TEF II step 10 - it's Christmas!

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There's a special update on the development log describing the tedious process of creating a dedicated server in Unreal Engine. The good news is that it works and that you can try it out! Later today, we will email each backer a download link for a pre-alpha test build of The Endless Forest II (only Phase One, don't get excited Eye ). But if you can't wait, or missed our message, please send email to The.Endless.Forest at Tale-of-Tales and we will send you a link.

Merry Christmas and a super New Year!

— Michaël & Auriea.
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Thank you so much for update,

Thank you so much for update, it was super fun to try it! I was really surprised to see other player in that build, and possibility to cast masks and other *__*
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What a wonderful Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas gift, thank you!

I've just entered the new version, haven't seen any other players so far. Eating mushrooms alone, waiting for someone to join Laughing out loud

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What a wonderful surprise for

What a wonderful surprise for Christmas! Just tried the build and got all nostalgic. Can't wait to see more. Smiling

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
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I gave some money to the

I gave some money to the campaign, not a lot, but does that matter? And I can't remember what email I used. Is there any way to check that? I can't find the confirmation email, thinking I must have deleted it.
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I’m a bit confused. What is

I’m a bit confused. What is the email?

Edit: Nevermind, got it!

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