just a compliment for this community

I just scrolled through all the screenshots J!n posted, and wanted to say, in addition to really enjoying The Forest environment in and of itself, there's an amazing collection work here, like, the whole ripple effect of this place, created by all of you - all the imagery and writing - thank you - it's all pretty remarkable, as is the pervasive kindness

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I agree, this place is very precious, and I'm glad if I can add do it at least a little bit.

sometimes I get lost down a

sometimes I get lost down a rabbit hole reading old threads here and so many of you - Uitleger and Aivilo and a bunch of others, and everyone crediting everyone before, including inactive deer ... well there's just as deep a well of more techie writing here as there is imagery and creative writing ... plus the way it all bleeds over to other sites like the image hosting sites, toyhou.se, stand-alone/personal websites, discord activity, et al

it's really pretty incredible - and I'm not trying to sound suck-uppy, but those of you who've visited here a long time may take for granted the depth/breadth of it all - and it's not just the reach, but the fact that it's all such a blend of left AND right brains

okay, fine, so maybe I sound a little suck-uppy, so be it

You don't sound suck-uppy,

You don't sound suck-uppy, we're all equals here (it what I like to believe), and we all contribute what we have, by being active on here.
You're doing your part here now, too, by sharing your personal POV with us.
This place is indeed something else, I wish you'd seen it in its golden, electric days. There was such a flux of thinking, creativity and interaction.. might just get me rambling again.

100%!!! I love it when

I love it when people talk passionately about stuff, it's my favorite vibe.

Try not to worry so much about how you're perceived though, opinions like that are typically just a projection of someone's own internalized issues unfortunately, ie it says more about them than it says about you. But if you know you're good, you're good. (That goes for anyone reading this!)
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Personally I prefer to

Personally I prefer to observe rather than take part more directly in community activities. However, something that's always been a welcome sight to me, is new people breathing freshness into this space when they come by and maybe stay a while. Or more. :j

I'm glad this is environment is one that fills you with the same amount of awe as it does me. As an artist who posts some of my work here, I hope my morsels of posting will contribute to this experience too.

thanks karame, J!n, Uitleger,

thanks karame, J!n, Uitleger, for all your remarks - I'll keep posting and follow my instincts about bumping. ruminane also tells me to stop overthinking it.

J!n, my favorite vibe so far, is the kindness - it feels like being everyone's younger sibling, you know, the tagalong, that follows all the grown-up deer around - to karame's point, I'm sure it'll subside over time, the newness

and karame, I definitely appreciate being an observer, and yes, every 'morsel' here - or 'contribution' as you put it - that's such the right word - it's quality, not quantity anyway

Uitleger, the late Flyleaf provided a small fantastic window on 'golden electric days' I think, and perhaps also a walk down memory lane for some (and I'm so pleased to embed these links somewhere/anywhere in all of my talking, they are joyful):




Sometimes overthinking is not

Sometimes overthinking is not so bad, take it from me (an underthinker).

These are joyful, though they're also painful (for me, personally), but thank you for bringing them up again.
Here's another precious person and her thread I think you're gonna love:
Vala's Forest Nuzzles
I'll drop you more links to the tefc things I enjoyed, someday, if I'm feeling a trip down the memory lane.

Definitely a suck-up,

Definitely a suck-up, definitely.

You know I'm joking. I can already feel all your new acquaintances wanting to gore me in-game in stead of give me clothes if I'm sarcastic with you.

No, but cap is already your

No, but cap is already your in-forest senior, you gotta show 'em respect, as it is. Sticking out tongue

Yeah, truth. And Capi's

Yeah, truth. And Capi's better than me in every way. *High five*

And consolidate your art somewhere wouldja already? And post a link for us. (Can I get some community comment/support here? Deer peeps? I know I'm a newbie and can't even navigate basic in-game movement but WTH isn't this a way overdue suggestion?)

Capi, where are you?

I'm here R, and you're so

I'm here R, and you're so right - I was thinking exactly the same thing all this time but didn't realize 'til you said it - I don't know why I didn't just say so like you did - Uitleger: do you have a 'gallery'-type ink anywhere? I love your sumi brush style and it would be great to see it all collected somewhere? also totally respect if you just publish and share in the moment - I/we wouldn't want to inhibit your expression in any way *total vala-type nuzzle right now*

Pfffftt, you're both cool, so

Pfffftt, you're both cool, so energetic. Glad to have you here.

I hear you and cap, and while the art in the comments will stay in the comments (as I see those sketches as my gestures of appreciation towards players, primarily), I'll keep it in mind for the future that my sketch/doodle blogs need more content, now that there is a demand for it. Might even experiment with different styles again (the wall of black-and-white would burn holes in people's eyes, otherwise).