he was welcome to take as many berries when he likes. Sat down beside my bush and quickly fell asleep.

Feb. 14 2016
Woke up and took a walk around. Checked up on the bush, it still was bare of anything edible. I was quite worried because Ross' birthday was fast approaching and my plan to gift berries was falling through.
Found Draven and decided to play. Saw Flyleaf as well but didn't want to leave Draven alone.
Ran around for a bit before noticing the sky began the change. It turned into a deep orange hue, then a grey-blue and snow began to fall. I ran around excitedly. Then huge mushrooms sprang up and I grew ecstatic. Ran about them for a bit with Draven before curling up with him to avoid the cold.
Heard Thais and ran to her to make sure she was ok. Sat with her for a bit, joined by Draven as well and eventually Rose.
Saw the grasses around me and decided to make a crown for Ross, in case i left before i could get berries. Found some nice grasses and tied them together. Realized it looked bare and found some tiny white blooms to tie into it.
While we sat, there was a distant commotion. It got closer and closer until we were faced with a small creature (Kynsiä) being chased by a another stag (Nikhil). The small creature tried to hide between us and the stag was infuriated. They ran around, the Stag nearly brushed my nose when he ran by. The whole ordeal was terrifying and i tried to hide between Thais and a tree. Draven chased them off and i stayed close to Thais. Later the stag came by and talked to Draven
While they talked, Cole came by and I realized it was time to go, Today must be Ross' birthday. Cole went around to the group. He made some faces to Thais and Draven and they eventually responded. Not sure what it was about.
Cole led me off and we played in a flower patch, Cole didn't seem to happy with his dancing. Tried to lift his spirits a bit with flowers before getting Ross and leaving.

Arrived at Cole's home with him and Ross, I instantly fell against a wall. Took a moment to look over my new body. It was smooth and strange, fabric lay were my fur once was. My appendages had changed as well, they looked quite different. Thankfully, my face felt no different. Saw Cole and Ross, recognized them but realized they had changed as well.
Lay there on the ground for a bit trying to adjust to the new form. Cole left and a stranger came in being trailed by Belail, who also was looking different. The man introduced himself as Jack and we exchanged greetings. He looked to Ross and asked why they were there but Ross didn't know. I kept silent to avoid spoiling the surprise, and poked around the stuff around my new body.
Jack asked my name again and Cole returned with items. The two did something strange and Cole told me to move off. So i dragged my new body across the ground to the other wall while Ross told me he liked my hat. I realized what sat upon my head was no longer the same as before. I found it easy to remove and pulled it off to examine it.
I felt the embroidery and Cole asked me if i needed help getting around. I put the hat back on and Jack held out a hand and helped me stand upright. Ross showed me what i needed to do and i spent a moment shifting weight around.
Cole told us to go to the kitchen and Jack picked me us and carried me to another area. He set me on a platform and asked me about home, I verified that the forest was my home. Cole came in with a blindfolded Ross and told him he could open his eyes. Set before him was an unidentifiable thing and some colorful bubbles being kept in place my ribbon. We yelled "Happy birthday" and Ross got really happy. I was glad to see him so happy. Jack kept pacing around but i figured he was antsy.
Belail came forth and handed Ross a lovely bird toy. Cole next, with some stacks of paper and a necklace.
When Ross had looked over his stuff happily i chirped up and dug around, getting adjusted to my new setup before finding the crown. I set it down in front of him, he beamed happily and put it on.
Belail left to check on Jack and Cole walked over to me. He asked me what was in my ear then pulled something from it! Cole told Ross he could do magic and i stared in wonder, trying to see if there was anything else in my ear. Cole bat away my hand and put a necklace with a copper pendant on me while muttering something about Thais being mad at him.
Cole walked back to Ross and cut into the thing he called a cake. apparently it was edible. Ross picked up a shiny thing near him but immediately dropped it like it hurt. He started to take his hands and eat the cake. I decided the shiny things would not be good to touch so followed suit. The cake was really quite tasty. Sat silently with my mouth full, and watched Cole examine Ross's hand. He took all the shiny things and dumped them somewhere quite loudly.
Then he brought out some cups and filled them with a liquid. Be gave out drinks for everyone and handed me a cup of the liquid. He then showed i was supposed to bring the cup to my mouth and drink it. I tried it and the liquid bit my tongue and i accidentally spat some out on the ground. Cole didn't appear too happy about it so i tried to apologize. Jack came and cleaned the stuff off the ground while i tried the liquid again. Despite the sting, it was quite tasty.
Cole returned with thin leaflets and i cleaned up myself and leaned back on the platform. Ross was still eating so i removed my hat to take another close look at it. It was like my crown from the forest but still quite different. It had a tall cylinder of fabric with some stitching that resembled the candles i had back at the forest. Around the bottom brim were the flowers that usually framed my head. I put a hand to my head and realized i had fur up there. I couldn't see it but i felt it was curly and soft. I felt a draft through it and decided i liked having the hat on far more. While i was examining it, Jack walked off and lay down on another platform and fell asleep with a bottle in his hand.
Ross and Cole chatted a bit so i kept looking myself over. Tried lifting the fabric covering my front and was just plain confused about this body. Cole tapped me and shifted my focus to someplace else. Watched him retrieve something for Ross' hand. Felt compelled to ask if Ross was ok but decided to not bother his meal.
looked at my feet, they seemed different from the hands because they were hard like hooves. Tapped it a bit and wiggled it before realizing the hard part was not my actual foot. Wiggled the shoe off and stared in amazement at my feet. I couldn't help but giggle a bit at how silly the seemed. Ross said they were my toes and i simply stared at them. Cole came by and put my shoe back on and told me to quit removing my clothes.
While Ross asked for more food, i took interest in the colorful bubbles. Unlike the ones from the forest, these were thicker and didn't pop. They made an interesting noise when i rubbed them.
Cole asked me if i would like a snack as well, as Ross was still hungry. He called it a PB&J and it was really tasty. It was nutty and sweet and sticky. After finishing it i went back to investigating the bubble for a bit.
Heard Jack fall off the platform then wander around a bit before chatting with Ross. He pointed to me and asked me if i wanted to see a 'ship'. I asked him about it and a few questions later he waved his hands and showed an image of the 'ship', it was unlike anything i've ever seen before. I sat and looked at the image for a bit until Cole said i wouldn't be going and Jack gave him a look i couldn't read before making the image dissipate. Jack asked if i should go another time and i gave him a nod. Then he told me how to find him in the forest if i would need to. i smiled and thanked him before looking back down at the bubble
Then there was a loUD noise and i jumped up onto the platform the cake sat on and looked around worried. Ross seemed deterred by the thing as well. i asked Cole what it was and he made the noise stop and said it was nothing to worry about.I relaxed a bit but stayed where i was until Cole ushered me out.
--yeh i caught up sweg money

returned with Cole, found a weird tree that was invisible. Sat with him near Draven and Thais.
Eventually the chatter went down when Cole heard something. He gathered Draven and ran off to some commotion. I heard yells and got worried for them. Tried to play around with Thais to distract myself but ended up hiding in her hair.
Draven and Cole came back eventually and sat together. Moved off with Thais to a flower patch and clinged close. Jovan came and sat with us.
eventually ended up nodding in and out of sleep by Thais while Cole and Draven came by. Fell asleep.

Feb. 9 2016
Woke and wandered around a bit. Checked up my bush, its growing so quickly! Found little to do so spent a bit of time running in circles around a mushroom ring. Realized there was a group watching me and stared at them curiously. Recognized Matthew and a white stag but the other was a stranger. The white one looked over me and so did the stranger. Matthew called for me to come to him, so i did. He looked me over as well. I saw Thais nearby and gave Matthew a quick bow before running off to Thais.
She sat with me for a bit, i saw quite grateful for her company. Curled up to her and napped for a bit.
After some sleeping, she left so i decided to wander some more.
Searched for a familiar face and ended up seeing Zorn. Though i haven't seem him much, knowing he was a friend of Cole made him seem quite trustworthy. Didn't wish to disturb his sleep so i kept some distance. He woke soon and i slowly inched closer.
Later someone i never met came by (Gustiro). Zorn seemed to know him, so i kept distance while they greeted each other. The stranger looked me over a bit before leaving. Sat down with Zorn again. Found myself nodding off and was soon asleep, buried in Zorn's side.

Feb. 7 2016
Woke and decided to wander the forest a bit. Spent some time climbing around the ruins and the cage. Went back to the Twin Gods to check on the bush. It had sprouted and leaves were showing. I got excited and retrieved a bit of pond water for it. Made sure it was ok before trotting off to Draven's home. Played with spells for a bit and wandered some more. Excitedly went to check on the bush again.
Saw Lord Stingray nearby and said hello, it's been awhile. Sat with him for a bit, grateful to see him again.
Ross came by later and smothered snuggled me
spent lots of time with the two. Later Ross left while i was sleeping and i woke to see Lord Stingray reading against my back. Happily kept from stirring so her could relax against my pelt.
After a bit of napping i woke to find Ross back and Stingray gone. Scooted closer to Ross and sat for a bit. Kept some talk with him, discussed masks and mistletoe. Gave him a spare sprig for his friend "Ery" and curled up to nap.
Later Cole appeared and sat with sleeping Ross and i. He hinted at something for Ross, a "birthday". I had to ask him about it and he offered to bring me to a celebration. I excitedly told him i would search for a gift. He said i must not tell anyone so i promised him i would not. Spent more time with them, listening faintly to their chatter.
Later a stranger came by and Cole got excited and he and Ross ran around them for a bit. I had no idea what was occurring so i stayed close to the tree. After Ross asked why i held back, i tried to join them. Simply ran in circles for some time around them. They eventually led to the rocks and i sat down inside them. I had exhausted myself so much i simply fell asleep

Feb. 6 2016
Woke up to find only Draven where the group was. Did not want to wake him, so stood up and took a walk. Happy to finally be able to walk again. Took a couple laps around the pond just because and wandered over to the ruins.
Wedged myself into the cage out of humor before getting spooked by my title. Turned around and saw Dazenth. He tried to apologize but i was so frightened by his resemblance to my attacker, i tried to keep any distance i could. Sadiki appeared i continued conversing from the safety of the stag. After a bit Dazenth left and returned with a gift, a purple stone. He left promptly and i put the stone in a bottle for safekeeping.
Sat with Sadiki in the ruins for a bit, happy for his company. I thanked him for helping me heal and snuggled close to him. He left eventually and i stood and decided to take a walk.
Found myself at the oak, staring off into space by the pond. After a start i noticed a deer (Darcia) in my vision and gave them a bow. Introduced myself and after a bit, found myself sitting with them. Tried to compliment their lovely mask but was so groggy i fell asleep.

Feb. 3 2016
Woke in the same spot from yesterday, saw Thais, Draven, and Hannalore nearby. player had to deal with weird connection issues that made Tig into Libel
Spent a considerable amount of time sitting with Thais, saying hello to Hannalore and apparently adopting a fawn. Let the kid wit with me for a bit.
Realized i still carried a few huckleberries from the mountains and wanted to surprise someone with them. The fawn followed me to the pond where i stuck my head in the water to look for Nyami. After some searching, saw movement near the lakes opening. Took a closer look and saw her under the surface. I excitedly said hello and she came and looked at Gerald The fawn with me. I threw the berries into the pond and gleefully watched her jump about to grab them. She came and settled by the shore so i joined her there.
Thais came by later and i ushered her to sit with me and Nyami. Saw visits from the fawn from time to time and eventually fell asleep on the bank
Woke up to find my company gone and my legs quite cold from the water. Jumped up and shook of the water and some spells. Kept out and ear and found Thais with her face buried in Draven's flank. Asked her if she was ok but only received a nod. Unsure if she was truly alright, i set my chin upon the stag's side so i was watching her. Didn't notice much but kept watch nonetheless.
Ross came by later, I flashed him a smile and offered him some berries, he accepted them and sat with us for a bit.

Feb. 2 2016
woke early again and got breakfast. Took many huckleberries this time, goodness they're tasty. brought them back and dined with Thais. Sometime later she said we were returning so i loaded up on huckleberries and we returned to the forest. She seemed intent on going somewhere but the trip had wore me down. I bid her farewell and curled up to the twin gods and took a well needed nap
--------moooooore happened but its 2 am so like------

Jan. 31 2016
Woke before Thais and decided to surprise her. Carefully snuck away and followed the creek to explore. Found myself gazing into the creek for a bit and found a lovely stone with a hole through it. Rivaled in its beauty and strung it up around my neck. Decided to sneak around the brush to see what i could find.
Many pine cones sat around and i excitedly tried one. They tested a bit different from the forest, perhaps because they held no magical properties. Took my pelt and tied it together to form a pouch to hold them.
Sniffed around some more and found a patch of berries. (huckleberries) Gave them a sniff, then a taste. Realized how good they were and grabbed a bunch and put them in the pouch.
Watched the creek some more before nosing around some ferns. I put some in my crown before looking up and seeing a tree with strange things on it. Tasted the berry-like things (juniper) and realized they were berries. I excitedly grabbed the branch with my mouth to break it off. I then realized how bad of an idea it was and spat out a considerable amount of needles. I managed to get a few branches and put them in with the pile.
I looked up and realized i couldn't see Thais's place from where i stood and decided it was time to head back. Returned with breakfast for us and called for Thais. We ate together.
I Spent a large amount of time watching a nest over the den where a family of Doves lived.
While watching the droves gather i thought of a wonderful idea. I excused myself from the den and went out to find what blooms i could. After some time fiddling around i made a mediocre flower crown. Returned with the crown to Thais den and presented her with it. She smiled really big and i happy placed it on her head.
Spent more time watching the birds and thinking. I checked in with her from time to time to make sure she was ok and had food. Found myself curled up to her often and eventually fell asleep by her side

Jan. 30 2016
Woke this morning with the desire to check on Thais. Thought a bit and realized the Nix knew how to find her. Hobbled around a bit before finding him asleep. Sat down and asked him if he was awake. When he responded i excitedly asked him for directions to Thais' home. He seemed reluctant to give them, as it would be my first adventure outside the forest. He eventually told me how and i gave him a hug before limping off.
Arrived to Thais' location, unlike anything i've seen before. Rocks rose high above me and the pine trees were so dense it was hard to see a distance. Followed the creek and called out for Thais. Heard her voice and went to it. Found her and ran to hug her and asked if she was ok. She reassured me she was fine and told me about what was around in this world and i couldn't help but grin. We sat together for a bit and i was so happy to see her again.
Spent the rest of the day checking up on her periodically.

