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Under heavy construction and development

Updated: recent happenings

Name : Ophidia (pronunced Ou-fi-dia)
Age : young adult
Gender : Doe
Picto : This one
In-forest set: antelope antlers, random mask, random pelt
Mate : no one
Crush : no

Recent happenings :
" No, I DON 'T like being nuzzled by you "
Observing carefully the forest, not glad of the several nuzzles recived by random deers


Impatient - Chaotic - Stalker - Obsessed by secrets - Distrustful - Often rude - Restless - Manipulative - Disdainful - Vital - Often careless - Unfair - Loner - Flirty - Quarrelsome - Lying - "Friendly" - Fickle - Sometimes self-destructive - Disloyal - Bossy - Suspicious

WIP, coming as soon as possible


No one yet, even if she noticed some interesting deers

In-forest Behaviour
Ophidia likes to stalk every deer that looks interesting, but she tends to approach only lonely deers. She loves every tiring activities, especilly running, but she has to pay attention, because suffers from cardiac insufficiency: this means that she could run out of breath and having tachycardia easily, with the need of resting for a while (I will use the 'scared' emote to signal this). Loves to reach the limits, even if in spite of her healt. Tends to live one day to the next. She never says no to a spar or a provocation, will defend herself and her company untill is supported by her heart. If a situation become actually dangerous she could decide to bite the opponent with two retractile poisonous teeth which are hidden under her palate. After the bite, the teeth will remain in the opponent's flesh usually causing paralysis, and she will have to wait a while for new theets to grown up. Her favourite places are the spots of sunlight, and she carefully avoids the ruins.

Human Form

Harriet 'Ophidia' Green

Hope you like this little bio
Feel free to interact with me or Ophidia here ^^
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/tracking (:





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HellsBells : Why are you

HellsBells : Why are you always the first tracking, eh? xD thanks!
Shutzgeist : Thanks, I believe she met your Alain today ^^
EternalQueen : You tracker! D:< Thanks a lot C:
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Hey , if she is getting a

Hey , if she is getting a heartattack i can reanimate her ! Iwork in a hospital Eye
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D'8( Bell started! You're

D'8( Bell started! You're welcome C:

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Flyleaf : OMG have you

Flyleaf : OMG have you actually red the bio? ^^ Anyway, I really hope she never get an heartattack in-forest... But good to know you're qualified xD
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Track (:

Track (:
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Again you! xD Thanks C:

Again you! xD Thanks C:
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I love your CSS~&hearts;

I love your CSS~♥

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Oh, nothing epic, even if I'm

Oh, nothing epic, even if I'm quite proud of it xD Thanks! C:
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I think it's awsum, even if

I think it's awsum, even if you try to persuade me to that it isn't~<3 xD