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Bio - Not back yet (in-forest wise) but just wanted to pop on and say that I finally got Discord! If anyone wants to hit me up and catch up on things, my discord is TranquilTempest#3165. Miss you all ♥


Woke to night time in the forest. Contemplated staying in her den until day time, but found herself not being able to pass up the peaceful atmosphere the night had to offer. Went for a quiet stroll, keeping an eye out for anyone she knew. Stopped at the pond for a little while before her little sister, Isa, appeared behind her. Joyful to see she was doing well, and conversed a little, discovering the little doe has been struggling with her magic, and that she has a lover. Caught off guard by the latter, the thought of her lil sis having a love not once crossing her mind. Skeptical toward it, having bad luck with love herself, but kept an open mind about it and agreed to meet him when the offer was brought up.

Followed Isa over to the stag, suddenly remembering as he came into sight that Z'ev had mentioned a stag that was growing close to their sister, and how he wasn't too fond of him. Kept this in mind, but wasn't going to judge the stranger right off the bat.

Was about to introduce herself when Nikhil arrived. Instinctively tensed up at the proximity of her brother and sister, suddenly anxious and alert for any sudden movements either one may make toward each other. Reciprocated the affections the Incendiary gave her, hoping he was only passing by and simply stopped to greet her.


Feathers ruffled when he turned and mocked Isa, irritated with him for not just turning away if he can't acknowledge her without negativity. Relieved when he did start heading away, until Isa threw it right back at him. Felt her insides take a nose-dive when he about-faced and headed straight for their sister. Roared at him to stop, but knew deep down her voice would fall on deaf ears. Still, stood by her vow never to hurt him again, and instead tried to shove her way in between them whenever he went for an attack. In the end, didn't do much good, as the smaller doe's back was ripped to kingdom come. Soon Isa's mate, Ramsus, and Jhorla were involved, with Shardul and a stranger on the scene. Planted herself between Nikhil and Ramsus in an attempt to desist the violence. It worked for a little bit, but they were soon back at it. Snorted and decided to pull herself from the fray and check on Isa. Sickened by the sight of her sister in such condition, a brief moment of fury surfacing, aimed at Niki for what he did, but couldn't bring herself to hate him. She couldn't hate family. It's impossible.

Stood protectively over her sister until she noticed the fight moving away. Started worrying for her brothers despite current situations, and told Isa she would return. Followed the chaos into the birch, though didn't interfere. Refused to go after Ram or Jhorla, considering their relationship with Isa and Z'ev, and holds a sense of gratitude for the Ramsiel family for looking after her two siblings.

Attention was snapped to a brown and blue ball of fur that happened to be her youngest brother, Quay, who was hurling himself into the fight. Bolted into the mayhem and attempted to herd him away, pushing and shoving him away. Backed off when his attacks turned on her, startled by his sudden anger toward her. Tried to reassure him she meant no harm, although that didn't seem to smooth things over. Confused and a little hurt by this, but couldn't focus on it for long before she had to catch up to the tornado of bodies that was moving deeper into the birch.

Occasionally dove in and tried to ram into anyone she could, still not landing any blows. At this point Umay and Esll had joined the fight against Ram, Jhorla, and Isa's boyfriend (cannot for the life of me remember his name ;; AND there were probably more there but gad it was four days ago hh).

Gonna speed things up cause it's taking too long :I

Bro left the fight for moment, just long enough to think he was done. Thanked Umay for her help and went after her two brothers. Didn't get far before Ram started going after Quay. Welp, that dog just ain't gonna hunt. Shot off after the big ram beside Niki and Umay, all thoughts of not laying a hand on the ram cast aside. Tried whatever she could to get him away from her little brother, using teeth and horns. In the back of her mind, knew he was just protecting his family, but he didn't need to take it out on a young one like Quay. Besides, Quay is family, and Ram is not.

Ram backed off and turned back to the other attackers, so took this as a chance to check on Quay. Was again met with hostility. Wtf man. Further confused and hurt by his rejection, not understanding where this was coming from. Then figured he was still hostile toward dragons and their hybrids, and that their mother actually hadn't changed his viewpoint on her. Felt herself clinch up at this thought, at this betrayal. As Quay's figure grew smaller and smaller when he retreated, realized she had ended up fighting tooth and nail for a sibling that hates her, and left a sibling who doesn't. At the same time, also managed to tarnish her reputation with the Ramsiel family by attacking Ram. Wondered how Isa and Z'ev would take this, and knew she wouldn't be allowed in their vicinity with the family present. Things had gone to hell all in one night.

Checked on her brothers after the fight, but retreated to her den soon after, finding herself more alone than ever before. Didn't have severe wounds to nurse, but didn't know what to do for the ones on the inside. Those hurt more than any wound inflicted by antlers or teeth. Refused to come out of her den for quite some time, suddenly feeling nostalgic for the days when she was a fawn, when things were simpler, when her life wasn't shot to hell.

