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I. Rend

Time is different in this place. What was a mere two weeks within the forest was a month in the other. No matter the time in this realm, it was always like a warm sunny afternoon, just before the dark enveloped the sky. For weeks, the navy pelted doe rested amongst the warm birch grasses whilst time passed away at her scars, sealing them and binding them. Ravenflight was a shadow of her former self - she no longer sported magnificent jade feathers and her once silky hide was scattered and maimed with missing shreds that never seemed to heal. Her horns were still long and whilst the battle of Dandelion Hill was months ago, her bones still ached and her joints were still sore. This was a realm where time did not ravage.
For hours at a time, the once feathered doe would remain in a deep sleep, her mind racing back to parts unknown and rebuilding her stores of memory. Once foggy fragments became clear visions and it was within this realm that the wise old doe had gained a grand sense of clarity. Her heart was no longer coated in stone and beat with a gentle, relaxed pace. When the doe roused from her slumber, her eyes squinted at the bright lights and her mind immediately grew active; this was not the forest. The grass was too warm, the scents were not familiar and not even a bird fluttered in the evening calm. Soft pastel colours slowly formed into shapes, and only when her vision sharpened, did she notice the familiar presence standing close by, watching her with the utmost care.

“Father.” The stag stood silently, breathing deep with his eyes locked on to her. Ravenflights tired legs slowly raised her body from the ground and she arched her head to gain balance. Atons dark figure suddenly melted into gentle, regal movements, as the stern, distant figure neared his own daughter. His eyes held little expression, and one could only gage his sympathy through his sagely tone of voice. “Oh my daughter.” He looked over her scarred hide and bald crest “What have you done to yourself.” Ravenflight arched her neck towards Aton, her expression wrought with concern. Was she to be punished? Her legs trembled and at once the doe began to drop. Aton was quicker and caught the weary does balance. “Come, my daughter. Its okay…I have got you.” He paused and squared his stance. “Walk with me now, I know a place where we can rest.”

The pair walks slowly through the gentle grasses, Ravenflight’s eyes scanning for every difference within the landscape. It was similar to the Birch forest, yet remained completely still; not even the wing ravaged here. To her, it was Euphoric, as if it was almost a dream. Occasionally, a small leaf would float down and brush her numb sides, yet she would somehow manage to feel it. Ravenflights mind raced back to the forest at ever moment, and wondered what had happened since the battle. Had Iaurdagnire survived? Were her friends hurt? Was Rajan okay? Such concerns never silenced within the clarity of her mind, and Aton could sense it. He remained silent, Ravenflight looking up to him occasionally, as if about to break the silence. She felt questions were not needed here, after so many years Ravenflight gave up questioning.

The thick forest opened out to a clear hill surrounded by trees. From here, the sun seemed its closest, as if this hill was its throne. Ravenflight’s aching legs struggled with the incline and she gritted her teeth at every step. “Come on now, you are almost there” the gentle, booming voice almost daring to carry her up the hill. She squinted her eyes at the very top, the sun glaring profusely. Once the does eyesight had adjusted, her heart skipped a beat at the sight that was before her. Magnificent prairies rolled out before her, coated with poppies and gentle streams that weaved throughout the hillock. Gentle white lights bounced and floated across the expanse with the utmost peace and weightlessness. “What is this place?” Ravenflight asked with a tone of awe. Aton smiled and looked out to the endless horizon. “This is a place where journeys end. It is a reprieve and a place of honour.” He looked out to the gentle lights, each bounding and playing within their company “Each of these small lights is a Guardian that came before you. This is home.” He smiled and walked closer, arching his neck and inviting her to follow. It only took Ravenflight a brief moment to realise that she no longer needed his help to stand, and every step she took became easier.

The pair walked slowly as lights playfully bounded around them, some occasionally stopping to hover over Ravenflight’s tattered body before wheeling away uttering faint child-like laughter. Ravenflight and Aton stopped for a moment and lowered their heads to drink from the crisp stream. It was unlike the water of the real realms, and one drink had quenched her thirst forever. Ravenflight was in awe of the beauty of this place, and each step she took, she thought less and less of the life she left behind. “It’s like shedding feathers…lighter and lighter” the doe spoke gently, almost peacefully. Ravenflight stopped, speaking slower and gentler, Aton rounding to face her. “This is what it truly feels like…to be free Daughter. The sins and pains of the world no longer tearing you apart.” Ravenflight smiled to herself, oh how she had longed to know what that felt like. “So it is true, this is where my life could end?” Atons ears pricked forward and he could not helpt but cock his head. “It ends in the physical sense, but you will remain like this forever. Weightless. Free.”

