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Bright Eyes - Chapter Two

Damn, I'm writing like mad! I already finished chapter two, I never wrote a story this fast. More danger in this one. And you'll finally find out who Fenqua's friend is, although that didn't take to long. It kinda connects two stories on TEF with each other ^^




‘AWAY FROM THE EDGE!’ A strong, black stag with huge antlers shouted. He was running in circles around a group of panicking deer, preventing anyone to wander of. His emerald green eyes scanned the group, to see if everyone was there. He was missing one of the younger stags, but he had already been away for weeks, so it wouldn’t be clever looking for him now the herd was in danger. The black stag stopped in front of the herd and bellowed loudly to get their attention. Immediately the deer stopped panicking and looked at him.
‘Listen up everyone, there is no need to create a chaos here. We’re going to stay calm and leave this place together. There is no need to panic if we all stay together and away from the edge of the woods.’
A fiery doe stepped forward and bowed politely, meaning she wanted to ask him a question.
‘Go ahead Nimlin, you don’t have to bow for me.’ The stag answered with a slightly irritated voice.
‘Sir, I was just wondering what we’re up against. You’re saying we have to leave our territory and stay away from the edge. But I think me and the other deer would like to know what the threat is. And if it’s worth fleeing for.’ After hearing this, other deer nodded and the crowd started to shout things like: ‘Yeah, tell us!’ or ‘Why don’t we fight?’
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Bright Eyes - Chapter One

I finally have a title for my story, inspired by one of the most beautiful songs.
You may know what I'm talking about if you have seen the movie Water Ship Down. ^^

No dying humans this time, but more of an introduction chapter. I hope it's not too boring, there will be more blood soon XDD Enjoy!



A few months later…

It was a cold and windy September’s day, the sun had hidden behind the clouds and wasn’t planning on coming back anytime soon. Even though the animals in the forest didn’t know about real seasons, they could feel the autumn spirit was near. It was time to pray and welcome the new season. To thank the Gods for everything they might give, or take.
At least one of the young does was certain the Gods would take something from her. They were her number one love, the flowers. The soft patches of grass, surrounded by poppies or blueberries were her favorite resting places. She was going to miss them, as she believed she was some sort of princess to them. A princess of the flowers, like them she would weaken during autumn and die when the first frost would come.

Even though she was still a fawn, Fenqua had grown older from the things she had been through. And more important, she had grown wiser. She had nothing to complain, she had a wonderful position in the herd and she never had to worry about thirst or starvation. Fenqua’s caretaker had done anything to raise her properly, but her methods sure left their scars on her.
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Bright Eyes - Prologue

But it's way different from the other ones, I hope. Well at least the beginning is, you won't expect a TEF story from the start, but it slowly gets there, trust me! This is just a prologue though and it isn't very exciting either, since I'm not a star at English. My grades tell another story, but I'm talking about real writing, not learning words or grammar. Have fun reading anyway, before I start my own life story here.



It was early in the morning and a warm, bright sun was shining through the blinds. Rays of light fell upon her face as she slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and stretched herself, she didn’t feel like coming out of bed, but she had no choice. Another day of work had begun and she was already behind on her current project.
She stepped out of bed and slowly walked down the stairs. Not fully awake yet, she opened some curtains. Without mercy, the sun burned her eyes and blinded her for a few seconds. She cursed and backed away from the window. First some coffee, she thought. I’ll dress up later.

She turned on the coffee machine and decided to get the newspaper, when the phone suddenly rang. Probably work, she thought and she picked up. ‘Hello, Sheila speaking.’ She said.
‘Hi there Sheila, how have you been?’ It was her colleague, Matt.
‘I’m fine, thanks. How about you?'
‘I’m pretty excited today! I just heard we are going to work on a new project.’
‘Yeah! You and me together, it’s really going be fun, isn't it?’
‘I’m sure it is. But I haven’t finished my other project yet, I don’t have time for this.’
‘Well, the boss insisted that we would do it. So you can leave your other project for a while, this one concerns him more.’
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