Pine trees

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I entered the forest for a last time. Could anyone please tell me if pine trees work fine in the newest wersion of a game? I can't find any cone-giving trees Sad
If you know where magic pine trees grow, please tell me. Thanks!
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Hi there, welcome back! The

Hi there, welcome back!
The Gods have recently turned all the pine trees into giant dandelions to celebrate the holidays, just wait for a day or two and the trees will be back in their places Smiling
Or, if you need them urgently, you can go to the Menu, turn off the "Connect automatically" option, restart the game and connect manually by clicking "Connect". Then you won't see any weather changes in your game and will have the default pine trees instead.

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Oh, I see now. Thank you,

Oh, I see now. Thank you, I'll wait a bit Eye