Sketch Requests - because everyone deserves a gift [closed] [complete requests linked]

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Requests are done. 8] Now to focus on the people who didn't ask for a drawing...

Don't be shy or put off by the amount. You know want one. 8] And I can draw fast.

Digital sketch requests!

I'll be drawing at my usual 700 x 600 pixels, since that fits best on my screen.

Info I need:
Which deer?:
Their looks: give a good description of what they look like (set, differences from in-game appearance, etc.), though a pic would be the easiest to work from
Personality/pose: give me as much information as you can here, since it'll help me figure out how to draw them. A pose you would like them in, a brief description of their personality, or both. The more info, the sooner I can get your sketch done. =]
Color: the color I will draw in. Since these are digital sketches, you're not limited to just the gray of a pencil. But just one color please. You can even give me the hex code for it.

There is no slot limit. Instead, I will have this thread open for awhile.
Requests will be accepted until Monday, December 14.
After that, this will be closed and I'll get to work on the drawings.
Even the person I got for Secret Santa may request. They won't know I have them this way. ;D And they will still get a separate gift.

No one feel like you can't ask. Even if you've gotten art from me before, you can request something now.

(Complete requests have been linked.)
1. Aleit
2. Luis
3. Lust
4. Roscoe
5. Wesker
6. Spyrre

7. Tropa
8. Tails
9. Myu
10. Dhina
11. Clavier

12. Rakkaus)
13. The Grey (Oh look, the "lucky" number. 8D XD)
14. Sintharia
15. Calypta
16. Yorres
17. Sithrim
18. Flyra
19. Scape and Zergarikiaka (as bunnies 8])
20. Black Ear

21. Alo
22. 3
23. Zelig
24. Jay

25. Gabriel
26. Revtheyr

People I plan to draw for without permission because I didn't get to bother them |D because I can and feel like it. =B
1. Raz
2. Trinket
3. Ravenflight
4. SilentOrosco
5. Quamar
6. Anyone else I think of
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Which deer?: Aleit 8D His

Which deer?: Aleit 8D
His reference sheet is here~
Personality/pose: Rearing up and showing off is a good start Smiling
Color: The Green of his eyes...?

Is that enough info? 8D
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Anyone..? |D C'mon guys, I

Anyone..? |D
C'mon guys, I wanna draw for people this way instead of drawing a bunch of giftart and finding I've forgotten someone.
Don't be shy. =B

EDIT: Whoa, I got ninja'd. XD; *adds to list*

Luis for me please =3 I had

Luis for me please =3

I had recently updated his appearance so I had made a ref pic of him in his bio XD

As for poses color and's your choice. Any thing will make me happy

Which deer?: Lust Their

Which deer?: Lust
Their looks: 1 2 3
Personality/pose: Alluring|Hot Headed|Jealous|Seductive|Loving/Any pose will do
Color: #7D2252<-Eyes #000000<-Pelt #0F0F0F<-hooves/antlers #0B2808<-feathers #6D201A<-homonculi symbols

OH OH -raises hand- Which

OH OH -raises hand-

Which deer?: Roscoe
Their looks:
Personality/pose: His personality is well villainy, he always has an evil grin on his face, and oh he has canine like teeth. Hmmm...could he be in a pose like this? :3
Color: All the colors in the "their looks" picture :3
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Can I request for someone?

Can I request for someone?
Can I request Wesker for Scythe? Smiling
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Well, my deer is free prey

Well, my deer is free prey for everyone who would want to draw her, and I would love to see how other people would picture her... I just feel a bit ignorant asking. But if you want to, feel free, You can draw pretty much what you want. =) For reference you can look my signature, or her bio:
Very nice of you to offer this kind of thing. ^^
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WAHA dude I feel bad but. I

WAHA dude I feel bad but. I dunno.

Blah, I don't care if you do actually LOL um...

Name: Tropa
Looks: DURNIT um. Her old old OOOOOLD bio ref.
Pose: Just a sweet sort of pose, like she's saying "Oh, you wanna take a picture? Well okay 8D" Hopefully that's good enough to give you an idea XD
Color: Green. yes. Any shade you wishhhhh

GOD I FEEL BAD but oh well LOL ilu
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-hasninjafastskillz- 8DDD

-hasninjafastskillz- 8DDD
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I'd love a sketch from you!

I'd love a sketch from you! Your drawings are so unique and different! Smiling As to who, well, I'll go with my love Tails, his bio can be found in my signature.

In brief, Tails is simply a good guy. He rarely gets angry even though his history is lousy. He loves just sitting quietly with his friends, playing with fawns and helping people out of troubles. He is a pacifist at heart, and hates conflict, but he will step in and help a friend if they're being unjustly abused.

He looks like a typical stag, slightly taller than average, except for his twisted antlers/horns, and he gets his name from the fact that his black markings look like a tuxedo. He also has a bowtie marking around his neck.