Jan. 24 2016
Woke to find my Skull mask leaning against my head. That rabbit must have finally remembered where he left it, quite happy for it's return. Saw Thais with someone else but was so sleepy i didn't really get a close look at them. Thais voice stuttered when she spoke, it was very odd. She asked me to go find Draven and tell him she was sorry. I was quite happy to help and hobbled in his direction as quickly as i could.
Met a fawn on the way and wished i could play but knew i had to find Draven.
Reached him eventually and relayed the message. He said he knew but there were things going on. He simply called them "Sad things" and did not elaborate. Sat with him for a bit, cuddled close for sympathy.
Later Approached by Thais, She and Draven sat together so i placed myself nearby as to not disturb them.
Later Jovan found us. Scooted over to him and curled up.

Jan. 23 2016
emo lil fuck sat around and had his bandages fixed by Sadiki

Jan. 22 2016
got his ass pranked by a rabbit and ended up anxious, confused, hurt, and without his treasured skull mask

Jan. 21 2016

Jan. 20 2016
Woke up where the group had been yesterday. First realized my hip was still pretty bad. Found it slightly better than yesterday but still quite handicapping. Managed to trudge over to the crying idol for a drink. Was found by Thais who insisted i come and sit at Draven's place with her.
Sat with them for a bit, simply to help my hip heal.
Later was approached by Sadiki. Sat up and said hello to him and he got worried about me when he saw my hip. He darted off and returned with some items. I sat and watched the items, and gave a few a sniff. He started to put some items into a bowl and mix them with his skull mask. He put the cold mix on my injuries and talked a bit. I listened intently as he explained what he was doing while making small talk about his past. I had many questions but kept quiet. After the mix was applied, he put a few large leaves over it. Finally he covered me in a incredibly thick fur. "This is in case you feel cold" he said. I felt so happy he was here. I thanked him many times and set my head down by him and fell sleep quite quickly.

Jan. 19 2015
Woke promptly and shook off to keep out an ear for a familiar face. Heard Thais and Draven and went over to them. Found Thais with her head buried against a tree. Remembered how Cole would do this as well so stayed precaution about it. After spending some time sitting, i leaned down to look at her, she was crying and i felt my heart drop. I tried to say some kind things to help her calm down, she seemed to lessen off a bit thankfully.
Got a lil sleepy and let my eyes get heavy. Was riled from my sleep to see a few strangers and fawns nearby. I got excited and tried to say hello. All my greetings were responded with questioning looks. I decided i wouldn't get anywhere so i sat back down. Sleep returned to me and i soon fell asleep.
Woke to pain.
woke up when Sen rammed into my side. Initially felt fear and sprinted off a distance to escape. Crumpled to the ground when i realized my left hip was in huge bouts of pain. Started to cry and yell. I wanted to leave. I tried to stand and yell for help, tried walking short distances. Got a distance and managed to get Thais's attention. She came and i cried even harder and told her i wanted to leave. She lead me to the group and i took a seat while looking over those around me. Thais looked awful, Draven and Cole too. I curled up to Thais and felt someone touch my head. I heard Ross humming behind me while he pet me. I felt my sobs calm down a bit, quite thankful for Ross and his tune. Spent a considerable amount of time just curled up with the group trying to calm down.
Saw Nix approach and was grateful for his company. He consoled me and i felt much better.

Jan. 14 2016
Woke up to lots of rain again. Found the group and sat with them, between Thais and Draven. While
sitting, saw a small creature in the distance. They came up to Draven and i long enough to look us over and bat at my items before running off. Sat back down with the group.
He did'nt go far, ended up sitting at a nearby tree, watching us a bit. Didn't really mind it.The rabbit was shivering and i felt bad with my advantage, being in a warm group. Wiggled away from the group for a moment to set one of the burning candles before him to help him stay warm.
Went back and plopped down beside Thais to face the rabbit. He seemed uncomfortable with my watching him so i tried to hide my face in Thais' feathers.
After a bit she left so Draven and i played around for a bit. I ended up meeting a doe named "Hannalore". She was really kind and playful so we all jumped around a bunch.
---gotta finish this----

Jan. 13 2016
More rain. was tig with thais? who knows s igh.

Jan. 12 2016
there was rain but did anything happen?

Jan. 11 2016
Woke and went to sit with Draven and Thais. Napped around with them for a bit. After a bit, Thais went to Gunnarr. Thought it would be nice to join but showed up and felt out of place.
Decided to go somewhere alone and hid in the rocks. The rocks were cold but i tried to ignore it. Realized there was someone else here and finally thought it best to leave.
Went back to Thais and sat for a bit. Decided to take the figs to Nyami. Found her there and threw the figs in. She seemed to like them. Fell asleep soon.

Jan. 10 2016
Ran around a lil before seeing Gunnar, Hydra, Rose an a stranger. Gunnarr seemed to usher me over so i plopped down with him. Over time he scooted closer and closer to me. I tried to contain my excitement that he seemed interested in me. Spent lots of time sitting with them.
Eventually i felt the need to go run a bit.
Found myself down at the pond. Saw Gunnarr sitting on the bank. He looked gloomy but i didnt want to ask him what was wrong. After some time he got really flighty and eventually ran off. I felt bad, maybe i should've checked on him.
Saw a family behind me, watched them for a bit. Felt some part of me get a little sad. Tried my best to shake off the feeling and went for a walk.
Found Thais and Draven. Thais gave me figs! yes i love figs. Sat with them until i fell asleep.

Jan. 8 2016
Woke up, first was called by Cole. Followed the sound to find Cole with a group. Saw Thais and sat with her. Saw lots of others around, Zorn, Ross, and Monroe etc. The group eventually filed down until the only other ones with Thais and i was a white doe i met named Averall. Sat with her for a bit. Rose came by and i greeted her warmly. After some sitting i found myself asleep.
After a bit i woke up and walked around with Thais. We played around a bit with a tree stump and fell asleep after a bit.
After she left, i went to the bridge. I was found by some strangers and we all danced on the bridge for a bit. I soon bid them goodbye and left to wander more. Found Cole and Ross, went to sit with them. Found myself in a pile of fluff. Fell asleep with the group, quite happy.

Jan. 7 2016
Found Draven, Thais and the pup. Sat with them for a considerable amount of time. Thais walked off and Draven and pup were asleep. I decided to stand up and take a walk. I found a familiar figure slumped against a tree. Cole was out cold, he must be very tired. Now that i was closer i could see the injury that handicapped him all that time ago. He was missing a considerable part of his tail. I was worried for him. I recalled how he gave me a gift the other day. I walked up and dropped a nice orange-yellow blossom by him. One of the ones he gave me all that time ago. I also gave him a little kiss, like he did for me. Draven was coming so i wrapped up my business, hopefully he would be better the next time i see him.
Draven and the pup came, i joined them. Thais also returned and she and Draven jumped around me.
We all settled down soon and sat together. I fell asleep rather quickly with all the warmth

Jan. 5 2016
Woke and sat with Thais. Inched very close to stay warm. We took a walk and ended up playing at the ruins. Felt much better than before, laughing with Thais. We eventually sat down for a bit.
She ended up falling asleep so i got up and went to get a drink. At the pond i spent some time admiring the koi. i was enthralled by the fish, then i heard Rose call for me. She came around and said hello to me, wearing something on her. Like a second layer of fur, it donned a faintly familiar color. My mind was still swimming with the visions of the fish i saw but i tried my best to be attentive. We played around a bit, i showed her the spot under the bridge.
Thais found us so i joined her, Rose went off elsewhere. Thais seemed to realize i was thinking of fish and suggested we feed the fish. I excitedly said sure and we went down to the bank. We threw some seeds into the water and watched the fish swarm.
After a bit, Thais and i decided it was too cold to stay in the water. Sat on the bank for a bit. Nix came by while i was nodding off. He told me he was going to leave for a bit. i gave him a sleepy farewell, and conked out for the day.

Jan. 4 2016
Woke a lil cold. Eagerly sought out someone to sit with. Happened across a dark stag (Aruik) Said hello to him. He gave me a sniff and walked in a circle. I was a bit confused, worried i was forgetting some kind of formality. He did it again i decided to try it, gave him a sniff and walked backwards in a circle. I guess it worked because we sat together for a bit.
Saw Cole and Zorn nearby, would have said hello but flower perfumes were making me drowsy. Fell asleep against Aurik.
Woke up with Rose by my side, flower perfumes were covered by the heavy scent of Cole? Did'nt really question it. Enjoyed Rose's new company. Aurik seems flighty, decided to leave him be. Went down to the pond with my fig branch from yesterday. Saw Gunnarr by the water's edge and sat with him. Offered him some figs, he seemed to like them. Noticed Nyami in the water and decided to roll the last 3 figs into the water for her. She snapped them up. I was very glad they enjoyed the gifts. I found myself getting tired, cured against the willow and promply fell asleep

Jan. 3 2016
Spent lots of the day sitting with Thais. She gave me figs and we napped alot. Saw Cole wandering around, limping and sad. Worried for him but realized he would probably prefer if he was alone. Curled up closer to Thais and fell asleep
Woken by a muffled "thud" and saw something shiny fall in front of me. Felt a looming figure above me. Felt the figure lean down and give me a kiss. Tried to shake sleep from me and had blinked away sleep long enough to see a damaged Cole walk off. Saw the item he left, a necklace of a golden color with a blue stone in the pendant. Pulled it in close with a smile. Soon fell asleep again.

Jan. 2 2016

Dec. 20 2015
Woken from slumber by a moody Dazenth. Tried to keep a conversation through groggy feelings. Not sure what happened by the dragon got mad and started to yell and pound his fists into the ground. The whole ordeal was getting frightening. I was getting uncomfortable and wanted to leave.
"I...I need to go somewhere"
I was given "Hm!? So you are leaving me? Do you understand what i have told you?" and i felt an awful pang of guilt. I did not desire to hear him lash out anymore, it made me wholly uncomfortable. He gave me another plead for help and i lowered my head i apologized and told him i needed to leave. I trotted away from my comfortable spot in the poppies. Found that one spot in the cave and sat down. Tried to sleep, feeling awful, confused, and guilty.

Dec. 24 2015
Woke up and wandered a bit, found a crowd by the statutes. After recalling the date i said hello and decided to join them. Noticed Mandel was there. He came and looked at me for an awkward minute. I gave him a small indecisive curtsy and he turned away. I ran about with the crowd, seeing Flyleaf, Ash, and a new grey and broken individual. The grey guy took a gander over me like Mandel before moving on the play. A couple began to sit down, so i joined them. Eventually the whole crowd was seated there.
While sitting i noticed the sky got dark, in the blink of an eye. Then snow began to fall, what fun! I stood up and took a walk around. The air began to bite at my nose. I took a look around and eventually found Ross asleep by a tree. Noticing his fluff, I took a seat beside him and curled up.
While I started to nod off, Mandel approached and sat down in front of me. I have his a quick hello. After a moment of silence I recalled that I got him a gift. I pulled out some dried herbs and handed then to him. He thanked me and pulled out an object for me. An interesting owl-shaped thing made of nuts. I thanked him and he soon left. I strung up the item on my right flank for safe-keeping.
Later a very excited Nix came by, seeming to enjoy the weather. He plopped down next to me and Ross. Later Thais came by, and Draven And eventually Cole stopped by for a bit. We all huddled around the sleeping Ross to stay warm. Ross woke soon and sat alongside Cole while Nix and Draven bounded about.
Eventually I fell asleep, trying to stay warm.
Woke later and found that everyone had left. The snow had piled up on me and I was frozen to the bone. Stood up for a bit and lit Sadiki's lantern for warmth and light. Went down to the crying idol for a drink, was surprised by a scandalous Cole. Did not recognize him at first. He surprised me so much i fell into the cold stream. Stood up absolutely frigid. Wandered a bit, the cold was numbing my senses a little. Went down to the statues to pray a bit in the spirit of the holiday. Sat there for a bit before being approached by the wolf pup. They seemed cold and hurt. I beckoned to them to sit down and stay warm with me. We both got a bit warmer.
Nix found us, I told him about the pup and he ran off to find food for the baby.
He returned with a squirrel for the kid and they sat together to eat it. I curled up a little closer to the lantern for warmth.
Ross came by, not sure if he was looking well but said hello nonetheless.
Nix came by and warmed me a bit, Thais appeared.
I nodded in and out of sleep, woke to find myself frigid and alone. Stood up shaking and made my way to the edge of the pond where Thais, Nix and the pup where. Sat down by Thais and fell asleep again. Woke again to find them gone. Felt a little worse both emotionally and physically. Stood up and saw them wandering around. Slumped back to the ground for sleep.
Woke again to find Nix and pup gone and Thais nudging me awake. She led me to a flower patch where Nix and the pup where. I slumped down again and tried to warm myself. Ended up falling asleep curled against Nix.

