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Laurel's diary archive until I figure out what to do with old entries

Growed up a lot! Still a kid, though. Antlers are not as large as in reference/bio art.
Hanging out with Daddy and his friends.

P 95% - constantly scuffed knees, signs of roughhousing
Splashed around in the pond when there wasn't anyone of immediate interest in the area, although she did keep an eye on Fay and Liam at the pond's edge for a while. Wandered around and entertained herself by picking up a shape spell from a mushroom circle and stalking random deer in hopes of finding a playmate. No such luck, although Fay and Liam eventually moved to stand by a tree. Hid on the other side and played peek-a-boo/shhi'mreallyaninjaandyoucan'tseeme with the pup, who didn't really seem into her antics. And then some random lady came up and threw the Devout spell on her and got rid of her shape spell AND scared off Liam (with Fay in tow). Ugh. Thanks, lady.
Watched the canines leave, cut her losses, and turned back to inspect the stranger. Ended up being enticed into play after a bit and followed The Pagan around the Forest, lingering for a while at De Drinkplaats (where she politely informed Pagan that no, that's not a rat, that's a squiwirwewerl) and then among the giant stones at the Playground. Clambered around for a while before settling in for a nap draped over Pagan's haunches (and adjusting a second time when Pagan moved to cuddle up to Henna).

"Hop, hop. Fie-fiiiies!"
Ran around aimlessly in the night, looking for playmates. Found another fawn, but they weren't really interested in playing. Headed home to scout for her family, but they weren't within sight either. Bored, invited herself over to Isiel's house because she has NO MANNERS WHATSOEVER and took a little nap. Woke up some time later and said a quick bye to Isiel and Grim, who had joined them, before skittering off again.

"Bibbit all gone..."
Ran around like a headless chicken, bounced around in some flowers, tried to catch some butterflies, ran around some mushrooms, chased a dove, put a funny face on Eli and gawked at Zorn, then tracked down a frog for a good half hour or so. Played a weird mix of hide and seek and leapfrog with the critter, chanting "Bibbit! Bibbit!" until it escaped her torment among some ferns. Pouted and tried to dig it out for a couple minutes before scampering over to sulk in Eli's fluff. Sadface.

---Iddy is good for flopping on
---Dad looks funny without antlers. 10/10 would do again.
---Fishy fawn?!
---Quad is the most amazingest most magicalest most bestest and he can FLY ON WATER AND DANCE IN THE SKY
-----Daddy doesn't think so though : <
---Go home Daddy ur punished for roods.
-----All the sads.

Found Daddy. Lots of romping and running around, chasing butterflies. Daddy didn't want to chase the butterflies, though. Not those ones. Eventually got dragged away to another flower patch and different butterflies, oblivious to her father's crafty plan to drag her away from a nearby Umay and North. Found a little fawn friend to tag along with, chased it around some and got chased in turn, lots of romping! Rolled around in the birch grasses and dirt, sniffed about a billion different deer (Morioch, Kettu, Sloane, pretty much everybody between the ruins and the playground). Jumped on and off some of the lower rocks before spotting that one blue guy Dad had sat with, except he didn't look broken any more. Zoomed over to say hi in spite of Gus's warning cry and danced little circles around Eli until he trudged over to return her little sniffs. Little fawn friend had come over by then and started a dance party. Did her best to copy Eli's moves, then hurried over to show Daddy what she'd learned. Wasn't sure how he was responding to her epic dance moves, but eventually figured out he was dancing back at her. Mimicked Daddy's way, then went to show it off to Eli. Mashed the two dance styles into her own crazy thing, then ran off to run around some more, delighted. Lots and lots and lots of running and jumping and zipping around. Caught Gus nuzzling Eli at one point and decided she had to nuzzle him, too. Too excited about it to stick around long enough to see if he'd return the gesture, though. More running and running and crashing and zonking out snuggled up next to Daddy oh my goodness used too much energy.

Bounced around with Idelle and Magnhild, and then Deus showed up! And then another random fawn! And then some other guy! Mimicked their greetings to each other and ran around trying to bow at everyone, but no one seemed very interested in doing it back to her so she got bored with that pretty quick. Tried to dance with the two unfamiliar folks, but wasn't very good at it. Noticed Idelle calling for her eventually and realized her siblings had already trailed after the elder. Followed suit and was led towards the poppy tree. Got distracted by a bird thing when Maggie brought her attention to it; swarmed Moro and Indigo with the rest of the fawn mob before being called off by their older sister again. SRY GAIS.
Ran around like nutters with Icarus and tried not to trample all over his less active brother and friend until everyone simultaneously collapsed into a puddle of fawns. Cuddle piles are warm and good, yes. Struggled to hold her eyes open, but kept drifting off. Gave up and snoozed eventually.

Ivi did not plan ahead for archives.... oopsie.
Snuggle times with big sister Iddy. Mostly behaved today, until Idelle got up to go do fun things without her. Popped herself right on over to the Ramsiel family to gawk at the new babies and inspect the giant deer, since Daddy hadn't let her investigate him properly before. Quickly lost interest in Ramsus when one of the little ones came over, though, and tried to bop around and play with him. Got nommed on? Thought it was kinda funny and tried to nom him back. And then there was SO MUCH YELLING AND BUBBLES EVERYWHERE did you know that yelling makes bubbles? Both startled and greatly entertained by this. Hopped over to show the other little babin what they'd learned, but he seemed kinda shy. May or may not have accidentally clambered all over Jhorla in the process sry.
Eventually Iddy had the common sense to drag the munchkin away and let the family rest. Super disappointed, especially when Icarus started blowing bubbles again, but didn't want to get left behind when her sister left. Flopped down and rebelliously stayed up all night went to bed.