Reviving Evil - The Return of the Rock Hounds

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Warning - does contain a post-death scene
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She wandered off into the night, while all the deer slept. Stopping close to the Blue Bowl, the stoat sensed something.

"More?", she asked herself, as she melted into the ground. The ground burst open, and the bones came out, covered in infection as Iugulare rested them on the ground. She left them and rubbed her chin. "Will this again?", she wondered.

She took a yellow glowing crystal from her body and placed it inside the skull. The eyes glowed yellow, the creature awoke and stood before his master, snarling and dripping of infection.

Thanks again to Eyestrain for this gorgeous artwork!

Iugulare smiled, and petted the skull of the old wolf skeleton.

Quad had rejected her advances for too long.

"Yes. Yes I will. If he won't be my mate, I'll make him and his Forest suffer until he does!", she raised her paws to the sky, and suddenly, all the bones arose. She practically had a bone pile here, and growing massive herself, she waded through the bones, infecting them all, making them sort themselves out and become her new Rock Hound army. She began to place crystals in their heads, and when it was all done, she waves her paw.

They collectively howled and ran off. Those far away figured Michael and Auriea were working on their Abiogenesis magic when they heard the howl.

Those close by...they didn't stand a chance.


"How? How did this happen?"
"Who could have done such a thing?"
"Mommy I'm scared!"

Quad arrived to the scene, finding deer gathered around a single one. The leg he could see was lifeless, and as they let him approach and see, his nose twitched, "Infection...this is definitely Iugulare's work...", as he inspected the deceased deer before him. There were cuts and scrapes all over the body, and a thick, awful wound on the throat.

Quad's eyes widened at this. "She can't make wounds like this herself...unless..." His face went white, "Oh gods no!"

It hit him hard, the first Rock Hound, red eyed, hit him hard with a force to knock him straight into a tree. The antelope stammered to his feet as the other deer ran at the sight. He confirmed his worst nightmare - Iugulare had made more Rock Hounds!

The snarling wolf skeleton charged him, he jumped just in time, but the force of the skull hitting the tree caused it to topple over. Quad immediately burst into his Grand Talux form, wings growing from his back, his body going all white. When the Rock Hound charged him again, he send a concentrated light burst at the hound. What resulted was a shower of bones, clanking on the ground, that slowly began to slide back and reform. Quad quickly stomped on the skull to reveal the red crystal, and concentrated his light on the crystal, purifying it, and the Rock Hound was no more.

He exhaled, but then sniffed the air again.

That foul stench of Iugulare's infection. It was all over the Forest.

The entire Forest was in danger! He ran off to the Twin Gods to warn them that the Rock Hounds had returned!

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