Sedirea's Flower Stand (Spring Rally 2019) [Closed]

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*Note: We don't have to be online when you post! We'll get back to you as soon as we're able!

Participants of the Spring Rally may notice a little stand that pops up intermittently among the nursery sections: an arch of interwoven branches covered in flowers, its peak just high enough to offer some shade to the creature resting below. Those curious enough to approach will be greeted warmly and offered a variety of spring-themed wares: flower wreaths, packets of seeds, simple wooden toys and masks, and a little sign with awkward scrawl indicates there may be even more.

However, there's a catch! "If is wanting gift, you is needing friend to give to! Bring me friend and both can make wishes!"

Write a little post with your deer and your friend and request your gift! (This may be done here or in the Spring Rally Discord group, #sedirs-flower-stand)
Sedirea can make all kinds of plant-based items, so your character can request pretty much anything that can be made of wood or flowers. Flowers may come in any imaginable color. Wood will be rough and unpolished - they aren't super high quality toys, but shaped enough to represent whatever they're supposed to (provided she knows what it's supposed to look like! She's never seen an elephant before, but she'll try to make one if you describe it to her!).

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Tracking this sweet idea.

Tracking this sweet idea. <3

oh my gosh, kill me, this is

oh my gosh, kill me, this is so sweet
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Flower power!

Flower power!
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This is the best thing. So

This is the best thing. So soft. So lovely.

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Kaoori trotted up to the

Kaoori trotted up to the small stand, eldest son in tow. He was just there for the ride, so to speak. He'd been spending the afternoon with her and followed her here. What she was looking for was for someone completely different.

"I hear you make toys. I'm looking for one for my son.. " she glanced at Takeshi and laughed. "Not him. It's for my youngest. I think he'd love a toy to play with."
She hesitated, then went on. "And a toy, for someone else, who's very special. They won't be able to play with it, but I know they'll love it all the same."
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Red-furred ears push forward

Red-furred ears push forward as the pair approaches. "Yes, yes, I make!" She gestures towards an assortment of wooden woodland creatures - bunnies, birds, squirrels, a deer or two. "You take!" she invites merrily. "Or I make new, yes? You tell me what to look like." Her head tilts and she peers at Takeshi, too. "Is wanting gift, also? You take, yes!"
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Pagan spots the sign on her

Pagan spots the sign on her way to the pond and pauses, squinting through the dappled sunlight to read it. Her mind is slow to take in its meaning, still exhausted after a few days worth of skirmishes with Bane and a few of the young bucks participating in the Rally. She hovers for a bit longer watching the exchange between Sedirea and Kaoori before she finally works up the will to investigate.

She isn't disappointed by the endearing array of trinkets and crafts she finds surrounding the Sedirea. They remind her of the toys she and her village mates played with when she was just a girl, and the association brings a smile to her face. She waits until Kaoori has completed her order before she speaks. "Excuse me, do you have any bear or boar figurines?" She did not spot any on first glance, but perhaps she'd missed them. "Unfortunately, my daughter is not with me, but I would like for her to have one, as well as another little one who will appreciate it."
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Her tailtip curls into a

Her tailtip curls into a happy little hook. Business is starting to pick up! She glances around Pagan briefly to see where her friend may be, but it seems there isn't one. The white deer has been one of the more present faces in the event, though, and she lets it slide on hearing the trinket is meant for someone else anyhow. "Mmm, is not knowing bear'orboar. You tell me how it look? I try!" She sweeps aside some debris to make a little patch of dirt. "Here, here, you draw, maybe?"
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She chuckles, endeared by the

She chuckles, endeared by the feline's interpretation of her request but understanding of her plight nonetheless. After all, she'd never seen a giraffe until she happened upon a photo of own during her very short-lived second life. "Let's just do boar, then. They're a bit easier and I prefer them anyhow." Pagan's hoof grazes the patch of dirt lightly to test the softness of the soil. Satisfied with it as a medium, she begins to draw the basic shape: a round belly, a long rectangular snout, a round flat nose, two large tusks. The task leaves her aching for her sketchbook and pencil back on the ranch; the minute detail are impossible this way. Still, she manages to draw a passable likeness of a boar after some time and smiles at the feline upon finishing. "There. Nothing special. Perhaps just two? I hope to paint them back at home, if that is okay with you."
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"Hmm," she muses as the other

"Hmm," she muses as the other doodles. Twirling one finger, she grows a woody stem that quickly swells into a little pot belly and a plump little head, like a sideways snowman. A few moments more and it's grown into something like a fat deer with a stumpy neck, little tusks curving from its flat nose. Is something like this, yes? ..Ah!" It sprouts a little tail. Almost forgot!
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Sedirea's magic washes over

Sedirea's magic washes over Pagan's senses like a warm breeze. Her eyelids flutter as she basks in the feeling but only until it begins to form into a familiar figure. "Yes, yes that's it." Pagan ducks her head and takes a few steps closer to examine the toy, expression soft and curious. "Amazing. I've never seen anything quite like this." The magic, she means.
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She laughs, shaping a second

She laughs, shaping a second toy now that she has the figure down. "My mother, she say same thing! Father, he give me power. Na give me knowledge, is whispering." With both boars formed, she daintily plucks them from their stems and offers them to Pagan. "Paint, is color, yes? Make good color!"
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"That seems to be the case

"That seems to be the case with all mothers, isn't it? Knowledge comes from them. That's real power." She drops her head further once the toys are offered so she can scoop them from Sedirea's hands into her antlers. They balance precariously between her tines, but among the other various glittering gems and metals Pagan decorates herself with, they don't stand out too much. "Yes, I'll make color worthy of your amazing craft. I am grateful to you." Pagan shifts her weight as if readying to leave but pauses at a thought. "Before I go, might I ask what your favorite color is?"
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Sedir laughs again, but