Dec. 22 2015
Woke up in the warm water by the candle. Upon waking up, a stranger came by and said hello, then another, and another, and a couple of fawns. Soon there was a full party. I danced with a group for a bit before deciding i ought to leave.
Took a walk and found a trio of incredibly large candles in the birch. Walking up, i saw a doe seated among them. (Rhona) I said hello and she let me sit with her for a bit. We were soon joined by another doe who seemed to know Rhona. I said hello but they didn't seem too interested in responding. After they sniffed about a bit, a big red guy (Saosin) and a tiny fawn showed up. I mostly watched the group, getting bubbled by them once in awhile. Said hello to Saosin and the fawn.
After some time, more and more deer began to appear. They partied a bit, and the tiny fawn began to get scared. I saw Nix and he said hello, but didn't stay long. I told him i would see him later, and i stayed with the little fawn. When the kid went to sleep, i said goodbye to their sleepy ears
Trotted off a distance before falling asleep.
Woke up and did things that the player can't recall.
Heard something about "mistletoe" and after watching a group for a couple minutes I figured it out. Went and grabbed some and placed it in my crown, right in the middle of my forehead.
Ran around, found Ross and Cole staring at another pair. Gave Ross a peck on the cheek, he blushed a bit and I told him "Merry Christmas" I went and gave Cole a kiss too. He returned the action and told me to scurry off to others, all without moving his eyes from the other. I kept moving and gave a kiss to Thais, making sure to not hurt myself. She thanked me before I ran off to find others. Found Draven and gave him a kiss as well. Sat with Draven, Thais and the wolf pup. Left and found Nix, sat with him by the pond. Nix told me about his ability listened in awe. He didnt seem to happy with how he was explaining it, i told him he was doing very good. Was soon joined by Glitch. Also joined by a fawn that followed me in particular. Later everyone left. Not sure what to do with my time, stood there. Thais came and I joined her. She walked off to check on Cole, I followed her and sat with them for a bit. Later, She took me to the tiny pup. I kept a distance from them, fearing I would spook the child. Fell asleep promptly.

Dec. 19 2015
Woke to something...different. The sky was different from what i knew, but it was beautiful. I looked over and saw very large candles framing the crying idol. I went to it and gave it a poke. It was like the ones upon my head, but larger. It was very warm. I sat and hugged it a bit, it reminded me of the body warmth of my friends.
While sitting with the candles i noticed there where mushrooms as well. They where like the ones from that rainy week awhile ago. I stood and went over to the large shrooms and looked around them a bit. I noticed a cluster of smaller shrooms by the base of it. I took a few of them up and hung them by their stalks upon my neck.
I looked over and saw the bridge. The bridge! It was covered in many beautiful candles. I went to it and admired its beauty in the new light. I spent some time there, gathering a few candles for the lantern Sadiki gave me. I still felt a little groggy so i lay down and took a tiny nap there.
I woke and felt much better than before. I took a walk down to the part of the pond Nyami frequented. She did not look as though she would be moving.
Nontheless, i went to the oak to look around. I found a very large candle in the oak. Spent a minute or two warming myself by it. Decided to return later
Went down to the ruins and found hundreds of candles. I found some fun in tiptoeing around them. While playing around, i saw Mandel sleeping on a pedestal with Hydra. Mandel looked, different from the last time i saw him. As if he had continued his scuffle with Nix after seeing me. I gave Mandel a sniff. I remembered his talk about Christmas, he wanted herbs? The festival date was fast approaching. I knew what he did to Thais, it made he feel awful. But despite his actions, we made a promise. He promised to help me find gifts, and i promised to give him one. No matter the circumstances I made him a promise, and i will follow through with it. Finding that he was unresponsive to my sniff, i decided to leave him be.
Went down to the playground and saw the rocks where covered in candles. I walked among them for a bit.
I heard commotion in the distance and saw Maggot with Nevermore. My spine went cold and my heart sank a little. Maggot continued to frighten me but i was a bit more concerned about Nevermore. The last time one of my friends fraternized with Maggot, it did not go well. I decided i would keep an eye out for Nevermore. I cant afford to lose anymore relationships like this.
I decided i needed to leave so i made a wide arc around the pair and arrived at the twin statues. They looked gorgeous with the candles around them. I noticed Flyleaf by the statues. Its been awhile my friend. I gave him a hug and continued to admire the statues.
After some time, i left and saw a candle in the pond's bank. It was large enough for warmth. I sat there next to it, the water around it was warm. I sat there for a bit, before sleep took me.

Dec. 18 2015
Not sure how to feel, but i know its better than yesterday. Found a nameless. Realizing i was the wiser one in this situation, I took them to the crying idol and showed them how to become red. They seemed to enjoy it and followed me to the bridge where we sat together. Thais came by and the nameless left.
Thais tried to follow it while i went down to the pond. I saw Nyami in the water and before i could go say hello, Dazenth arrived. He said hello but i was very focused on Nyami. I saw Thais by the bank and left Dazenth to join her. Rose also arrived and i greeted her. Rose stayed with Dazenth while Thais and i went for a walk.
The two of us sat down by Mjolner, who i hoped we did not bother. Eventually a pair of fawns came by and played around with Mjolner and another deer nearby. They soon settled down with Mjolner and i began to nod off
Woke up to a group of about 9 deer. I was startled by their sudden occurrence. I saw Thais still sleeping by me, Rose next to her, and Nix by me. Mjolner also seemed to have moved closer and on of the fawns sat before me. The others where strangers to me.
I didnt feel the need to interact with them so i sat myself down by the fawn. I was joined by Thais, Rose, and Nix. Most of the others had relocated to somewhere else.
There was a stranger i didnt know that would sit down by Nix for a bit before leaving to sit a little distance off, and then returning.
Ended up falling asleep with the comfort of friends, my previous sadness lifting a little.

Dec. 17 2015
Walked around feeling a bit dazed. The implications of the fight are starting to weigh me down heavier than ever. I feel as though there will soon be a time i will need to make a choice. Pick a side. I am very unprepared for such a choice, the thought of leaving either behind makes me feel sick.
Took a walk around the crying idol and was approached by a stranger (Abhiri) They seemed to be saying hello but my mind was so clouded i could only give a slight greeting. They soon left and i felt a little bad about my rudeness.
Remembered an area under the bridge i knew before and decided to sit down there. The water was rather cold and soaked my feet and chest.
Thais found me and asked me if i was ok. I gave her a curt hello and followed her to the birch.
Sat with her, Nix, and Rose.
I sat down with a rough plop. Thais saw this and looked a little worriedly at me.
After a minute or two of silence, the question in the back of my mind was driving me mad. I looked over to Thais and asked her
"What happened with you and Nix and Mandel?"
She told me what started the fight. More questions began to emerge, some where unanswerable. While she told me, i could hear her voice rising. It began to echo the yells from the fight and i decided to stop asking questions. I gave a little "oh..." and let my voice trail off. Setting my head down, Thais apologized for getting me involved in it. I told her it was alright, in an attempt to help her calm down. The events of the day had worn me down, and i was soon asleep.

Dec. 12 2015
After a couple of days of feeling sickeningly sad and trying to sleep, i decided today was a good day to stand up and relocate myself. Found a spot in the rocks to hide away. Dazenth came by but i was not in the mood for play.
Later another strange creature appeared. They surprised me so much i ran off. Upon returning, they seemed to have not moved. I gave them a sniff and sat down in the rocks.
Thais came by, having returned from her trip. I welcomed her back and we sat together.
Later noticed the creature seemed to have moved to face us. Stood up and looked it over. It opened its mouth with a strange clicking noise. I asked them if they where ok. They let out a loud screeching noise that put my coat on end. They dissipated and i looked at Thais in confusion. The creature re-appeared behind us and surprised us. I asked it if it was hurt but it only let out another screech. Thais and i decided against investigating it anymore, we walk away as it turned to watch us.
Sat in the blue bowl with Thais, soon joined by Draven and a hyperactive Nix. Nix was enthralled by the creature that continued to manifest itself around us. Eventually the fun died down.
A pair of odd creatures came by and Nix refused to let me near them. After he tried to shoo them off i sat back down with the group and was soon asleep

Dec. 11 2015
Woke up feeling the strain of yesterday. Couldn't help a tear or two before standing up. Found Thais and Draven. Sat down with them to rest a bit before Thais turned to me and we had a talk. After making sure i was alright, she told me her secret. She started to cry and said she was sorry she never told me. I reassured her that it was ok. She told me she would be leaving and i get really sad again. I did my best to supply her with some plants and she told me Draven could help me find her. Cole came by cast a peacock pelt on me. I sneezed it off and asked him how he was doing, he looked a little worse for wear. He said he was fine, and told me to stay with Draven and Thais. I quickly showed her my new bauble and she inspected it before giving me a nuzzle and walking off into hiding.
Some stranger followed me a bit, casting pelts. Sadiki found me, and we stood around for a bit. Cole came by as well and the stranger cast some pelts on him. We stood around a bit and Ross and one of his friends came by. (Monroe) Ross was full of energy, despite his frazzled appearance. Cole had to calm him down and soon we were all sitting together. The exhaustion was getting to me and the warmth of Sadiki lulled me to sleep

Dec. 10 2015
Woke from a bad day to a worse one. Woke up and tied my remaining fig branch to my back. Heard a commotion in the distance and recognized footfalls and panicked. Upon getting closer i saw Thais, Nix, Mandel, Maggot and Dazneth. I ran next to Thais who seemed to be in some kinda confrontation with Mandel. This is bad. This is very very bad. There was lots of yelling between her and Mandel. No no no no no no. Then Mandel got close. No NO NO NO. Then the sickly Thais lashed out and Nix got between them. He yelled and kicked at Mandel. My stomach churned at the thought of them fighting but Nix was going wild and i needed to keep Thais from hurting herself. Nix and Mandel took it back and started going at eachother. While watching i felt worse and worse. The memories i made with them seemed to flash before me between sharp-words. The stress started to blur my vision and i had to leave. I ran off, nearly blinded my tears. I eventually tripped and fell into a flowerpatch, how disgustingly ironic. I did not feel the need to move and eventually collapsed into the blooms, letting my tears fall into the dust. My cries where not loud, but they took over my body and i lost control in the awful feeling.
Dazenth followed me to find me sobbing in the flowers and sat with me. He asked how i was but when i tried to respond, i started hyperventilating and couldn't get through a sentence. This made be feel worse and i hung my head once again. He sympathized with me before letting out a ridiculously loud roar. He set his head down on my back, i didn't care. His contact was the least of my concerns. we eventually feel asleep.
Upon waking not soon after, he was gone. I immediately recalled what had occurred and found myself crying again. I tried to think of something happy, something good that occurred with my friends but every memory i recalled just made me feel worse. I tried to remember something happy, sitting in the sunset. That was happy. Sitting with the group before that time they fought a horse? It felt like a happy family, well, until that horse showed up. Something told me these moments where never going to occur again.
While silently sobbing, Mandel approached. He surprised me, i had not seen him approach. He let out a small "hey" and i nearly jumped. i tried my best to respond but my stuttering had reduced to hiccups and my greeting came in a halted form. Mandel's odd garment brought some strange feeling. I recalled the festival he excitedly talked about, about being happy and giving gifts. The slight wear and tear it had endured seemed to fit the sense of irony of Mandels' excitement for the holiday. He sat down and offered to keep watch over me. I I have a feeling i am not the one that will be targeted. He removed the garment and i had learned about his ability. I couldn't bring myself to feel joy when he floated flowers by my head.
stood up and left to wander a bit, couldn't find anywhere comfortable. Bounced between the pond and the oak and bridge before seeing Thais in the distance. I took shaken steps to her and nodded to Ross and Cole before simply collapsing out of exhaustion. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Dec. 9 2015
Woke up to find a branch of a fruit in front of me. Sniffed it and recognized Thais's scent. Gleefully took it up in my mouth and looked around. Hey! That's her over there with that group! I trotted over and upon getting closer, she looked worse and worse. I stood in front of her and saw incredibly pale, bruised, and with a grim expression set upon her face. I panicked, the branch feel from my mouth as i fidgeted and sniffed her. I got close and she gave me a pleading look that seemed like a "please don't get close" so i sat down a few feet in front of her.
Saw Cole and Ross nearby and nodded to them. After a minute or two, i saw her shuffle uncomfortably and jumped up. I walked to the flower patch nearby and picked up some some lovely blooms and the softest grass i could find. Took the treasures back and set them down for Thais.
Picked up the fruits again and offered them to the group, perhaps they where hungry. Thais took one to nibble on and Cole took a bite out of one before making a sour face and offering the bitten fruit back. I took the half he had bitten and nibbled on it, to keep it from going to waste. The fruit was very tasty.
After some sitting, Cole got up and investigated a Lion nearby. He barked at them for a bit, taunting them and circling for awhile. He seemed to give up and sat down again with Ross.
The lion found their way behind me and Cole made some comment about me playing with them. I took his recommendation and greeted the creature. There was lots of awkward staring and questionable looks. Eventually i decided it was a lost cause and sat back down with Thais.
The lion circled around to the back of Thais. She didn't seem too happy with the creature and hobbled over to me. The creature continued to pursue her. Cole saw this and tried to stand between Thais and the lion.
The Lion walked off and Cole and Ross left as well. Thais got skiddish by the lion that continued to linger so she tried to stand and limped off. I followed her for a bit before she started to wobble like a newborn and i tried to get her to stop. Stood in front of her, she walked around. After some more stern looks and movements, she sat down.
I sat down with her and we rested for a bit. She soon fell asleep.
The lion made another appearance, i stood and looked them over. I personally did not mind their company, but knowing that Thais didn't really like them, i tried to keep some distance between them. The lion eventually wandered off and i sat back down with Thais
Seeing how close i was to the idols with the sick doe, i decided to get up and see the statuses. Perhaps the gods of the forest could help Thais. While keeled before the statues, i saw a glint in the leaves of the ferns. I stood up and wandered over to them. taking a look, i saw a small metallic object in the dirt. I kicked it a few times and decided it was safe. Took it up in my mouth and trotted back the the sleeping Thais. While walking back, i tripped on a rock and fell to the ground with a "omph" Figured out the object was hallow then, but it did nothing when i blew through it. Sighed, and went back to Thais to tie the object around my neck. After doing so, i lay down with the poor sickly doe and fell asleep.

