Seed's Poetry Corner: A Collection

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Welp, I decided to put up handy-dandy links to all of Seed's little poems. Because why not? The links will lead to the poem (or poems) in the link-text. enjoy.
(feel free to comment on any of the poems. Really. It makes Seed happy.)
The Butterflies
Birch Forest Love Poem, Tears of an Idol, The Piece of the Forgotten
Raindrops, Grey World
The Fireflies
The Forest in Twilight
Where We Are When the World Stops
The Peace of the Pond
The Mushrooms
Snowflakes, Reverberant Refrain
Koi, Hovering Wings
White on White
Hilltop Haiku
Triolet for the Big Oak's Song
Limerick of a Clone-Dove
Haiku on Yesterday and Today
A Poem of Birds
He Who Slumbers in Winter
The Fate of Beauty
The Flowers Are All Dead
The Gift of Flowers
Being Real
The Dead Who Walks
Haiku for a Snowy Day
Festival of Lights
Nevilly's Sonnet
The Battle for Spring
A Duel Amongst Flowers
The Birth of the Old Oak (A Forest Fable, not a poem.)
Of Another World
Endless Oak
Notes from Trees
The Deer Who Sleeps in Water (For Scape)
Beneath the Shadow of an Old Tree
I Give My Orders to Myself
The Fog
The Story of the Ruins
Oldies: A Valentine for Payton
The Forest's Ars Poetica
A Time for Reflection
Star Flakes
Glitch Magic (For Sluggs)
Infinite Compexity
Radish, Certainly (For Carry)
Chains of Beads (for Misako)
The Cardinal in the Tree(Series)
Rising Leaves, to Be a Star
The Blending of Breath
Valentine's Day Poems, 2013
Rut Poems 2013 (Series)
Relying on Other Senses
An Autumn Passing
A Love Letter
Two Valentine's Day Poems (2014) (A Distant Valentine, The Rosy Sky)
Carnival Dance
Descending onto Graves

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Aww, these are great! I'm

Aww, these are great! I'm thinking of creating a book of short stories/poems kind of like Quad's idea, and with your permission I would love to have one or a couple of your poems ^^


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what is Quad's idea,

what is Quad's idea, exactly?
a unicorn roleplay site.
Check it out.
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Quad's idea was publishing

Quad's idea was publishing his own story and selling it to TEF members, my idea is collecting and putting together some TEF art and short stories and poems and other things to put together into a book as well! Its kind of like my TEF goal, I'll probably get started in the summer sometime. c:
I was thinking one or a few of your poems would go well with one of Hubaloo's pictures. As I said, nothings for sure, and it's just an idea, so yeah. x3

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They are all really good,

They are all really good, but my favorite so far is "The Piece of the Forgotten"
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I've said before that I'd be

I've said before that I'd be open to that. I'd have to edit the wazoo out of any of these poems, though: they're very unrefined.

Also, Thank you for all your nice comments, Lordslttldeer ^^


Nelle Rovine
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Why am I not tracking this?

Why am I not tracking this? ._.

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And following this too!

And following this too! <3

This is in desperate need of

This is in desperate need of a bump <3

Thanks for befriending Cali.
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Since the last time anyone

Since the last time anyone posted on this to track or otherwise comment was 3 years ago...
You're right. It probably did need a bump pretty badly.

I do love these poems - they

I do love these poems - they all express something to describe them as color, light and sound. ♥

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!