Stop exploiting bugs, please

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Please try to enjoy these last months of the old game in the way it was intended to be played. We would like to keep it online until we can make a smooth transition to the remake.

Exploiting bugs seems to cause instability in the game. Resulting in crashes. Recently several accounts were lost. I don't know if these events are related but please treat the software with respect and caution. It's an old game, and thus vulnerable. Please help it survive a little longer.

If you like The Endless Forest, please play it as intended. If you don't like The Endless Forest, please don't ruin it for people who do and go play something else.

I don't think that anybody is

I don't think that anybody is out to ruin it for anyone else by exploiting bugs or are doing so because they "don't like TEF", they do it because they love TEF and just want to enjoy more customization options.
Now that people are aware that a particular bug may be causing server issues, I'm sure nobody will utilize it any longer.
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Seconding J!n here. I think

Seconding J!n here. I think given that TEF is such an old game and hasn't seen any updates in many, many years, people are taking it into their own hands to try and give themselves new content and further customization options.

It's a shame to learn that these might have been causing server issues though.
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