Dec. 6 2015
Woke and wandered to find Sadiki by the pond. Very excited to see him. He took me over to a flower patch where we sat down. A fawn followed us from the pond and sat with us. The more the merrier! Eventually the fawn got antsy and gave me some flowers before leaving. Ah thank you! I put them in the crown for safekeeping.
Sadiki was busy so i kept moving. Returned to the pond and saw Hydra. Said hello and stayed with her for a little bit. Kept moving and spent time on and off sitting around in the sun and greeting fawns.
Returned to hydra by the tree, and found out i could see most of the pond if i sat in a particular area. left Hydra after she fell asleep. Saw a group by the ruins, tried to say hello but the looked busy.
kept moving and let my mind wander while i walked. I was so distracted i didnt see Maggot until he was close. i panicked and ran off. While i ran to the pond to gather my thoughts, i saw him again and ran even more. Tripped while running in the birch and decided it was a good place to sit down and rest.
After some sitting, i found Draven. Its been awhile! i played with him to lift my spirits. We ran in circles for a bit and eventually found ourselves at the pond.
I saw Nyami playing with a stranger. Couldnt help but watch them for a bit. felt bad for gawking.
Saw Hydra across the water and joined her.
Soon approached by Mandel, who donned an interesting item. He explained it was a "sweater" and i told him it was very lovely. Sat with Hydra and Mandel, while he explained things about a winter festival called "Christmas". He explained how you give presents! That sounds really fun! He must have seen how excited i was getting because he promised to help me find gifts for the festival, and perhaps help me make a few! i was as excited as ever for this festival. He said he hoped to get some herbs for Christmas. I will keep this in mind, maybe I can get him herbs!
Vala came by to say hello before leaving as quickly as she came.
Sat for awhile with Mandel before he left. After he left, i wandered some more and found a Interesting small creature. Stayed with the creature for a bit, keeping them company.
Eventually bid the creature goodbye and moved on to find Sadiki once again. Played with Sadiki, thank goodness he prefers to run rather than hop. Sat down with him and slept a little bit as well. He was snoozing so i bid him goodbye to get a drink. I was feeling tired so after a drink, i plopped down near the river opening and saw Nyami by her log. My exhaustion was getting to me, and was soon asleep.
Upon my awaking, i was happy to see Nyami had moved closer to me. Sat up and enjoyed her company for a bit. Thais came by, nice to see her again. She sat with Nyami and i. Kept seeing Maggot running past, oh dear. Sadiki must have woke and he came and sat on the bridge. I found humor is watching him play with the other fawns. Many deer showed up once, is there a party? they soon left though. Sadiki came to tell me he was returning to his city. I was a little sad, but i bid him goodbye and good luck. Sat with Thais and Nyami until i was lulled to sleep.

Dec. 5 2015
Woke and wandered a bit. Found a small crystalline child by the tree? Either way, stayed with them for a bit, despite the fact they where asleep. Thais came by and said hello. She didn't stay for long though.
Walked off for a bit. Found a Horse named Flint. Felt a little timid after the last time i saw a horse. But Flint proved to be very kind and i warmed up to him quickly. We played a bit. He tried easing his way to a group. I saw Cole and Ross in the group, so i took the upper hand and greeted the group for Flint. They welcomed us and i met some of the individuals in the group. Met Belail, who i soon learned was Cole's sister. She was a very wonderful individual, very fun to be with. Saw another doe who i learned was named "Galene" She looked very attentive to everything around us. Flint and Belail and i played for a bit before we plopped down from exhaustion. I was really happy to meet all these new individuals. Cole and Ross sat together while I sat between Belail and Flint and Galene stood. I nodded in and out of sleep. Was half asleep when i saw Ross and Cole leave. Belail left as well when i was a lil more awake. After a bit with the sleeping Flint and Galene, i got antsy. I bid the two of them goodbye.
Walked down to the playground where i found Glitch and some fawns. Played with them for a bit. Wandered some more, walked by some strangers and said hello. Didn't get any replies so i kept moving some more.
Saw some of the people in the last group in another larger group. Didn't want to bother them so i kept moving on.
Curiosity struck and i wanted to see how far i could run through the forest, knowing the geography of the forest. While trying to do it, Cole saw me and barked for me to join him. He muttered something about a fire horse and had me keep close. Silly dog, i am fine! Belail sat near me while Cole looked about. Eventually he sat himself down next to me. We sat there for a long while, It was very fun.
At one point, Mjolner came by with a younger deer who i found out later was her kid. She and Cole didn't seem too keen on interacting but her child was very intent on playing. I would have loved to join in the play but the one kept lowering their antlers at me. If it was for play or they really wanted to fight, i could not tell. Eventually she left with her kid. Cole sat down ON me. I would've complained but hes wonderful company. Besides, he's very soft, it didn't hurt. Ross was nearby, his previous company had left. Cole brought him over to join us. It was very nice to have him for company. I was very happy to have such wonderful accomplices with me, i soon fell asleep with the warmth of the group.

Dec. 4 2015
Woke up and wandered a bit. Found a sleepy Ross and decided to sit with him, and keep him company.
He woke was was surprised to see me. He jumped around a bit, so i followed suit. He lead me to the Playground, where he found some of his friends. I said a little hello to them and busied myself with jumping off the rocks. Ross and co. played around, jumping and running. I tried my best to keep up, but they moved on from the rocks. To avoid bogging them down, i stayed behind.
Took a walk around some more, not seeing too much. Said hello to a few strangers, but never stayed long.Returned to the rocks, where Thais saw me and asked me to sit with her and Nix. We sat together for a bit, very calming. Thais eventually left so i stayed with Nix. When she left, Nix got up to investigate Glitch, who sat not far away. But she left as well. Nix and i took a place on the rocks to sit together. He apologized to me about the fight from yesterday, i told him it was ok. He made a comment that i would "understand when i was older" I suppose that might end up being the case. Adults are strange. Nix and I lay together on the rocks making light chatter. Eventually the perfumes from my crown began to seep into my senses and the waves of sleep washed over me.

Dec. 3 2015
Woke up to the sunshine through the trees. Found Rose with a bird and -?-, Found out the bird was actually a stranger named Hydra. Despite Rose's strange mindset, i stayed with them.
For a bit, a stranger showed up and i greeted them. I thought things where going well until they lowered their antlers at me. I panicked a bit but Rose got between us. Neither of us knew who the stranger was.
Hydra left their bird skin for a bit and beckoned Rose and I to follow her. We all took a trot down to the pond where we took drinks and played a bit.
Saw something move under the water, initially thought it was Nyami but the creature was far too large. I couldn't help watching them, they seemed to see me as well, likely with some form of distaste. Rose told me it was a Wyvern, i tried to say hello but they did not respond. Last saw them in a tree.
Played around the pond for a bit longer with Rose and Hydra. Another stranger appeared and i introduced myself to Husky. She seemed quite nice. I was getting antsy so i bit them goodbye and walked for a bit.
Wandered around for a bit. Ran around and reached the ruins before realizing that Dazenth was behind me. Said hello to the kind dragon. He ofered to let me accompany him while he finds some friends. It sounded fun!...until he walked up to Maggot. I'm sorry Dazenth, I don't know what it is about Maggot but the mere sight of him makes my stomach churn. I'll just stay back here. He left maggot and i followed him to see Mandel. Glad to see Mandel again. More and more deer showed, Rose and Hydra showed, Husky, and Glitch. They ran around for a bit. As much as i wanted to join them, the feeling of dread from Maggot made me keep distance. It made me so conflicted i just, need to leave. I ran the whole forest for a bit, looping around and around. Eventually found myself back with the group. Daz had me sit down and soon, he and Mandel sat by me. In front of us was Rose and Hydra. Off to the side was Glitch and Husky. It was calm for a bit, i even managed to get a few winks of sleep in.
Soon Rose, Hydra and Dazenth left and Thais and Nix showed up. Sad to see them go, but it was nice to see the other two. I sat with Thais, Mandel, Nix, and a stranger (who where you?) After a bit we got up and played around, ran, jumped casting pelts onto Thais. I even danced with Nix! Now that he was healed, his dancing was much better. Its nice that he can dance again.
We all sat together and rested a bit more, when i woke again, Nix seemed to be looking at someone in the distance (Cavallo). He got up and walked to them and started sniffing. I stood with Mandel because Thais was sleeping. Nix and Cavallo began to fight and i panicked. Mandel comforted me while the fight went on. Mandel was looking very intently at the fight, maybe he wanted in on it? He stayed with me though, thank you. After the long battle, Nix came back and greeted us all, (Mandel, Glitch and i) before leaving. I hope he heals quickly. After he left, Mandel got really aggravated at Cavallo and went after him. Another fight ensured and i panicked Whats that? 3rd time today?. This time Glitch came for comfort. The fight went on for a bit before a fawn intervened. Cavallo left Mandel with the fawn and soon, Mandel left. I went for a walk and found a strange creature who was fast asleep. I sat with the stone child for a bit. I decided to bid them goodbye and leave. Returned to Glitch and Thais, fast asleep. Whispered my goodbyes for their tired ears. Sat down with Thais and went to sleep.

Nov. 29 2015
Woke up feeling a little groggy from last night chatter. Stood up to shake myself off and saw a stranger near me. Tried to say hello but they did not seem to see me. I decided to take a walk. Oh good morning forest! Found Thais with Ross. Sat with them for a bit and we napped a bit. Upon awakening at one point a bird flew over. I greeted the bird before realizing it was Mandel. He sat his feathered butt next to Thais and joined the nap group. The four of us cuddled for a bit longer. Mandel left and i continued to enjoy the company of Thais and Ross. Fell asleep with the comfort and warmth of them.

Nov. 28 2015
Woke up feeling very well rested. streached out and ran a bit. Skipped aimlessly around the forest a bunch. Man i feel GOOD. Its amazing what enough rest does for you!
I spent lots of time wandering. Didnt see many today, very interesting. Unlike the previous days, this didn't bother me in the slightest. Wow the forest is beautiful today! Skipped to the ruins, glitch sat upon the ground. Hello! Good day! skipped to the oak and saw Ezekial. Wonderful weather eh? looped through trees all the way to the birch and saw Cole. Hello Cole! Have a great day! Ah! nothing can get me down today!
Messed around a bit, ran into some strangers and said hello. Played with some fawns at the ruins. Went down the the pond again and saw Cole and Ross in a group. Hello strangers! One nodded to me and Cole said hello and they returneed to whatever they where doing. Ah, very busy! Keep up the good work! Ran off and skipped around some more.
Got tired from all the movement and went to find a spot by the pond to relax. Upon arrival, i saw Dazenth sitting in the water. He looked to tranquil i went to the bank. About knee-deep in the water, i said hello. I must have surprised him! He turned to me and said hello and asked how i was. I told him i felt wonderful! He smiled and asked if i would like to join him. I obviously agreed and sat next to him. He watched the sky and my thoughts got ahead of me and i asked him about life in the sky. After questions and play, he offered to take me on a flight. Seeing the forest from the sky is beautiful! during the flight he gave me a scale. Returned to the ground and napped for a bit before leaving him to wander some more.
Later found Cole. Snuck up on him and took a nap. He noticed me and came around and sat closer to me to wake me up. Sat with him and chatted for a bit. The topics where light and fun, it was nice having a chat with him. Leaned against his soft fur and was soon lulled to sleep.

