Let's Not Overthink This...

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Gasp, Pega wrote something! This idea came to me last night while I was washing dishes. Started to daydream Suiren ramble-thinking to herself, and it just went from there. Helped me work out a scenario that needed to happen too.
This is all from Suiren's point of view.

I could use part of the last set, but somehow that doesn't seem right. But do I really wanna ruin the next set? If he'll let me have it that is. …not that he's said no yet… Just seems right to use the next set though. Agh, since when did I become such a romantic? Toukan, I blame you!

Needs to be something different this time anyway. Not another lightning bolt - he asked for that last time. Something else. But just as good. …preferably better.


I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be. I know it.

Maybe I'll take a cue from Kinsha and do something like that paint job he did on Touk's cane. What was it…a lightning bolt and a snowflake?


Great. I'm just as much of a dork as those two are if I’m considering that.

Just seems right though.

Should it wait 'til Christmas, though? Could give it sooner since it wouldn’t take that long. …have to wait for his antlers to drop. Scratch that idea. Unless I do go with last year's set. One of them is broken anyway, and I do have leftover from that part that broke off…

It really would make a good gift for earlier than that though. When did those two get together anyway? Touk introduced him in November something maybe, or early December. Had to be somewhere in November then. Which brings me back to the "which antlers" debate. Damn it.

Oh to hell with it. Overthinking this makes no sen--

"Hey, Sui."

--crap. When did he get here? I never get so distracted that I don't notice things! I really am overthinking this.

"Sup, Touk." Hope I didn't seem too out of it.

He looks like he wants to ask if something is wrong; the creased eyebrows tell me he’s having a mental debate. And there's the slight headshake of him deciding not to say anything. Cool with me; nothing is wrong anyway. …nothing important that is. Nothing I'd tell him about since this is staying a secret if I can help it.

Now it looks like he wants to tell me something. Somethat that requires "protective big sister mode"? Hmm…no, doesn't seem like anything's wrong. He just looks nervous. Is he afraid of how I'll react to whatever it is? I doubt it's something bad. If it was, a little "ninja" would probably have told me.

And sure, I've found I can be intimidating, so…maybe an attempt at humor will help. "Toukan. Just tell me what you need to. Not like I'll bite."

That got an amused snort. Or more like half-amused; he still seems nervous. Not as bad as before at least.

He glances to the side for a second like he’s gathering his thoughts, and finally, he speaks. "…I'm sure you noticed I've been seeing Kylar for almost a year now…" I nod, wondering where he's going with this. "Well…for our one-year…'anniversary'…" That word sounded awkward for him to say. "…Kylar asked me to move in with him."


Eh? Did I hear that righ--

"And I said yes."

Ok…so I did hear that right.

Not what I expected. …how do I respond to that? Not like I'd forbid it. He is an adult after all; able to take care of himself. This just seems kind of sudden. Though the way he'd told me what his answer was…there was definitely a "I've made up my mind, you can't tell me no, and I just wanted to tell you and see your reaction" tone to it. As well as a "Please be alright with this…" tacked on.

…a year together is a long time. If I think about it, it's surprising this didn't happen sooner. I think I expected it in some way. Not like they'll stay here forever after all. But I can’t stay silent forever, so…


He almost jumped. Guess he didn't expect me to ask that. "Well…he said he'd help me move in as the 'official' gift, so…on the 12th I guess."

The 12th. So that was the day I was trying to think of before. Just over a week from now. I’d never be able to get it ready by then. …guess it’ll be a Christmas gift. Can use his next set of antlers if I can get them then. Otherwise, that leftover piece will probably be ok.

"You know you're going to visit every so often, right?"

His brows rose in surprise, realizing what I meant by asking that, and snorted in amusement again. But this time it was full amusement. Relief. Did he expect a bad response or something?

"I was planning on it."

A few more details were discussed, him eventually walking away looking a lot more relieved. Happiness thrown in there too of course. Never thought he’d be “giddy” over anyone. …if that’s the right word.

Eh, whatever. Back to figuring out the antler charm.

…snowflake and lightning bolt it is then. Dorkiness be damned!
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God, the adorable. Yay Touk

God, the adorable.
Yay Touk and Kylar! <3
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Adorable? XD Thanks.

Adorable? XD Thanks.
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Aww, how cute ^^ This is a

Aww, how cute ^^ This is a great little piece.
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Thank you. =]

Thank you. =]
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&hearts; ^^

♥ ^^
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awww~ I can imagine Kylar


I can imagine Kylar with a glass at the door, being like "phew"
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XDD Eavesdropper. I imagined

XDD Eavesdropper.

I imagined Kinsha overhearing from the next room or something.