Antics 9-1 to 22-13 [image heavy]

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Just wanna clear out my screenshots before they build up again. =]

I see you there Jergens.

Oura mask.

Fits all. once.


I see Vesas and Keshadei up

I see Vesas and Keshadei up there <3
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Indeed. =]

Indeed. =]
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Judaius still doesn't

Judaius still doesn't understand how you got inside that tree.....
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Love them all !! Touk as a

Love them all !!
Touk as a mini ...too cute Laughing out loud
Oura mask ...we must tell the creators ...we need that mask in the game lol
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Hehe, I see both Light and

Hehe, I see both Light and Oolong in thar! >.<; Fun fun, though lazy Light was sleeping at the time.

Love your screenies dear, they look like so much fun!
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@Chocolate: *pats him* XD

@Chocolate: *pats him* XD Dude needs to be taught the ways of the Forest glitches...

@Flyleaf: Yes! Soon everyone will be running around with an Oura on their head! *shot*

@Light: Thankies. =B
She woke up eventually at least; I just failed to catch a shot of it. |D