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Est. 06-15-2020

BodyGrowing pains.MindTired, but contented.NoteWhen not 'in-forest', assume she is sleeping in a tree.


"Not sure what kinda 'Gods' take a cub from her mother... Certainly not the kind I'd be Quick to worship."



I've been growing so fast... everything hurts and my teeth feel too big for my mouth. It's strange; scary and strange, but hopefully it means that I'll be strong enough to survive on my own now without having to cower so much....


I met with a wonderful Dove in the forest. Her name was Gia, if I remember properly, and we spoke for a time before I fell asleep beside her. She was gone by the time I woke up, which is a shame because she seemed very nice.


I'm back.

It's been so long. It's nice to be back in the Forest, as small and entrapping as it is. I tried my best to create a portal to Home, and I failed. I've been trapped for months, perhaps longer, in the Other World. I still feel the fresh fear in my bones, but here, at the foot of the Twin God Statues, I can finally take a moment's respite and breathe.

Whatever Monsters I've had to run from can't get me here. The threats of the Forest seem so small in comparison, I hardly have the energy to spare to fear anything that may dwell in the trees or the pond. I don't believe I shall be shaken again for some time.

Try me, Forest. I'm ready, and so, so tired.


Today was an incredibly busy day.

In the morning I saw Yasu sitting by the pond as I was going to go try and fish. Much to my delight, she seemed to have some mysterious ribs from a fallen creature in the forest. I offered my services to clean the flesh from them and then fell asleep because my tummy was full and I was safe.

At some point, she left and I was left behind next to the small other creature she was with, and a face I didn't recognize. I met a new friend, Vakr. We talked briefly about the different kinds of Magics there are, and he seems to think that his Grandfather might be able to teach me a teleportation spell to get back home! I never thought I'd... be going home again, so this is quite exciting. I think. Maybe...

After that, I spent much of the day wandering and getting a better idea of where good hiding places were. It wasn't until the evening when the clouds started rolling in, that I met Hector again and started to tell him about the craziness of a few days ago. As we were speaking, it began to rain, and a terrible noise rang out from The Den. He excused himself to investigate and I hid up in a tree.

I could hear a great and horrible calamity from the Den but couldn't see through the dark and rain. Only after the noise died down did I see a great lumbering mechanical beast come from the direction of the Den, steaming and broken, and I fled from it on fear of being captured.

Heading back to the den, terrified and wet, Hector was speaking with the creatures I'd seen before, and I asked politely if I could hide in the den with them. The pale female told me I could, much to the dismay of the small angry one, but me and Sigel rested comfortably while the family moved out to investigate something. I fell asleep curled up in the warmth of the Den with Sigel under my wing.


Uhg. When I accidentally fell asleep, Someone decided it would be a good time to move. I stopped by the pond on the way to find where they'd gone but I wasn't able to catch anything. I'll have to ask Hector for some tips.

I eventually found Lou again (that's his name) and decided that I was going to go forage for the both of us.

After returning with a good haul, me and Lou sat and ate and talked. Eventually, we got on the subject of Magics, of which I enthusiastically taught him how to create a basic 'Ennyn' Spell; Dancing Lights. I failed to do mine properly, resulting in arcane blowback that injured my left foreleg, but it'll recover in the next day or so. Lou also had blowback from his spell, but my Ward served its purpose and he didn't seem to injured.

After we played with Magics, I took back my Ward and we went our separate ways. I like Lou, he seems kind, if not a little sad...
Later in the day, I was resting in the roots of the Old Oak when I was approached by a large and terrifying being. I would come to learn that his name is Dedalus, something I won't soon forget. As we spoke briefly about my heritage and our magical abilities, I couldn't shake the feeling that he wanted to end me, or eat me, or... I'm not sure. He left, though, after I stood my ground, and with him gone from the area, I retreated farther into the Oak to collect myself in hopes nobody could see my nervous tears.
When I eventually pulled myself out of my self-pity, I decided to wander for a bit but the Forest itself felt... off. It seemed tense wherever I went and a large number of Predators were roaming about. I think... I saw the remains of something great and red, but I don't want to think about it. It was... upsetting.

I eventually took shelter in a tree with a creature named Yasu and another small creature that I didn't get a good enough smell of to remember properly. Another fight broke out and I suppose I must've fallen asleep from the stress of it all... What a day.


As I was wandering, I saw Someone sleeping out in the middle of an open field. How dangerous! I took it upon myself to sit nearby for the entire day, not straying more than several feet, to make sure they were safe.

Lots of weird creatures in this Forest. It's not safe to just... laze about wherever!


I found myself in the forest today. Not sure why. One minute I was with my mother, the next I was lost in the fog. What is this place? I'd really like to go home.
After sitting and dozing on and off for a while, a friendly big-fanged cat came over and checked on me. His name is Hector and he reminds me a lot of Dad, which... I know he's not Dad, I know, but it brought me a little comfort at least. We talked for a bit, he caught me some fish, and then he introduced me to his family.

I didn't learn the names of the hatchlings, but one of them did tear some of my feathers out. They'll grow back, eventually, but I don't mind. The other one played with me for a bit, but I got tired out fairly fast. I fell asleep on one of the rocks at the Ragged Clan's Den.


