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Such a lovely design, thank you for keeping Turi company in the forest.
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Oh... My... God?!! This is so

Oh... My... God?!!
This is so sudden and pleasant gift, I really did not expect such a surprise!
Thank you for allowing me to be in the company of Turi, its very rare to meet such characters in forest so they immediately capture my attention.
Please feel free to sit with my Piaf anytime, she is always happy to have guests to enjoy quiet moments of peace with.
And thank you again, gosh, this is such wonderful art, she turned out so fluffy, EXTRA fluffy, I so want to burrow into her mane and sleep there all day long q-q

Haha, I'm glad you like it

Haha, I'm glad you like it Maria.

No problem, and thank you for coming to keep Turi company. Moments of silent peace while still within company is why I come to the Forest, so having someone to spend time with is always welcome.

As soon as I saw your reference for her I knew I had to draw such a magnificent mane! It reminded me of an old character of mine that is close to my heart, so she was enjoyable to draw.

Liking the wild sunflare of

Liking the wild sunflare of the mane, as well as the loose contours of the body, the skin folds, that paw'n'claw anatomy, in particular.
I also enjoy that mid-gesture pose and the casual tilt of the tail - gives off the impression of motion. Overall, it seems to follow her reference to a T, esp. the face, (something my own stuff lacks) and it's always a good thing to see.
A lively drawing.

just, ditto, all the way

just, ditto, all the way around - such an unusual posture/attitude, but lovely, lazy, friendly ...

Thank you for the kind words

Thank you for the kind words Uitleger and Capiteux.

Uitleger, you should be an art critic. I appreciate your kind words and it is nice to have someone else acknowledge the little details, particularly the ones I fuss over in my head haha. The paw was particularly difficult to draw, but I'm keen to practice more.

Though more details can be fun, having less in a drawing can be equally entertaining. I've been admiring your art from a distance for a while, the simplicity of your pieces while still keeping key details is something I admire greatly. They always remind me of depictions of dreams or memories.

I am tefc's self-appointed

I am tefc's self-appointed critic. Besides meaning what I say, I also do it in order to boost their morale/make drawing feel rewarding, because the whole art thing can be brutal, and I want them to keep going and loving what they do, get it where they want it, eventually. And yeah, tef is the best place for practice, lotta interesting designs and encounters here. Looking forward to who you tackle next.

My own is a bad compromise, it's either get things done, or don't, and it's rare that I enjoy it. Glad to know it gives you something, however, thank you for mentioning it.

@Uitleger Well, thank you


Well, thank you for always having kind words to say. It does encourage me to continue sketching, in a way.

I know how you feel. It isn't often anymore that I enjoy my art either. But this community has managed to make me feel something about my sketches recently, so I appreciate it.