Antics 5-5 to 17-13 + Sims + Skyrim [VERY image heavy]

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Just like the old days.

Did not expect that to work so fast. 8'D

This is trippy.



I redesigned this house a few times since this, but here. Have the Maze House. My kitsune lives here.

Doggy grew up.

Triston playing fetch.

Kylar and Toukan's house after I redesigned it more to how I picture it.
Plus hot tub.
Because why not.

Got them a piano cuz one of them wanted it.


Then someone wanted drums.

Apparently Toukan's old bed at Suiren's house thought he was still in it after he moved in with Kylar.

Kinsha. Painting something.

Rock on.

That's Tundra over there by the way.

Kinsha water you doin.

Then I messed with this mod I have to see what would happen, and...

Yea. They got together.

He burned it. \o/

They took turns failing.

Kawa. My kitsune character. He was failing at making friends, so for awhile Amary was his only friend.

..Draak. Water you doin.

I changed Kinsha's hair. Scary how this hair came with the exact way he ties his back. ...and yes I know the food is sparkling. I think it's cuz I maxed his skill points.

Gave them a pond since they kept wanting to go fishing all the time and it got annoying to keep sending them to a park.

Ok, this just seemed cute. 8|


Fighting a lady.

And again.
I don't like her anyway. \o/

Waterballoon fight when Kylar and Toukan visited.

Appropriate dinner conversation.

I guess Touk is getting over eating meat.

It sparkles. \o/


The guests. And with a little help of the Almighty Ficus...

Appropriate dress.

And straight for the booze. 8|

X3 Kinsha and Tundra. ...the rest of the guests were still distracted by booze.

Everyone gather around for the cake-cutting!


Beach vacation honeymoon.

And there's a tropical version of the Unsavory Charlatan. 8|

I guess the tour was a bad idea. Somehow there were sea lice. Made them itchy.


Kinsha learning the firedance.

Tundra was impressed.


Pretending to be pirates.

Kawa was failing. So he ordered a drink. ...which some lady stole.

I don't think that's how you're supposed to carry groceries.

Kawa killed roaches. He is forever traumatized.

...that's Blue and Tundra fighting by the way.
I'm not sure why.



Horse I threatened a guy into letting me keep or I'd turn him in for hiring me to steal it in the first place. ...yes. >u>

I love this mod. I can have extra followers, and they'll ride my extra horses. (Just bought a third here.)

Ditched that bald dude cuz he kept standing right up in my face and I swear it was pissing off the husband. So I got back the cool lady follower I had awhile ago.



Vigilance pls.


Dragon says "HI *BLASTS BREATH AT*"

So I killed it and took its soul.

Only time a dragon wasn't a threat to me.

College of Winterhold got a new lawn ornament.


Don't mind me dragon just killing you thanks.

How am I carrying...?
Know what. Nevermind.

Deep words, Parthy.

...Odahviing? U ok?

Off we go on an adventure~

Sovngarde. Or its sky that's in turmoil cuz of the evil dragon eating souls.



Bye Sovngarde.

The only time a swarm of dragons can be flying around and not be any trouble.

It was at this point I realized, "Main quest over. what?"

So I went to the College of Winterhold to do quests for them.

Arch-mage got killed. I don't know how he got in the ground.


These are apparently sea spirits. They bounced along making these squeaking noises. They were oddly cute.
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lol Sims...been forever since

lol Sims...been forever since I've played it or watched one of you guys play.

Also I've been enjoying Skyrim lately too. Female Argonian archer/alchemist/sneaky sneaky...named Anirapio Eye

I've had a Khajiit named Quad and a High Elf named Iugulare before this game.

Hail Sithis
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I need to stream my gameplay

I need to stream my gameplay sometime. Laughing out loud

And I seem to have a thing for playing Khajiit. There's myself (Sicorn) in all these shots, and a version of Toukan (called Ja'Lied, a play off the Arabic word for "ice"). I started his game very differently, using a mod that lets you pick a different way to start. Something weird happened where I lost some of my progress for his game though, so I haven't touched it in awhile.
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Everything else! WATER YOU DOING!

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totally spotted Scape and

totally spotted Scape and Zerg sims thar. |D
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*smacks away double post* |D

*smacks away double post* |D
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Yesh yesh. X3 And Scape was

Yesh yesh. X3
And Scape was staring very intently at the champagne bottle during the cake-cutting. 8|