Titles: Stargazer, Starcub

Name/Meaning: Carys, (Welsh) 'loved one'

Inspiration(s): Constellations, Sphinx, Astrology, Midnight

Gender: Female (Trans)

Size: Tiny bit smaller than #2 (Image Ref)

Age: 8 Years (15 Developmentally Equivalent)

Species: Manticross (Infernal Greater Manticore & Sky Cerapter)

Diet: Omnivore, leaning Carnivorous by preference

Set: Fawn: Nightfall Pelt, ZD Skull, Peacock Antlers

Scent: Fresh-turned dirt, Warm Sand, Sweet Lavender

Voice: [1][2] (Mix of the two)

(Young Cub - In Flight [Art by: Jaque])

(Mask + Open Wing [Art by: Jaque])

(No Mask + Hidden Wings [Art by: Jaque])

(Human Verse [Art by: Jaque])

(WIP: Information about Manticores and Original Universe)

Carys is the only surviving child of her family but had at one point been the youngest of three siblings. She was not old enough to recall her siblings before they passed and bears no connection to the sorrow both her Dame and Sire feel aside from a familial obligation to mourn.

Her mother, Aster, and her father, Kain, were at one point in their lives each well-respected members of the Higher Quarters, a college of mages and sorcerers who oversaw much of the Kingdom of Ifayette's protection. This was before Carys' time, however, and she has only grown up with hearing the stories from friends of the remaining Family as her parents refuse to speak of it directly.

Like much of her life, Carys is kept from a number of secrets that make her inherent trust of those around her tentative at best. It's not that she doesn't wish to trust others, it's more that she hasn't particularly had the best track-record with her so-far lived experience. Being a Sixth Year, Carys is well on her way to becoming a 'preteen' and, as such, has developed a nasty habit of backtalking Aster whenever she stands to try to correct her Cub. Kain finds Carys' spitfire to be endearing and reminds him of himself at that age. Aster can't spare the energy to manage from behind her haze of Rum.

Carys has been left to largely raise herself alongside the other non-related Cubs her age in the Trainingflats, a life-rich rocky plains that juvenile Manticores are raised upon by the High Elders until such a time as they can control their wild magics and learn to hunt to sustain themselves. While she is with other Cubs her age, her family's notoriety for things of which Carys isn't even aware drives a wedge between her and her peers, leaving her largely to her own devices.

This would change, however not for the best, as a pack of her peers decided to include Carys in a plot to utilize forbidden magic as a form of hazing. After nightfall, the starry-pelted Manticore was swept up in a group of five others her age and secreted out to the Rock Pits where she, along with two others, would begin a ritual meant to open a sea of stars beneath them. Her inexperience coupled with the intentional sabotage of her spell guide proved to be devastating.

No sooner had she finished the incantation before the ground split and a bright and glowing blackness began to well up like blood from a wound. While Carys and three of the other Cubs managed to escape the chain of groundbreaking and inky death, two of her peers fell at the hands of their own prank, and Carys was left to take the brunt of the responsibility.

Aster had been furious when she'd received word that her daughter had not only disobeyed the curfew laws of the Trainingflats but had used forbidden magic beyond her skill level to endanger and ultimately end the lives of some of her peers. Aster hatched a plan of retribution for Carys' "misdeeds" beyond any agreement of hers and her Mate's;

Aster was going to force Carys to see the world beyond the Settled Lands to challenge the Cub, to force her to see what powers were truly at work in the world and why obeying the High Elders was integral to surviving in the lands of Gheros. (TBC)


H e c t o r |+|
One of the first creatures she met in the Forest. He reminds her of her own father, an imposingly large Manticore the color of stone and embers, and she finds comfort in his presence. She's a little in awe of his size and his hunting skills and hopes one day to possibly learn to be so precise.

L o u |+|
For one reason or another, Carys has decided she is Lou's temporary personal Guard and magical mentor. While this is likely a passing infatuation, Carys regards Lou fondly (even if she does think he's stupid for sleeping out in the open). She can sense his sadness but lacks the emotional maturity to attempt to address it.

Y a s u |+|
She hasn't had a lot of experience speaking with this creature, but the few times she has she's been thoroughly interested. The concept of a 'God' is still somewhat beyond her, but knowing that Yasu's Parent was one was curious. There's comfort around Yasu that she only feels around Hector, so she will seek out this friend to sit by if she can.

S i g e l |+|
One of the Draxomera that Carys met through Hector, a young cub like herself. While she can't directly communicate with him, she does value the time she spends with him and has taken it on herself to guard him whenever she's at the Den. Hopefully, one day, when he's big enough, he can consider her a friend, too.

V a k r |=|
Vakr has said that he could teach her magic and that his family could possibly teach her a teleportation spell to get her out of the Forest. She enjoys his company but has yet to really come to like or trust him entirely.

G a r a i |=|
Another Draxomera, introduced to her via Hector. She respects Garai and has seen him at a distance engage with some of the fights about the Forest. She considers him to be powerful and dangerous, but not a significant threat as he's allowed her to be near his hatchlings. She will watch herself around him to ensure she doesn't upset or offend him in some way.

F a r i |=|
One of the Draxomera. As far as she can tell, Fari is Sigil's Mother (which may or may not be the case) but she has a kind of respect for her due to that. Engaging with the Draxomera is nerve-wracking as she hasn't quite learned their body language, but she does not feel threatened by Fari the same way she does Garai.

D e d a l u s |-|
There's nothing more to how she feels about Dedalus than 'terrified yet intrigued'. She's fully convinced that being around him is to be seconds away from death and may try to actively avoid the lumbering beast in the future if at all possible, though the nagging academic within her wants more answers than their limited first conversation gave her.

N e i r a |-|
Carys herself doesn't dislike Neira, despite the small Draxomera hatchling's attempts to bite her and the lost feathers she's pulled out in the past, but she knows that the small thing has a dislike towards Carys. She isn't sure how to fix this and is weary that it'll only get worse as Neira grows...

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I am here now hello
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Magical baby *-*
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