Ravenflight smiled and closed her eyes, inhaling the fresh air into her lungs; she could no longer feel them clogged with water, nor the water reeds clogging her throat. “I don’t understand though, you know as well as I how many times my life has ended. Why did I never arrive at this place, where death is the ultimate end?” From his throat he emitted a gentle grumble of thought “You were not ready, your purpose was not fulfilled. You had things unfinished.” Ravenflights mind began to regain its clarity and memories began to flood back. “So was my purpose to save the Antediluvian?” Aton hardly delayed “Your purpose was to maintain balance. In fighting for his life, you aimed to maintain balance.” So he lived? Her heart skipped at the thought and more memories of the forest raced back to her again. Aton could see it in her eyes, the desire to return home.

“You miss them, don’t you. You miss that small realm.”
“With all my heart.” The doe spoke strongly. Aton stepped closer to her, a hint of concern in his voice. “After everything that realm has done to you, you still wish to return?”

Her fur bristled and her heart beat strong.

“That realm is my home. Not a day passes when I don’t think of another. It was there I found myself. It was there I stood my stance and dared to break from this burden that was placed on me. My own brother wants to kill me for something I never bloody wanted!” Ravenflight’s tone became angry and even the little balls of light began to shudder at their upset peace. “I never wanted any of this! I know what I feel and a Guardian was never it. I feel like a deer, a deer from that endless forest. I feel like a protector. I feel like a friend and I feel like a mother. A lover. I want to feel these things, those gems that conscience and awareness gives you.
I want to be that doe who grows old and fades into the background. I want to run in the night Sky once more and see her again.

All the feathers in my crown could be ripped from my body, but they will never amount to the number of memories I have had there.”

Aton recoils now and smiles. He steps forward and nuzzles her gently. “No amount of feathers could amount to how proud I am of you. You took upon your shoulders more than any could ever ask.” He walks forward now, crossing a stream, and as he does, his deer-like body vanishes from sight, and he simply becomes a glowing blue orb, much like the others. “Should you choose to stay, we will welcome you as we have the others. A hero. Saviour. Aur’aan. Daughter.” He floated towards her ears now, “Or, if you wish to return home, you may simply rest your head here.” The doe cocked her head and looked at the blue ball. “Does this mean..?” The blue orb slowly ascended into the sky and did not reply to her and then simply vanished from sight. She is hesitant at first, but drops to her feet. She looks around the fields one last time and smiles to herself. The doe closes her eyes and speaks proudly to herself “I will be home soon.” As she falls asleep, she can feel a warm embrace around her. She can feel a weight being lifted from her, escaping her body in slithers, and once again, she feels like she is flying.

“Wake up now, Ravenflight. You are home. You are free. No longer a Guardian.

Forever a deer.”

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I would usually make some

I would usually make some long winded posty thing about everything, but I dnon’t feel I need too. This is more a thankyou for those who have followed Ravenflight and her stories for the past four years. It means a lot to me that so many were interested in her story, and I am honestly relieved it is over. Relieved and proud. Never has a character captivated me as much as she, and I am glad she will finally have her rest. Big thanks to many of those who were involved in the major parts of her Story. Misako, Dag, Lea. Thank you.
This isn’t an “end” as such. But it is the end of her turmoil. Ravenflight no longer possesses the guardian power. She no longer has the blue eye. She is a deer in the utmost sense, to live out her days here.

Thank you to everyone. You kept me going. See you on the other side. ♥
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Maah I cried. That was

Maah I cried. That was wonderful. Hello Ravenflight <3.. Ah I should have so much more to say, but you did an amazing job here. I bet you're relieved!
We're very glad to have had the chance to experience a character like Ravenflight. And we will still look forward to the future! ^^
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I'm glad for her. A lovely

I'm glad for her. A lovely ending to a lovely story. ♥
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The feeling of complete happy

The feeling of complete happy peace at the end is just what I feel relaxing in The Forest. This was a wonderful ending to a wonderful story, Ravey. <3 After following this for so long the ending is just as glorious as the rest of the story <3
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I cried as well.. This is so

I cried as well.. This is so lovely. I'm so happy for her.
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A well deserved and fitting

A well deserved and fitting 'end' after all she have been through and done for others. Very beautiful. ♥

Oh my goood.

Oh my goood. <3 ;;
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She's gone through so

She's gone through so much..I'm so happy that she finally gets what she wants, what she deserves.
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Hm. Wow. ;; What a beautiful

Hm. Wow. ;; What a beautiful 'ending.' So happy for her and I'm glad I got to follow her story, even quietly. ♥
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Wow, I'm lost for words. This

Wow, I'm lost for words. This is such a nice end for her! And I'm really happy that Dag was involved in getting her here. I hope I manage to make Dag's end just as happy as this. Then they and all the oldies can gather together in forest with their zimmer frames and yell at the young whipper-snappers for graffiti-tagging the Ruins and mooning the God statues. WHY, IN MY DAY-

But in all seriousness, this was a lovely read. So happy you can play her freely now ♥

Also... I like her father... dat antler 8U