Nov.24 2015
Woke up and found Thais, sat with her for a bit. She must have noticed how figity i was feeling and told me i could go explore.
Ran around a bit. Went down to the pond and nearly tripped over a deer. (Moose) Surprised that i didnt see them before, i sniffed them. While i was investigating, they woke up and i was surprised. I quickly said hello. They sniffed me for a bit and greeted me before walking off.
I left and went to the playground for a bit. Passed by a group of strangers and watched curiously. One stood up (Mjolner) and invited me to sit with them. I sat with the group of..i think..5? Yeah 5. One in particular stood out (found out later his name was Ezekiel) Goodness he was HUGE. I kept thinking i aught not bother him, or he could squish me like a berry. (ahhh if u where in the group and i didn't mention you, shoot me a message.) I quite enjoyed the groups company. After a bit i felt the need to move off somewhere else so i bid the group goodbye and wandered some more.
Went to the pond and splashed around a bit for fun. Saw an individual sitting in the water and walk over to greet them. Nix proved to be very kind and they stood to greet me. I didn't see the injuries until he stood up. We investigated each other for a bit before breaking off...and both ending up with Thais. Oh well. We sat down with her and she looked over his injuries.
While they where busy, i saw Nyami peek out of the water. I went over and checked her out, sniffed her a bit and peeked under the water. She was flighty, and when i got really close i heard Thais tell me to be careful from the bank. So i kept my distance from the lake dweller. Nix was nearby, also looking curiously at Nyami. Nix and i looked curiously from the bank...maybe if i dance, it will intrigue my aquatic acquaintance? Nix laughed as i did some silly two-step and tried to join. I realized he was in pain while dancing and stopped doing it, feeling a little guilty.
We both returned to Thais and Rose. We plopped down next to them and i watched Nix. He looked like he was feeling awful so i gave him a poppy from my crown, hope he liked it. Nyami was still just under the water's surface. I wandered over to her, Thais's warning still rung in my brain so i kept behind a log. Maybe i can watch her from here. After a bit i got restless so i stood and bid her goodbye. I walked around a bit, saw Ghostie with a couple of strangers (Husky and SylvanRah) and played with them a little. Returned to Nix and Thais by the pond and sat with them. Their warmth lulled me to sleep

Nov. 23
-surprised to see him in the forest
-breifed Sadiki about the forest happenings (he cant believe how much ive grown)
-fell asleep against him, i missed him so much
-(Sadiki returned to his city)

Nov. 22 2015
Woke up from a strange daze and found Thais. She was accompanied by Draven and two strangers. Thais didnt look to excited to be with the two strangers so she went on somewhere else and as i followed her, she explained they fought Rose. Oh no, That's awful. We sat down and soon they followed. Thais was not at all excited to see them and git very figity around them. We kept moving and sat in the blue bowl. Draven joined and soon the three of us where together in the flowers.
Yesterday drained me and i sighed and leaned against Thais. She must have sensed something was wrong. She plucked a large feather from her back and set it on my front hooves. It took me a second of confusion to realize she was giving me a feather for my collection. I got really excited and strung it around my neck while burying myself in her hair to get warm and happy. Another deer came by and sat with us, a complete stranger to all three of us. Draven made a comment that maybe they wanted me to be their boyfriend. Question?? Draven, i don't understand. The stranger left though, so the topic dropped.
I fell asleep and after a small nap, went and wandered the playground with Thais. She needed to go so i left her for a bit and found Rose. Checked in on Rose, she was much better than i feared. Left Rose and friends and went and played around the ruins for a bit. Found a very small creature named "Tou" and sat with them for a bit. Bid them goodbye and soon kept moving. Saw a pair of deer and introduced myself to them. One was one of the deer that was following Thais and I so i didnt really bother to stay and talk with the other, Snappy.
While walking back from the ruins i heard footfalls behind me. I turned and saw Maggot and felt cold shoot through my spine. I backed up a bit and watched him do...something? I'm not sure what he was doing exactly, just jumping and sliding around in a circle. I began to back up a little more and he must have seen me. I froze and he turned to me. I backed up a bit, absolutely terrified. He moved closer to me. I felt absolute dread and backed up some more. He did he laughing? I don't see the humor in this Maggot. After his giggle he moved closer to me again. So naturally, i backed up more. That must have struck his funny bone because he laughed again and continued to back me up farther and farther. I was so horrible frightened, I felt suffocated by his presence. Just when i thought he was going to reach me, i saw the silhouette of a dear old friend out of the corner of my eye. Goodness! impeccable timing Cole. I ran and hid behind Cole, using him as a barrier between me and Maggot (sorry Cole). Not sure if he was ok with the set up, please understand Cole im so frightened.
Ross came by and Cole got really excited and they played. I said hello to Ross, as i did miss him dearly. But the image of Maggot was still fresh in my mind, so i stood (rather awkwardly) behind the two friends in panic of the chance of Maggots return. This continued for a bit. Rose came by and greeted the pair while i stood warily by a rock. Thais came by and took me off to a couple of trees while i sat there blubbering about what happened. After a bit, i cuddled up extra close to her and fell asleep.

Nov. 21 2015
The snow was gone when i woke up, I stretched a bit and listened carefully. I couldn't hear and familiar footfalls. I wandered a bit trying to find something productive to do with my time.
Met a group by the pond but was unsure if i was allowed near. One came up to me and sniffed me, nodding. Assuming it was a kind gesture , i thanked them and when on.
Found a pair casting spells on each other and played with them for a bit. Soon they where casting spells so quickly i felt suffocated. I needed to move somewhere else. found 3 more nearby, two stood together and one sat alone. One from the pair came and sniffed me before moving back to the other. I went to the pair and tried to say hello but my attempts when unnoticed. The pair of spell casters from earlier came by and waltzed around nearby for a bit. The one was still sitting by them self, gosh they look lonely. I eased my way near them and sat myself down beside them. They instantly stood up in panic and yelled for me to leave them alone.
I quickly moved on and wandered a bit, gathering thoughts. There was no one familiar for me to go to and i began to feel a little sad. I moved on and found a grouping a deer in a circle. Realizing they where a family kinda brought a sharp pang to my heart. I made the realization that i haven't got a family. I haven't a mother, a father, or a sibling. I'm quite alone. I cant recall much before the forest, i simply MUST have a parent. Digging this deep into my memories made me a little nauseous. My memories rarely exist without a physical counterpart, hence my collection. I remember Cole through the Flowers, Nevermore through the feathers, Thais by fireflies and so on. There are a few items i don't recall receiving, a string of beads, Various baubles tied to my legs, and a black...uh...something. These objects, i don't recall receiving them, i rarely think of them. Maybe these items hold the key to my past? I'm not sure, and i don't really want to think about it. I much prefer the comfort of the items that hold connections to those still in my life. Its funny, while thinking about all this i hadn't even realized i was drooped over a stone in the playground. I stood and shook myself out, maybe i just need to walk a bit.
Wandered some more, trying to greet a few strangers to make a few friends. But no one seemed to respond to my hellos. Wandered more and saw the family from earlier. Not sure if they where ok with me being near by i kept some distance. I wouldn't want to anger multiple deer today.
Went down to the pond and found a fawn. Chilled with them for a bit before continuing my adventure.
Found another very kind pair by the playground. Only caught the names "Geo" and "TF" before they departed. Decided to go chill in the oak for a bit. Saw the family yet again. One came by and the other and child were so exited to see them return. sigh, i bet they're so happy. Fell asleep in the oak, with indecisive emotions.

Nov. 20 2015
woke up covered in a strange cold fluff. It fell from the sky like rain or flowers. The small flakes landed on my nose and eyelashes. I blinked a bit to shake the white from my eyelashes. The cold on my nose melted into water and dripped into the piles of soft around my hooves. Goodness, its a good thing my legs are so fluffy or i would feel much colder in this weather. I stood and saw the the sheets and sheets of the fluff and get very excited and jumped and ran a bit.
A bit of running brought me to Rose. She sat with a stranger and i greeted the before taking a spot next to them, grateful for their warmth. The stranger left after a bit so i snuggled up with Rose. It was nice to have the warmth of a friend.
Rose began to sleep so i admired the snow. I took it upon myself to take a bottle and fill it with the lovey snow. I strung the cold bottle around my neck, it clinked gently with my other items. Rose was fast asleep so i hugged her one last time before going off to walk a bit.
I found myself by the pond and danced with a trio i've never met before. Didn't spend that long with them, i moved on and found a comfortable spot on the bridge and fell asleep rather quickly.

Nov. 16 2015
Woke to a quiet forest. Wandered some more and saw a pair of strangers that where running around near the creek. Unsure if i could approach, i stayed on the other side until they responded to my greetings. Played with The Glitch and a nice mini who sported a barn owl pelt, candles and a deer mask. Glitch was unlike any deer ive seen before. We spent some time running around before hanging by the pond for a bit.
Thais approached so i bid my new friends goodbye and walked with her for a bit. She looked busy so i let her go attend her duties while i plopped down next to the nearest deer. Thankfully, Lord Stingray didn't seem to mind my company. If i've learned anything from the deer i've met today, its that the forest has an endless variety of guests. I found myself nodding off a bit with my new acquaintance. After a little bit of sitting, he left.
I stood and moved on to see who else haunted the forest today. Found Draven and played with him before getting really tired and falling asleep next to him

Nov. 15 2015
Woke up and wandered a bit. Found Thais and Draven. Draven was bragging about Thais having fought Maggot. Well, certainly didn't expect that at all. They went back and fourth playing around and Thais eventually went and ran off the de drinkplaats. Draven and i followed and played with crow!Thais for a bit. A bunch of minis showed up a swarmed us. I took Draven to show him the nice sunset spot from yesterday. Played around some more before sitting down with Draven. Thais came as a bird again and we all messed around. Eventually we got tired and sat down together. Fell asleep with the lovely sky and the warmth of my friends.

Nov. 14 2015
Woke up and realized that it was no longer raining. I blinked a few times and realized more than that was different. The sky was deep deep hue of magenta. Not the blue or grey i have grown used to. The sun looked like a deep blood disc and its light hung low against the trees.
I heard Thais in the distance and sought her out. Found her frolicking through a flower patch. Joined her in the excitement. After greetings, we sat together. The look on her face gave way that she enjoyed this weather, perhaps she has seen it before? This is my first sunset, and i do love it very much. I asked her if she has seen weather like this before, Her face changed. Something like a harsh memory returning. She said she had, but that was it. I realized i said something wrong and i looked back down at the blue flowers surrounding my hooves. She chirped up and told me we should hunt fireflies later. Fireflies? Ah that sounds like so much fun!
We saw Mandel coming to us in the distance. Thais said we could go hunt them later. Greeted Mandel and he sat with us. The three of us sat together, watching the light hit the trees. I was feeling rather drowsy from waking up late yesterday. I found myself leaning against Thais's side, her feathers where soft like a pillow. That moment with them kept me feeling in complete peace. Soon Rose arrived with another (Ghostie i think) and joined us. We sat together, I loved having all of them here with me. I felt loved.
Some new deer started to arrive and started jumping around, the group i was with followed suit. Thais got uncomfortable so i went to her. She suggested we go find fireflies now. I followed her to a patch of purple flowers and we found the fireflies. She gave me a little peck on the head and sent me off to explore them. I began to skip around their flickering bodies. My heart filled with joy as they flew around me. Thais watched me from the edge of the flowers, her hair attracted the little bugs. I asked her if i could catch them and keep them in a bottle. She said she would help me. I took a larger bottle from my neck and with the help of Thais, managed to capture a few and strung the glowing bottle around my neck. I sat with her in the flower patch for a bit longer. I cuddled up against her warmth, and i finally fell into slumber.
Woke later with the sun greeting me against the horizon. Thais had gone somewhere else so i stood and stretched. My new bottle hung upon my neck beautifully. I heard Thais and Draven in the distance and went to join them. Upon my arrival i found Draven asleep and Thais next to him. Both seemingly too calm despite the fact Maggot sat close by. I asked Thais what had happened, but she couldn't give me a response.
Eventually she stood up and left so i bid the sleepy Draven goodbye and joined her. She found the tiny Gunnarr and sat with him. I sat down next to them and nodded in and out of consciousness. I felt the need to stand for a bit. The sun was hidden behind a hill. I missed the lovely sun, I need to see it again. i climbed the hill and found a spot where the sun turned the ground red. I sat in the lovely area and the beauty around me filled my heart with a painful joy.
After sitting there for a bit, i wandered some more. I found myself back at De Drinkplaats. I sat there for a bit, watching the magic show i never saw before. I was joined by a few others. Played with Bayleen and the couple of fawns there. I began to get restless again and bid them goodbye. Returned to Thais and Gunnarr. Snuggled against Thais and fell into slumber.

Nov. 13 2015
woke up and regained my senses after a quick run. The rain still came down, will the sun ever return? Took a trot around the pond and stopped for a nice drink my the crying idol as if i needed more water in this weather Met a deer that sports a red pelt, wood mask, and pretty purple flowers in their antlers. We played a bit and they gave me lots of hugs. Another deer i don't personally know was looping around near us. My new friend looked to be shooing them off? oh don't do that! they are not hurting me, its ok. After that we went and sat under a shroom and where joined my fawns. My new acquaintance soon left but i stayed with a small fawn that was asleep.
After i bit i felt the need to get up and move a bit. Came upon a pair that where throwing up dust. Unsure if it was a fight or play i hung by the edge. eventually one came to me and said hello. Play then! so i ran with them for a bit. Eventually one left so i was alone with Patch. Played with him some more, hes so energetic! After some running we sat down in the flowers. I had run so much i was very tired. I began to nod off a bit. Every once in a while i would have to catch myself leaning my head against Patch. Sorry! While we rested, a familiar face came by and started throwing spells at us. Goodness! Vala was sending spells faster than i could sneeze them off. Patch got kinda angry at her and chased her through the forest. I breathlessly did my best to follow him. Eventually he lost her and i followed him while he sat under a willow.
Eventually he was asleep so i sought out something new to do with my time. I found Vala again and to my surprise, she cast me into a frog! well, ill have to say i was certainly surprised. My new form was much more comfortable with the rain. I sat with her for a bit, before she left. I too decided to give my new shape a test run. I went to the pond. Gosh! everything looks so big from down here! The edge of the pond seemed more like a hill! I climbed up the mound and finally had a good view of the pond. what i saw made my head feel light and my spine go cold. Upon the edge of the pond was Maggot, looking larger than ever. At first my instinct was to flee but i realized he could probably not sense me as a frog. I slipped away with ease, whether it was because i was a frog or he was just uninterested, i don't know. This new skin i had proved to be an adventure. I tried to sneak up on Mandel and Ash but i think they recognized me. I found that being a frog let me get away with getting close to strangers. I was enjoying my adventure until i slipped into the pond on accident and lost the spell. Shame.
I decided to go somewhere i don't visit often, De Drinkplaats. While fooling around i saw something very strange. Before i bent over i saw something appear in the water. A large flower appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. It was a type i've never seen in the forest before. It was tall, like a sunflower. The flower resembled something like a tulip or a pitcher plant. It was a reddish orange and out of it, seemed to bubble something that was red and glowing. The plant was odd and i wanted a closer look. But the moment i reached out for it, it was gone. I was very confused. I tried to see if i could recreate the even but was unsuccessful. While pondering the event, i found myself on a hill. I sat there to think about the plant and didn't even see Maggot haunting around the bottom of the hill. I lacked my stealth pelt...maybe if i stand...perfectly still...he won"t see me. Eventually his path curved around the base off the hill and his back was to me. So i bolted. I ran until i saw Mandel and Ash again. Exchanged greetings. They began to play. Sorry guys, im just very tired. Sat with Nevermore under a shroom to rest. Poor bird, cant seem to get comfortable in this weather. I sat snuggled with him until i felt the need to wander more. Found myself in the oak with Rose for a bit. Kept her company before moving on to something else. Ended up in the ruins playing around for a bit. Eventually feel asleep somewhere.
---woke up late, something happened. Something very very bad happened. The rain was cold and i felt the squishes of the drowned dirt under my hooves. I feel awful, there where people out there that where hurt for reasons that didn't exist. I slowly climbed the god's hill, two others sat in a row. I nodded to them and took a place beside them. My head hung low and i saw a few more come, also with grim looks upon their faces. We sat there in silence. In remembrance. The rain felt cold, not pleasant. I fell asleep soon, not out of comfort, but out of grief and exhaustion.---

