Antics 11-11 to 23-11 [image heavy]

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Mini'd Marik. X]

Midget bodyguards at your service. B|

How do fawns always find him? XD

Lightbringers Convention

If you can't tell, miniTouk is sitting on them.

Made a TakeshiRyuu.

Wesker's eye is glowing. o_o

MiniToukan: You WILL be mini!

And the mini-deer convention is complete.

/mini-deer convention #2? |D
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Oh my god there was an army

Oh my god there was an army of deer.
Her name is Yoshimo
She's a black belt in karate
Working for the city
She has to discipline her body.
'Cause shes knows that...
It's demanding,
To defeat those evil machines.
I know she can beat them.
Oh Yoshimo,
They don't believe me, but you wo
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Indeed. Laughing out loud