Spent her remaining time in her den, contemplating what she would do. Thought about individuals in her life, at the prospect of her mother not fulfilling her promise to turn Quay's perspective about her dragon roots around, how her youngest brother now apparently detests her very existence, how her little sister probably hates her for not fully sticking up for her against Niki, how Z'ev might take this news and possibly feel the same way, how her father is an outcast to the family, how Verteres has Roanen caused a rift in her family, and how he destroyed all chances of them being together.

Came to a conclusion, and with tear-stained eyes, began ripping out feathers from her scalp.

Finally emerged as some time passed, feathers in her mouth. Went to each of her family's hang out spots, or close to them, placing a feather for each family member. Returned to the portal she uses for travel, hesitating. She had found a way to return to places she's been when one of her feathers had fallen out before; she ended up returning to that spot, her feather still on the ground. Placed a pile of her feathers beside the portal, sheltering them under some undergrowth. Wished she could tell her family that by taking a feather and walking through the portal, they would find her again. However, trusts they could figure it out, if they really wanted to. All in all, wished she could see all of them one last time before leaving again, but knew that would be a farce. So desperately wants to be with those she loves, but shoulders the blame for all that's happened, and so feels it would be better for everyone if she were to stay away.

Turned to the portal again, leaving the forest behind, vowing not to return for a long time.

Previous Updates

Returned to the forest again after some time to catch up with family and friends. Almost immediately caught wind of Niki and Shard. Sought them out, though hesitated to approach any further once they came into view. Decided to let either of them close the distance, as she still felt the bond between them remained fragile, despite their welcoming nature the past times she's visited.

Shardul was the one to close the gap and greet her before leading her back to Niki. Things went smoothly, as it were to be expected but paranoia u kno. Settled down with her two bros for a while, Niki inching closer and closer before..idk if it was cuddle level but it was SOMETHING that hasn't happened since crap hit the fan a while back but AW BRO I MISSED U. Turned into goofballs with the mask and antler spells and OFC obtained the silliest masks out there (u kno which ones). Tore up the Playground before settling down next to a lAZY Shard (jk ilu tho), and stayed there with her bros for the rest of the night. Feeling much better about where she stands with her elder siblings. Has a desire to stay for a little while; still temporarily, but longer than just a day or two.


Name Isela Kori
Alias Issy / Isa
Identification x
Gender Female
D.O.B 1/11/14
Age Young adult
Orientation Heterosexual
Scent Smoke, birch wood, various family members
Haunts Her den in the birch forest
Size x
Species Dragon / Deer Hybrid
Voice Blue
Call sOOON
Hiss Low Medium High
Speaks in #FFB00D

Tumblr *NSFW

Magpie pelt, magpie feathers, skull mask
By me
x x
By others ♥
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x

Now that she's older, her build is more lean and legs are much longer. Some muscle definition is visible in her shoulders and thighs. Silver horns atop her head have lengthened, able to be used as her primary weapon. Can use her long tail as a whip, lashing at enemies, or perhaps, even fish. Feathers on either side of her head are reinforced with small bones attached to her skull, so if one were to be ripped out/broken it would be excruciatingly painful. Because of these bones and the tendons attached to them, each feather is able to extend outward, fanning on each side of her head. This will only happen if she is startled or angered. Along with this, the feathers will rustle together, creating a hissing sound; pitch depends on the level of fear or anger she is feeling. Like her feathers, is also able to hiss through her mouth. This abundance of sound can make it seem as if it were coming from multiple directions, or from multiple creatures. A good defense weapon to either scare the enemy and/or confuse them.
The exterior of her muzzle resembles that of a deer, but is anatomically like a reptile. Is able to flex and open her maw at great lengths. Inside are razor sharp canines followed by many smaller incisors. Molars are located at the very back, used for grinding vegetation. Has a normal deer tongue.


- Silver bracelet from Andromeda.
- Braid of poppies from Ryff.
- Rabbit pelts from Eleano.
- Feathers from Kuroi.
- Basket of flowers from Adrien.
- A soft blanket and rabbit pelt from 'Mama Rabbit.'
- Children's picture book from Mazus.
- Golden Pendant from Fusion.
- Scarf from Verve.
- Small tiara from Dragari.
- Luna Moth necklace from Hälla.
- Red fish scale from Murray.
- Magic mask/medallion from Norin
- Pearl from Roanen
- One of Azalea's feathers, given by Azalea
- A neck piece given by Nadezdha

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.... :j......
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hoho why hello there I've

hoho why hello there
I've been expecting you B]
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no one seemed keen on that

no one seemed keen on that gem of a page so I saw my chance and claimed it in the name of hERN
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Asdfjll do you have a skype?

