[Bio] The Lord of the Manor

Lord Shylem Rothane
House of the White Stag
Integrity - Temperance - Stewardship

The Stag
  • Rothane
  • Mature Adult
  • Masculine (He/They)
  • Leucistic Stag Fae (Red Deer/Elk-like)
  • Size: #17
  • Scent: like beeswax saddle soap, pipe tobacco smoke, spiced mead, wet earth.

A reflection of an old soul that longs to roam free and escapes into the Forest at night. A deer of few words, they tend to wander and graze in the fashion of their shape, watching the goings on of the wood from afar- but can be convinced to socialize, gradually.
They carry some memories of the waking world- but the more they remember, the less content they become- and who would ruin a nice dream, anyway?

The Lord
  • Shylem
  • Mid 40s
  • Trans Masculine (He/They)
  • Rothane Manor, Hartley-upon-Moor, South West England.
  • Human(ish)
  • 6ft tall, athletic build, slight frame.
  • Hazel eyes, platinum blonde hair, pale complexion.
  • Stand-offish Landed Gentry
In his hands rests the uncertain of a historic family line, the safeguarding of an ancient woodland, the people that tend to it, and the secrets at its hart.

Stiff and withdrawn, the Shylem of the waking world tends not to venture from the ivory tower of his manor grounds, and has done so for many years, since the lofty mantle of Lordship fell upon his shoulders with the death of his father. The estate, its horses and hounds, its resident wildlife and forestry management remains their favoured excuse for not emerging to join wider society- but they can be, on occassion, coaxed out to some function or another. They make for a stuttering, awkward, yet ferociously sincere conversationalist.

Plagued by strange dreams of a forest that goes on forever and the strange creatures that inhabit it.

An elegant concept of the

An elegant concept of the character and their connection to the forest.
It'd be interesting to see them around.

The pictogram link's not working, though. I suggest using a .png image, since .swf is obsolete now.

Oh good catch- thank you! I

Oh good catch- thank you! I will amend that soon

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