Quiet day

@widmung let Acele nap on them all day - wanted to draw it!

[Also hello! - very new here - wanted an excuse|inspiration to draw more deer art]
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OMG, it's adorable! Welcome

OMG, it's adorable!
Welcome to the forest, I think I've met your deer a couple of times Smiling

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This is so precious!

This is so precious! Beautiful Art! Smiling Thank you for posting this!
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So darling!!

So darling!!

This could be Uitleger and

This could be Uitleger and capiteux too. Very emotive. "High hoof"
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Hi Pyxiia, nice to see you in

Hi Pyxiia, nice to see you in the forest again!
My character Ursch is afraid of fawns, so it made me laugh that is was particularly him that your fawn chose to sit with, out of all deer Laughing out loud

Btw, there was a problem with this website a few days ago, due to which this post is no longer linked to your account (hope you'll still see my comment). Your account got deleted, but it should be restored automatically the next time you log in. You'll just have to make a new post if you want people to be able to reach out to you. Might be a good idea to wait for some time though, until we're sure that the problem is solved. The devs are currently working on it, stay tuned for their updates!

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Everytime my fawn sees you a

Everytime my fawn sees you a little [ ! ] goes above their head, the symbol Ursch has is very recognizable to them - they like you very much in the forest - though if it ever makes you uncomfortable just shake your head, we respect boundaries -

Maybe messaging the devs can get it relinked :0 but either way thanks for the head up

Acele's tumbling down the

Acele's tumbling down the playground rock was adorable, and a moment of pride for my skeleton deer. Thank you for the lovely time (and joining me and capiteux's sleep fest earlier), brightened my day. There'll be doodles in the future.
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I see you did manage to get

I see you did manage to get it relinked after all, congrats!

And thank you for the kind words, you're absolutely welcome to keep us company anytime! Ursch will likely be cautiously backing off from Acele while they're still a fawn, but he's still up for playing/dancing/spellspamming/running aroud, etc (unless I'm afk). He'll just try to keep a little distance Smiling

Also, the Display name feature on this site is broken, so the field has to either be the same as your account name or just empty for you to be able to post comments under your own posts.

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Hello there, little one Soo

Hello there, little one Laughing out loud Soo beautiful art, you are so cute aww <3

We meet in the forest yesterday (I was that white doe with plume and owl mask haha). It was very funny and nice time with you ^^ I hope we'll meet again and run over the forest ^^ See you next time!

Thank you for fun time ^^

Its funny you mention

Its funny you mention Urschanabi being afraid of fawns - this user downloaded the endless forest in college back in 2013|14 we thought it sounded so lovely back then as well - that first night we logged in - surrounded by other fawns wanting to play | running about | making noises | casting spells that we logged right off - too much social Anxiety and perceived expectations!
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Huh, I can imagine, it

Huh, I can imagine, it must've been a bit scary indeed LOL
But I'm glad you've decided to give the game another try!

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your art style is so

your art style is so beautiful! there is something so calming about it <3

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@/Lauriel This user has been

@/Lauriel This user has been glancing back at the art you made for a few days - its so lovely uawh. Thank you for letting me prance around with you two :>