Antics 1-15 to 31-12 [image heavy]

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I saw you two. >>

And TEF knows. This happens a lot in this screenshot batch.

Toukan: you smell something burning?

Wesker was not amused.

He still wasn't amused.

Touk was very weirded out. 8|

Toukan: *sudden antler spurt* B|
Oura: D8

RyOura: *searching for Toukan*
Toukan: *unseen, hiding in rock* >>
*insert a mushroom-drunk Marik getting confused at Ryou clones here*

Touk: << ... X]

Touk got bored.

And Marik got revenge.

Oh hi Ama. Join our crazy.

Staring match?

Hi Geo.

Oura has a cuddle fawn. >u>
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Track!! Very nice

Track!! Very nice
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Thanks. =] But why track? |D

Thanks. =]
But why track? |D This isn't going to get updated.
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I love your screenies. ;_;

I love your screenies. ;_;
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lol Poor Toukan. XD Also

lol Poor Toukan. XD Also Gustiro was trying to get Toukan to save him from Jack. D:
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I dont know!! XD

I dont know!! XD
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Lol, Illrose needs to be more

Lol, Illrose needs to be more active when Touk is around. She's just sitting around in all the screenies she is in. xD
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@Kaoori: Thanks.

@Kaoori: Thanks. XD

@Gustiro: Ohh; I couldn't tell. |D Cuz he was circling at one point.
Sorry Gust? 8D;

@dragon919: Ok then. 8D;

@Snow: He's ok with sitting around for awhile though. =B I think he just tends to catch her at "sit around times". |D
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Haha Probably. I can not

Haha Probably. I can not fully recall. But I was messing around a bit too. X3
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Touk never knows what to make

Touk never knows what to make of Gustiro anyway (and always suspects he's trying to scentmark him |D), so it's ok. XD
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That is probably because

That is probably because Gustiro comes up to Toukan, sniffs him, then tree scent marks him before running off again with little more interaction. XD So his 'suspicions' are warranted. XD
To tell you the truth I have not much of an idea what's with the Gustiro/Toukan thing. They never properly interact but Gustiro seems to like checking up on him.
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It's always out of nowhere

It's always out of nowhere too. XD
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Kylar's an incredibly shizzy

Kylar's an incredibly shizzy boyfriend lol, he just lies there all the time.
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Yea, Touk's the one with the

Yea, Touk's the one with the bad leg; should be the other way around. ;p