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In the beginning...

Karma stood in the deserted playground and sniffed the breeze. She let the cool air flow through her nostrils and fill her chest. She had waited for this day ever since her eyes first opened on her beloved forest once again. That was over a month ago, and it had taken her a while to get her bearings--and to remember. Being a fawn again had toyed with her mind, but now she was grown and she had found her old spells. It was time to bring them back.

Fire must be first. Karma raced on the wind, searching the forest for a flicker. Ah, there--by the ruins. She slowed and brushed by a motionless stag with candles on his antlers, catching one of her violets on fire as she went. She walked to a nearby tomb and, rubbing her antlers across it, delicately loosened the flaming flower until it fell to the ground. Quickly, she bent and breathed out a slow, deep breath. The light wavered, but did not go out. Karma stood and pawed at the ground, forming a symbol in the dirt beside the fire. She cast her spell and stood back, listening and waiting. Had she forgotten something? But no! A blinding golden light began to seep out of the grooves she had made in the forest floor. It mixed with the flames and grew until it was almost as large as Karma herself. When the light faded, there was only a smoldering pile of ashes where the burning flower had been, but lying next to it was a newborn fawn, naked but for the candles where her antlers would grow. Stella! Her heart leaped. She wanted to lie down and wrap herself around the sleeping fawn, but she knew her task was incomplete and that there would be time for their reunion shortly. A quick nuzzle and she was off.

She must bring back Echo, and the pond was the place for that. At the water's source, she darted through the tears of the the crying statue, letting its magic wash over her and turn her pelt crimson. Without stopping to shake the droplets from her fur, she leaped into the ravine.

Symphony of Silence

[Edit]Added more... sorry for cluttering the diary pages with my unrelated ramblings. D:
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Questions? Please? c:

ffff i'll only update this a few more times, I promise. I can take a hint. ....I just love questions... ^__^;;;; And they seriously do help me in character development so much!

Yeah, so if you have any questions for me and/or my deer, just ask and we'll see what happens. I may be a tad slow to respond. I'm doing this because I'm bored, but no worries if you have not questions, I can find something else to do. Laughing out loud
(only relevant deer will answer. I have too many to do all, lul sorry.)


1. Of all the landmarks in the Forest, which is your favorite and why?
Liëka: There is a spot, that isn't really a landmark, but has always stood out for me. If you stand near Mushroom Hill by the Ename Ruins, and head towards the First Forest/Pine Forest boundary, there is a spot where many of the Forest elements combine in a way that doesn't really occur anywhere else. There are three sunbeams fairly close together; two hit purple flowers, one hits poppies. The poppies are near a few trees with mushrooms on, and near to them is a group of Pine trees. Butterflies hover at day, fireflies at night. From this spot, if you head one way a few prances you're in the Birch Forest, the other way the First Forest. There is elements of everywhere here.
...didn't realise I had so much to say on that till I'd started!

Troll: I'd've thought mine was obvious, really. The Waterways of the Forest, Pond and River are my sanctuary. They feel safe. They are cool and calming. I can see the world from there.
Iranu: Speaking for both of us, then definitely the Ename Ruins. So much to work with! We love climbing y'see. In fact, we built a treehouse and keep our odds and ends there. So that would be our favourite, I suppose, but it's not really a landmark (or indeed, accessible) to anyone else, hehe! :Uvavu

2. Do you ever surprise yourself?
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Falling snow makes no sound...


‘Falling snow makes no sound,
As it carefully touches the ground
Before disappearing into nothingness
Unseen, unheard
And left to rest.’

The girl softly sang to herself, while watching the first flakes of winter fall. Right in front of her feet they vanished, for their short, fragile lives mattered to no one at all. Her gaze went from her shoes to the place she currently was, London Kings Cross station. People walking, pushing her aside in their haste without having time to apologize. The fifteen year old with one green and one blue eye, eyed the other travellers with curiosity and fear. Fear of loneliness and the unknown in front of her. She planned on going to travel, but never realized there were so many places she could go. To her it did not matter, she just wished to leave the rotten city she was born in. London had its charm for sure and looked beautiful on the outside.

~Tales from the Oak~ (New story! 'Face Value')

Your hooves have carried you through the forest, a whisper in your ears.
The voice tugs at your soul and you float along after it and into the hollowed chamber.
A deep droning reverberates in your chest, lazy crescendos pulsing in rhythm like some behemoth heart.
You find your mind wandering, fantastical notions, ponderings, and soul searching seem so much easier inside the inviting womb of the Oak.
If you think of nothing at all and simply concede to doze you might be lucky enough to hear the voice of Old Oak herself.

Perhaps, if you are a good listener, she’ll share with you a story…

:.{My Deer Histories & Notes}.:

[=10]Yeah xD This may be updated as I think of or discover new things about my characters, but is basically finished. :3 Comments, opinions, suggestions etc are all appreciated!
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Back to You

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White Flame :: A Story Abandoned

He stood, a magnificent cavalier, upon the mandate of paradise,
His eyes obsidian and laced with ruby.
With the verdure of a King in his prime
And the grace of a breeze able to turn to a typhoon,
His focus moved across the province.

There she stood, a glistening gem of alabaster,
Her eyes golden and laced with beryl.
With the serenity of an Angel from the heavens
And the voice of a diva able to pacify a storm,
She revealed herself with song.

There they stood, together, a beacon of happiness,
With the cosmos as their playground.
With their shared compassion only paramount
And their rapturous forms embraced,
Their future of anguish was concealed.

Then alone he stood, perturbed and afraid,
Taking in the sight of his fallen beloved.
Just able to speak, He inquired of his pearl,
"By whose hand were you slain, my love?"
Lips tainted crimson could only reply:

"The strike came from you, dear one."

Just bumping this for people who might miss it.

This little piece of.. Whatever it is, is loosely based around a plot idea I had for Walter. However, due to the more recent "no moar violence!" outcry, it probably won't come to pass, especially now that I've revealed it.

What I had intended, was for Walter to finally find his love. However, in his overwhelming compassion for her, he smothered her to the point where he killed her accidently. The reactions, responses and consequences would be totally down to all you people as the community who would have wanted to have been involved. But like I said, since the idea of violence is rejected in TEF, this will no longer occur.

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