And colour for the sketch, well, simply a grey-blue would be perfect.

Thank you so very much! You're amazing <3
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By color, I meant just one

By color, I meant just one color. |D; Oh, and I listed their names all in the colors I'll possibly be using. Let me know if those are ok with you. I can easily change them. =]

EDIT: Oh, and Kaoori, yes you can. I added him to the list already. Just need a bit more info. I know his set, but I'm not sure what pose.
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Okay....I'd like to make a

Okay....I'd like to make a request =)

Which deer? Myu

Looks: She wears several pelts, but for this one, I'll ask for the grey one =)

EDIT - She's pretty much average doe size. She is a real faced deer, but she prefers to wear the Skull at all times, so I dun mind if you draw the Skull instead of a real deer face =) She has no antlers, either. Her Skull also lacks the "horns" on the top of it.

Personality/Pose" She's fairly friendly, albeit short-tempered. She has a strange attraction to "dark, pretty things," as she puts it. In other words, while she may seem of the Light, she walks with Darkness. Despite this, she has yet to completely lose herself to it, maintaining a friendly nature, and even a mate, Luis.

Bio if you want/need more info =)

For a doesn't really matter, although it'd be nice if it looked like she was looking up at the sky =)

Color: Well...if it could be like it is in the picture...but I will say that her eyes are an ice blue.

EDIT: One color? Oops, my blue.

I hope that's the info you're looking for.

*Runs off*
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I'd like one!! -raises hand

I'd like one!! -raises hand like a little kid-

Which deer?:Dhina!
Their looks: Sorry I don't have a true ref pic since I can't draw. :x
This is what her physical appearance (size/body shape wise) looks like.
She just has the normal Great Argus pelt.
She does not have a human face, she has a 'real deer' muzzle in colours that match her pelt.

She has the arrow antlers but they're much smaller (see the Dik-Dik picture above for size ref) and the feathers are tied around with thread. She only has four feathers tied to the small antlers. One red and one blue tied to each horn.

Personality/pose: She is very tiny but makes up for it in having a big attitude. She, at one time, had power to rival the gods and it was taken in exchange for being granted access to the forest. Despite being powerless, she still acts as if she could destroy the world just by lifting a hoof. She is extremely proud and somewhat controlling of her 'children' whose souls she rescued from death.

Color: Light Pink Sticking out tongue

Pose: Standing looking very proud and arrogant.
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This is sweet Pega. (:

This is sweet Pega. (:

Hi. Um. Could I request for

Hi. Um. Redface Could I request for someone, too?
Could I request Clavier for Hubalaboo?

Pose: Maybe she could look surprised, like she didn't expect to be seen.
Color: Perhaps a dark, dusty blue, like the dark blue in her biography.

Redface Redface
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I hope those colors are what

I hope those colors are what you guys had in mind. XD;
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That's the exact colour.

That's the exact colour. Smiling

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Awesome. =] *edits another

Awesome. =] *edits another that seems off though*
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Yes, that's the color I had

Yes, that's the color I had in mind xD
Myu's Bio
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That's great! I hope it isn't

That's great! I hope it isn't too light for you to use!
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Nah, it shouldn't be too

Nah, it shouldn't be too light. =] If any of them are, I'll just have to use a dark background. Problem solved. XD

The color is perfect.

The color is perfect. Laughing out loud You're the best, Pegasicorn! ^^
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~~EDIT: Cripes, I forgot to

~~EDIT: Cripes, I forgot to add that Myu's Skull also lacks the "goatee" thing underneath. It's just a flat-out plain deer skull with nothing fancy to it.
Myu's Bio
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-'goatee' is actually the

-'goatee' is actually the esophagus D:-
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Myu's Bio
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|D Kay.

|D Kay.
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Hey Pegasicorn! Haven’t seen

Hey Pegasicorn! Haven’t seen Toukan for a while, Ra misses seeing him.

Which deer?: Rakkaus
Their looks:
Set:- Secretary bird pelt, orca mask, and key antlers.
Differences from in-game appearance – He has blue eyes, dark blue (though not sure if that matters if his eyes aren’t very noticeable with the mask)
Image link-

Rakkaus is an affectionate deer, very playful but can be serious. Protective of his friends.
For a pose, either have him do the head tilt thing (what I call his “Huh?” look lol) or ninja peeking out from behind a tree. Lol

Color: the Black or red, totally up to you!
If you need any more info, lemme know! I’ll be glad to give it. And many many many thanks in advance!
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I always make the eyes

I always make the eyes visible if I can. 8] *loves eyes*

Pegaaaaaa 8O. This is a great

Pegaaaaaa 8O. This is a great idea~

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It will surely kill me, but

It will surely kill me, but it will be worth it. XD

OH HAI 83 Might I perhaps ask

OH HAI 83 Might I perhaps ask fer one? 8D Umm... Perhaps of the Grey? His color is #777777, and well... There are some drawings on his bio, but the basics are his very long hair, broken antlers (and the sparrow sitting on one), and the complete calm and cool look in his skinny face. He's not that energetic or talkative, so kind of laying down on a stone gazing up at something, looking all... Peaceful or melancholy? 8o
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I'm about to start randomly

