Antics 11-1 to 10-11 [image heavy]

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Screenshots officially cleaned out (for now).

Toukan: B|
Oura: 083

Toukan: Ididnothing. >>

He even attracts puppies.

I love watching it shift from day to night when you start up.

FFFFFFFF darn tree. I swear it wasn't there when I took the shot. >| She was sitting on his face.

Oura: I give up. *flops under* x.x

Mint nommage.

Saosin: *wedges*


MORE karma.

Awkward meeting.

Kusa/Alyx/Oura: >3
Toukan: o.o >> << >>;

Alyx commands her clone army. B|

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The clone army was epic. |D

The clone army was epic. |D

Signature by Roo ♥
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Indeed. B|

Indeed. B|
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"Aww, Toukan you're so nice

"Aww, Toukan you're so nice and warm--PSYCH."



Is it just me or does Toukan get the nightfall pelt more often than any other deer in the forest? |:
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"This means I can call you

"This means I can call you 'Bacon' too."

It means TEF knows. 8D *shot...again* That and he just wears it for an extended time when he gets it. >>