TEF II step 15

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In this step of the remake of The Endless Forest we implemented taking a bath and worshiping.

Details in the dev log.
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Looking good, can't wait!

Looking good, can't wait!

148 reads and sad there is

148 reads and sad there is one comments on this.. where did the hype go?



Thanks for the update,

Thanks for the update, looking great!

This is coming along great.

This is coming along great. Thank you for all your hard work.
That twin gods gif on your twitter made me laugh, hope it's the Ctrl+W feature.

There used to be a sand texture around the pond and it's gone now, is there a reason for it?
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I love how gorgeous the

I love how gorgeous the atmosphere of this new forest is. It's a little darker and it really works.

Excited to see more!

Formerly ocean.
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We're using the exact same

We're using the exact same texture. The old engine just doesn't render it correctly. Laughing out loud
But of course we still need to go over everything to tweak things aesthetically. We want to get as close as possible to the look of the original. Unless of course a change looks better.
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In the demo of v2 I've

In the demo of v2 I've noticed that the deer actions no longer 'overlap' with each-other. Will this be changed in the final release of the game? Players have created their own language within The Endless Forest and a lot of the actions can be mixed together to create something with a completely different meaning... So I think it would be a shame to lose this.
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Michael -- Makes sense re:

Michael --
Makes sense re: textures! I'm excited to see whatever the end product is. The forest now and this new forest both look lovely.

Formerly ocean.

I like the remake so far, but

I like the remake so far, but the little "problem" that keeps bothering me: the sitting position looks kinda weird.
I mean, it's leaning too much forwards, but ofc this is my opinion (not sure if it's already fixed).
Otherwise the remake look very nice! I love specially the sand around the ruins and the water on that pond Smiling

Michael Samyn, Exciting. That

Michael Samyn,
Exciting. That sand bug was a good one, aesthetically. I wonder what else was rendered wrong.
Speaking of which, it was great to get an in-depth info on the mechanics and how their implementation differed in the old engine and the new [in your earlier updates],
and the challenges you got through the development. I'm interested to see more of this in the future updates.
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Looking great guys! Thank you

Looking great guys! Thank you for the update!

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- Nice to see how it

- Nice to see how it develops, it looks great !
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Progress is very much

Progress is very much appreciated! Can't wait to see what is next!
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You will not believe, but

You will not believe, but this night i had a dream about an update of TEF.
And here it is.

I am speaking of an update #16, though.
Are the emails still being sent? I haven't got mine yet.