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I hate school! Everyone is hitting me just because I'm a Tokio Hotel-fan!
Why do people have to be like that..? ;_;
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Aww don't listen to people

Aww don't listen to people about stuff like that. Their opinions don't matter!

I like a lot of things my friends like to make fun of me about, and I just laugh and shake my head when they try to criticize me about it.

Never let anyone try to intimidate you out of enjoying something. *nuzzles*
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I don't know why people says

I don't know why people says that Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg are gay and girls and stuff.. You know.. if they were girls they couldn't be gay.. And they've been working many years to be a good band, but what they're getting is "Tokio Hotel is a shame!" and stuff like that.
In Germany, some fans got killed by people who're not fans. I can't belive that people can be like that just because of a band! I mean.. Why KILL the fans!? Why can't people just be friends?..

Yeah yeah, but thanks for the comments. I really need someone to talk to.
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I like Tokio Hotel. Dont

I like Tokio Hotel. Dont listen to them, just because they like something they dont doesnt mean they can be like that. There are people like that in my school, you learn to ignore them. They are just low lives who cannot stand change.

Xand xx