the late spring leaves shudder outside,
the shutters rattle in the wind,
the sky the same grey as before.
my feet are covered in dirt, nails
grow long, untrimmed. i sharpened them
a little while ago, when i thought
a partner sat along my side.
they may have been the wind, un-licked
lips parted for a kiss present
wherever i stray with weak legs.
spring is closing before its--
my affection has stopped its
lingering for an imagined
life among my love. this is a
life where they hug my quiet sighing.
this is a curse because it repeats.

I enjoyed the read. I like

I enjoyed the read. I like the flow of the visuals from the 1 to 8 line in particular. Has a wild, forest-y chime to it. 4 to 7 is a particularly good transition.

4-7 r my heart tehe, at least

4-7 r my heart tehe, at least for now