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My more human side sadly craves conversation now and then so I find me updating the journal for no reason. O.o...

I've been dancing in the forest now since April 15th and though I have met a few deer I can recognize now and then, my own shyness makes it hard for me to really get into posting in the forums. *hides in a tree*

For fun I thought I'd post a few screen captures I've snagged while playing though, because they are fun to take.

A Random unknown deer I stalked for a closeup because I wanted to try it...

...decided to play "Surprise!" by hiding in one of the larger mushroom trees... hehe... <3

From the day when spells were sticking to fauns... My two favorite combinations

And some fun with a few deer friends I've made. *doesn't know their names...* *nuzzles hello*

My artistic nature has also really taken to the Forest and one of these days I'll have to upload some of the pictures that have graced my sketchbook lately. For now though I think my desire for seeing words has been temporarily sated.

~ Light
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We would all love to see

We would all love to see your sketches, it's great to see how the forest inspires people.
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oh you have the skeleton

oh you have the skeleton pelt with the skull mask! those look so great together Laughing out loud

maybe if i catch an abio (for once in my life =( ) the gods will cast it on me?
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@ KOGY: Actually, that's a

@ KOGY: Actually, that's a picture they took of someone else. C: They're still a fawn!
@ LIGHT THE SKY: The other deer in the last photo is Laruna; she's around a lot and she is tons of fun. <3 Good friend of mine, too, so keep with her and she's bound to romp around with you. [nuzzles "hello" and sniffs] Welcome, welcome! :D
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*lol* She was lots of fun to

*lol* She was lots of fun to romp with that day, thanks!

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