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We have moved to Rome, Italy, but we still have a lot of unpacking and administration to do. The remake of The Endless Forest is on our minds, though. So we hope to get back to the project soon from our fascinating new surroundings.

Moving to another country, even within the European Community is not simple. Apart from the paperwork involved with immigration (residency, taxes, social security, etc) we also need to learn how to live here. A major aspect of that is learning the language! So some of our time is simply taken up by following language courses. And then there's of course the apartment decoration. We had to leave most of our furniture behind in Belgium because it was too expensive to move it to Italy. A lot of time is spent thinking about that, calculating costs and then actually buying things and putting them together.

We live in a very central area in Rome, close to Vatican City. Whenever we go to the supermarket of take out the trash, we see many wonderful artistic treasures. This has been tremendously invigorating and inspiring. Here's something I noticed above the portal of a church building the other day:

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Fantastic! I hope the city

Fantastic! I hope the city continues to inspire you in all of your endeavours, and you're able to acclimate to the lifestyle.
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Exciting news! I hope you

Exciting news! I hope you settle in nicely.
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Good luck with settling in!

Good luck with settling in! What a lovely carving that is.

Formerly ocean.
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I was in Rome and in Vatican.

I was in Rome and in Vatican. It's really beutiful there. I find the architecture most enthralling. Very interesting catch on that photo! Which church is that?
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That sounds like an awesome

That sounds like an awesome place to move to! For the art, and not for the food or anything... *SWEATS*

I wonder if were deer considered holy when this church was built? They still are, in some places.
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What a charming nod to the

What a charming nod to the story of Saint Hubert that gave us pictograms!
Rome is lovely, I'd be thrilled to go back to visit one day.
Thank you for the update!
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It's the Church of San

It's the Church of San Pantaleo. No idea about the connection with Saint Hubert, or a similar myth involving deer.
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Thank you! =D

Thank you! =D


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that's lovely!

that's lovely!

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