TEF II step 19: alpha!

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Phase Three has been completed in the remake. We are now in alpha stage!
Backers of the Second Decade should have received a download link to the new build via email.

Details about this step can be foudn on the development log.
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Excellent! I am glad that

Excellent! I am glad that you finished the remake of this game. I am looking forward to being a part of the new version. Thank you for this update!

Thank you! Absolutely love

Thank you! Absolutely love seeing all the pieces coming together for this remake. Had a blast exploring it today.
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It's getting more and more

It's getting more and more playable! And I love how the sitting position looks now. Glad to see the progress.

Looking forward to being able to play the alpha version on my PC with Windows 7. For now I can only play it on my laptop, but it starts to overheat really quickly.

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I really love the deer

I really love the deer models! They look very nice in the new game.

Formerly ocean.
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cool! The game looks awesome

Smiling cool! The game looks awesome but does anyone know when the zombie deer is coming to TEF in the game rn? its October and I haven't seen him anywhere.
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SquarePuddle - he makes

SquarePuddle - he makes random appearances throughout October. I believe he was seen briefly a couple weeks ago... for more up-to-date announcements check out the TEF discord, where players will announce if they see him. Smiling