Tef II step 9

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With forest sounds, graves and idols, intersection effects and border icons, Phase One is nearly complete.
Full report on the dev log.
Free access for backers.

Enjoy the holidays in The Forest. They may be the last in this engine!

The new forest looks more

The new forest looks more magical than now and the smooth of the running is so nice, can't wait!

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Looks gorgeous so far~

Looks gorgeous so far~
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Looks magical indeed! Do

Looks magical indeed!

Do butterflies gather around deer in the new version? Are they attracted by the light of picto halos?)
Also curious about the white ground near the ruins. A season change?

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So beautiful! The forest

So beautiful! The forest looks like how I always imagined it in this new engine. Also, that new intersection effect and the sniff noise are both awesome.

Formerly ocean.
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Ahhh i cant wait

Ahhh i cant wait <3
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Ahhh this is amazing! Thanks

Ahhh this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Man, the colors are so much

Man, the colors are so much punchier! The character movements and the camera movements are smoother, and I really like the added touch of the picto not rotating with the camera.