Nov. 12 2015
Woke to a very quiet forest. Everyone i saw was huddled under mushrooms to stay warm. Heard Rose in the distance and sought her out. She sat with a stranger (Ghostie) and i introduced myself. I sat with them for a bit, keeping warm. Then we stood up and played a bit, running in circles, skipping, hopping, and other fun things. Eventually Ghostie had to leave and i bid them goodnight. Stayed huddled with Rose for a bit. The warmth lulled me to sleep

Nov. 10 2015
Woke under the willow feeling refreshed. Quite a nap i had! Jumped up to run a bit and get my blood pumping. A lap around the pond found Draven and Thais. Draven was looking over Thais and i realized she sported a huge gash across her forehead. Draven ushered me over and i looked over the injuries. It was rather startling, i've never seen her in physical pain before. Draven sugessted that maybe i could try to use something from my collection to help her. I told him i would probably need help from someone that is more experienced in healing. Unfortunately, Draven has no experience with it either. Well, uh, i guess its an experiment! I pulled out a few different plants i had and ended up with a collection of plants including hydrangea, lavender, cattails, and comfrey. Not sure where to start, Draven and i started placing hydrangea petals over the wound. Thais soon was asleep and Draven and i let her sleep. While sitting a small fawn came by me and sat down next to me. Goodness! I'm flattered one would stay with me, do i need to feed you? Should i teach you the ways of the forest? I'm still learning myself! How does one care for a fawn? Fortunately, my worries left as someone older than i took the fawn off somewhere. Goodbye small fawn! Enjoy your future adventures! Thais woke soon and was not looking much better. The hydrangea didn't seem to help, if anything, it might have made it worse. I was feeling a little concerned myself, but Draven and i considered our next option. We moved on to placings bits of lavender on her face. Nothing seemed to happen and while we were considering our next option, she ran off. Maybe that hydrangea was a bad choice. Nonetheless, i sat with Draven until i fell asleep.

Nov. 8 2015
Woke up in the oak, ran out and saw there was still rain and shrooms. Adventured for a bit and found Thais and Rose. Flyleaf and co. where nearby as well. I joined them for some play while i waited for Thais and Rose to wake. Thais woke and was so surprised to see the group that she jumped and ran off. She regained her senses and returned and i greeted her. Eventually we all sat around Rose who was still asleep. We where paid visits by various deer and when Mandel showed, Rose awoke. I still felt a little bad for running after her a couple days ago, i must have been so rude. I hoped that we could still get along. The group of us that remained jumped around and went to the river. I think i saw Matthew and Rose went to him. I went to the other side of the lake and hopped around with Mandel a bit. Eventually, a stranger (Ash) invited me to sit with their group, i graciously accepted. I sat with them and met a few new faces. The cover of the willow tree kept the rain off and the lovely group kept me warm and soon i was asleep.

Nov. 7 2015
The tree above me swayed in the the wind and a few raindrops fell on my face and i jerked awake. I could hear the raindrops against the grass over the low din of a busy forest. I stood up to look around. The rain and shrooms from yesterday still remained. I took a small hike down to the pond and soon happened upon a kind stranger. We began casting spells on each other and it was beginning to to hard to sneeze as quickly as they could cast. Eventually i cast a lovely pink headdress that they seemed to like. Glad i was helpful, i left them with their new look. Across the river i saw a small black bird. I approached and my suspicions where true, Nevermore stood under a stranger i had never met before. Greeted the raven, who moved and soon took cover from the rain under me. The two of us stood watching a pair of silly deer taking turns jumping onto the antlers of the stranger. It was hilarious, i couldn't stop laughing. The group soon calmed down and Nevermore sat under me for a bit. After sitting with the stranger and Nevermore for a bit, i bid them goodbye and kept moving. Passing by the oak, i saw Allison inside. I walked in to greet her and was surprised to see she was not alone. She sat with a very small fawn, small even for a fawn! The little one looked as though it was cold so i sat down with them. I sat with the two of them for awhile. Eventually others began to trickle in. Nevermore made a visit again, Thais came and sat with me as well. She looked me over, probably still thinking about what happened a few days ago. I assured her i was most certainly alright and undamaged. I sat there leaning against her and the fawn against my front and Allison next to the fawn. The group was warm and i felt at peace. At one point i swear i heard the familiar footfalls of Sadiki. I jerked up to listen harder but i didn't hear the noises again. Perhaps im just imagining things? Its been so long sense ive seen him, maybe its getting to me. Eventually Thais had to leave to visit Draven again so i bid her goodnight. I sat cuddled against Allison and the fawn until sleep took me.

Nov. 6 2015
Woke up to the sound of rain on rocks. A pleasant sound, The melody helped me reassess how i got there. A careful check through showed an undamaged collection. Stood up, stretched, shook myself out. found no issues in my physique. Walked out into the rain and happened across some large fungi. Curiouser and Curiouser. The rain came so rarely, it was a treat. I soot under a shroom for a breather. It felt so tranquil in that spot, i felt i could stand there forever. I suddenly had a fantastic idea, sit ON the mushroom. It took some careful footing but soon i found myself sitting upon the fungus. Looking down at my hooves on the plant, i felt very small. Looking out at my surroundings, i felt like a king. I could not stay for very long atop the shroom, for the rain made it slick. Eventually I accidentally slipped off the shroom and sat under it once again. I felt something like liquid warmth drip along the back of my head. It was then i realized my candles were alight and wax was slowly flowing onto me. With the warmth of the wax, i wandered a bit more. I ran around the statues for a bit before meeting a lovely deer with a red pelt and purple flowers. They where kind and we sat for a few minutes before they left. I went and explored the mushrooms a bit more. Sitting under one, i watched the water fall from the curve of the top into the grass. Intrigued, i set one of my bottles under the flow and sealed it off once it was full. Delighted with the newest addition to my collection, I listened for a familiar face. I heard the deep sleep of Draven and sought him out. He woke before i came and i found him sitting with a deer i had never seen before (Allison). The two of them stood as i appeared and i became antiquated with the stranger. We sat for a bit and i was thinking really hard about some things. Not to muddy my archives, ill leave those thoughts out. I felt the mask upon my face and realized it was keeping me from feeling the rain upon my face. I took it off and felt much better, kinda free. As i enjoyed the soft rain, I strapped the mask to my middle. It currently rests upon my back, for it crowds the objects around my neck. I played with Allison for a bit before letting the sound of the rain and the warm fingers of wax around my head lull me to sleep.

Nov. 5 2015
OK SO. um. I'm beginning to sense im becoming a problem child heh. Woke up to the forest feeling kinda empty. Boy was i wrong. Wandered around a bit, found a group by the pond and hug out with them for a bit. Kept moving though, as kind as they where. Gotta keep moving. Found Thais and Draven dancing in a tree. Eh, i joined them. We sat around a bit, i was feeling restless so i got up and adventured around a bit. Found myself in a small confrontation at the pond. ah ha, maybe i aught to go. Returned to an upset Thais, heh hey Thais. I totally didn't get myself into trouble. no sirree not me. Sat down with Thais and Draven again for a bit. Felt restless again. Ended up at the pond again, ive been showing up here often? strange. Thought the group at the pond was a party! Ho boy was i wrong. Oh dear Thais looks upset over there i should go say hello. Expected a greeting but i got a bit of a lecture on how i could've gotten hurt. Thais please i am alive that's ok right? I can walk, i can run...oh there you go. Ok see you later Thais! Heh. oh. Gotta keep moving. Gotta go somewhere. somewhere that isn't here. Do i feel embarrassed? What an odd sensation. Why should i feel embarrassed oh hey ive made it to the rocks. this should be ok i will stand near the rocks. not good enough. ill stand under this rock. still not good. maybe IN the rock? this will work. No one can find me here. My collection is alright, that's nice. Ill worry about unimportant things like assessing if have physical damage later. Maybe ill just lay down here. take a nap...

Nov. 3 2015
Woke and wandered. Saw a large group of deer but didn't stay for the fun. Kept moving and met a pair of small strangers ("Gelchon" and "Phoide") we ran around a bit before "Phoide" left. I followed "Gelchon" for a bit and mingled with a group by the statues. "Phoide" returned and we rejoiced. After enjoying their company, i bid them farewell and kept moving. Went to the pond for a drink. Was startled when i saw a small creature in the pond (Nyami), i had not heard them before. I tried to say hello but realized that if i could not hear them, they probably could not hear me. I stuck my face under the water to try to say hello. They looked at me curiously, understandable, i probably looked incredibly foolish sticking my head under the water. They swam up to investigate me but shot back down into the pond. I sat in the water on the bank trying not to fall in. I spent some time watching them, they where likely doing the same thing. Saw Rose by a tree and wanted to introduce her to my aquatic acquaintance. She looked tired so i left her alone. Cole soon arrived and woke Rose so i joined them, bidding my pond friend farewell.
Cole looked rather frantic and soon had Rose and i trailing behind him. His path was a curved and unsure one but we soon found ourselves at the oak. Cole urged us into it and we sat there. Cole circled the tree for reasons i still don't know. He was listening intently. Knowing i might get in trouble for leaving, i stayed in the tree. At one point during our refuge, Rose got very frightened. That ended up frightening me because whatever can scare an adult HAS to be dangerous. Gradually Cole returned and Rose and i emerged. We stood in front of the tree and new faces appeared, they appeared unfazed by whatever might have occurred. After they left i felt slightly dizzy from worry and confusion. I needed to sit down. I sat myself in the tree and Rose joined me. Cole would come and go to stand watch. Rose eventually went to fetch someone and i was quite frightened being left behind. i hugged the tree and watched Rose until she returned. She introduced me to a new deer (Matthew) who was very kind. More faces appeared and did greet them. Soon it was just Rose, Matthew and i. They seemed interested in playing but i felt the need to sit down for a bit. After a cool-down, Mandel showed up. Nice to see them again! With my energy replenished, i stood up and greeted them. After a bit Cole ran off to a tree and i suspected he was having another "moment" so i left him. Although Rose followed him. I got worried they would get hurt so i ran after her and yelled for her to stop. She stopped and i caught up to her and told her that we aught to leave him alone. We returned to the group and i felt bad for going after her yelling. I was going to apologize but she ran off to the the pond. I followed her and we saw Thais. We brought Thais to the group. Thais began to walk to Cole. Here we go again. She kept moving though and investigated him before returning to me. Thank goodness nothing bad happened. We sat down near Cole. We goofed around and i ended up sitting on Thais. Her feathers are very soft.
Cole got up so Thais followed and i trailed behind them. We found a place in the birch and sat there. Cole plopped himself on Thais and i sat next to them. Their warmth soon put me in a deep sleep.
Woke up not long after but the group was gone. Went down to the water and saw my pond friend from earlier. They didn't seem to notice me but it was nice to see them again. Arrived outside the playground and saw Thais, Cole, and Gunnarr. Sat near them but kept distance. just to make sure i wouldn't frighten Gunnarr. (it wouldn't be the first time) I was worried i was scaring him so i game him a gift of milkweed. He accepted it and i felt the tension drop a bit. The four of us sat together for a bit. At a point, Cole left and returned covered in purple flowers. He threw them all over the Gunnarr and I. Thais made a comment that she was without flowers so Cole stood up, got more flowers, and dumped them on her. The three of use sat there in a pile of flowers. It was quite humorous and fun. i put a few of the flowers in my crown for safekeeping. Eventually Gunnarr and Thais left. I scooted closer to Cole. And closer. And a little bit closer. I was soon snuggled up against the soft doggo fur. The warmth lulled me to sleep.

Nov. 2 2015
Woke late, with a similar feeling as the day before. The forest was pretty empty but there was that feeling. Like what its like when i'm with the few old or immortal deer, or when i was in Velocity's company. The sense of an old soul. But yet again, my senses contradicted that feeling. Listened carefully hoping to hear a familiar face. Kinda just wandered a bit. Saw Draven sleeping in the pond, went to say hello but he was fast asleep. Hes been awfully tired lately eh? Kept moving, heard Cole and went to see him. I approached and saw the silly doggo having what could be described as, "intimate relations" with a tree. I was going to ask him what he was doing but i recalled the other day when he was acting similarly. Thais had warned me to stay away when he was like this, so i respectfully kept moving. It feels awful not being very helpful. I'm much too small to fight, too inexperienced to give advice and although my collection is nice, ive got no idea how to use it to anyone's advantage. Sometimes i wish i knew medicine, maybe my crown could help. After a bit of thinking i found myself looping back to the pond. Found a pair of strangers (one was Bayleen) on the bank and danced a bit with them. They seemed quite kind, it was nice to have someone to be with. After the silly playing we sat together and i was soon in a deep sleep.