Asdfjll do you have a skype? :'D
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Yes! It's animalwolfgirl

Yes! It's animalwolfgirl <3

Going to add you then

Going to add you then ahuehue~
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hee got it!

hee got it! <'8♥

Demons are so bad,

Demons are so bad, oh.

Tracking. I love her concept so much. <3

Double post

Double post
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Haha oh yeah, lots of drama

Haha oh yeah, lots of drama ;D

Thank you so much! :'D♥

c: Boop!

c: Boop!

Track this beauty bio and

Track this beauty bio and very cute creature c: ♥
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MM - ohaigurl!

MM - ohaigurl! <3

Kicy - Thank you! ;u;♥
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Those updates im

Those updates im gigglesnorting

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LOOL Preach it, Billy Bass


Preach it, Billy Bass
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Logan, stahp. Bad Logan, no

Logan, stahp. Bad Logan, no treat! :V

I totally forgot to track this which is hORRIBLE of me because I adore this girl~ ;; I would love for Jo to meet her someday; she is growing an affinity for dragon- and wolf-like deer ubu ♥
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MMMmm hey.

MMMmm hey.
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Uruububu - LOL don't

Uruububu - LOL don't antagonize them Lo
they can smell fear

NAWW don't worry about it I do it all the time sobs
Thank you so much bb! ;; Aww omg I would love that too, Jo is so gosh darn adorable akdsj <33

HB - eyy |D♥
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wHEEZE Lo shoulda worn her

wHEEZE Lo shoulda worn her brown pants today! :V

eeeEEE ty so much bae! ;; ♥ hnngh I really need to make it a point to get to know your chars better cuz they're all sweeties and frankly the forest needs more sweeties sO YES I keep blubbering onandon but yea we'll make it happen! ;w;
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LMAO Lo ya dun goofed!

LMAO Lo ya dun goofed! >8U

omggg tyy! ;A; That really means a lot to me ;u;<33 I gotta know your characters too cause I luv themmm ;;♥
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GAWHH gee, back atcha

GAWHH gee, back atcha Haleigh! ;w; ♥ You're so welcome~ C:
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" The estrogen power is

" The estrogen power is strong here."
Approaching males beware! Lest ye grow yer own pair of ovaries.
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Awh man, dat update.. ;-; Jo

Awh man, dat update.. ;-; Jo will forever be grateful for Isela's help, and will certainly repay her kindness someday. She just met her but she is already starting to look up to Issy; she is just too awesome. Right in the feels, hnn~ ♥
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FauFau - ROFL And suffer the

FauFau - ROFL
And suffer the cursed wrath of the monthlies BI

Colbss - ikr ;; Yeah, Issy's a firm believer of protecting your own, but she couldn't stand by and watch Joc get pummeled. Aww that's awesome ;3; I already love the relationship that's starting to form between them ;v;♥
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Hey sis ~

Hey sis ~
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Lil brooo!

Lil brooo! <33
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Agreed, Haleigh! ;v; &hearts;

Agreed, Haleigh! ;v; ♥ Also, BEBES! Wish Jo could see them but she's gonna be out of commission for a couple of days ;n; Soon tho!
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YES ;v; Aww yeah, poor girl;

YES ;v; Aww yeah, poor girl; she had it pretty rough there ;;
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Trackummy c:

Trackummy c: <33
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Return track. :'D Really love

Return track. :'D
Really love this character, actually
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Far - Yeee! 8D&hearts; Fin -

Far - Yeee! 8D♥

Fin - Thank you so much! That's awesome to hear, really means a lot ;;♥
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LMAO I was very weirded out

I was very weirded out when I noticed Is's butt emerging from a nearby birch tree.
Ali didn't mind tho cause dayum dat azzzz mm

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LOOOL Free butt advertising!

Free butt advertising! :'D
do she got da booty...
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LMAOO Good for Roanen eH?

Good for Roanen eH?

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LOL aww yis, he is a very

LOL aww yis, he is a very fortunate soul B>
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Thank you! :'D

Thank you! :'D

I sent you an email. just a

I sent you an email. just a lil rp ^.^'
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Oh sweet! Thanks for letting

Oh sweet! Thanks for letting me know! Will reply right now :'D <33

hh really need to add my skype here s2g
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Late track!

Late track!
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Ye thank you! :'D

Ye thank you! :'D <3
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Notus if facinated by Isela

Notus if facinated by Isela
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Aww! That's adorable ;; He's

Aww! That's adorable ;; He's such a lil cutie-patutie <33
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hehe ^^ been wanting to play

hehe ^^ been wanting to play him in game the most ;u; he's sort of my new main character for tef XD Not to mention i just want to have more activity even if im not in all the time XD (all the friends for Notus!)
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