[fragile things]

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Alchemical Construct - body is a brewing pot for potions.
Can 'consume' ingredients and brew potions for any willing to bring these things to them.

To get a random potion from them, simply bring an assortment of items and roll a d10. Feel free to RP this interaction or not. They will also be in forest now and then to sell their wares.
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Boop <3
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This is such a neat idea.

This is such a neat idea. Also I love the art.

Hlin, curious but cautious,

Hlin, curious but cautious, brings a small assortment of items: a mint leaf, some grass newly green from the long winter months, and a mushroom from one of the Forest trees.

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Ah! I have just seen this!

Ah! I have just seen this! Allow me to get home and I will have them respond. Smiling