Nov. 1 2015
Woke up from the terrifying night to a celebration! First noticed the confetti falling from the sky, how beautiful! Secondly noticed the forest felt, well, full of energy. There was a feeling like the forest was very full and very merry. My senses where opposing as the forest sounded very quiet, yet i couldn't shake the feeling i wasn't alone. Heard Thais and sought her out. Found her with Draven and looking quite different! She sported a makeup to resemble a skull and flowers in her hair. She explained her reasons and i remembered the date. I sat with them for a bit before asking Thais if she was celebrating for anyone particular today. She simply stood up and had me follow her. We stopped at a stone in the birch, she told me it was her mother's grave. I payed my respects and we sat down. The rock looked very empty and dirty so i blew the dust off and set down some marigolds. Thais put a feather in the rock and a bit later, the rock became a lovely alter filled with flowers, feathers, and candles. I sat with Thais for a bit, letting her enjoy the return of her mother. After a bit, we left the rock and returned to Draven. After sitting there a bit another deer came and Thais introduced me to Mandel. Such a kind and fun individual! the four of us spent some time running around (i may or may not have had a sugar rush from sugar skulls) We blew bubbles and jumped and it was really fun. Eventually we grew tired and were napping together. At one point i awoke while the rest were asleep and gathered up some confetti and put it in one of my vials. The feeling of many small fawns running around lingered. The sense lulled me to sleep.

Oct. 31 2015
Woke earlier than usual and thought i was still dreaming. Flowers rained from the sky, small graves where scattered over the ground and i could blow large bubbles! Intrigued by the graves i went to investigate them but the markings were too faded to make out. A trip down to the pond was even more astounding. Where the water used to be, a red sludge sat. A step into it and a quick drink could not explain what became of the water. Saw deer sporting candles and recalled what i heard about them. Almost stumbled over a few graves in my excitement to get more candles. Arrived at the playground to see the rocks covered in candles. Restocked my crown with new candles. Wandered a bit after that, saw Draven but he was fast asleep. Took a trip to the ruins and wandered a bit before accidentally falling into the ditch. I heard a crack and at first, was worried it was a bone. Stood up and shook myself out. No pain or anything but after setting my foot down again i heard another crack, as if i stepped on something. lifting my foot from the edge of the ditch, i took a closer look. little bit of time in the dirt revealed broken shards of glass. Even further digging revealed some glass objects still intact. I took a few of them up to a ledge for better lighting. As one would assume, i put them around my neck. The lack of sleep was getting to me and as the oak came into view, i decided it would be an ideal place to catch up on my sleep.
Woke up a bit later, covered in the blood red flowers that where still falling. Their scent was indescribable, i put a few in my crown. A quick run and i found myself at the statues with, by far, the largest group i've ever seen. Many where dancing in a semicircle so i joined them to shake off the grogginess of my nap. The number of individuals in the area was making it very noisy. As much as i enjoyed dancing, i felt i had to leave for a bit. Didn't see many familiar faces but kept wandering nonetheless. Walked down to the pond and sat on the bank looking at the new colors that adorned it. Tested the liquid a bit and was so enthralled. Wishing to keep some for myself, i dipped a vial in. i had to get a little creative to find a way to keep it from spilling. The result was a thick leaf and a strong stem tied over it. Proud of my collection's growth, i went back to the large group of dancers. I saw Rose but i don't think she saw me. Understandable, it was very loud and busy. I went to the pond again and decided to sit in it. I started to nod off a bit and soon i noticed my beautiful mask was floating away. I panicked and began yelling. Luckily, Flyleaf saw me and my issue and was able to reach it before it floated too far. Grateful for his help, i sat with him for a bit and was soon fast asleep.

Oct. 29 2015
Arrived feeling a bit lonely despite all the familiar faces in the forest. Wandered a bit craving some sit-down time with someone. Saw Flyleaf and a stranger ("Lovex") and sat with them, feeling a bit better. The sitting didn't last long and soon many new faces approached and i met some new deer. The large grouping of us spent a considerably long time running around and casting. At one point we went at watched a pair of deer that where throwing up dust in the distance. Not sure who or why. Dazenth showed himself again but i didn't stay to chat. Saw Draven at a nearby tree and went to join him. We sat for a bit before falling asleep.
Was awoken by a rush of energy migrating to the playground. Snippets of sentences like "zombie" "here" and "awake" where heard. Bid the sleeping Draven goodbye and excitedly went to investigate the rocks. The air got thicker and thicker until it was a heavy fog. A
discernible silhouette of a group a deer became visible. The magnificent Halloween god stood among the crowd. Realizing this rare opportunity, i greeted him (Though he likely hardly heard me) and gazed interested at his mask. I saw a few in the crowd running off to grab spells and quickly caught on. I ran to the nearest fungi tree and quickly grabbed a spell and made my way back to secure the next item in my collection. The moment the great stag came into view, he sat down and left. His fog lingered only a few seconds longer and i stood there shocked, considering how bad my luck could possibly be. Began to sulk a bit until i saw Thais running and many following her. i booked it after her as fast as i could and saw the god once again along the pond edge. Before the crowd made their way there i was able to face him and make the transaction. Now, the proud owner of a beautiful skull mask. As the crowd arrived, the god began to dance. This led to a large group of deer all dancing with the god, what fun! Saw many familiar faces in the dancing crowd. My previous exhaustion was lifted and i danced with them for a while. Eventually Velocity sat down so i went and danced with Thais, to keep out of the casting line. Ive never felt such a rush of emotions! Sat down with Thais after a bit. The God's fog felt like a warm blanket. I began to nod off and soon fell into a deep slumber.
I awoke by the pond with no group, no god, and no Thais. Stood up and wandered a bit to regain my senses. The new mask fit beautifully. Passed a large group of deer in zombie attire and deduced it was whats left of Velocity. Found Thais and Cole and sat down to join them. After a bit of napping, Thais and i went to seek out Draven. Found him in Rose's company and after a bit, Cole tagged along too. Rose left for a bit and her return brought her in worse condition. Tried to show support for her, Cole left to sit by a tree. In the rush of activity, Nevermore sneaked up on me. its nice to see him again. Those of us left, sat down to calm down.

Oct. 28 2015
After a bit of wandering, happened upon Draven and Rose. Stayed with them for a bit. Another stranger showed themselves (Dazenth), this one a species ive yet to see before. No matter, i greeted them and the four of us hung out on the bridge. Eventually Thais came but she refused to come near the bridge with the dragon. Thais and i simply sat down on the riverbank for a bit before walking off to sit somewhere less busy. We wandered more and saw Ross and Cole. Thais left eventually and i was left to wander more. i saw Flyleaf in a large ground and stopped by to say hello. I kept moving though, leaving the group behind. Came across Draven and Rose again by the pond and stayed with them. Saw Cole pacing the pond, not sure why. As wonderful as everyone's company is, i felt the need to keep moving. Passed by the oak and saw Ross again. Poor guy still looks awful. i went over to sit with him a bit. Soon got the feeling he didn't really want me there so i left. But not without leaving a bundle of Hyacinth from my crown for him. Hope he feels better soon. Wandered the forest alone for the rest of the time.

Oct. 27 2015
Upon arriving in the forest, found Thais almost immediately. She was sitting with a stranger (Kio) so i went and introduced myself. After a few minutes sitting together i realized i had in fact met Kio before. Unfortunately, our last encounter was not the best and the following couple of minutes left me rather embarrassed. Tried to take a nap but was unsuccessful. Eventually we heard commotion and i followed Thais to the source. Getting closer, recognized Draven and was about to greet him until Thais held me back and i realized Draven was certainly not alone. The look on Thais' face made me realize whomever was with Draven might not be friendly. All i remember was a large dark creature (Maggot) standing in an opening and a lioness (Umay) between them and Draven. Any conflict must have ended before my arrival because all that was left was those alert three. Umay left after a bit, taking the tense atmosphere with them. Suddenly Kio appeared behind me and i felt my stomach clench a bit, but she acted incredibly kind and after a few hugs i felt much more comfortable around her. Draven walked over and we greeted him. Another stranger (Kuwaka) showed their face and after saying hello, sat down. There are many cats in the forest today! Not too sure if they where friendly but hey! "Kind until proven otherwise" eh? The rest of us sat ourselves near them.
After a bit, Thais left so i stood up to stretch my legs, Draven did the same and we stood around for a bit watching fawns prance about the river edge. Everything seemed nice until i saw Maggot staring us down. I initially feared for Draven's safety and stood between the two. While thinking about what a hero i was being, Maggot advanced and that flipped my "scaredy-cat" switch and i hid behind Draven. He was well aware of the beast and shooed me away so i wouldn't get hurt. Finding a nice spot on the bridge, i waited for the events to play out. It was hard to tell what was happening but there seemed to be no fighting. After the adults finished, whatever it was, Draven came to the bridge and indicated that the coast was clear and i could leave the bridge. Although he was out of sight, he was certainly not out of mind, i stayed glued to the bridge. Draven came and sat down with me on the bridge. There was probably a mutual feeling of worry between us.

The Basics

Name: ....

Alias: The Collector, Tig

Nicknames: Scoot, Tchothke boy, Wee hyssop, Litet-Ljus, Bire de'vasant, Sugarcube, Paulo Medicus

Pictogram: X

Gender Male

Species:mostly TEF deer, goat influences

Age: Still quite young, Entered the forest Aug. 30 2015

Size: between 14 and 23

Reference: Most up-to-date

Scent:Flowers and candles. If you get close enough, the items around his neck smell like a spice cabinet.

Voice: speaks in #e69600

Current Set Real deer pelt, Candles. Played with adult avatar but still is a fawn.

Misc: Physical
-coat resembles that of a fawn.
-thicker fur around his hooves
-cloven hooves
-dark spot over his nose, not beneficial in any particular way
-capable of some feral noises, mostly bleating.
-rather clumsy
-The flowers and candles give off a heavy perfume, making him drowsy often. He might fall asleep while sitting with someone or sit down for a bit. If he does this with you try not to take it personally, it already makes him feel kinda guilty.
-his "crown" consists of candles and plants. The plants vary heavily, from flowers to herbs to leaves.
-the crown began as mostly purple flowers. As he's grown, the crown as become more and more eclectic

Misc: Mental and Emotional
-Generally polite to everyone. Likes to walk up to people and introduce himself to make friends. Unfortunately, the little guy has a hard time discerning boundaries and knowing who might cause him harm. Luckily there has often been someone to lead him away.

-Lives by the rules "kind until proven otherwise" and therefore, might not realize if someone intends harm. This means that he will approach others unless he is told not to by someone he trusts.

-Fights confuse him, hes getting better at staying out of the way but still gets horribly worried and confused. Sometimes cannot tell the difference between fight and play.

-Being a "walking curio cabinet" has been very helpful for assisting those in need. Hardly understands medicine but he does know flowers make people feel better and gives them to others as a form of support. As he grows, he's been watching the others of the forest, keeping track specifically of their use of medicine and healing. Has been able to watch some instances first hands and so far can manages to treat:
-heavy bruising
-scrapes, shallow cuts.
-extreme burns
-slight headaches
-large wounds (to a certain extent; if provided with proper materials)

-Generally a positive individual but very fragile. Can and will get sad if conditions permit. Recently subject to jealousy and envy. Feels these emotions but represses them. Feels that due to the sour nature of these emotions, they should never be acted on.

-Considers his collection the most precious thing he owns. More important than himself in some cases.

-Hes too humble to admit it but receiving gifts is one of his favorite things, even something as small as a pebble becomes a timeless treasure.

-Spins around a lot. Dances in circles, hops in circles, runs in circles. silly lil thing.

-Rather than jump, Tig will skip or run around to play. This is because some of the items he has are very delicate, and he doesn't want to damage any of them. (also because i don't feel like using the space bar but that's not important)

-awfully clumsy, lost track of the number of times he's fallen off things.

-very very slight associations with preservation magic, keeping him young and his collection well kept. Completely unaware of this. Magic is basically undetectable by anyone else.

-subject to pick up traits from other individuals.
--Manners, proper bowing - picked up from Sadiki
--protecting things with your body - picked up from Sadiki
--gentle demeanor - picked up from Thais (already a basic character trait, further cemented by her company)
--platonic kisses - picked up from Cole
--running and playing - picked up from Sabel
--softened speech pattern - picked up from Ross
--giving others food - picked up from Thais
--grooming - picked up from various
--humming - taught by Sabel
--sitting on haunches - picked up from Cole
--keeping others warm - picked up from Draven
--tapping the ground before sitting - picked up from Cole
--headbutts - various other fawns

-(his player loves puns)

Firefly Day
not too sure but maybe this one
something instrumental and happy.

Some inspo ive gathered (like pintrest)

inspiration: Apothecaries, Herbalists, innocence, the Day of the Dead, curio cabinets, antique stores, my friend Micheal, a story from my old coach, world travelers, copper / brass colors. Coffee and cream colors, scientific documentation of flowers, Goats, sweet and kindness, gardens and plants, candles, warmth, tiny comforting lights, happy memories, People that always are kind.

The Collection --- Collection: nonphysical
-Kisses, from Cole
-Broken promise to find presents: from Mandel
-Inset fear: from Sen, and Comen
-Regular replenishment of figs: from Thias
-Occasional warmth: from Ross
-Paternal guidance: from Draven, Sadiki, Cole, and Nix
-Maternal Guidance: From Thais and Rose
-spot under the bridge: discovered myself
-spot in the rock: discovered myself
-worry: inset, bounces between multiple individuals
-love: his friends
-assistance with being human: Ross, Cole, Jack, Belail
-Songs: Ross and Sabel
-Concept of death/loss: various
-a family: various

Green-blue beads
-owned since entering the forest. For unknown reasons, gives off a maternal vibe to him.

