Chapter Two

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Under cut~

This is the chapter Veil will be introduced. =3

When I woke the next morning, I looked over to where I laid Natascha down last night. My eyes were still shut. They beckoned me to sleep. "Good morning Natascha." My eyes clamped shut as I pried them open. I blinked a few times so I could see clearly. Then that's when I saw Umay was gone. I looked around franticly for her. "Natascha? Natascha!" I jumped to my feet and ran deeper into the cave. I could smell and hear water. Is she hurt? Is she thirsty? All of those thoughts drived me to think the worst.

When I reached the water I looked around. I spotted Natascha curled up in a corner. "Natascha!" I ran over to her. I bent down onto my knees and examined her. She looked ok. Why was she here. She lifted her head and looked at me. Her tail gently wagged. She looked like she had just got worked to death. I looked over to her other side to make sure she wasn't hurt. Oh my god! Puppies! I screamed in my head. I was in shock. How could this be? "Are... Are these your puppies Natascha?" She wagged her tail happily as if saying yes. I pet her head. I watched all four puppies crawl onto each other trying to find their way. "Can I pick one up?" Natascha rolled over a bit as if saying you can take all of them.

I picked up the biggest one. I checked to see if it was a boy or a girl. Girl. "We will call her Veil." Weil had a litle spot around her right eye.

I picked up the next biggest one and again it was a girl. "She will be Ruby." Both of Ruby's ears were a solid brown.

I picked up the next biggest one and again it was a girl. "Is there any boys?" Natascha wagged her tail. "We will name this girl Diamond." Diamond had a spot on her rear that was shaped like a diamond.

I looked at the smallest one. The runt. "Maybe this one will be a boy." I looked to see if it was a boy. It's a boy. "We will name him Miso." Natascha wagged her tail happily.

Veil, Ruby, Diamond, and Miso. What a team.

...You do realize Umay

...You do realize Umay belongs to Pinkpaws70, and Rui is mine. They are not your characters to use in this.. story or whatever you call it. I don't know what stunt you're trying to pull here.

Yeah.. Not only that, Umay

Not only that, Umay and her mate named their child, not your character who I don't believe Umay has met before. Plus, she only had one kit, and that's Rui. Rui has no other siblings, and he's not a runt either.
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Just nudging you two there,

Just nudging you two there, Fang has a note at the beginning of Chapter One concerning this.

Cute writing. Smiling I wonder what will happen next.

...right. didn't see that.

...right. didn't see that. thank you, Unplugged.

I'm gonna ask for both me and Pinkpaws that you remove their names from this - especially Umay. Rui.. you can use if you really, really want to because its more common than Umay. but yeah. please and thank you.

Aha, I didn't see it either.

Aha, I didn't see it either. Just came across this by looking through blogs.
I'm not angry, just rather surprised at first. Thought you were using our actual characters rather than names at first, since I didn't see the first chapter. Neither of us did.
Thank you for linking us though, Unplugged.

But yes, I'd like it if you replaced Umay's name if that's okay with you? ^^
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Gosh I'm sorry guys. T.T I

Gosh I'm sorry guys. T.T I was not basing the names off your charactors. I will take both off. I just thought of exotic type names and I went brain dead. I'm sorry if I made you mad. I wasn't trying to do that at all. If I wanted to make you both mad I would of did something really really dumb. But I will take Rui and Umay's name off.

But can I ask one question? I am also writing this in general like at school and I was wondering if I could keep the names in that?

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Yeah, sure. You can keep the

Yeah, sure. You can keep the names for any school project or whatever. Just.. we'd appreciate it if you didn't keep the names here on the TEFc. It might confuse people - like it did for us. (:
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Thank you. I just find the

Thank you. I just find the names beautiful and extoic. I found some names I liked. =3

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788