I'm about to start randomly picking people to add to this list if they won't request themselves. ;D

Which deer?: Sintharia Their

Which deer?: Sintharia
Their looks: Refs are on the page as well as description of her looks from In-game to RP looks.
Personality/pose: Cruel, has little care for anything, despises this form. Basically all around an Evil doe that has no respect for anything if you read her bio ;P
Color: Hmmmmmmm... Maybe something that would fit her... I'm using the code ffa030 for her, something to match her magma. So maybe a Maroon/yellow orange combo Sticking out tongue

I bit... I bit Laughing out loud
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Oh I'de love one of my deer!

Oh I'de love one of my deer! So nice of you to do this! <3
Which deer? Calypta
Looks: her ref: click!
Personality: She's very joyful, Spontanious, cheerful, helpful, curious, caring, playful,optimistic, a dreamer,... In short a very happy doe Smiling Altough she's sometimes melancholic & nostalgic but she never showes this side to others. She lives in her own little world.
Pose: Elegant jump
Color: hex: #FFBFFE
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I don't think I have any art

I don't think I have any art from you, but would love some!
Pff- it's Yorres, bio here, but you already know this stuff!
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I love your style

I love your style <3

Which deer?: Sithrim.
Their looks:
Deer-humanoid look <3.
( Human form may help, somehow.)
If you want you can add his whistling mask but I'd love to see his face in your style <3 x3
Personality/pose: Attractive, Silky fur, Protective, Mysterious, Determined, Adventurous, Limegreen eyes, Possessive, Very fast, Fair, Loyal, Friendly, Elegant, Sociable, Dangerous when stormed, Large antlers, Extremely tall.
The pose may be noble but relaxed at the same time... don't know if you know what I mean though |D
Color: #232545

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Ohhhh, I'd quite love one.

Ohhhh, I'd quite love one. How amazing of you to do this x33

Which deer?: Flyra
Their looks: Pretty much like in-game. Here is a screenshot (she's to the right ;]), and she has lots of fanarts which you could use as a reference. You can see them all in her bio (click the Flyraphant in my siggy for it. :B)
Personality/pose: Flyra is an open-hearted and friendly doe, yet easy to offend when not paying enough attention to her. Sometimes she is rather shy and calm, and she loves resting at the fields of purple flowers with her friends, the butterflies. ^^ A nice idea for a pose could be that resting one with the butterflies, or, if you have the feeling to do something more energy-like, she could be all happy bouncing along, too. C:
Color: Can it be only one color ...? Hmmm... orange?
Though, if you allow more than one color, I'd quite like the body outline in brown, her markings in orange and the feathers in green. But just orange is fine, too. x33

Thank you! -snuggle-
f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar
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All added. =] I may need to

All added. =]
I may need to post about this on the forum though. I know there are some people who are there that might wanna request but no longer look on this site.
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*waves a hand* I dunno, I

*waves a hand* I dunno, I just think your scetches of Scape and Zergarikiaka together are adorable. Maybe one of those, yes? <3 83
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I could. 8] Maybe a bigger

I could. 8] Maybe a bigger one of the bunnies if it doesn't prove difficult? 8D
Zergarikiaka's picture


The bunnies are love!
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Then bunnies they will be. 8D

Then bunnies they will be. 8D
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HAHA actually no forget it

HAHA actually no forget it IGNORE THIS COMMENT
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Wait, what? |D? IF YOU WERE

Wait, what? |D?

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I have no limit to this.

I have no limit to this. =B
And I could put both requests on one canvas so it'd be the same size as what everyone is getting if that helps. |D
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Who: Black Ear!
Looks: Floofy, left ear is black with an ear ring (its on my art blog, you know LOL), tail fur is a little longer and curly
Pose: He's a quiet, polite, conservative fellow, so anything modest would be fine XD
Color: like a creamish color

And you can do it seperately, he and Tropa have like nothing to do with each other LOL
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Y'know, I predicted that one.

Y'know, I predicted that one. XD

EDIT: I know there are more people than this. ;D

Which deer?: Alo Her

Which deer?: Alo
Her reference sheet is here~ Biography
Personality/pose: Something calm and relaxed. Maybe just smiling pretty for the camera
Color~ The red of my lips~
3's picture

Which deer?: My Avatar Deer,

Which deer?: My Avatar Deer, 3
Their looks: Looks just like the deer in-game. Basic deer with Crying Idol pelt and flowers/candles, usually poppies.
Personality/pose: Social, friendly, generally polite. Anything that says "calm" would be perfect, though.
Color: Deep, reddishorangish. A warm, sunset color- like the idol pelt's color, only darker and more saturated? &hearts

I would love you forever~


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