Red-orange flowers
-lovely gift from Cole, still smell of him a bit

Couple of Raven Feathers
-first meeting with Nevermore, played together as birds and found these on the ground after.

Skull Mask
-given by the Halloween god himself, wears strapped to his back rather than around his neck.

Numerous old empty bottles
-found in the ditch in the ruins, now contain some of the collection

Red Sludge*
-replaced the water in the pond during Halloween. Unsure of what it is exactly, is contained in a bottle.

Vial of Confetti*
-Confetti from All Saints Day, stored in a bottle

-Rainwater gathered from the rainy week, smells of the fungi it came from.

-Gathered during sunset with the help of Thais. Contained in a bottle.

-Gathered during first snowfall.

-a feather from Thais, smells strange. But it smells like her

-a dark red scale that once donned the head of Dazenth. Given by him during a flight.

given to Black Knife in a trade

Strange metallic bauble (Dog whistle)
-found by the ruins, unsure of what it is exactly. Should figure out in time.

-Moroccan-style lantern, gift from Sadiki. Worn off the side of this left flank, houses a few spare candles.

-a cluster of mushrooms gathered during the day with mushrooms and large candles

Owl made of Nuts
-Christmas present from Mandel.

-a Gold color with a round pendant with a blue/green jewel, late Christmas gift from Cole

Thick Fur
-Gift from Sadiki when he fixed Tig's wounds. Wears it a lot during this winter weather.

River Rock
-found while visiting Thais out of the forest, a hole has worn through it and it bears a lovely streak of quartz through it

Huckleberry bush
-huckleberry bush he planted himself near the twin gods (note: bush does not stay with Tig like the rest of the collection)

Purple Stone
-Apology gift from Dazenth

Penny Necklace
-A penny necklace, given by Cole at Ross' birthday. Pulled it from Tig's ear as a magic trick

-strange amulet with skull engraving, can be used to travel to Jack's ship. Given by him and told how to use it

-result of a trade with Black Knife. Can be used for healing but quite unsure of how to use it yet

-one of Penn's feathers, given as a gift from Penn.

-gift from Thais, origins in the human world but functions unknown

-beads from Kerosene and Indra. wears tied around left arm

-Note about the Larimar gifted. 'signed' by Kerosene and Indra. Keeps rolled up in a bottle.

Handmade Cross
-Gift from Father Albert, no idea it's meaning but admires it nonetheless

-Indirectly given by Nix through Thais. Wears off the back of head.

-leftover from an Easter basket, unknowingly gifted from Kuwaka.

-unknowingly one of Kuwaka's, wears tied around back left leg. Provides a bit of extra leg strength.

-given alongside the Easter basket. Uses to practice reading.

-shark-like Teeth. Gift from Lord Stingray, given and kept in a pouch.

Crying Idol Tincture
-strange red liquid held in a small glass jar. Given by Bijoux, properties unknown.

Large dandelion petals
-pulled off a large dandelion and kept in a bottle.

-from an exchange with Nyami, wears strung up like a necklace.

-Gift from Sadiki, likes the scent

Silk Cape
-gold color with simple gold clasp. Gift from Bijoux. Worn under the goatfur.

Stuffed Lion Plushie**
-small lion plush. Reminds of Kuwaka, very soft.

-given by Kuwaka. Very soft and warm

-given by Kuwaka, interesting but filled with lots of unfamiliar vocabulary

-given by Kuwaka about the gifts. Keeps rolled up in bottle with the other note.

Magic sack
-given by Kuwaka. Magic lets one fill the sack far beyond how much it appears to hold. Can reach almost 200 pounds but will never feel like it exceeds 5. Items put in the bag can be found almost immediately, no digging around for things. Carries most large objects in here.

-Given by Kuwaka, ability to call for Kuwaka's assistance and to travel to his home.

Raspberry bush
-raspberry bush grown by Tig at the twin gods with berries from Kuwaka's home. (note, bush is not carried with Tig like the rest of the collection)

Cowberry bush
-cowberry bush grown by Tig at the twin gods with berries from Kuwaka's home. (note, bush is not carried with Tig like the rest of the collection)

Blueberry bush
-blueberry bush grown by Tig at the twin gods with berries from Kuwaka's home. (note, bush is not carried with Tig like the rest of the collection)

-Two claws. Both from different individual. Gift from Kio.

-Ever-burning incense. Sandalwood scent. Gift from Kerosene, kept in crown alongside candles

Flower Petal
-Large purple flower petal from the large flowers from the rain. Wears over the the cape, like a cape

Willow Crown
-made by and gifted by Elliot. Hidden in the many flowers of the crown.

Bird skull
-small bird skull as a gift from Ludwig. Tied up next to the Halloween mask.

-Small purple flower from Amary's antlers. Worn in the crown for safekeeping.

-Small glowing charm that brings happiness. Gift from Eloa.

-Flowercrown from Rose, now integrated into the crown

Shell Necklace
-made by Thais with shells gifted by Mjolner

-Gift from Cassiopeia. kept in crown

-gift from Huseneye. Knows about the past from the instrument from her and promises to 'return it to life' keeps in bag

-found. unknowingly from Sambar deer. keeps in bag

-received at Sadiki's home at the market. wears around neck

Patterned Fabric**
-received at Sadiki's home at the market. keeps in bag

Bottle of Sand
-Sand from Sadiki's home. kept in a bottle around neck

Medicine: numbing agent**
-gift from Sadiki's friend, Yusif. keeps in bag

Segment of a Pennant Banner*
- accidentally knocked down while joining Abio events alongside Velocity. Keeps strung up on the right hand side.

Segment of wire from Chain-link fence*
-dug up while sitting near Velocity. From the fences the god spawned during Halloween.

*Items collected during "special weather days" will not change from the state in which they where collected. This is due to the magical nature of these days. For example, the fireflies will never die or the snow will never melt

**Stored in sack, not worn on body

NOTE: all items, save for the bushes, are always equipped

*most of these are frightfully out-of-date or not even finished, bear with me i promise it'll get done soon
**if I'm missing anyone, feel free to poke me and tell me! I'm awfully forgetful

Family - Friends - Acquaintances - Met - Dislike

One of the first deer to acknowledge him in the forest. Holds deep regards for him. Though he left the forest for long extended periods of time, treasures every visit from him. Taken to his mannerisms and sees as a role model and father-like figure. Has taught Tig some things about medicine, fueling the kid's desire to learn healing. Enchanted by his stories of his birthplace and wishes to one day see it himself. Considered a loving and watchful presence. Treasures every visit by him

Met very early, a very kind doe. There was a long period of time where he didn't see her and nearly forgot about her. Remembered her after a few days after her return and was ecstatic to see her again. Though exhausting, she's a kind and loving presence. Learned of her healing abilities and will seek out for assistance if something goes wrong. Considered like a big sister. Unaccustomed to any time she is not bouncy and full of life. Notices long leaves with her, always hopes the best of her.

Very close with, most prominent mother figure. She provides him with warmth, company, love and even figs. Close enough to tell him her secret. Slowly came to understand that it causes her issues and tries his best to be courteous of it. She has kept him from fights and has protected him for a very long time. Acts as a guide for him and will almost always seek out. Recently has forged an even closer bond with her pregnancy, cares for her whenever he can. Very close to, may try to defend if pushed far enough. Her protectiveness and care is important. Ecstatic to know she considers Tig one of her own. Now ingrained as Tig's closest mother figure after becoming a big brother to her fawns.

Properly met a short time around meeting Thais. Has grown to love the stag, as he protects him and keeps him company. Considers him a stable friend and significant Father figure. Finds him to be easygoing and wonderful company. Will seek out for guidance and advice. Great playmate. Enjoys curling up close to him to stay warm. Likes talking to and snuggling up with.

Little brother. Adores and loves. Protective of and wants to keep him safe. Sleepy and loud

Little brother. Adores and loves. Protective of and wants to keep him safe. Antsy and easy to upset and console.

✝ Cole++++♥
Saw in the forest on and off but never really said hello until sometime around meeting Thais. Will usually gravitate to Cole and usually seeks him out for company despite his constant grumpy mood. Knows that even though he ends up in scuffles, he is a nice individual. Takes a certain interest to watching the dog interact with others. Has even happened to adopt a few of the wolf's mannerisms. Finds him to be warm and comforting company.
First experience with Death, did not take it all that well and fell into at least a week of grieving. Sense his death, has found memories of the wolf to be a bit painful to remember. The emotional wounds are healing though, and recalling him is helping recover. Holds a high spot in Tig's heart, for his love and help.

Never properly knew him until he was badly hurt. Has sense then kept an eye over him.Notices Ross ends up in bad shape more often than usual and tries to help in any way. Wishes only the best for Ross. Very much enjoys cuddling him and simply being with him. Finds a bit of humor in Ross' love for food and will run him berries when he can. Cherishes any time the buck comes by to cuddle or groom. Tig will generally follow what Ross does, considers him like a big brother and a role model. Unaware that Ross has died multiple time, simply assumes they are temporary changes of form. Notes how often Ross finds himself in a predicament and will try to be around for emotional/medical support.

Has grown quite close with. Met with Draven and has realized how close the two are. Takes a certain kind of interest in watching his antics with Cole Sees him as a big brother or a safety blanket. Considers him safety and tranquility, or perhaps just a shoulder to lean on. A source of comfort and familiarity. Always feels safe with him and tends to gravitate to for company

Met him by the pond once and became close ever since. Spends time with him and Thais often. Has been informed about Nix’s ability and has since then tried to keep a more upbeat mindset with him, in an attempt to keep him from feeling overwhelmed (Has a vague idea of the power, thinks all negative ideas are bad for Nix) Uncle figure.

Nix's friend, sees around him. Seems kind

An interesting and calming individual seen around the forest. Used to often see in Thais' company but seeks out while alone. Appreciates their kind, gentle demeanor and warmth. Comforted by. Always feels safe in their company and tends to gravitate to. Feels close with. Tells of strange things and always loves talking. Recently learned about their pregnancy and has made sure to look out for them and their family. NB Aunt/uncle figure

Never particularly spoke to but has noticed how good of friends she is with Kerosene. Seems to have a kind demeanor. Calm company and very nice.

Daughter of Kerosene and Cassiopeia. Adores and admires. Will protect if needed. loves

Son of Kerosene and Cassiopeia. Adores and admires. Will protect if needed. loves

Friend of Kerosene. Appreciates her kindness and fun-loving attitude. Also mild concern at her love for fighting. Tries to not watch, as it can get really frightening. Still will tend to seek out for company.

Ross' friend. Sees her as a nice, fun individual. Very kind and welcoming. Looks up to. Enjoys her company alot.

Neice? Ross and Ery's child. Very small and fragile. Makes various noises for her entertainment. Will go to keep company if needed. Careful with and affectionate. Watchful of.

Grandma figure. Very interesting and admirable lady. Her help with healing Ross has cemented a stop of interest and admiration in Tig. Also wonderfully affectionate and good for snuggles. Learns bit and peices of medicne care from her. Knows her home is a good place to borrow Medicines and always makes sure to return it. Hopes to one day know as much as she does. Looks up to

Bijoux's friend. Really energetic and kind. Loves her company. More mobile than Bijoux. Thinks highly of.

Taken to the lion due to his association with other friends. Finds him to be a warm and comforting presence. Usually impressed by his gifts and the various things he brings around, warm happy feelings. A wonderful guardian, took him to his house for awhile and helped him learn many things. Also owns lots of books and helps with reading them. A go-to for information, stories, and miscellaneous questions. Always warm and nice to be with.

Kuwaka's son, admires and loves his company.

Really big and gentle stag. Always seems to have sweet pastries on hand and brings helpful and reassuring advice. Fun respectful company and a teacher. Went to his home with him and learned alot in the way of food, music, and astronomy. Hopes to know as much as he does one day. Always impressed by his knowledge and size.

Initially met in the clusters of friends he visited. Sought her out individually. Appreciates her company no matter what, almost a surrogate mother figure. Likes how she comes and checks on him from time to time. Finds her to be a watchful individual.

Rose's child. Saw at birth, happy for

Rose's child. Saw at birth, happy for.

Rose's child. Saw at birth, happy for.

Roses child. Liked and happy company



Because i play Tig as an extension of specific parts of my personality, you can assume he is always in character.
-Tig's nickname, though based off my username, does not make him an ooc. He is his own charecter
-Tig is played as an adult in the forest because minis are tedious and fawn sets even more so. I understand if you mistake him for an adult in the forest.
-parts of this bio may have information that seems "incorrect" like in his relations and diary.
This is COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL. He is a small child and to say the least, not very perceptive.
He doesn't understand certain themes due to his limited education.
He may only see things like death, as a deep sleep, until told otherwise.
if how i write about your deer bothers you, contact me and we can figure something out
-yes, he has a large vocabulary for a kid. That's like 95% because of my love for "Calvin and Hobbes"
Nothing on the bio should be NSFW

*there are hidden scroll bars, you might have missed something!
**also i put music links in things like the journal. just for the fun of it

contact: if you want to talk about Roleplay, character interactions, the weather, your favorite food, or basically anything, Hit me up on Skype at "tigerart27"
Discord: Elvenking42#8797

roleplay is welcome and encouraged here on the bio as well as skype/Discord

Main bio art by Ann3
css base by Unppluged, messed up by Luana with help of Hadou <3
Small coding help from Morto ily morto

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Maybe! I understand being

Maybe! I understand being busy. I am as well lol.
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Maybe! I understand being

Maybe! I understand being busy. I am as well lol.
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Maybe! I understand being

Maybe! I understand being busy. I am as well lol.
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Maybe! I understand being

Maybe! I understand being busy. I am as well lol.
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Maybe! I understand being busy. I am as well lol.
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