Sedir laughs again, but doesn't correct the notion that Na is her mother. It's close enough, after all, and it amuses her. "My? Ohhh, mmmm. Is hard! Am liking many color." She winds her long tail around herself and preens through the blossoms scattered there. "But maybe... This?" The flower she chooses is a bright and vibrant teal blue, not quite her eye color but a nice compliment. "Is happy color."
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"I agree." Pagan responds,

"I agree." Pagan responds, memorizing the nuances of the color so as to apply it later. "It is as joyful as you seem. I will remember. Thank you." The doe extends a bow toward the merchant with a smile, then takes her leave to return to her home where he workstation - and her paints - await.
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Sedirea squints a happy cat

Sedirea squints a happy cat smile in return. "Is welcome!" She gives a little wave goodbye before curling up to nap and wait for the next customer.
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Kaoori thinks the young one's

Kaoori thinks the young one's energy is endearing- and she can't help but smile. "I think I'd like those deer, right there..." She pointed with her hoof. "All of these are made beautifully. I promise I will teach my son to take good care of his toy."

Takeshi jumps as he is peered at and spoken to, not knowing he'd become a part of the conversation. "Oh! Uh... I don't really need one, just kinda... came along for the trip. You... got any flowers?"
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Altair was nearby, listening

Altair was nearby, listening to the others interact with the feline creature at the flower stand. He had a good idea of what it was, though he was fairly nervous. He wanted to get a gift for Godless, to surprise him. Once his ears picked up the end of the last transaction, he steeled his heart, plodding forward toward the stand.

"Hello? I, um, was hoping to get a gift for my.... friend," he says softly, just loud enough to be heard. "Maybe something for me to," he flicks his ears, lowering his head shyly.

"My friend's this big, bruiser type guy, so I wanna get him a flower wreath. I'm not really picky about how it looks, but I know he's like... grey.... and black.... and he's got some light blue too. So whatever would match," Altair says and gives a little smile.

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Kimi: "Thank you," she purrs

"Thank you," she purrs to Kaoori. "I like make things. Is good for paws be busy." She picks up the little deer figures Kaoori had chosen and moves them within easy reach of the doe. Nodding at Takeshi, she bubbles, "Oh, yes, yes, many flower! What color you like? What shape?"

The feline taps her chin with one claw, pondering. "Is thinking... Yellow? Hm!" She gathers a few yellow-to-orange blossoms, still on long stems where they lay in a nearby pile. After a bit of fussing and color comparison, she decides it'll do and wills them to weave themselves together into a large flower crown. "Is big enough for... broosier?" she asks before setting to work on a matching wreath for Altair himself; she offers to crown him with it, since he's there. "Yellow good on you, too, is thinking."
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Kaoori did her best to place

Kaoori did her best to place both toys in her mouth, getting ready to carry them gingerly. One would go to Ranulf. the other placed by Hoshiko's grave.

"Oh.. uh, d'ya have some pinks and purples? I bet she'd like those colors. Any shape will do." he inclined his head, smiling a bit.
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"I have!" And indeed she

"I have!" And indeed she does; Sedir gathers a number of pink and purple flowers from her little piles and gently knits them into a basket with a handle. She scoops at the air with one paw, waving for Kaoori to relieve her over-filled mouth while the other gestures a special flower from the ground: a many-petaled creation not unlike a mum, with swirls of deep pinks and violets and bright yellow stamen accenting its center. She gives it an experimental sniff and ponders for a moment. Yes, that will do. Plucking it from the earth, Sedir places it in the basket, where it gives off a sweet aroma much like vanilla and honey. "Pretty flower for pretty friend, yes," she nods, pleased with the bloom.

Ah gonna track this too, very

Ah gonna track this too, very nice idea!

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Altair gives a nod. She would

Altair gives a nod. She would know best. He would have brought Jae, but he wanted it to be a surprise. My head's about the size of his paw so as long as it's quite a bit bigger than mine, it'll work," he said with an eager smile.

Shockingly, he never dealt in flowers much, but more in hardier plants like succulents and ferns at home. He wasn't opposed to it though. "That would be great, thank you," he chirps, tilting his head forward to let the feline crown him.

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Kaoori gladly took the small

Kaoori gladly took the small basket, gratitude shining in her eyes and she turned to Takeshi as Sedirea showed him the flower. Takeshi was awed at how beautiful the flower was.
"Thank you. This is perfect. She'll love it." A grin.
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Flyer: Oh, my. He is a very

Oh, my. He is a very big 'broosier' indeed! Sedirea settles the smaller crown atop Altair's head, then contemplates the larger of the pair for a few moments before adding a few inches. Just to be safe. "Am thinking, will fit. If no, friend come here, I fix!" she purrs, holding out the second wreath for him to take.

"Good, good!" That's what she likes to hear! It makes her happy to see her flowers bringing smiles to others. Maybe she'll carve a little niche for herself in the Forest, after all. She sends them off with well-wishes: "Be enjoying party!" Maybe her fluency will get better, too. Maybe.
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Altair smiled wide once the

Altair smiled wide once the fragrant crown is on his head. The flowers smell amazing. He gives an experimental soft shake of his head, breathing in the scent made even stronger by the movement.

Once offered, Altair reaches out slowly and cautiously, missing on his first try, but managing to gingerly take the massive wreath in his mouth. "Fink 'ou sho mush, 'ese are 'onderful!" he mumbles through the item in his mouth, and gives a tiny bow of his head before he moves off slowly, head held as high as possible to keep the wreath from dragging. Now to find Jae and give him the gift!

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Sedirea waves Altair a

Sedirea waves Altair a farewell, suppressing a giggle as he wrangles the wreath away. "Is welcome!"

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