Well, I may as well... ((Questions/blah))

Make use of my blog feature XD
It felt empty and demanded a post.
Of pointlessnesss.
Like this. Smiling

And some crap.
I FINALLY managed to water-walk the other day.. was going good... backing up and all that good stuff - had a pelt, mask, and antlers and plenty in the 'history' of them.
What do I do? Lay down. Didn't think of asking/learning how people get back up after laying down on the water. PLOPPED right into the water when I tried to stand! Woe was me!
Somehow I got my pelts back.. I can't remember.. I shall post some photos and perhaps someone will look at this blog (but I doubt it) and tell me who it was. But shall post them later.

Firstly; Are we allowed to play with Pixel Fawns? I saw them the other day and chased them about (usually from a distance).

They really didn't interact with me much when I did get close to them. One walked up to me, but didn't do anything.

Sounds like I have more to say? Alas, I do not. Smiling
/end xD
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You'd be surprised how many

You'd be surprised how many actually look at these blogs!

Yeah, getting up from sitting on the water can be tricky! What you need to do, is not press the standing up button, but instead, hold the Shift key down, run forwards, and at the same time, leap, until you reach the edge of the pond.

Why shouldn't we be able to play with those Pixel Fawns? Yes, they're a bit shy, but if you're lucky, they may just come towards you and do some gestures. Those fancy, theatrical-masked Deer were like that too, but when they wanted to, they would join the other players in their fun. They seem to have vanished now.

I enjoy reading all these blogs and looking at the pics, so please, do keep us updated! Eye

Ah, well, that sounds easy

Ah, well, that sounds easy enough. Just have to remember to let go of mouse and use right hand for jump clicking and left for running. Relying on my left thumb doesn't usually end well *rightintopondwego*

I was afraid they may be doing a demonstration-sort-of-thing and I didn't want to get in the way possibly XD
I shall make a post now (or later, depends on wether or not I get distracted..) full of pictures for your viewing pleasure Laughing out loud

~~ Captain Obvious